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pt 43 All In A Days Work 2- The End of an Era

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Lisa's p.o.v

'I hope this works' I whisper to myself. We as in Kara and I were about to go shopping so we could accidentally on purpose bump into Reign. Knowing Kara and her spiteful self she'll brag about how easy it was to get rid of Reign blah blah blah at that point Reign will call Joel so he can hear the whole conversation and Benji will be there to make sure he answers the call.
'Baby I'm going now?' Joel calls out to Kara
'Ok I'll see you later.' She says walking into the room and putting her arms around him.
'I'm going to be with Benji and Tony. Come find me when you finish shopping' he says kissing her.
Just then Paul comes running onto the bus.
'Lisa I'm here to whisk you away' he announces dramatically
'What?' I ask confused
'I haven't spent much time with you over the last week so I'm taking you to a romantic lunch.' He says smiling
'Oh honey that's so sweet' I gush 'and very romantic but I cant' I say bluntly
'What why?' he says looking disappointed.
'Because... I'm...I'm shopping with Kara today' I say quickly walking over to her and Joel.
'What? Like hell you are' he says grabbing my hand 'We'll catch you guys later' he calls out over his shoulder to Joel and Kara, ushering me out the door all the while ignoring my protests.

Normal p.o.v

You were sitting in Starbucks waiting for Lisa and Kara to run into you. You'd been there for about 10 minutes but you were getting anxious.
'Mind if I join you?' a voice says breaking your thoughts. You look up and see a guy standing by your table.
'No, take a seat' you say motioning to the chair opposite you.
'I don't usually do this it's just all the other tables are full' he explains sitting down.
'It's fine' you say looking out the window to see if Lisa and Kara were coming.
'Are you waiting for someone?' he asks studying you.
'Yeah my girlfriends are supposed to meet me here.'you reply smiling politely.

Kara's p.o.v

Lisa just totally ditched me to go and have lunch with Paul. Now I have to go shopping alone, I hate that.
I grab my jacket, bag and cell phone and walk to the bus door opening it.
'Kara you're a genius' I exclaim loudly. I leave the door open so I can hear if anyone's coming and run back to the bunk area, picking up Joel's jeans riffling through the pockets.
'Bingo' I cry as I pull out his credit card from his wallet.
I fold the pants back up neatly and make my way back into the living area to the door.
Just then my cell phone rings, I open my bag and see that's it's Missy calling, perfect now I can tell her what's been happening since the tour began.
'Hey Missy, you'll never guess what?' I say answering.

Benji's p.o.v

'Are you okay Benj' Joel asks me for the second time.
'Yes' I answer annoyed
'Why do you keep looking at your watch?' he questions.
'No reason' I lie. We left Kara about twenty minutes ago and I was getting edgy, they should be meeting about now and Joel's phone's going to ring any minute.

Normal p.o.v

You keep glancing out the window all the while pretending to be interested in what this guy was saying.
You look down at your watch it's ten minutes past three. They should be here by now.
'Exactly' you say absentmindedly nodding at the right time to whatever the guy was saying.
'Have your friends stood you up?' He asks sipping his coffee
'I hope not' you say through clenched teeth 'I'll wait a little while longer.'

Benji's p.o.v

We were walking through the crowds when Joel suddenly stopped.
'What's wrong' I ask stopping too.
'I forgot my cell phone' he says patting his pockets
'You what?' I scream at him 'How could you do that?'
'Calm down Benji' he says backing away like I was psychotic 'I'll go back and get it'
'I'll come with you' I says quickly pushing him back the way we came.
Reign is going to kill me I thought following Joel back through the crowds

Normal p.o.v

You finally given up, it didn't work at all. Neither of them showed up which means that either Lisa messed up or Benji did. Either way you had enough, you smile at the guy opposite you and down the last of your cold coffee.
'I give up' you announce.
'They probably have a good excuse.' He says
'They better' you say harshly.
'I'm sure they have, I'm Adam by the way' he says stretching his arm across the table
'I'm Reign' you teply shaking his hand.
'Well it was nice to meet you, I'm sure I'll bump into you again' he says standing up.
'I'm following the tour, where it goes I go I'm a huge fan of most of the bands here' he explains seeing the look on your face.
'Ohh' you say relieved.
'What you thought I was a weirdo stalker or something?' he laughs.
'Of course not' you say shaking your head.
'Ok see you around Reign' he says leaving.

Joel's p.o.v

'Benji stop rushing me' I moan as we reach the bus clearing.
'Go in and get your cell phone, I'll wait here' he says pushing me.
I jog over to our bus wondering what Benji's problem was he'd been acting weird all day.
I climb the stairs and stop short, the bus door was ajar, I peek through the gap but fail to see anyone, I push my ear to the door and listen.

Kara's p.o.v

'Trust me no one was more shocked then me, when Reign reappeared.' I say honestly down the phone to Missy.
'I know it was like seeing a ghost.' I continue.
'Did they find out' Missy asks
'Not really the others suspect but Joel the clueless fuck won't have any of it, he thinks I'm innocent. Reign tried to talk to me but he stopped her.'
'That was lucky' Missy comments
'It is' I agree. 'According to Joel, Reign's going back to New Jersey when the tour is up, all I have to do is avoid her and make sure Joel stays away from her for the next three weeks, I mean how hard can that be?' I asks
'It may be a little harder then you think, you're going to have to watch him 24 hours a day' Missy states.
'Joel is pussy whipped, when I say jump he says how high and that's all there is to it.' I smile.
'Just imagine' I say holding out my left hand and studying my index finger 'soon I'm going to be Mrs...JOEL' I gasp dropping the phone in suprise.

Normal p.o.v

You reach the bus area and see Benji standing by a tree not to far from their bus.
'What the fuck happened?' you say hitting him in the arm
'Oww! Joel forgot his cell phone.' He cries rubbing his arm
'Not that, I meant with Lisa and Kara neither of them showed up.' You say
'What! Well that's not down to me, I sent her the message' he replies holding his hands up in defence.
'But did you tell her to txt you back, to confirm?' you ask.
'No' he admits 'But I...'
'One thing Benji, one damn thing and you can't even do that' you interrupt him walking toward their bus.
'Hey don't blame me, I did my part' he says following you
'Well you didn't do it that well, did you?' you say pushing him.
'Oh woman you push me one more time and I'll...'
'You'll what?' you say pushing him again cutting him off.
'I'll push you back' he says shoving you hard so you stumble backwards.
'I can't believe you just did that' you say shocked.
'Well I did warn you' he replies walking off
'Oh that is it' you run after him using your full body weight you jump on him knocking him to the floor.
'What the hell Reign? You're crazy' he says wrestling you, as you try to straddle him.
'You're a stupid boy, who's just stupid' you scream trying to pin him to the floor.
'Oh great come back baby' he says grabbing your arms
'I'm not your baby' you say biting his hand
'Oww that hurts' he cries pulling his hand out of your grip. 'You know I always liked it when you were on top' he says grinning and running his hands along your thighs.
'You are despicable' you spew 'I hate you'
'You know you love me really and you know you like what were doing now it's turning you on.' He says flipping you onto your back.
'Get off me' you cry in frustration wiggling underneath him.
'No, you started this and now your loosing you don't want to play ' he says expertly pinning your hands above your head.
'Get off me Benjamin' you say struggling against his strength.
'No not until you tell me you lo...'

Benji's p.o.v

I stopped mid-sentence as the door flew open and slammed heavily against the side of the bus.
'Wait Joel let me explain' Kara cries staggering down the bus steps.
We both stop wrestling and are fixated on Kara, she had tears pouring down her face and Joel was throwing her things at her.
'Baby please' she says stuffing her things in her duffle bag.
'I have nothing to say to you' he says disappearing back into the bus.
I stand up helping Reign her to her feet.
'What's happening?' she asks brushing her clothes off.
'I have no idea' I say grabbing her hand and running over to the bus, we climb the stairs to find Joel tossing things into a paper bag.
'Joel what are you doing?' I ask confused by his actions.
'Reign was right Kara was responsible for everything.'Joel says not looking at me.
'What?' Reign says 'How do you know?'
'I heard her shooting her mouth off to Missy over the phone.' He answers looking around the living area for anymore of Kara's stuff.
'I'm sorry man' I says sincerely, I actually meant it too he looked really hurt.
'Don't be, you knew it all along everyone did' he says glancing at Reign.
'Joel I...' Reign starts to say something but Joel put his hand up cutting her off.
We followed him off the bus to find Kara waiting at the bottom of the steps.
Joel hands her the rest of her belongings without saying a word.

Joel's p.o.v

'Please talk to me Joel' she begs
'Kara I can't even look at you' I say moving away from her outstretched hand.
'I didn't mean anything I said in there' she sobs
'That's a lie, what you mean to say is you didn't mean anything you said to me ever.' I shoot back.
'But I love you' she says almost convincingly
'Stop it. Stop the crocodile tears and stop the lies. I'm tired of it' I reply.
'What the hell am I supposed to do?' she asks angrily 'how am I suppose to get home?'
'I called you a cab it should be here soon' I reply 'you can take it to the bus station or whatever.'
'Please just let me explain' she says a fresh wave of tears spilling over her eyes.
'No, I'm done talking Kara' I retort opening my wallet and handing her $50 just as I spot the yellow cab driving up.
'You, this is your fault' she screams marching over to Reign and slapping her across the face.
I'm not sure, but I think I saw Reign smile just before she punched Kara straight in the face.

Normal p.o.v

You feel your fist connect with Kara's nose and a great sense of satisfaction flows through you. You watch her body fall to the ground and you sigh with contentment.
You walk over her, grabbing her bag and throw it in the backseat of the cab.
The driver of the cab rushes round and helps Kara into the car, after all no one else was going to help.
You watch the driver turn the car around and speed off, taking Kara with him.
'Finally I thought she'd never leave' Benji says patting Joel on the back 'Are you alright man?' he asks studying his brother.
'Yeah, I think so' Joel says shrugging before walking off toward the sounds of bands playing and fans screaming.
'Hey man where are you going?' Benji calls after him
'I need to be alone' Joel says over his shoulder
You grab Benji's arm as he starts to follow Joel.
'Let him be' you say 'he'll come back when he's ready.'
'So we did it.' Benji says looking down at you.
'Yeah she's gone' you say feeling satisfied
'So what now?' he says closing the gap between you
'I don't know let's do something together' you reply
'I know something we can do?' he says arching his eyebrow.
'I don't think so' you reply breaking eye contact with him.
'Reign Mercer you have a dirty mind, I was talking about eating' he says walking off toward the stages.
'Like hell you were.' you say following him.
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