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Anna Lea's Personal Fanfiction Saga: The Unholy Simp

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This is Fanfic 01 of the PFS. I know people wont find me here. All names are made up to keep the privacy of other people. All people are real, but events are my imagination. Story description: ...

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Anna Lea’s Personal Fanfiction Saga: The Unholy Simp
Fanfic 01 Chapter 01

It was a normal day at school for Lea. Though she just got to the school, she was ready to go home. As soon as she got off the bus, she was dragged into the bandroom by Di-Di, one of her good friends.
"What in the hell did you drag me in for now? More boy drama?"Lea laughed. Di-Di bonked Lea on the head.
"No! The seniors got a new kid. And he's hot!" She practically screamed. Lea rubbed the back of her head.
"Ok? and do I care? No." Lea grabbed her bag and started walking out.
"You're going to care when you see him!" Di-Di smiled. The two girls walked up to the bleachers to sit with Elliot, another good friend.
The bell rings, indicating it was time to head for everyone to head to their first hour. Lea made her way to the gym, since she had P.E first. As she sat, she heard all the senior girls talking about how hot the new boy is. Lea just rolled her eyes. Personally, she had someone else in mind instead of a new guy at school. She had been liking this dude for the past four months. The problem was, he had a girlfriend. Lea shook the thought of her crush out of her head. At some point she was going to have to get over him.
When class ended, Lea made her way to Game Programming, her favorite class. She went into the class room and sat by Dawn, one of her bestfriends.
"So you wanna talk about the new boy too?" Lea chuckled. Dawn rolled her eyes.
"I haven't seen him, yet all the senior girls are drooling over him. It's very annoying."
"Well, did you figure out his name?"
"No! I don't have time for boys, I got important shit!" Dawn exclaimed. They continued to talk until the final bell rang, having Dawn to go to her seat. The teacher rushed in, looking frantic.
"Im sorry I'm late! I had some things to take care of. Anyways, open your desktops up and get on the Unity program." The teacher says. Everyone gets started on their projects, talking to others about their characters and game mechanics. Everything went smoothly until everyone heard the door open.
"Yo, Is this Mrs. Heighton's room?" a familiar voice asked. Lea turned in her seat to look upon Linda, a guy she had met four months prior and became bestfriends with. He was also te guy she took interest in.
"What is he doing here?" Lea thought.
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