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Harry Potter and the Endless Night

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Abandoned by his friends and his house after his selection in The Triwizard Tournament, Harry takes refuge in the Chamber of Secrets where he finds a Dark and Sinister book whose contents have been...

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Description: Abandoned by his friends and his house after his selection in The Triwizard Tournament, Harry takes refuge in the Chamber of Secrets where he finds a Dark and Sinister book whose contents have been long forbidden and whose origins predate The Hogwarts. Dark! Harry. Undead! Harry.

Please read the Warnings

Warnings: -

Harry in this fic will dabble in truly Dark Magic like Necromancy, Sacrificial Magic, and Mind Control among others.Harry in this fic will be very ambitious, ruthless, and cold-hearted and will undergo a massive personality change.Harry is not going to reconcile with Ron and Hermione.The pairing will be Harry/Daphne, but the romance will be very slow and is not the main plot of the story.This Harry will not have a likable view of Muggles. But he is not going to suddenly become a Dark Lord and slaughter all the Muggles. His view of Muggles will be similar to how Grindelwald viewed Muggles but without all the violence.Voldemort and Harry will still be enemies. Just because Harry dislikes Muggles does not mean they are allies.Dumbledore will not be a bad guy in this fic. But not a good one either. He will be morally gray just like how he was in the canon.This Dark Harry will be more like a Ravenclaw and less like a Slytherin.I am not a native English speaker, so please forgive any grammatical mistakes.

Chapter 1: Chamber of Secrets.

Harry walked in a daze. Just a few hours ago the Goblet of Fire had spit out his name as the Fourth Champion of the Triwizard Tournament. Just the name of the Tournament implied that there was not supposed to be a Fourth Champion. That was during breakfast and currently, it was evening. The Sky was tinged red by the setting sun.

None of his friends or housemates believed him. He did not have many expectations from his housemates but he had at least expected Ron and Hermione to stand by him. All of them including Ron and Hermione had accused Harry of putting his name in the Goblet. Not all of the accusations were verbal. While Ron was shouting at him, Hermione had leveled her silent judging stare at him as if she knew him.

Dean and Seamus were in full support of Ron and were accusing him as well. For the rest of the Gryffindor House, the lesser it was said the better it was. Even his Quidditch teammates did not believe him. Fred and George while not angry at him for putting his name in the Goblet, were asking him how he managed to accomplish such a task. He left the Dorms after that and was roaming endlessly in the corridors after that.

He also vividly remembered the reactions of the teachers as well. None of the Professors spoke for him. All of them looked at him with silent judging eyes. Snape was even worse. He accused him of putting his name in the Goblet to earn Glory just like his father would have.

Harry was now walking in the direction of Chamber of Secrets. He needed some quiet and Chamber of Secrets was the best place for that. He checked around to make sure no one was following him and then spoke the word Open in Parseltongue.

He entered the Chamber and walked on the path with snakeheads on both sides and came to the opening from where the Basilisk had come. He also avoided the massive corpse of the Basilisk by walking around it. The opening looked like the mouth of an ancient wizard, likely Salazar Slytherin.

He walked into the opening and continued through a dark tunnel with the only light being produced from his wand. The tunnel grew in width and eventually split into two parts. He first went to the left part and walked into what seemed like a massive chamber with lots of shed snakeskin. This Chamber seemed like a place where the Basilisk slept. There were also few animal bones lying around, likely from the animals that the Basilisk ate. There was nothing of interest here. So he walked back to where the path had split off and walked to the right path.

He continued to walk onto the right path and eventually came to halt as the path ended with a wall with two doors. Both the doors were open so he walked into the first one and saw that it was a massive room. The room had two parts.

The first part of the room contained bookshelves that were full of books and tomes as well as a study table with a strange book lying on top of it. He mentally reminded himself to check the book out later. There was also a Potions cabinet near the study table with all the necessary Potion apparatus. There was also a raised stone platform nearby with a burner where Potions could be prepared. The second part of the room contained a bed as well as a table with 2 chairs near it. The room was completely made of stone. There was a door near the foot of the bed that led to another room. Harry walked into it and realized this was a room for taking bath. It contained a bathtub as well as a shower.

He came out of the bedroom and entered the second door on the wall. It was a massive room with strange patterns drawn at the edges of the room. There were also various characters written in a strange language Harry did not recognize at the edges of the room. There were various strange symbols on the four walls as well as the top of the room. All in all, Harry surmised this room was at least three times bigger than the bedroom. There was a shelf at the edge of the room with various substances Harry did not recognize.

Harry went back to the bedroom and sat down on the chair beside the study table where the strange book was kept. The book was completely black in color with its title in red letters, as if it was written with blood. It was titled “Immortuos Regula”.

Its title looked dark and sinister. Before opening the book something came to Harry’s mind. He called Dobby and waited. With a pop sound, a weird looking house elf came into existence beside Harry and bounced on its feet.

“Did Master Harry need anything, Dobby is so happy Master Harry called him”, said the house-elf excitedly.

“Dobby can you check whether an object is cursed or not ?”, asked Harry quickly.

“Dobby can do, Master Harry. Dobby knows how to check for cursed objects”, explained Dobby.

“Dobby can you check whether this book in front of me is cursed or not ? ”. requested Harry with a serious face.

“Yes” replied Dobby and quickly cast a spell without incantation just like normally house-elves do.

“This is book is not cursed, Master Harry”. replied Dobby while bouncing on its feet. Harry felt relieved and started browsing the book. While browsing something came to his mind and he told Dobby to check all the objects in the current room as well the next room for curses as well as spells of malicious intent. Harry knew Tom Riddle must have come across both these rooms at least once and must have used them. He wouldn’t put it past the bastard to curse anything for the next occupier of the rooms.

As Harry was browsing the book, he realized that this book was unlike anything he had ever come across. The Book was about the Undead Creatures and how to turn yourself into one.

The pages of the book were yellowed. This book was likely older than Harry could have imagined. The name of the author was on the first page of the book, Julius Aemilius.

The Book was about the ritual to turn yourself into an undead. It talked about how being undead was the best type of immortality that a wizard could achieve. But the surprising part was the fact that it talked about various other forms of immortality. It talked about how those forms of immortality were inferior compared to being in a state of undeath. The name of the ritual was the Beginning of the Endless Night.

Undead are the most superior magical beings in this world. Being undead is a gift, not a curse.No Normal Wizard would ever be found praising the undead, however. Their pathetic lives spent in ignorance would never comprehend the advantages of unlife. Undead do not need to sleep or rest. They do not need to eat food as normal wizards do. They are immune to all magical and non-magical illness. They never age and live forever. A wizard that becomes undead is called a Lich.

An undead wizard or a Lich has infinite stamina. A normal wizard would collapse after continuously casting spells for a few hours. A Lich would never experience such a thing. Being Undead means they will never feel exhaustion even after the continuous casting of spells for several days.

You might wonder then how do undead survive without food and live without exhaustion and have infinite stamina. The answer is simple. Undead are not Humans. They are Magical Creatures. A Normal Human sustains itself after consuming the energy derived from the foods and recover lost energy after rest.

Undead as the highest order legendary magical creature derive their energy directly from surrounding magic that encompasses the world. Their bodies absorb the magic that surrounds them and actively converts it into energy.

Similar to how a pepper up potion removes exhaustion of normal wizards, the bodies of the Undead mimic this effect to a degree magnitudes higher than any potion could ever give to a wizard. The bodies of Undead do this continuously so they never feel tired.

Undeads are not the only magical creature to live without food. Various low-level magical creatures are known to only consume food once a decade and many powerful ones only need to consume food once a century. The reason is that their bodies cannot convert magic into energy as efficiently as Undead, so they still need to consume food every few years. Undead are after all the only Legendary level magical creatures to ever exist. They are the Apex Predators. Many Powerful magical creatures could live without food easily for centuries if they go into hibernation.

It was at this point Harry suddenly stopped reading, and his thoughts ventured to Basilisk whose corpse lay just outside the tunnel he was in, slain by Harry’s own hand. If Harry’s guess was correct then the beast went into Hibernation just a few years after Salazar Slytherin died. He had only seen a few animal bones in the chamber the snake lived in.

That was not enough food for a powerful magical beast. The only reason it survived to this day was it immediately went into hibernation after consuming the last food it had available, before being woken awake by Tom Riddle. Harry continued reading.

Undead are beings that live between life and death. They cannot be killed using normal magic. A Wizard becomes a Lich after separating their souls from their flesh and storing it in an Object. The Object need not be magical but should be sturdy. This Object is called Phylactery. When a Wizard becomes a Lich no part of the soul is left inside the body after the body turns Undead.

As long as the Phylactery is safe from harm, even if the body is completely destroyed with not even atoms of it left. The Body of the Lich will be reborn completely in its adult size and all its magical abilities as well as memories intact at the time of death. This is because the complete soul in Phylactery contains all of the information required to construct a Body which entails the size of the body, magical abilities as well as the most important detail which is Memories.

Being a Lich would not be very useful if you lost all your memories after being reborn. You would be a child in an Adult body. Imagine being a Lich and studying magic for centuries and then dying due to some unforeseen reason, and then being reborn as a child with centuries of magical knowledge lost. Being a Lich wouldn’t be an appealing option then.

As long as Phylactery is unharmed, a Lich is reborn in 2 days with their bodies completely healthy near the Phylactery. So even if you died very far away from where you have stored your Phylactery your body will be reborn near where your Phylactery is stored. That’s why it is recommended to store your Phylactery where there would be no inconvenience after being reborn. I have heard of Liches storing their Phylactery at the bottom of the ocean, while being a very good hiding place, no one would want to be reborn at the bottom of the ocean.

Of course, there are other methods of immortality available, but all of them are inferior to being Undead. The First Method that could be considered an alternative to being an Undead is creating a magical artifact called Horcrux. It involves tearing a part of your soul to store it into an object. Make no mistake, Horcrux and Phylactery are not the same thing and are very different.

When a wizard creates a Horcrux, he tears apart his soul in two parts. The First part remains in his body and the second part goes into the object. The soul, the thing that contains all the information about a wizard including how he looks, and his memories are ripped apart into two pieces. Its very existence is violated. That’s why when a Wizard who has created a Horcrux takes several years to resurrect because his soul which has been ripped into half does not have complete information about the wizard including its memories.

A Wizard who has a Horcrux requires the help of a ritual to completely resurrect itself in a short amount of time. Otherwise, without the help of a ritual, the Wizard will have to wait for several decades to recover his body completely on his own. The time required for resurrection increases if more than one Horcrux is created, Since each time your soul would have lesser information to work with.

On the contrary, a Phylactery separates the soul from the body and stores it inside an object but does not violate it in any way. The soul which is whole and undamaged is just separated from the body.

Also, Liches have an innate magical ability called Undead Regeneration which regenerates any body part that is damaged quickly. For Example, a lost limb would typically take half an hour to regenerate completely. That’s why Liches can be resurrected in two days if their body is completely destroyed. This speed of resurrection is just incomparable when compared to the Horcrux method which takes decades to resurrect the Wizard.

Harry looked away from the book in deep thought. From this information, he knew Voldemort was definitely not a Lich. Otherwise, he would have been resurrected just two days after his death in 1981. No, Voldemort definitely used the Horcrux method. It was the only method which explained why Voldemort existed in the form of a wraith but did not have a physical body yet. He looked back into the book.

However, the ritual outlined in this book can only be performed by Wizards who have less than the allowed threshold of the blood of magical creatures in their blood. To test whether you have less than the allowed threshold of the blood of magical creatures running into your body, there is a potion that will help in determining that.

After Successful Brewing of this potion, the wizard needs to drop three drops of his blood in the colorless potion, if the potion remains colorless then the wizard has less than the allowed threshold of magical creature blood and can successfully proceed with the ritual of turning into a Lich. However, if the potion turns red with bubbles frothing on top of the potion, then the wizard has a higher quantity of magical creature blood than the threshold. If a Wizard having higher than the allowed quantity of creature blood performs the Ritual it will result in immediate death.

Harry immediately knew why Voldemort did not turn himself into an Undead. It was not he did not want to, he just couldn’t. Voldemort definitely had a higher than allowed quantity of basilisk blood from his ancestor Salazar Slytherin who Harry assumed also couldn’t do the Undead Ritual. Harry knew no normal human wizard could be born with the ability to speak the language of snakes. Salazar Slytherin had definitely used some magic to infuse his bloodline with the bloodline of a Basilisk. Riddle’s ancestors likely married their close relatives which kept the concentration of the Basilisk blood inside their Bloodline high. Riddle must have been furious, to learn that it was his ancestor which he prided himself on was the reason he couldn’t use the best path of immortality and had to settle for second best.

It was ironic Harry thought, the only people who could use this ritual couldn’t access the Chamber of Secrets, and those who could access it would be unable to perform it due to requirements of the Ritual.

Harry hoped that he didn’t have the creature’s blood. This Ritual was the only way he was going to survive the Triwizard Tournament. He couldn’t care less if the ritual was dark , if it gave him survival he would grab it with both hands. After the death of his parents there had been no adult in his life that Harry could depend on in any situation. Remus despite claiming to be his father’s best friend had never visited him or checked up on him before Hogwarts. Sirius put his own revenge ahead of his godson’s well being. Dumbledore had always been a mysterious figure in his life. While the old man seemed honest guy from the outside, Harry had seen various hints that indicated otherwise.

Harry also realized he needed to check up on his financial situation. After coming to the Wizarding world he had never been allowed to be alone with Goblins for a prolonged period due to various reasons. He had to correct that mistake. He also needed to purchase several potion ingredients for brewing the potion which would allow him to see if he should proceed with the Undead Ritual.

Harry called Dobby. “Master Harry Called ?”, asked Dobby while swaying on its feet.

“Yes, Dobby I need to go to Diagon Alley for various reasons, could apply a glamour charm on me and also apparate me to the Diagon Alley ?” asked Harry impatiently.

“Yes, Dobby could do that Master Harry, Master Harry just needs to ask”, Dobby explained quickly. After that Dobby cast a quick glamour charm on Harry which changed his appearance to a blond-haired, brown-eyed guy and hid the scar on his forehead. After which Dobby grabbed Harry and both of them disappeared from the Chamber of Secrets.
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