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Thinking of You

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Iruka has a lazy saturday to himself....

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Iruka slips into the bedroom, pulling his shirt off as he walks towards the unmade bed. He should be training or grading papers or preparing for next weeks lessons but the bed is calling to him. He lies down on Kakashi's side, shivering slightly at the cool texture of the sheets against his skin. Pulling them over his head he buries himself in that scent, the scent of his lover, that subtle musk with underlying hints of forest. It's a heady blend that goes straight to his groin.

The sheets warm quickly around him and he finds his mind wandering to all the moments that have passed between them. Iruka may not be able to remember 1,000 jutsu's but he can remember every single passionate encounter in detail, from the tender romantic embraces to the brutal punishing fucks. His fingertips stroke over his skin slowly and purposefully as the images flood his mind.


He's being pressed hard into the door and Kakashi is tugging the tie from his hair as he presses his mouth to Iruka's. All rational thought begins to desert him as sharp teeth nip at his lower lip. The flicker of a tongue dancing quicksilver fast across his mouth quickly soothes the nips. Iruka reaches out, tangling his hands into that thick mass of silver, pulling Kakashi to him. Holding him in place he takes the time to fully plunder Kakashi's mouth, their teeth clicking momentarily before their tongues take over, twisting together in their own teasing dance.

He can feel Kakashi's erection hard against his hip, pressing almost desperately into him. Iruka's own erection is just as hard and just as insistent and the rub of fabric across the sensitive skin is simultaneously erotic and painful. Hands still buried in Kakashi's hair he grinds against him, swallowing the gasp the contact pulls from his chest. Arching his hips into his lovers again, he smiles at the answering moan.

Untangling his hands, Iruka shoves the vest off Kakashi's shoulders and it tumbles to the floor with a soft thump. Temporarily releasing his mouth the high-necked shirt comes off next. In a fit of mischief Iruka tangles it around Kakashi's wrists, a theoretical restraint at most but undeniably useful. Kakashi makes a blindingly erotic image; lips kiss swollen, eyes half lidded, hazy with lust, sleek pale skin darkened slightly by the flush of arousal, arms trapped behind him, Iruka's sure he's a wet dream in the flesh.

Switching their positions Iruka leans into Kakashi, running his tongue along the shell of that pale ear before following the line down to a slightly roughened jaw. Molding his lips once again to his lovers, Iruka's hands begin their own taunting and tormenting, brushing lightly to raise goose bumps. One hand works at pulling hard nipples even harder, tweaking and pinching until they're reddened and pebbled against his fingers. The other hand drifts lower to palm Kakashi's erection, slipping beneath the waistband to brush his fingers along that hot, silky length.

Iruka's pushing his own arousal against Kakashi's hip, mouth retreating to kiss at the sweat-dampened skin of his throat. He almost misses it, the whispered "please," so intent is he on his mission to tease. He is surprised, Kakashi rarely cedes, and rarely so quickly in the game, but his eyes are hooded, fever bright and he's breathing in harsh panting gasps. The word falls again from that slick, kiss bitten mouth and Iruka feels his stomach clench at thick timbre of need in that guttural whisper.

One more scorching kiss and Iruka drops to his knees, nuzzling his face against Kakashi's hip bones, dropping biting kisses on those sharp outcroppings before turning his attention to the bulge tenting Kakashi's pants. He takes him in his mouth as best as he can through the dark fabric, mouth dampening and heating the skin below. Kakashi moans, a low rumble from his chest, and pushes his hips forward as he arches away from the door. Running his hands up firm, muscled legs, Iruka teases for a second longer before finally tugging the offending pants down to pool around slim ankles and long bare feet.

Iruka takes his time, measuring the weight of him in his hands before slowly stroking, base to tip and back again, smearing pre-cum along the entire length. Above him Kakashi is speaking in vowels and throaty, breathy sighs. He has unwound the shirt from his wrists and has twisted his hands into Irukas' hair, tugging slightly, insistently, but not enough to hurt. Still cradling his erection in his hands, Iruka closes his mouth over the tip, not enough to satisfy but enough to continue the teasing contact, tongue tapping out it's own morse code against hot skin.

The tugs on his hair become more demanding and he gives in, taking Kakashi fully, nearly burying his nose in the coarse hair at the base of him. Sliding back he teases for a moment before swallowing him again, tongue and throat caressing, setting a steady pace. He uses one hand to cover what his mouth cannot reach and the other slips around to stroke that tight, dark entrance. Kakashi is moaning louder now, alternating between pushing forward into Iruka's mouth and back against his fingers. Iruka removes his hand for a moment to pull the lube from a pocket in Kakashi's vest. Slicking up his fingers he resumes his light, stroking touches.

He pushes a finger in, movements still slow, relaxed, working at loosening that tight ring of muscle, one finger, than two, and finally three. He curls his fingers inside, touching that spot and Kakashi is coming, spilling over his tongue and down his throat, hands still tangled in Iruka's hair, Iruka's name on his lips, sinking bonelessly to the floor....


Iruka comes, spurting over his hand and across his belly, his face pressed into one of Kakashi's pillows. He feels flushed, shaky, sated and he can't be bothered to move when he hears the apartment door open. Kakashi finds him lying there, come drying on his stomach, looking disheveled and wanton and inherently fuck-able. A predatory grin splits his face as he stalks his lover and Iruka shivers at the heat in his gaze.

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