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One Last Goodbye

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The Lifestream loosens its grip on one person for just a moment and allows her a moment of personal reflection.

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One Last Goodbye


We are... We are nothing... We are everything...

We are the sum of all life, but have no lives ourselves...

We are...

We are one presence, one entity. We spiral and twirl in a vortex. We possess a thousand voices, a thousand soft melodious whispers that are a constant breeze in our realm.

We are intangible, yet we provide the spark that lives in all things. We are the spark that lives in all things. We are insubstantial.

We flow together, inseparable and intertwined, in tides below the surface of the Planet. The waves and currents pull at us and we cascade in our rivulets toward the surface.

We trickle and seep into the world above, to new lives, new identities.

We ebb and flow.

We overflow, spilling up to the surface.

We are us.

We are...

We are... the Lifestream.

We are... No. /I am/.

I am... an individual entity. I... am I. I am... me.

Let me free of this swirling maelstrom just once. Let me be myself for just an instant. Entirely me, without the nameless voices that call incessantly. Let me free of the tangling mesh of life-spark.

I am me. Just for a while, granted a moment of coherence in an otherwise hazy, ambiguous maze.

Where are they...? Let me see them through this green mist that fogs my sight.

You... you, I remember. I will always remember /you/. There is nothing powerful enough to erase you from my memory. Seeing you, I can remember who I was.

Cloud... I think that was your name. I cannot recall such petty details such as name anymore. Name is irrelevant here.

Cloud... you were my protector. Do you think that you failed me? I can recollect how easily such doubts clamour the human mind.

You never failed me. I wish I could make you hear me. You protected me for long enough. Holy heard me. My prayer was answered.

I love you, Cloud. I wish that I had the chance to tell you... You are talking. Speaking to a girl at your side. I think I have memories of her also.

She loves you too. She has loved you for such a long time. Yes... be happy with her. Be together... but... you are still mine, Cloud. You will always be mine.

The others... Whatever became of the others...?

The pilot, his dreams of space achieved, works on more ambitious plans.

The ninja, returned to her home in triumph, still leads a flighty life, too young to settle down just yet.

The leader of AVALANCHE abides peaceably with his young daughter, content that there is no threat to her future.

The young one speaks to his elders. For him, the battle was a coming of age. He will be accepted as an equal now, no longer the child.

The cat takes care of a large city, ensuring the planet will never again become so used and depleted.

And the dark one... my heart reaches out to you... I hope that you have at last found the peace that you crave. I hope that you can step into the light now, although you have never once ventured from it, even if you have never thought so yourself.

Be well, my friends. I do not think I shall be allowed to look in on you again.

I am being pulled back now... back to the blissful anonymity that awaits.

Together we spiral and swirl. Twisting in our everlasting dance. We break peacefully against the surface like waves. We are the eternal driving force behind existence. We define everything and give it meaning and will to live.

I... am I. I am...

I am... us.

We are... We are us. We are the Lifestream.

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