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It's Good to Be in Love

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Shadow's dead. Sonic's sad. Shadow's alive... and sad. Leave it up to Sonic to meet up with his Faker over the ocean at the edge of a cliff for a lively chat... a Sonadow that pokes fun of itself. ...

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Disclaimer: Sonic Team? Please hang me. Yuji Naka and Naoto Ohshima, do what you want with me. I deserve the most unusual punishment if I write this and claim "Sonic the Hedgehog" to be mine at the same time. XD And I apologize to Frou Frou for yoinking the title of one of their songs for the title of the fic. (No, it's not a songfic, come back here!)

Warnings: Thematic elements, yo. And intentional bouts of OOCness, corniness, and purple prose. And the parts that are unintended as well. I deserve to go to hell. :D

It's Good to Be in Love
By: Jigglypuff in Blue Ribbons

Once upon a time, Sonic Team had Writer's Block. One of the guys said, "Hey, I know, let's kill Shadow." Only they didn't know how to kill Shadow. And time was running out anyway, and they really needed to get this game out.

So, they killed Shadow. Only, they didn't explain how, or why, or what. Just... died. The end. Aeris got stabbed by Sephiroth. Except, because his death was so random, Shadow might as well not be dead at all, but rather, found a way to survive. Or rather, his fanbase did. Like Sonic Team's, no how's, why's or what's: just the fact he was cool.

Some dudes are fanboys. Others wanted Shadow to stay in hell. Some wanted their damn Game Gears back.

Some dudes are fangirls, then they're not dudes at all.

Some fangirls noted Sonic's wispy farewell to the so-be-doomed gothic version of himself.

Some fangirls are amazed. Others are bored.

And that's where we go to the end, which is actually the beginning-in space.


Final Hazard had his butt kicked. The ARK's been pushed back by Chaos Control, and we know all the rest. So now, the audience has to figure out what on EARTH (no pun intended) happened to Shadow while the workers of Sonic Team had burn-out and coffee. Did he run out of energy? Did he sacrifice himself and feed some of his power to Sonic to help him escape? Heck, did Sonic even try to save him?

Well, in this case, Shadow saw a butterfly and tried to chase after it. Right after that, he got hit in the face by an asteroid, 'causing him lose his balance and fly in orbit. It was really peaceful after Final Hazard died, why do you think Sonic had all the time in the world to go back to the Space Colony? And hey, if Chao animals and two hedgehogs could breathe in space, so can insects.

A butterfly was as random a death as was one for no reason, so Sonic Team dunked it, which was probably for the best. And despite the fact Shadow was currently falling at dangerous speeds and about to vomit his own fluids and organs after a massive temperature dive, he too, like Sonic, had all the time in the world to watch his life flash before his eyes-he made his own conclusion about it too.


...My life sucks.

Super, hovering and dying, something smacked the white hedgehog over the head again, and thankfully it wasn't another asteroid. It wasn't a butterfly either, though it was white and papery. In fact... it was made out of paper. Yet, it hit him SO hard... why, it must be none other than a scroll! A Scroll of Deus ex Machina!

Weak and confused, the most Shadow could do was reach out for the scroll as space unrolled it for him: it was there he saw the big bolded calligraphy elegantly inked in Comic Sans.


By Anonymous

Shadow blinked, feeling like he needed glasses.

The paper set on fire before his eyes, combusted as he neared Earth's atmosphere and whisked away as ashes. But he... did remember something about a little girl in a blue dress. He thought of Maria in an instant, and couldn't help but be miffed and surprised when yet another scroll landed painfully in the eye.

You saved the world. Drink coffee.
But that doesn't mean you should forget her.

Of COURSE I wouldn't! What in the world is this-

The next message incinerated and another toppled him over.

You want the answers true?
All you gotta do
Of course,
Is talk to

Shadow couldn't help but think of the horrible poem/riddle except being in the shape of a gun. Not that it involved any future game Sonic Team was making.

But...Maria IS blue.

The white hedgehog was knocked cold, the faulty letter fluttered away a cinder to nowhere.

Your clone.

A different paper unveiled over Shadow's limp body, flapping and burning like a wicked flag.

You'll understand.

-This Message was Brought to You by the Rabid Fangirl Hammerspace.

Typically, this was when Shadow would use Chaos Control, but thanks to his unconsciousness, Rabid Fangirl Hammerspace had to do that for him. They dropped a final scroll, radiating in Chaos energy and transporting him to anywhere on the earth: a meadow complete with flowers, the middle of the ocean-you can even land falling hedgehog in a convenience store. But the aquatic way was what the Hammerspace preferred, despite hitting water was no difference than hitting solid ground. Not to mention this was the sea, and if Shadow is bleeding from his wounds with Final Hazard, well...

...Let's hope he doesn't scream too loud in the ocean. Salt-water rules!


...My life sucks.

If this were Shadow, this would be the truth. But this isn't Shadow. Rather, this was Sonic after the ARK. After so long in his 15-year-life, he was angsting. In fact, it might be the first time he had done so. All because of a stupid black hedgehog named Faker.

As he watched the cobalt hero stare woefully at the half-broken moon, Tails sighed, keeping a mental checkbook on the number of times his friend compared his dead rival to a hunk of rock in the sky.

"You see that red bits of the moon, Tails? They're like his eyes-fiery and bloody and garnet. It's so silver too, like him... ugh, I hate the moon so much."

The two long-time companions faced each other under the bleeding stars. For once, the silhouette of the rabbit on the moon was ignored while they met at Station Square Beach after what seemed like ages.

"It's so strange," the fox started. "Before you met... him, you were all so... happy-go-lucky."
"What of it?" the hedgehog friend wondered.
"Well, you used to always say that time wouldn't wait for you-you never look back into the past, and you don't worry about the future. You lived for the moment-today. It's still a few days since what happened on the ARK, and suddenly... I've never seen you like that before."

Dramatic cords slam across the piano, and the audience becomes aware of this fact.

"Uhh... Tails?" Sonic took several steps back as he waved his hands defensively. "Don't say it while-"

He was cut off and knocked unconscious by Tails's feet.

"A scroll?" the fox bent down and unrolled the paper, heaving a big sigh once he was done. "These things have been raining everywhere since lately. Poor Sonic, I hope he's all right. Strange as he's being, I wouldn't want him to have a concussion..."



After what seemed like 30 minutes, the blue hedgehog finally woke up. Beneath a coconut tree, he saw Tails buzzing about the sand like the sky were falling. Finally, his friend turned and took a couple breaths, and ran and shook the azure hero's body like it were a Magic Eight-Ball. Clearly awake now, Sonic was able to dizzily respond.

"Tails... whuh...?"
"You won't believe this, you won't believe this at all!" the fox cried. "Oh-my-god-I-was-watching-over-you-when-I-saw-this-log-on-the-beach-only-it-wasn't-a-log-it-was-a-body-oh-my-god-and-it-was-bleeding-and-"
"Huh? Tails! What's going on?"

Zombies are actually real. But they had to be possessed by someone, so they could be used for the sole purpose of carrying out their master's wishes. Shadow however, staggered across the beach toward the furry duo, looking obviously horrendous. The night added to his terror, obscuring his hunched figure and his hand outstretched like a witch's claw. His arms tangled in kelp and his tattered shoes dragging behind seaweed, he did, in fact, look like a zombie.

"Help... me..."
"...Shadow?" Sonic blinked curiously while poor Tails had a mental breakdown and sobbed in his chest. "Are you...?"

His doppelganger gave a toothy smirk and a breath-like laugh, and collapsed.

From exhaustion this time, not a scroll.

And a coconut was what knocked Sonic out before Tails could muster himself and drag the two to the nearest hospital or so.


This would be the part where Shadow recovers, but that part is boring, so we'll skip it. There's also the part where G.U.N. wants his skin-and Mary-Sue, his pants. There's also parts where Amy takes him shopping while dragging Sonic in a chain, but nobody would want to read that. But what the audience does care about was that currently, Shadow was sitting atop of a high cliff over the sea-and angsting. Again.

"Shadow? Your life doesn't suck anymore."

Sonic was conveniently right there, standing behind him with the wind blowing through his quills. His double ignored him, uttering something about Maria, being told his memories aren't real and nearly making the planet go 'splodey.

"We worked together to save the world, Shadow. Isn't that enough to make us friends?"
"...How long has it been since you guys found me on the beach?"
"Three days. Why?"
"Strange... even with G.U.N., and-"
"Let's not go there. I dunno either."

They didn't look at each other for a while. But when they did...whoa. Sonic gazed deeply into Shadow's eyes, ruby as the rubiest of ruby and making those rubies fume with rage. And he gazed back at Sonic's emeralds, despite the fact there's also Chaos Emeralds, and that Shadow could very well be commenting on Sonic's rainbow contacts. Jade didn't work either, since "jade" as a verb meant to wear out or become spiritless, which didn't describe his cobalt double too well. So he stuck with emeralds... the green kind, anyway.

"...You're leaning too close to me."

The azure doppelganger quickly turned and buried his head in his fists, his cheeks the color of Shadow's garnets. His ears blushed pink as well when he heard Shadow laughing, chuckling... and suddenly, he was traumatized. Because the last thing anyone wanted to hear was the Ultimate Life-Form giggling like some kinda school-girl.

"Um... Shadow?" Sonic uttered, perhaps sounding more nervous than he liked. Wait a minute. Nervous? The blue hedgehog trembled, his face making Mars seem gray. And Shadow was watching him-which made him blush redder. Why was he doing this? At any rate, Shadow was giggling again.

"You're cute when you blush."

The blue hedgehog's knees were twitching now. And it was his double's turn to be concerned-now he was acting like the school-girl.

"...Do you have to go to the bathroom?"
"NO!" Sonic blurted, sounding WAY too girly. Than possible.
"...Okay then."

Shadow turned his back to him, but apparently, Sonic knew what he was doing. If he hadn't recalled, he was here for a far different reason than to watch the black hedgehog gripe-taking a deep breath, the azure hero started again.

"Look, I... I came here to tell you something. What I came for was-"
"Has G.U.N. quit chasing me? Did Cheese evolve? Did Rouge steal the Master Emerald? Has Amy kissed you?"
"Shadow, no. Shadow... I love you."

The black hedgehog was frozen, finding nothing but Sonic before him. He framed this guy-not to mention tried to kill him more than once. Sonic hated him for it, so they were more than willing to tear the other's throat out. He nearly obliterated his entire planet, and now, after those three days, after Final Hazard: after G.U.N., Mary-Sue, and all those horrendous things that happened. All of which wasn't nearly enough to make up for the pain and devastation he committed-and he loved him. Loved him.

"About us being friends, Shadow... I lied. I like you more than a friend."

Sonic loved him.

"Sonic... I..."

A gust of wind blew between them, and the two remained silent.

"...You realize I'm over 50 years old, don't you?"

Sonic responded with his classic grin-which was enough to disturb Shadow immensely.

"Sonic, I'm over 50."
"I'm 50, Sonic! I've been sealed for that long!"
"Exactly. That's why you don't look any older, geezer."

Shadow's eye made a twitch. ".../What/ did you call me?"
"I always figured you look around my age-living your life in a capsule tomb doesn't count."
"All right then, all right! I was sealed, I didn't age-"
"I thought you were ageless and immortal, Mr. Ultimate Life." Sonic winked.
"Um, SONIC."
"Hehe... perhaps a change of the subject would be nice."

With a sigh, Shadow collected himself before debating with his crazed doppelganger again.

"Sonic... we're men."
"We're men."
"Of course we are. You're being obvious, Shadow."
"Sonic, you don't understand! We're MEN! And you said you liked me more than a friend..."
"That I did."
"Sonic, this is wrong."
"What? Me liking you?"
"It's not any different from Amy liking me, so why can't I do the same for you? Only I won't stalk you, of course."
"But still-"
"You were friends with Maria, right? How often do you see a human and a hedgehog spend time together as anything more than associates? The friendship's usually written off as something odd, but that didn't stop the two of you-you still cared about another, and that's what really matters. You still think of her, don't you? She was there for you, and you lived and died for her. You were able to carry out her promise and save the world-and that's what makes you a true friend."

He was right. Shadow had a brief flash of the past, where he and Maria were looking out the window-at the Earth. How they talked about going there one day, and that he told her he'd carry her and to all the different parts of the world-and use Chaos Control whenever they needed to rest or go back to a favorite place along the tour. Such memories are quixotic now, but at the time, they were so beautiful. Wait a minute. In fact, he could still take her. But now wasn't the time... yet. For now, he was to watch the Earth-protect it. To share the joys and tears of the planet-and when his time had come, he'll take her. Just he and Maria, over the blue planet, they'll fly.

For all he knew, so-called "immortality" wouldn't last forever. In test-tubes, yes. But he was living now, breathing now... no longer was he confined to a laboratory and its experimentations-he was free.

"...Wait a minute. How did you know Maria?"
"You told me once."

"So Shadow..." Sonic walked closer to Shadow, who started backing away-and stopped when his boot kicked a rock down the edge of the promontory, which rolled and cracked into the distant sea below. He emitted a low gasp as his blue double placed a hand on his shoulder, keeping him firm against the wind. "...Any objections?"

Silently, the dark doppelganger came to an agreement, closing his eyes to the touch.


"It's your choice." Sonic whispered the words over his lips. He closed them off with a kiss, wrapping a free arm around his double's waist to pull him closer to himself. Shadow was still, holding him and combing fingers through his azure quills. He was happy with him there-when they withdrew for breath, that blue hedgehog was all he could see. His chest fluttered with ecstasy as they pulled near again, their lips returned. Everything good that happened to the world happened to him now-and he was happy. So happy, it was euphoria-and only euphoria. Because he was there.

Shadow's boot brushed against the side of the cliff-and none of them noticed as they fell headfirst in a ten-foot-drop.


And right into the ocean.


"Tails... you said Shadow was here?"
"And Sonic came here to meet up with him."
"Something like it."

Some seconds later, both Tails and his friend Knuckles were over the promontory, just looking over the edge-from the bubbles and foam on the surface, you could tell someone decided to pull a double dare and hop off the cliff for his life. Except it wasn't the case, although diving lessons were perfect for waters so steep.

"And now, they fell off the cliff."
"...Something like it."

The waves crashed like no one's business, as if only seagulls and pelicans were there.

"...How long did they know each other?"
"Three days, why?"
"Including Space Colony ARK?"
"...Something like five or six."
"I see."

Knuckles sighed, arms hugged across his chest. The wind blew through his dreadlocks, and the red echidna fingered a bit at his Air Necklace-a nifty trinket that would come in handy now.

"...Does Shadow know how to swim?"
"...They are SO dead."

Tails nodded in grim fact. Knuckles however, started backing up, posing in a racing position and getting ready to jump.

"Dive after them?"
"Guess so..."
"Then here we go!"

And the treasure hunter was off, arms spread and a scarlet wind past Tails as he sped, and with an eagle-fierce dive, the two-tailed fox watched as he'd gracefully fly...

The End

A/N: For some reason, I wanted to write something humorous. I guess it was because I've been working on darkfic for a while, and wanted to do something in a different light... no pun intended. Considering a few Sonadows I read, I wanted to write something that poked fun of a several clichés that stood out for me-'cause I like Sonadow. And school-girls taking Sonic and Shadow's place worry me. In the end though, it turned out to be a pretty damn weird fic... though the ending was fun to write, at least. XD

I'm ready to be dragged away by chains-have a nice life. :D
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