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Chapter 2

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Seven years later

"Is it really time?" The girl whom he had grown up with.
"Yes. Today is finally the day." Alex had said. As he stared out if the window watching the rain dull with the kids who he had grown up with. Memories of the past haunting him. Visions of the dreams he had nightly had flashed infront of him.

Visions of Margot... The girl who he had killed. At the time he was nine. He had not known the severity of locking someone in a closet with no source of air being able to leak in for 4 hours. He thought... Merely thought it was a prank. He remembered the day. From locking her into the closet, to feel the sun... The warmth, to finding her body nearly lifeless. The visions were far too much for him to bare. With him looking out into the sky of solid dark grey clouds. A year had fallen.

Under his breath he wisphered to himself "in seven years... I will do right by you." It had been seven years. Today was the day that he would carry out that promise. The sky had become clear. And the doors had opened. He stepped out of the doors and into the warmth of the sunlight.

The sky had shown a dark purple and with that the stars and sun had a beautiful comparison with each other.

"Don't go to far!" The caretakers had yelled.

Kids began running around and laying in the grass and climbing the trees but Alex... He was on a mission. A mission that most likely would cause him his life. He planned on getting to the base... The base almost on the other side of the planet. He would have six hours to make it and sneak onto a ship. Why you ask? When he had walked away from Margot's body he had brought her necklace with him. It was a ombre star with her parents name engraved on the back. The necklace was purple and shown real in the sunlight. He had vowed he would get back to earth... And return it to her parents... Crazy right? It was definitely a suicide mission but he felt it was his only way to redemption for his actions. And so when the caretaker had turned her back he ran far out into the woods where they were primited to go. He was determined to not stop running until he made it far enough so no one would go after him. If he would die out here... He would die alone like she did... Like he deserved. And as he ran through the forest 30 minutes had gone by. He sat down. Five minutes would be enough to take a drink and rest his tired feet.

As he sat on a stump of a tree a red salamander with orange spots had climbed onto his shoulder.

"Hi little guy. Are you lost?"

The salamander looked up at him and tilted his head to the side as to say hi in return. He took the salamander off of his shoulder and put him onto the tree. He began to walk away and then the next second the salamander was back onto his shoulder.

"Wanna come with me?" He said to the salamander. All the salamander did was turn his head to the side and looked up at him with his mouth open slightly looking as if it was smiling.

All he could do was smile. "I guess you are my new little friend. And so that means I have to name you. Hmmm.... You seem to be a girl... How about Ember?" The salamander jumped up and down on his shoulder joyusly.
"I guess that's a yes" he said and started off further into the woods. He had already wasted 45 minutes tops. Five hours and fifteen minutes left... Or he would fail.
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