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Sibling Rivalry

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Tag to Deadly Ambition. After Amanda finds her apartment almost completely cleaned out by her troubled sister, Fin calls the rest of the squad in. Olivia invites Amanda to stay with her and the tw...

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Detective Amanda Rollins fell back against her partner Fin Tutuola in shock. She couldn't wrap her head around the fact that her own sister had literally cleaned out her entire apartment while she was at work. All Kim had left behind were a few clothes and Frannie,the dog. Frannie had been staying with the neighbor.

"Fin… w-what am I going to do?" Amanda finally stammered, trying to get her tears under control.

The older man put his arm around her. "It'll be ok, 'Manda. Let's just call the rest of the squad. You're insured, right?"

Amanda nodded. "But how could Kim do this to me?" Fin hugged the blonde more tightly before dialing Cragen.

The captain reached Amanda's apartment within twenty minutes, along with Olivia and Amaro.

"What the hell happened?" was Amaro's immediate  response when he saw the condition of the apartment.

"My sister happened," Amanda informed him flatly.

"Oh, Amanda," Olivia breathed out sympatheticly.

"It's fine. I'm insured. I just can't believe Kim would do this," Amanda murmured, attempting to keep a tight lid on her emotions.

Olivia put a hand on her friend's shoulder as Fin explained, "She literally cleaned out the apartment. Only stuff left were half of Amanda's clothes and Frannie who was at the neighbors'."

"I can't stay here. What am I going to do?" Amanda wondered, feeling close to tears once more.
"You know you can crash at my pad for as long as you want," Fin promised.
Amanda shook her head. "Thanks for the offer, Fin, but my neighbors are leaving on vacation tomorrow and your place won't allow pets." 
"Mine does. You're more than welcome to stay with me for a few days," Olivia quickly spoke up.
"I don't want to put you out either,Liv," the blonde protested.
"You wouldn't be. It'll be nice to have the company for awhile. I'll even help you find new stuff. You'll be back in your own place before you know it," insisted Olivia.
"We all will," added Cragen, who had been quietly assessing the damage.
"Thank you guys. I can handle it on my own," was Amanda's reply.
"Sure you can,'Manda. But you don't have to. We're all here for you," Amaro reminded her.
"And you definitely can't stay here. Come on, Amanda. Let us help you," Olivia encouraged the other woman.
Amanda still hesitated before finally accepting the offer. "Thanks,guys. You guys are so nice to do this. Especially after all Kim and I have put you through these past few days."
Amaro pulled his friend into a hug. We're family,Amanda. We support you because we care. You'd do the same for any of us."
Amanda just nodded. Of course she would have.
"Ok, then. Pack what you'll need for you and Frannie. If you need to borrow anything of mine, that'll be fine," Olivia commanded. Amanda packed a bag with a few outfits for work, a couple of tee-shirts and pairs of jeans, some pajamas and a few toiletries that Kim had somehow missed, as well as some essentials and food for Frannie before rejoining the others in her empty living room.
"Rollins, you'll need to fill out a report an provide an inventory of what's missing, but that can wait until tomorrow. Go get some rest. All of you," Cragen ordered.
Olivia led Amanda and Frannie to her car and drove them back to her place.
When they arrived, Olivia suggested, "Why don't you shower and get ready for bed, I'll get you a towel."
Amanda thanked her friend and Olivia showed her the bathroom and handed her a wash cloth and towel. Once she was alone in the shower, the younger detective allowed a few tears to fall. When she had gotten ready for bed, she made her way back to the living room. Olivia had a pillow and blanket laid out on the couch for her.
"I have more blankets if you need them," Olivia told her friend.
Amanda gave a small smile. "Thanks,Liv. I'll be ok."
Olivia looked at the other woman in concern. She could see the redness in Amanda's eyes, a sure sign that she'd been crying.
"Amanda, would you like to talk?"
The blonde shook her head stubbornly. "I'm fine,Liv."
Olivia looked intently at the other detective for moment before replying," No, you're not. And it's ok not to be. You've been betrayed by someone you love. She blew in and brought a boatload of trouble with her. Hell, you nearly ended up in prison because of her. To top that off, she blew out as fast as she blew in and emptied out your apartment in the process." 
"Liv…"Amanda sighed.
Olivia held up a hand to stop her. "Amanda,I'm not going to force you to talk to me if you don't want to, but I understand more about what you're going through than you might think."
"What do you mean?" inquired Amanda, skeptically.
The brunette sighed and led the blonde over to the couch. The two sat down and Olivia explained,"I found out a few years ago that I have a brother. When I found him, he was on the run from the law. He came to me to ask for help. I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I wanted to protect him."
"Of course. He's your brother," Amanda empathized.
"Well the fallout from that mess nearly cost me my career and my freedom. I had to deal with IAB. I was lucky I didn't get arrested," admitted the older woman.
"Where is your brother now?" Amanda asked tentatively.
"I don't know. He  got out of prison and I saw him last year, but after his wife left and took my niece and her brother with her, Simon took off. He hasn't contacted me in over a year," Olivia stated quietly, tears standing in her eyes. Amanda squeezed her shoulder comfortingly.
After a few moments, the brunette looked at her friend with a sad smile. "So, you see, I do understand what you're dealing with. All too well."
Amanda's own eyes began to fill as she whispered, "I moved here to get away from my problems. Now Kim came and things are worse than ever!"
Olivia took the younger woman's hands in hers. "Well, if I've learned anything over the past several years,running away from your problems never works out. They will always catch up with you. Facing them is hard and painful, but it's always the better choice in the long run."
"It hurts,Liv. Why is family so damn complicated. Why is life so hard?" Amanda choked out, tears now streaming down her cheeks. Frannie jumped up and raced over to lick them away. The dog was rewarded with a hug and a gentle pat before her mistress turned her attention back to the other woman in the room.
"I don't know, Honey. I've asked myself that same question over and over. But believe  me when I tell you you're not alone. You have a family at SVU and we'll always be here for you," Olivia assured her friend firmly. 
"I...I…" was all Amanda could get out before her tears escalated into sobs.
Olivia felt tears of empathy prick her own eyes as she reached out her arms to the younger detective. "Come here, Sweetheart." Surprising them both, Amanda gratefully collapsed into the brunette's arms,sobbing. She was simply too exhausted to be embarrassed by her uncharacteristic open display of emotion. The two women cried together, both releasing the pain and stress their wayward siblings had caused. Eventually, Olivia became aware that the blonde had cried herself to sleep. The older woman gently laid her friend back on the sofa so her head was on the pillow. Covering her with a blanket, she stroked her hair back and turned to Frannie. "Watch over her tonight, Girl. Giving the pitbull one final pat, Olivia turned out the light and headed back to her room.
As she drifted off to sleep in her own bed, her thoughts were on her friend. Amanda hadn't had it easy. Trouble did just seem to follow her everywhere she went. Olivia had a feeling there was more to her transfer than she had revealed. One thing she did know,though, is that the squad was family. Amanda would get through this. Olivia and the others would make sure of it. They were there to support her every step of the way.
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