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Chapter 1

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Based on Harry Potter, ArchMagus on by the DragonBard. Harry acidentally apparates to his unknown DnD obsessed uncle when he is six. There he is taught to use his magic without a wan...

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AN: This story is based on Harry Potter, the ArchMagus by the DragonBard. Unlike his fic, I will only be using Dungeons and Dragons for Harry to learn how to use his magic.

Harry was running for his life. Literally, his uncle was chasing after little Harry after he had said the word 'magic' at the dinner table by accident. While he may not look it, Harry was very fast. At the moment he was wishing that he was somewhere, anywhere, safe.

Harry heard a 'pop' and saw himself in front of a store he didn't recognize. He walked inside and heard a ringing as he opened the door.

"Hello, how can I help you today?" a tall, brown haired man with the same color eyes as Harry asked as he walked in.

"I think I'm...lost," Harry said looking down.

"Don't worry, I'll find your parents, what's your name?" the man asked.

"Harry Potter."

"Wait, wait, wait. Are you the son of Lily Evans?"

"I don't know my parents names."

"Do you have an aunt named Petunia?"


"God dammit! Why did you get him Pet! Harry, you are not going back there. You may stay here if you want."

"Really? I wouldn't want to be a bother sir."

"You won't be a bother; now, lets get you cleaned up! Tomorrow I'm taking you to get some new clothes."


Later Harry found out that the man who took him in was his uncle on his mother's side. The reason Harry's Aunt Petunia never mentioned him was because of his addiction to Dungeons and Dragons, also known as DnD. After Harry got settled in, he also took to the role-playing game.

One day after the store closed, Harry and his uncle were heading to a friend's house, Harry actually hadn't met him yet but that's beside the point, to play a game of DnD, also known as a Dungeon Crawl.

"Hey Ax! We haven't seen you for a while," a man a little bit shorter than Harry's uncle with spiked blond hair and red eyes said as the two walked in.

"Last I heard you were searching for your nephew, this him?" another man, this one with purple eyes and smooth brown hair, asked.

"Yep, Harry this is Spear," he pointed to the red eyed guy, "Wyrm," he then pointed to the purple eyed guy, "and Lyc," he them pointed to a third man Harry hadn't noticed before. Harry was most intimidated by this man. He had amber eyes, brown hair with some gray, and an almost feral like expression, almost as if there was an inner beast just waiting to be unleashed.

"Lyc, stop scaring the kid," Wyrm said with a little bit of laughter in his voice.

"So Harry, how old are you," Spear asked once he crouched down to Harry's eye level.

"Six sir," Harry whimpered.

"Don't call me sir, call me Spear. As for my eyes," he stood up and fumbled around with his eye before he came back down holding a small, lens in his hand and a blue eye on the left side of his head.

"How did you change your eye color?"

"It's just my contact lens; they're kind of like glasses that fit on your eye. Wyrm also has some too." Harry looked over Spear's shoulder and saw Wyrm with one purple eye and one brown eye.

"As you can guess, those aren't their real names. They're just nicknames we picked based on their favorite character. Now, let's get to playing!" Harry's uncle declared.

The group played long into the night. They played two games, each with different characters, one standard Player's Handbook races and classes and one where they used other sources. Harry created a half-elf ranger named Florimel and a half-black dragon human sorcerer named Haketh.

(The next day)

Harry was helping his uncle in the back of the shop when he heard the door bell ring. Harry walked out to the front of the shop and saw a man in strange robes like he would expect on a wizard or sorcerer in the DnD game.

"Ah Harry my boy, good to see you. Come along now, time to go back to your aunt and uncle," the hand said while holding out a hand, twinkle on full blast.

"No, I'm not going back. I like it here with Uncle Dave," Harry refused.

"Hello Dumbledore," Harry's Uncle Dave said from the door leading to the back.

"Hello David, I am just here to take Harry back to his aunt's house," Dumbledore said with noticeably less twinkle.

"Why, he's safer here and you know it. Harry, would you mind unloading some of the new shipments in the back?"

"Do I have to?" Harry asked.

"There's some new DnD book in there somewhere," Uncle Dave replied with a smile.

Harry's eyes lit up and he ran into the back so fast Dumbledore wondered if Harry apparated.

"As for you Dumbledore, upstairs now," Harry's uncle said with a glare so cold dementors would be hard pressed to match it.

Dumbledore walked up stairs to the two story apartment above the shop where Harry and his uncle lived.

"Alright Dumbles, spill. Why does Harry have to go to them," Harry's uncle asked while spitting out the word them.

"Because of the blood wards, as a muggle I can't explain every," Dumbledore started.

"You know that I'm not a muggle, just because I didn't accept the Hogwarts letter doesn't mean that I'm a muggle."

"Yes but by now you would have lost your ability to use magic."

"Who says I have? But back to Harry, he is not leaving. I might not have magic, but I'm not defenseless."

Dumbledore just laughed until he felt a blade against his throat. Dumbledore opened his eyes to see a rather large ax at his throat and a sawed-off shotgun barrel pointed at his face.

"Listen Dumbledore, I know the prophecy, and I will train Harry as well as I can. If he goes to Hogwarts he will be trained enough to protect himself from almost all wizards."

Dumbledore promptly apparated to Hogwarts and decided that maybe he should leave them alone.

(5 days later)

"Harry, could you meet me in the living room?" Harry's uncle, who he just called him by his DnD nickname Ax, called out one night about an hour after the shop closed.

"Sure thing Ax!" Harry then came bounding down stairs from his room with one of the newer DnD books in his hand.

Once Harry sat across from Ax, Ax took a deep breath.

"Harry, how would you like to start learning how to use the weapons from DnD and some other weapons?"

"Really? When do I start?" Harry asked with an excited gleam in his eyes.

"Tomorrow. For tonight, I have something else to tell you."


"Harry...magic is real."

Harry just stared at his uncle. While he may have only known him for less then a month, he knew that his uncle wouldn't joke about something like this. But still, he had a hard time believing it.

"But, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon," Harry started.

"Knew and hated your mother and I for it. Harry, Your mother and I on our eleventh birthdays received a letter to a school of magic called Hogwarts. Your mother accepted while I didn't. I was by that time already deeply attached to Dungeons and Dragons and couldn't bear the thought of not having anyone else around who knew about it for almost an entire year. So I stayed home when your mother went to Hogwarts. What they didn't know, was that I had already known about magic. I was using my magic to cast the same spells that were in the game. I didn't restrict myself to Arcane magic though, I was also able to cast Divine spells. Over time, as my skill in magic grew, I was eventually able to create the same items that my characters had.

"Anyway, back to the subject of Hogwarts, when your mother came home for the Christmas Holidays, I asked her about what she learned and what the school was like. I then found out that they depended completely on wands. Not like the ones in the DnD game, those are like guns, theirs they need to actually cast spells. I decided then that I would not tell anyone about the way I cast my magic.

"As the years pass I continue to advance in magic and when the first psionic handbook came out I started to try to mimic the powers in that. When she came home after her seventh and final year at Hogwarts she introduced her boyfriend, your father. Naturally I had to play the overprotective brother but the truth was I rather liked him. He also introduced his friends and I got along with all but one rat like man named Peter Petigrew. I almost thought he was a were-rat by his rat-like face.

"After a few years your parents got married and your mother got pregnant with you. Shortly before I had introduced your father and his friends to DnD and only Remus Lupin really got into it. At the time there was a dark lord that called himself Voldemort was gaining power and one day when your parents were visiting me we were attacked by a group of their followers who called themselves Death Eaters. What could I do? I fought them."


Lilly, James, Sirius, Ax and two of his DnD friends had just finished dinner when one of the walls blew open. Two green spell lanced in, one missing while the other hitting one of Ax's DnD friends.

"Rrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeee!" the other DnD friend yelled upon seeing 'Rage' collapse.

"Spear! Toss me the battle-ax with the dragon runes!" Ax yelled out.

Spear did so as the Death Eater walked in and Lilly, James, and Sirius started shooting spells at the group of fifteen Death Eaters.

"Spear, javelins wait for my signal!" Ax ordered Spear. "You made the worst mistake of your lives."

Ax picked up a large metal shield on the wall next to him and strapped it to the arm without the Ax. He waved his hand at the center of the Death Eaters and a ball of fire flew to the Death Eaters and exploded engulfing the Death Eaters in fire.


Two javelins flew into the Death Eater ranks; one hitting one Death Eater in the lung while the other hit another pierced another Death Eater's head. The Death Eaters were further decimated by a powerful lightning bolt followed by Ax revealing why he was named the way he was. In less then a minute the remaining Death Eaters would need to be sewn back together to be identified.

"David, how did you do that?" Lilly asked her eyes wide at witnessing his wandless and offensive magic.

"What? The magic or the fighting with an ax?" Ax replied.

"The magic you dolt!"

"Lilly, you know that I also had received a letter to Hogwarts and declined, I learned magic on my own. Those spells I cast were from Dungeons and Dragons. I used that as a basis for my magic. I need all of you to promise not to tell anyone."

"I, James Edward Potter, do here by swear not to tell anyone the events of tonight unless given permission by David Matthew Evans. So mote it be," James intoned. Lilly and Sirius swore the same oath and Ax was surprised when he felt his magic move out to mix with theirs and the oaths bind.

End Flashback

"Was that Spear the same one I met last week?" Harry asked once Ax was finish with his tale.

"Yeah, Spear was never the same after that night. Rage and he were pretty close. They were closer than brothers. It hurt all of us when Rage was killed."

"So who will be teaching me how to use weapons?"

"I will, when I was sixteen I learned how to summon someone I had created in DnD. I summoned a fighter and had him teach me how to use the weapons he was skilled with. I offered to implant all the knowledge he would need to survive in our world and he accepted. I believe he opened up a dojo and teaches people how to use weapons. Now, off to bed with you. Tomorrow, I will start instructing you in weapons and magic."

AN: well? The next chapter I will have Harry start Hogwarts and have Ax instruct a Weapons and Physical Fitness class. Roughly what level of magic should Harry be at? Let me know.
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