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Chapter 1: The Beginning

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Fantasy meets future in this epic adventure. Link finds a metal man arrived fresh from another world. Can the two stop fighting with each other and work as a team to battle the threat looming ove...

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The characters and incidents portrayed and the names in this story used herein are fictitious and any similarity to the name, character, or history of any person, living, dead, or otherwise, is purely coincidental and unintentional.
For your reference, today you will have: mega trouble.
It is a time of science and knowledge It is a time of wizardry and magic
It is a time of engineers and laboratories It is a time of knights and castles
It is a time of harvesting the world It is a time of harvesting the land
It is a time of the future It is a time of the past
But through a course of events these two worlds will collide through a phenomenon known as...
by Eric Juneau


Chapter 1: The Beginning
"Roll, can you get me another apple?" Dr. Light's voice came from the small intercom by the door.
The hum of the rod-like carpet cleaner dwindled to silence as Roll shut it off and leaned it against an end table. She approached the intercom and pressed the talk button.
"Right away, Dr. Light," she spoke into it. She would need to return to vacuuming after she had finished fulfilling Dr. Light's orders. Roll turned around and headed out of the comfortable drawing room.
This was one of the few rooms in Dr. Light's mansion that was meant solely for human occupancy. There was soft carpet, comfortable chairs, sofas, a wall-hanging from India, as well as miscellaneous decorative touches around the room, all meaningless and irrelevant to Roll. Even though her insides were made of alloys and metals, on the outside she looked like any other girl. In fact, her blond hair, done up in a ponytail, and her youthful appearance made her quite beautiful.
But being a robot she had no need for comfort or eye-pleasing decoration. However, her prime directive was Dr. Light's housekeeping so she had to visit these types of rooms often in order to clean them. The laboratories where Dr. Light performed his experiments and research needed little cleaning because they contained self-sanitizing systems. About the only times she needed to be in the lab were when Dr. Light spilled one of his chemicals or when he wanted to upgrade her programming.
Roll headed to the house's pantry using her house map program. This was another room frequently visited by her as she was responsible for cooking Dr. Light's meals, a far better alternative to the 'instant ramen' diet he ate before he made her. She entered the small closet behind the kitchen and approached the Food Rehydration Unit, which semi-replaced the large pantry area some decades ago. When food is dehydrated it takes up less space, so it could all be stored into one simple machine for later use. Roll had use for it now and activated the rehydration matrix.
"Apple," she said into the small speaker in front of her. The machine began whirring silently, selecting the proper food from the massive library inside it, rehydrating the apple to the proper specifications, and depositing the red fruit in front of the receiving slot.
A little red door pleasantly beeped open. Roll lifted the hinged glass door up and took the apple from the plate. As she reversed her course and headed down to the lab she realized this was the fifth time Dr. Light had asked for an apple to be brought to him. Her newly installed curiosity program became activated, creating questions and possible theories as to the reason he needed these apples. The primary purpose of an apple was for eating. He could have wanted them for nourishment, as a snack, but logic dictated that he would have wanted more variety than five apples in a row. Another purpose was in order to grow apple trees. But again, the patterns of Dr. Light indicated he had no interest in gardening, especially since apples were already being provided to him. She resolved to ask the roboticst why he needed so many apples when she arrived.
As the doors slid out of her way she saw Dr. Light working attentively behind a large empty metal circle about twice the height of the doctor. Beside the circle was a control box, obviously meant for operating the circle, whatever it did.
"I have the apple you wanted, Dr. Light," Roll said, announcing her presence. Dr. Light hooked his arm on the top of the metal console and hoisted himself up to see Roll standing in front of the door.
"Yes, thank you, Roll. Come in. Just stand over here for a minute." Light went back to tweaking and prodding the control box as Roll stepped up to his side.
Now her interest was peaked. What did five apples and a large metal circle share in common? "Dr. Light, what is this?" she queried.
"I'm glad you asked," he replied enthusiastically, "Not because it shows your curiosity program is working, which is good, but it gives me a chance to practice my explanation when I complete this invention and announce it so that-"
"Dr. Light," Roll interrupted, "You're rambling again."
"Oh, sorry, it's just that I'm excited." Light snapped his head to the circle before him and pointed. "This device is a new type of teleporter. What I'm hoping it will do is improve the range and localization over old teleporters. It should be able to bypass large concentrations of tachyon fields that prevent material being deposited there. You know how when Dr. Wily's robots attack I can only drop off your brother in a very general location. It would be very much quicker if I could transport him directly."
"I see," Roll replied, "And why do you need the apple?"
"Well, I haven't exactly tested it out yet and I need an organic substance so that when it becomes available for human use it won't disintegrate them or anything like that," Dr. Light said amicably.
Roll nodded and held up the apple for her master, all her questions having been answered. The robot scientist took it and placed it on a tool tray beside him.
"Thank you, if I need anymore apples I'll tell you."
Roll nodded and walked out of Dr. Light's laboratory.

With a stroke of his sword, Link deflected the spear headed straight for his head. He lunged forward and slashed the moblin across its protruding belly. The bulldog-like creature outstretched his arms in panic right before he disappeared in a puff of white smoke. Link switched his attention to the two remaining moblins behind him who were slowly creeping up. He grabbed for his bow slung behind him and held it in ready position. The moblins kept coming and Link fired two arrows rapidly at each advancing foe. Each arrow struck true and vanquished the two enemies immediately.
The intrepid hero wiped the sweat from his forehead and replaced the bow. Reaching for his knapsack he pulled out his canteen and took two great big gulps of water. His work done, he headed out of the woods and back into the open plains of Hyrule, his homeland. The forest was situated close to the Hylian palace so Link took almost no time getting back to his current residence. His boots click-clacked on the lime-green cobblestone walkway leading to the trellis gate. There was a yellow Triforce symbol painted on the walkway and Link stared down at it while waiting for the gate to rise.
The Golden Power, also known as the Triforce, was a remnant left by the gods of wisdom, courage, and power, after their creation of the world. It held the power to grant wishes to anyone who touched it, evil or good. After he had won it back from the evil hands of Ganon, Link dispelled the cloud of evil over Hyrule with its ability. Link wished for many things, all good and all restoring Hyrule to an order of light. Link's great deeds earned him an important place among the people of the palace.
As Link approached the castle's interior, the two armored guards nodded their heads to their great hero. He entered the castle and saw Zelda standing ahead of him, talking to a servant.
Zelda was a very pretty, young girl, about the same age as Link, with reddish-blond hair and gentle blue eyes. She wore a small amulet across her head and a blue and white dress. Her youth showed in her personality, but in no way did she let it prevent her from being an active political leader.
"Link," she said as she looked at his worn form. "Link, what happened?" she rushed over to him.
"Another moblin attack," Link replied. He coughed weakly from the dust he had picked up. Of course, he was no stranger to a battle-weary condition, and he was hardly in pain, but Zelda's doting certainly made things better.
"Again? That's the third time in four days."
"I know. I'm the one who fought them."
"You aren't hurt, are you?"
"No, I'll be all right."
Zelda turned and started pacing around the great hall. "What are we going to do? These 'moblins' never even appeared until several days ago."
"They always seem to stay in the forest though," Link said, trying to reassure her.
"I just hope they stay there. If they get into Kakariko..." The mysterious forest was directly north of Hyrule's largest village. If the moblins did decide to move out of their dark shelter, Kakariko village would most likely be first attacked. This was something Zelda and Link both knew could be devastating for the largest concentration of Hyrule's citizens, possibly destroying its greatest village.
Link breathed a deep sigh. He took off his backpack, which held all his inventory, and sat down on one of the red and gold velvet chairs adjacent to the hallway wall.
"Link, maybe you should go lie down or something, you look tired," Zelda said.
"I'll be fine," Link replied, "I survived getting the Triforce, I'll survive this."
"I'm going to convene a council of elders to decide how we're going to solve this," Zelda suggested.
"Good idea," Link said, "I'll be resting." /Recuperating/, Link silently amended. Zelda zoomed down the hall, leaving Link alone with his thoughts. Who were these moblins? They attacked in packs of four or five, seeming to just emerge out of the bushes. They wore the armor of soldiers but attacked like animals, organized, and yet frenzied. Where did they come from? What was their purpose? Why did they attack? How were they able to get the jump on him so easily? The answers seemed to escape him, but he knew he'd fight them again before he had an answer.
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