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Principal Scott shares his concerns with Frank and Ray explaining details about the Ways that even Gerard and Mikey didn't know

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"Boys," Miss Sherman, Principal Scott's assistant, called cheerfully through the open door to her office. "Come in."

"Good afternoon, Miss Sherman," Ray smiled as he strolled in.

Frank entered the room immediately behind him and the difference in their demeanour spoke volumes about their experience and expectations. Ray's airy greeting and casual manner was in sharp contrast to Frank's response. He appeared nervous, almost furtive and uncomfortable, walking in stiffly and with his eyes focusing on something and nothing on the floor.

"Is everything okay, Frank?" Sherman asked kindly, noting his refusal to make eye-contact.

"Mm... yeah, I'm fine," he replied, politely yet still not able to look directly at her.

"Are you sure?" She pressed.

"Er..." Frank looked up, catching her gaze despite trying not to. "I'm... uh... I'm sorry about the whole mind thing yesterday. I was really worried about Mikey and thought I had to do something a bit extra to get him an appointment."

Sherman frowned, not angry, merely disappointed and the expression left Frank feeling wretched.

"You don't think we have the best interests of our students at heart?" She asked, the sadness in her tone weighing heavy on her lips.

Frank looked up and met her gaze willingly for the first time since entering. His mouth fell open slightly and he paled noticeably as he saw the disappointment in her eyes. He had simply wanted the best for his friend and in doing so had made the all-too-often-made mistake that only he cared for his wellbeing. By trying to ensure he got the appointment by using his powers, he had denied the possibility that both Miss Sherman and Principal Scott would understand the need for such a measure. Frank lowered his eyes once more.

"What did you do this time, Frank?" Ray asked, noting the unusual exchange.

Frank took a deep breath and looked up once more. If he was in trouble, then so be it, but he was sorry and would apologise before he was made to.

"I'm sorry, Miss Sherman," he began in a tone that sounded so sincere that Sherman was taken by surprise - her lips pursing and her back straightening in the process. "I forget that the people in this school are special in more ways than one. I desperately wanted to look after Mikey and I went about it all wrong."

"That's very sweet of you to say, Frank." Sherman smiled. "I take it, you believe..."

"It won't happen again," he nodded vigorously in reply, interrupting her.

"Take a seat, both of you. Principal Scott won't be long."

Frank almost shuffled to the nearest seat, pleased to have apologised, but mortified to have caused her such distress. Thinking about the consequences of even well-intentioned actions had never really been high on Frank's list of priorities. It was something he knew he had to rectify, but it had never been easy for him.

Ray followed close behind, again whispering his early statement, much to Frank's discomfort.

"What did you do?"

As the pair sat down, Frank inhaled deeply and let it out in a slow extended sigh.

"Look, here's the thing, right..."

"Oh, there's always a thing!" Ray sighed in exasperation.

"Look, Mikey needed to sort some stuff out, it was important. He was worried."

"What about?" Ray queried.

"His brother," Frank shrugged.

"So?" Ray prompted.

"So... I... uh... I needed to get him an appointment with Principal Scott."

"And?" Ray drew out the word, suggesting he knew where the discussion was leading.

"And I kind of used my powers to make sure of it."

Frank watched his fingers intently as he repeatedly interlaced and released them while he leaned forward with his elbows resting on his legs.

"You tried to manipulate Miss Sherman's mind to make her put Mikey in the diary?" Ray asked, his voice even and calm.

"In a nutshell, yeah," Frank admitted.

"Dick!" Ray announced, a derisory expression plastered on his face.

Frank looked up at Ray, astonished at the reply.

"Wow!" Frank's eyes widened along with his newly returned smile. "Have I finally found the end of your rope?"

"It wouldn't surprise me," Ray deadpanned. "You shorten it every day."

Frank sat upright, leaning slightly away from the older boy merely staring in disbelief.

"Harsh!" He replied.

"But fair," Ray nodded, a look of considered and sage wisdom on his face.

"You can go in now," Sherman interrupted the exchange, a barely concealed smile gracing her face.

Getting to their feet, the boys headed toward the office, Frank automatically lagging behind his friend, not wanting to be the first one through the door.

To both of their relief, Principal Scott was sitting down and his chroma was glistening, almost sparkling, a brilliant ice blue. A faint crackle could be heard as flecks of the chroma changed colour momentarily. Frank eyed the principal carefully, looking for signs he might be angry, certain that the colour change was in response to seeing him. He need not have worried as the faint crackle and flicker of colour was perfectly normal for him, even while in a good mood. It simply didn't occur to Frank that he had never seen Scott in a good mood.

"Thank you for coming, boys," Scott greeted them. "Please, sit down. I hope I didn't interrupt your lunch?"

Frank and Ray merely glanced at each other, neither certain they wanted to answer.

"I suspect I have," he sighed. "I will let Mr Turner know to serve you again when we're finished here. Is that okay?"

"Yes, sir, thank you," Ray nodded.

"Thanks, sir," Frank replied simultaneously.

"Now I don't want to keep you guessing, or even believing you're in any way in trouble," he began, trying hard not to allow the area shaped like a head turn towards Frank as he spoke. "Although there is some concern on the horizon that I will need your help with."

Frank and Ray both frowned, at the same time concerned and confused by the statement. Despite their age differences, both boys were in their first year of the academy, with entry to the establishment being based on when your power first emerged. It was unusual for students to be allowed to enter part way through a year and Mikey had been puzzled about the academy's sudden interest in his brother, even if his power was emerging, and had confided as much to his friends who were equally perplexed. Equally, Frank and Ray were unaware of the situation unfolding in the Way brothers' home, but were about to discover for themselves that their friend was more than a mere student.

"I'm going to share something with you now that nobody else in the academy knows," Scott began, "and I would like it to remain that way. Can I rely on you?"

"Yes, Sir," Ray frowned, concerned about what was to be explained.

"Sir," Frank cocked his head to one side. "There are a lot of students and faculty here with the power to read minds. I might be able to protect that information against some but not all and Ray?" Frank spared his friend a worried glance. "I'm not sure he'd even know how to."

"Point taken," Scott nodded thoughtfully. "I will, with your permission, place a barrier around this conversation so no one here can find it. But be aware that it only works within the confines of the academy."

Both boys nodded, wondering what could possibly require that much protection and more to the point, why were they being given information no one else had?

"Sir?" Ray almost certainly spoke for both of them. "We're freshmen and... well, I mean... what's so special about us that we get told..." Ray gestured with his hand, "whatever this is?"

Scott nodded, his chroma flickering ever so slightly, almost to white and back to ice blue.

"When I explain, you will understand why you have been chosen and why it's important that you know."

Ray nodded, content to wait for the explanation.

"The Paladin Academy was established twenty six years ago, as training ground for those with special abilities. Previously, when individuals powers emerged, it was often a very distressing time for them. They found it hard to both cope with and develop their powers. Often, the powers went misused and it was the responsibility of an organisation known as the Paladin Society to find the person misusing their power and deal with them. This may have taken the form of education or in extreme cases, binding or removal of the power."

"That's possible?" Frank gasped.

If Scott had lips he may well have pursed them as he pondered how to answer. As it was, the two boys remained unaware that Scott was being somewhat scant with the details.

"In a sense, yes," he replied. "It is not an easy or pleasant process. Some of those misusing their powers were never fully dealt with or in fact found a way to reinstate their powers, going deep undercover to avoid detection. These individuals are still at large, still misusing their powers and must be stopped at all costs."

"Why are you telling us?" Frank asked, his eyes narrowed. "You said we'd understand, but I don't."

"Neither do I," Ray added.

"The leaders of the Paladin Society were Mikey and his brother, Gerard's parents. They were also the ones responsible for creating the Academy."

"Mikey never told us!" Frank's eyes widened, somewhat annoyed that his closest friend in the academy had not mentioned something so important.

"Mikey doesn't know," Scott replied immediately.

He watched patiently as the two boys took in the information, before continuing.

"That is, until now," he sighed. "It has come to my attention that Mikey and Gerard have been provided with the information that will explain the existence of this academy and their parents' life work as... essentially gifted vigilantes and leading a network of others in a similar position. Neither of the boys know enough to navigate this possibly overwhelming news. Also, I am aware that at least three of those who would use their powers against us have banded together. I have no more information than that at the moment but I am concerned for Gerard and Mikey's safety. As I'm sure you know, Mikey did not return this morning for classes and I have been unable to contact him."

"You think they're in danger?" Ray asked, a look of deep concern settling in his eyes.

"I do," Scott nodded again. "I think we may all be in danger. These people, I believe two men and a woman, know a great deal about us and their powers are significant."

"What do you want us to do?" Ray asked.

"I cannot insist, I wouldn't either. This is something I will ask, but there is no requirement to do it and certainly neither a punishment or any negative response if you refuse. I would like you to go to Mikey and Gerard's house and return them here."

"Both of them?" Ray checked.

"Indeed, both of them," Scott replied instantly, his chroma briefly flashing dark blue as he spoke. "They cannot fall into enemy hands."

Ray and Frank found themselves merely staring blankly for a few moments as the enormity of the request sank in. It was Ray who was the first to take in the details and formulate two questions.

"Why us? Why not security?"

"Simply that you are Mikey's friends. He will let you in to the house, he won't suspect anything from you. Also, if we send security, it could alert those that we know are watching them."

"Okay," Ray nodded, accepting the explanation. "But, if they're so powerful, what can we do to protect ourselves? Like I said before, we're only freshmen. We're working on our powers, but I take it these guys have years on us?"

"Many years, yes. But I'm hoping that the element of surprise will be sufficient that you won't attract any attention. That said, I will equip you with a device that will bring you back here immediately when activated."

"All of us?" Ray asked.

A small plastic box left the shelf on the wall to the right of Ray and slowly made its way over to Scott's desk before settling in front of his name plate between the two boys.

"In this box you'll find the remote. Merely flip the cover open and press the button and it will immediately return all four of you to the transport room. However, you do all have to be wearing those pins. Do you understand? Anyone not wearing one will not be transported."

"What if we hold onto them?" Frank asked, expecting the possibility of an argument.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Scott advised cautiously. "If you're wearing the pins, the transport will be able to distinguish you and nothing will go wrong. If any one is not wearing a pin but is even touching one of you as you transport, they will merge with you. It will be quite irreversible."

Frank swallowed thickly at the news. Paling, he summed up the warning to make sure he understood.

"So, we all wear a pin and we transport. If say we get attacked and someone is holding onto me..."

"Do not transport, yes."

"What if they have a pin?" Ray asked. "Or... I guess I mean, will it only work if there are four of us?"

"No, it will transport whoever is wearing pins but I doubt very much that anyone else would have one. This is new technology." Scott confirmed.

"But it does work, yeah? I mean we're not going to arrive back with our legs where our arms should be?"

Scott emitted a surprisingly light laugh.

"As amusing as that sounds, Frank, it won't happen. Well... it shouldn't."

"What!" Frank leaned forward, his eyes wide.

"I'm joking, it's perfectly safe!"

Scott laughed again, his chroma sparkling with iridescence as it each individual fleck that made it up cycled through a random range of pastel colours. As it settled once more to a pale ice blue, Scott grew serious once more.

"As I said, this is not something I can reasonably ask you to do and it is entirely your decision."

Ray and Frank turned to look at each other. No words were spoken but a conversation appeared to take place purely with their eyes. After a few moments, both of them nodded firmly.

"Do we go now?" Ray asked.

"That's entirely up to you," Scott replied. "You can either choose to use the regular transport or to use the remote. If you do, it will take you straight to the Ways' house."

Ray reached into the box and fished out the contents. Handing Frank a pin and attaching one to his own shirt, he waited until Frank looked up and nodded before opening the cover on the remote.

"Good luck, boys and trust no one."

Pressing the button, both Frank and Ray disappeared from the office amid a small spark of light.
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