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Youthful Guns

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A Big Mouth crossover with Out There.

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Youthful Guns

by: Zoey Webber

Andrew and Nick were outside playing Young Guns.

NICK: Hey Andrew Make you famous!

ANDREW: I am already famous

NICK: No, Make you famous!

Suddenly, Nick took out a squirt gun full of alcohol on Andrew. Andrew got drunk instantly!

Nick and Andrew ran around a old West told all drunk. Then Sheriff Tenebres came to arrest them!

TENEBRES : You are under arrest!

NICK: Who are you?

TENEBRES : I am bully Sheriff Tenebres, from the cartoon Out There! Now, I am taking you to the Holford jail.

ANDREW: No you are not!

Nick and Andrew got into an intense karate match with Sheriff Tenebres and threw him down a water well.

ANDREW: Well, that takes care of Tenebres Nick, let’s go ask some girls out for a date!!

NICK: Hooray!!!!
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