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One Poolside Evening

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Ahhhh. Just a reeeealy short story that I wrote last night.... So um yeah...

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Adelaide Carven dipped her hand into the pool, goose bumps shooting up her arm on contact with the cold water of the swimming pool. Bringing her hand out of the water she stuck it down the back of Pete's shirt. It was a great way to get his attention since he tended to space out quite a bit, "What were you thinking about?" she asked when he scooted closer to her.

Pete shrugged, "Lots of things, well not really, it just seemed like a lot of things," he replied, leaning back on his hands. Pete and Adelaide did this often, broke into the local pool at night and either swam or sat around, spacing out. Well, it wasn't considered breaking in because all Adelaide had to do was 'borrow' the key from her father.

"Give me details, Wentz," Adelaide commanded softly. She loved the nights when she and Pete sat at the pool in the middle of the night; it was always the best part of whatever day they decided to go on. There was nobody that Adelaide would rather go with, Pete was her best friend and she wouldn't give him up for the world.

Pete ran a hand through his dark hair and stared at the pool's surface, "I was thinking about how we're graduating next week and how much I'll miss you," he said, sitting with his chin on his knees.

Adelaide frowned, "You make it sound like we're never going to see each other again, Pete."

"I know, but..."

"Stop it; you're such a pessimist sometimes. I'm not going to fall off the planet as soon as we graduate," Adelaide said, turning her body and rolling up her pajama pants and talking off her shoes before dangling her feet over the edge of the pool, her toes skimming the waters surface.

Pete turned a second after Adelaide did and followed suit. He grimaced as his feet hit the cold water. He glanced sidelong at her, Adelaide was pretty yet she had qualities that made her an outcast. Pete was only one who had bothered to break through her barrier in middle school and they had been best friends ever since.

"That couldn't have been the only thing you were thinking about," Adelaide said, breaking the silence.

"There were a few others too..."

"Oh, what were they?" she asked, quietly.

"I'm regretting not eating earlier. I'm really hungry now," Pete replied, swinging his feet so that they made small splashes.

"Me too," she laughed as Pete's stomach grumbled loudly.

Pete laughed also, rubbing his stomach as he pushed the thought of food out of his head. He was dreading getting to the last thing he had been thinking about and there was no way he could get Adelaide off the subject until he told her everything. "I was also thinking about this girl I think I might be in love with," he said, looking away from Adelaide and at the silhouettes of the lounge chairs.

"Really, do I know her?"


"How well?"

"Very, very well..."

"It's me, isn't it?"

"Yeah... So what do you think?"

"Cliché, very sweet, but cliché nonetheless," Adelaide mumbled.

"Cliché, Addie? How's it cliché?"" Pete asked, furrowing his brow.

"Best friends' falling in love is so cliché, Pete."

"So you think it's..." Adelaide cut him off with a quick kiss.

"It's so cliché."
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