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Kiss My Soul

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Maybe Mikey didn’t regret that night at all... !! GABEKEY !!

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Yes this is fanfic with a pairing of real people!! don’t like don’t read :) side peterick implied

Gay bars. Mikey hates those god damn things but his roommates Frank and Patrick had bribed him, the place was just down town from their college anyways so why not? He walked in and immediately regretted everything. The dudes were hot but the place was terrible, loud, ran down, and smelled out burnt wood and weed. He sighed and tried to talk over the loud music
“PATRICK CAN WE LEA-“ Mikey looked around and realized that both of his friends had gone off with some guys. Well fuck he sighed and ran a hand through his grease filled blonde hair. A guy slid next to him and gave a sloppy grin “You lost cutie?” The guy had obviously had too much to drink that night. Mikey shook his head but the guy grabbed his wrists “Come on lemme take you to my place baby” he went wide eyed and struggled to get out of the mans grip, a hand was placed on his shoulder as he looked up at the hand then the face.. Hot damn Mikey looked the guy up and down, super tall, black hair, purple jacket, black shirt with neon letters. He was extremely hot. Mikey snapped out of it when the guy began to speak
“Hey, dude go pick on someone else. This is my boyfriend you’re talkin’ to so get lost before I have to make you alright?” The guy had a stern look as the intoxicated man scattered off, obviously fearful on Mikeys “boyfriend.” Once the man left the guy turned to Mikey with a worried look “You okay man?” He kept his hands tightly on each of Mikeys shoulders as he nodded gratefully. “Yeah I’m fine thanks” he smiled as the guy took his hands from Mikeys shoulders and nodded back at him.
“Good. I’m Gabe Saporta and you are?”
“Michael Way but everyone calls me Mikey.” He smiled as Gabe let his name roll off the tongue a few times, humming. “Cute.” Gabe sat down at the bar and motioned for Mikey to join him, Mikey sat down and put his elbows up on the table
“So Mikey tell me about yourself”
“Well- I go to the collage downtown my roommates made me come here.” He laughed, “What about you? Where you from eh?” Mikey looked up at him with a loving gaze.
“Same here! I’ve never seen you around before though... Bummer.”
“I’m probably younger then you.”
“Oh? How old are you?”
“I’m 19.” Gabe nodded as he handed Mikey a drink “Oh no it’s fine I can pay for myself it’s-“ He felt a finger on his mouth. “Don’t worry about it alright?” Gabe replied with a wink and a smile.

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