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Dark And Kulasa

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A tale of the adventures of a young cat, and a wolf as they travel together about the country side getting in to trouble, as well as each other. Rated for later chapters.

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Dark and Kulasa

Midnight at an inn just south of Arcana. It's the middle of winter and outside a blizzard is raging. In the darkened room the only source of light and heat is a fireplace along the right wall. In front of the fireplace is a large mound of fluffy white feathers to sit on. The northern part of the room is furnished with two deep purple overstuffed couches for the guest to lounge on with a coffee table in front of them. To the south there is a large bed turned down, but yet to be slept in despite the late hour.
In walks a young black-cat about 5'5 who appears to be about 17 years of age. She has large golden eyes and a soft contented smile graced her lovely features. Fiery red hair frames her gentle face and falls in slightly damp silky wave to stop just below her waist. She has just come from the bath and has wrapped herself in a white fluffy robe held together by a wide pink ribbon tied in a loose bow just above the curve of her right hip. The neck open just enough to expose the swell of her breast. Walking over to the feathers she sits just on the edge of the pile drawing her knees to her chest, fluffy tail curled around her feet guarding her toes against the chill of the air in the room. She sighs watching the flames dance and listening to the wood crackle and pop as it burns.
The door creaks open then closes and locks with a soft click as a female wolf easies into the room. The woman was about 6 feet tall with a fierce beautiful face. Her soft gray fur shines in the dim light of the fire. She wore a deep blue tunic with dark brown trousers both silver trimmed. Beneath the fabric one could make out the form of a well toned yet still quite feminine body. The body of warrior. Her dark hair was pulled back into a braid that stopped mid way her back a few stray locks fell around her face highlighting her pale blue eyes. Making her way over to one of the couches resting up against the wall she sits down and watches her companion.
"Hello Kulasa" the girl in front of the fire drawls in a board way without even glancing over her shoulder at the wolf , "Have you been down at the bar all this time?" She turning about to look her over attentively. "Good it doesn't look like she got into any fights tonight" she thought to herself "so maybe we won't get kicked out this time." Sighing inwardly "I get so tired of sleeping out in the cold because she can't hold her liquor..."
"Why did I miss something important?" Kulasa asked arching an eyebrow at the girl, "Because to me it appears all I missed was you taking an unnecessarily long bath Dark." She smirked and taunted the cat, "And her I though cats only bathed with their tongue."
"How dare you compare me to bakanay-cats!" Hissed Dark instantly agitated. She turned back to the fire and sat glaring into the flames her long tail twitching violently in the air behind her.
Kulasa chuckled to herself. She new that the anko or intelligent cats bathed just like any of the anko animal. Only bakanay (dumb) animals still acted in such primitive ways, but Dark was so fun to pick with. She just loved to get the feline worked up and it didn't take much.
The two had not been traveling together very long only two months or so. She a mercenary wolf and a seemingly harmless young cat, it was an odd pairing by anyone's point of view. Most assumed her goal was selling the girl for a bit of fast money and many had stopped to inquire about a price only to beat a hasty retreat nursing some new injury at the response their foolish question warranted.
Kulasa had come across the girl while looting the back room of a tavern. She had picked a fight with the owner of the place over the outrageous price of his ale along with his refusal to sell her provisions from his store room.
"I'm telling ya tha price is fair!" The old badger bellowed, "Ma wife brewed that ale and it turned out damn fine! Best in town if I do say so ma self, I have every right to charge what ever I wan'! And this ain't no market, so if you want supplies you'll have to wait till morn and get ur self to town!"
"And I'm telling you five silver ran is to much for ale! I ain't paying it and I ain't got time to sit about in this little mud hole of a town all night nether! So you just waddle your fat ass out of the way so can get what I need. It ain't like I'm stealing it I willing to pay for everything I take."
"Well I ain't willin' ta sell nothing to tha likes of you!"
"You got a problem with me!?"
"I got a problem with all ur kind! Murderers! Tha whole lot of ya! Filthy Wolf!" SMACK! Kulasa punch sent the badger flying into the shelves of bottled drinks behind him a good number of which fell on his head and before he could steady himself she had him pinned to the wall by the scruff of his throat.
"You wanna say that again" she snarled "or should we just put this nastiness behind us? I think you were getting ready to sell me some supplies."
"Fine then! Just take what you want and go! The badger choked out, "Lousy wolf..."
"Well what do you know!" She chimed letting the old man slide to the floor and happily filling her flack from a keg behind the bar, "That was just what I was intending to do. And of course you won't mind if I have a look in the cellar to, I'm afraid my wine supply is rather low to." And without waiting for his response she was through the side door and in the storeroom.
She had taken what she wanted from the store room and was about to head down to the cellar when she saw the girl coming up from the cellar where she had been sent to get more wine for the guest up stairs. Scrawny and dressed in rags she had turned on her heels to dart back down the stairs when the wolf bolted forward and grabbed her arm. The cat struggled against her grip but against Kulasa's strength the already hunger weakened kitten didn't stand a chance. Pinning her arms behind her back and pulling the thrashing cat tight against her, she spoke softly in a attempt to calm the little slave.
"Hold now," She whispered to the frightened girl, "I mean you no harm. Be still, you'll hurt yourself like that" The cat struggled on and Kulasa loss her patience. "I SAID BE STILL!" she snapped giving the cat a good smack! The girl quieted at once for fear of being struck again. Kulasa turned her around to get a good look at her, "Well now, aren't you a pretty piece of work! How on earth did you end up in a place like this?" Taking the girl by the arm she declared "Well you can tell me later, but I've had about enough of this place. Right nice of you to bring me my wine tho!" Kulasa spoke cheerily, "Save me a trip down the stairs, never been big on stairs. Well now that I We got everything best get going. Come on now lets go!" and with that drug her captive out to the front of the tavern ignoring her mews of protests. Turning to the owner who was having his injuries tended to by his wife she spoke.
"Alright I'm off!" she said in a singsong voice holding up her sack of ill gotten goods and still gripping the wrist of the trembling cat.
"Wait just a minute dammit! Where do you think ur' goin with that girl!" the owner raged, "You said you'd be takin' supplies, that ain't no supply!"
"Oh, I'm sorry Badger old friend, did I fail to mention it? I'll be taking her with me. Think of it as payment for you rude behavior. Or if you'd rather I could just clean out the safe in back tho I doubt I'd find much, or may be I should just burn down the place I think that might also make us about even."
"Damn thievin' wolf..."
"No? Then as I said I'm off!" and with a backwards wave and her sack slung over her shoulder she had left with girl in tow.

Despite her appearance and meek attitude when first found once the cat had had a few meals and figured out that Kulasa was no threat despite the lick she had received early on she filled out nicely an took on a nature more suited to her kind. The girl whose name she had later found out was Dark proved to be a very useful companion. She was an extraordinary lock pick as well as excellent pickpocket and all around great thief. Her natural charm and angelic face bought many victims her way. And despite the mercenary's refusal to say so aloud this way of gaining money was indeed a lot easier than hunting for work in the weather they had been having of late. In fact it was the Dark's "earnings" they had used to get the room they were in now.
Kulasa turned her attention back to the present and watched the girl in front of the fire. She had shifted positions and was now laying fully stretched out on her side in the feathers still staring at the fire absent mindedly, moment of irritation long forgotten.
"She's so clueless." Thought Kulasa as she gazed at Dark from her perch on the couch, "but she really is quite cute, I think I'll have a little fun with her..."
Kulasa silently crept form the couch across the cold floor and sprang on her unsuspecting victim, shocking the girl rather badly. Flipping her onto she back captured both of her wrists in one hand and pinned them to the floor above her head. Strattling her hips Kulasa sat looking down into Dark's startled face and blew a puff of warm breath across her nose. Quickly going from startled to angry Dark started to struggle.
"What are you doing?! Get off you're too heavy!" Dark fumed fighting to free her wrists.
"Why do you bother struggling when you know you can't get free?" Kulasa laughs and tugs the girl's wrists up a bit higher and leaning in a little closer till only an inch of air separates their faces. "Poor weak little kitten..." She brushes her lips across Dark's then shifts her body up to nibble on her sensitive little ears and whispers "You don't honestly think you can get away from me do you?"
"S..Stop it!" Stammered an alarmed Dark words laced with fear and frustration, "L..Let me go! This is no time for games!" Wriggling and kicking desperately sending feathers flying in a vain attempt to break free. "LET GO!"
"Who's playing games?" Kulasa stretches out pinning the girl's body with her weight pressing her further down into the pile. She wrapped her legs around the others to still them. Biting down hard on Dark's ear "I'm dead serious."
"Gah..."Dark gasped as her body gave an involuntary jerk at the sudden pain. "Kulasa you''re hurting sto-ahh!" And her words were cut short as Kulasa's fangs broke the skin sending a fresh wave of pain washing over her.
"Now, now, you be a good girl" Kulasa released the ear lick blood from her lips as she slid her body along Dark's till their eyes were level. Rolling the two of them on to their side she brought the girl's wrists down behind her back and then with her free hand she reached into her pocket and pulled out a handkerchief. Drawing Dark tightly up against her she reached around and bound her hands with the rag. "After all we wouldn't want to disturb the other guests at such an ungodly hour now would we?" Flipping Dark back onto her back with a sudden jerk she cupped her chin in her right hand face and tilted her head back to expose the slender curve of her neck. She leaned in to nibble lightly at her lips before crushed them in a bruising kiss. Running her tongue along Dark's bottom lips before forcing her way between the cat's clinched teeth to sample the warm moist interior. "Delicious..."
Dark's mind was racing. 'What's on earth is going on?! Did she have to much to drink?' she thought 'I can definitely taste ale on her breath. That must be it she's drunk! I should have known she's such a lush!' Fear quickly changing to burning rage she bit down hard on Kulasa's tongue.
"OW!" The wolf cried breaking off the kiss.
"You big jerk!" Dark spat giving a violent twist to free her legs from Kulasa's and arching her back flipped herself onto her feet. Working her hands free of the cloth she struck the wolf across the face, "Next time you feel the need to work off your ale don't let it involve me!" And with the she turned on her heels and stalked over to the bed bottle brushed tail sticking strait up in the air behind her. She flounced into the bed turning her back to Kulasa and pulled the covers over her head leaving the stunned wolf sitting staring after her clutching her still stinging cheek.
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