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Collision Of Your Kiss

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Frank just wanted to steal Mikey's first kiss.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Mikey Way - Published: 2020-10-11 - 210 words - Complete

Mikey panted as he slid his slim fingers up and down his bass guitar. From the sounds of the crowd to Gerard singing and Frank and Ray on their guitars, everything was perfect. He wiped the sweat from his greasy hairline as the last song on their newest album ''Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge'' ended. Gerard told the crowd goodnight and the guys rushed off the stage into the back. Mikey headed for his dressing room to change as the door swung open to reveal his best friend Frank Iero
''Hey man! Great show today am I right?'' The hyper boy laughed and walked up behind Mikey, wrapping his arms around his skinny frame. The two had always been touchy with each other but didn't think anything of it. Mikey smiled with a nod and turned to face his handsome friend ''Yeah it was great, Frankie'' he felt a hand slid under his chin and kiss his thin lips ever so softly. Mikey wrapped his arms around Frank at the feeling of his friend smiling into the kiss. ''Mhm, you're right.'' Frank smiled and walked away, shutting the door behind him. Leaving a confused but flustered Mikey.

Sorry its so short! But I really tried my best ahah ^^
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