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Fancy Dinner In The Underworld

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Hades ask Persephone out to dinner and she is worried that he might think she's not fancy enough so she decides to go sophisticated.

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It was a regular Monday at the office Persephone was typing on her computer. She looked at her watch and realized that it was time to leave for work. That's when Hades came by her desk. Persephone: Hey Boss I just finished. Hades: That's good I'm glad your taking a liking to the underworld. Persephone: I am it's amazing down here. Hades: Persephone would you like to go to dinner with me on Friday?Persephone: "Gasp". I would love to. Hades: Great how about Friday 7:00 pm I'll pick you up in my car a few miles from Artemis's house. Persephone: Sure, but where are we going?Hades: A Fancy Restaurant it's called " Fancy Eats". Persephone: Sounds Great. Hades: Good. Then he left. He reached his office. Hades: A Fancy Restaurant?? Arugh! I'm a big blue idiot. She would probably want to go to regular food joint. Plus she probably doesn't have a fancy dress to wear. Sigh. I can't she looked so excited to go. Persephone went back home to her bedroom. Persephone: Oh Sugar Snaps. A Fancy Dinner? This is bad. If I don't act sophisticated, then he's going to find out I'm a dumb village girl. Persephone slumped on her bed. Persephone: No! I'll show him I can be sophisticated and fancy I got until Friday to be perfect. Then on Tuesday she went to the magazine store after work. Persephone: Let me see here. She looked thorough the magazines. She saw fancy dinner magazines, fancy talking magazines, also a sophisticated dating one , and how to look fancy. Persephone: I'll like to buy these magazines. Counter Girl: Sure. Then she exited the store. Persephone thought"Okay I can be Fancy and Sophisticated. For Hades". Then while walking she slams into Zeus. Zeus: Ow!Persephone: Opps! Sorry your highness. Zeus: Oh just call me Zeus. Persephone: Okay, Zeus. Zeus got up and saw her magazines. Zeus: Why be fancy?Persephone: Well Hades asked me on a date. Zeus: That's great. Persephone: Yeah, but it's to a fancy restaurant called "Fancy Eats". Zeus: So?!Persephone: Well Hades is royalty so I got to be sophisticated, because a king doesn't want a amateur goddess for a date. Zeus: I'm sure my brother doesn't care if your fancy your not. Persephone: Really??Zeus: Really!Persephone: Oh Okay. Bye. Then she walked away. She went back to her bedroom. Persephone: Maybe I don't need to be fancy. Though I could show Hades I can be royalty too. Plus taking romance from a guy who cheats on his wife is probably not a great idea.*********Zeus's House********Zeus: Hera we are going out on Friday!Hera: Why?Zeus: Because Hades has asked Persephone on a date to a fancy restaurant. Hera: Oh My that's amazing. Zeus: We are going to spy on them. Hera: Ohh!! Zeus: So Friday at Fancy Eats we should get there at 6:45. Hera: Got it. Zeus: I told her to be herself, but she wants to be fancy and sophisticated for Hades. Hera: Do you think she's going to your advice.Zeus: Oh your right. Hera: Okay we have to spy on them and see what happens. **************************Then Friday came along Hades car came in towards Artemis's House. Hades texted Persephone he was here. Persephone: Okay I'm ready. I spent 3 hours getting ready. I can do this. She then walked outside and to Hades car. Hades: Whoa!!Persephone was wearing a Light Pink Halter Dress with pink shoes, make-up, and her hair in a ponytail. Persephone: Hello dear Hades I've have missed you. Hades: Me too. Persephone: Let's go shall we?Hades: Sure?!Hades thought"Why is she acting different?"They pulled up at "Fancy Eats". Then they sat at their table. Zeus and Hera were at the other table next to them. Zeus: There they are. Hera: Oh she looks so beautiful. Persephone: Oh Hades I can't tell you how much it means to me that your taking your free time to give a cultural evening of fine dining in the underworld. Hades: Oh your welcome. Are you feeling okay?Persephone: Why yes I am. Hades: Okay. Zeus: Oh No she's acting fancy. Hera: Come on she can be herself in front of Hades cam she?!Zeus: Yeah, but being yourself is what matters. Hera: I guess. Waiter: Can I take you order?Zeus: We'll have what those tow are having. He pointed at Hades and Persephone. Waiter: Okay. The waiter walked to there table. Persephone: Do you mind if I choose for both of us tonight?Hades: Sure. Persephone: Splendid!Waiter: May I take your order?Persephone: Yes we'll both have a nice salad and soup light please. Then he'll take the thick Greek Style Steak with grilled potatoes and I'll take a lovely Vegetarian Kebabs Flambe. We'll also take your finest wine. For dessert a Chocolate Mousse Cake. Waiter: Sure Coming right up. Then the waiter left. Hades : Wow are you sure you can eat all of that?Persephone: Why of course. Can I call you Aidoneus? I prefer to use your real name. Hades: I guess?Hades thought" What is going on with her?"Then the food came. Persephone: Alright I'm starved. I could eat a horse. Hades: Hm? He raised his eyebrow. Persephone: Epp! I mean where is my head today. I meant to say that I am quite peckish tonight. Hades: Umm, me too. Persephone: Ohh this must be the Soup of the day, it's fabulous. Don't you think?Hades: Uh yes. Persephone: Now why don't you talk about your time in the Underworld and all it's wonders, Aidoneus. Hades: Sure. Zeus: Wow she ordered a lot of food. Hera: Just eat okay?Zeus: Alright.**********45 Minutes Later*********Persephone: And that's how I got a scholarship to University. Where my grades have been very very outstanding. Hades: Sounds nice. Zeus: That conversation was just boring. Hera: Shh!!********Montage Play: The Time of my Life 1:16-1:58************Hades was a bit bored he couldn't find out why Persephone was acting like this. Persephone: Okay let's go for stroll shall we?Hades: We shall. After paying for the dinner they left the restaurant and went to the park for a stroll. Zeus and Hera followed them. They hid in some bushes. Hades: Persephone. Persephone: Oh please dear Aidoneus call me Kore if you wish to. Hades: Why are you acting like this?Persephone: Why what do you mean?Hades: Persephone your not yourself. She looked deep into his eyes. Persephone: I know. Hades: Why are you acting like this?Persephone: I was trying to be fancy for you. But it's exhausting. Hades: Why?Persephone: Cause your all royalty and I'm not. Hades: That doesn't matter to me. Persephone: Really? Hades: Really!Then Hades put his hand around Persephone's face and they kissed.*****************Stop Montage***************Zeus: Go Brother!!Hera: Alright!! Hades: Guys!!Zeus and Hera came form the bushes. Zeus: Hey brother. Persephone: Oh No!Hades: Zeus, Hera please leave okay. Zeus: Okay okay. Hera: See yah later. Then they left. Hades: Now where we?!Persephone: About here?*******************THE END****************
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