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I Never Told You What I Do For a Living

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Don and Donna Way explain what they know

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“Dad, what’s going on? And…” he paused, still amazed at the situation in which he found himself. “It’s awesome to see you guys and… and speak to you.”
“For us too, sweetie,” Donna Way smiled kindly. “Keep this DVD, it’s your way to be able to contact us.”
“How come we’ve only just been given it then?” Mikey pouted, thinking about the previous two years during which he had, on numerous occasions, longed to speak to them.
“Two reasons,” Don replied, his tone either firm or troubled, Mikey couldn’t be certain which. “Mikey, this DVD is merely a window for you to reach us. The fact remains that we are gone in every other real and physical sense. You had to have time to adjust to that, to grieve.”
“And I see you have your friends from the Academy with you,” Donna Way added. “That’s good,” she nodded. “I’m glad you have support right now.”

Mikey, indeed all of them, felt shaken by the fact that a recording of Mikey’s parents was both aware and responding to situations in the present. Each of them reacted differently in some aspects, but all felt somewhat confused and even uncomfortable.

“What’s the other reason?” Mikey asked, turning a brief scowl towards Frank, who had dropped the question directly into his mind. “I was going to ask,” he hissed towards his friend, who threw up his hands in a defensive apology.
“The other reason is more practical,” Don continued. “Emmett couldn’t come out of hiding.”

Ray shifted on the sofa, his eyes looking away from the screen and his expression the very picture of discomfort.

“Mikey, this sounds pretty personal,” he began. “Shouldn’t we leave you to watch at least this part on your own?”

Frank turned an astonished and irritable glare toward the older boy.

“Ray!” He hissed under his breath. “I wanna watch…”

Slowly, both Ray, Mikey and even Mr and Mrs Way turned their heads to look at Frank. Swallowing thickly, he began to concentrate hard on finding something for his hands to do. Scratching his ear, then his leg, interlacing his fingers and finally pushing them between his knees, hunching forward and trying not to make eye-contact with anyone.

“Frank?” Ray asked in a soft tone.

Frank finally glanced up, still hunching his shoulders, his face was contorted into a deeply apologetic frown with a brow so creased it resembled a recently ploughed field.

“Sorry,” he finally whispered. “I’ll admit, I want to know what’s going on too! This is freaky!” He added, his voice adopting a shrill tone. “But I don’t know what might be important later and if we’re gonna risk our lives, I want to know stuff!”

The conversation paused for a few brief moments until the silence was broken by Don Way.

“Risk your lives?” He asked, his expression creased with concern.
“I mean, I’ll do it, don’t worry. You know, for Mikey, but I think we all want to know what we’re up against. You know… situation management.” Frank replied with a shrug.
“What do you need to risk your lives for?” Don pressed. “What’s happened?”
“You don’t know?” Ray gasped as he looked first at the TV then at Mikey.

Mikey turned a pale, worried, but somehow determined expression towards his parents.

“Gerard’s been kidnapped,” he replied, noting the audible gasp from his mother but his dad’s response was more unexpected.

Don Way’s face reddened as he tensed with fury. The boys watched intently as they saw his knuckles whiten as his now clenched fist slammed down onto the arm of the chair in which his dad was sitting. Mikey took in a sharp inhalation as he saw the supporting strut of the wooden arm crack and almost split under the force of the blow. His dad either had super strength, was angry beyond measure or both.

“Who took him?” He growled through gritted teeth.
“We… we don’t know,” Mikey replied. “It just happened. He went to the door, thinking it was a delivery and they took him.”
“They?” Donna questioned. “Did you see them?”
“Frank and I did, sir,” Ray replied. “We caught a glimpse of them as they were forcing him into their car.”
“What was the car?” Don asked urgently.
“It was a black limo, looked like a Lincoln. I think it was one of those with forward and rear facing seats. I got part of the plate, it was TPS3.”

Don, still seething, nodded as if the information given to him was much more than he needed to know. As if he already knew who had taken Gerard and these details were merely confirmation.

“Mikey,” Don began, trying to keep the anger out of his voice when speaking to his son. “You need to find and speak to Emmett again. Tell him what’s happened and he’ll get Gerard back, I promise.”
“So, that was really him?” Mikey glanced down for a moment. “I didn’t… I wasn’t sure if I recognised him.”
“You were just a child when you last saw him, I’m hardly surprised,” Donna countered.
“But Gee didn’t either,” Mikey added, raising a frown from both his parents.
“Well,” Don shrugged, “you’ve had to deal with a lot over the past couple of years. Maybe it’s not surprising?”
“So, he can come out of hiding now? Why was he hiding?”
“Technically, no,” Don sighed. “He was risking a lot to get this DVD to you but you had to have it. We had to be able to explain what was going on but it seems that events have moved faster than we anticipated.”
“You expected this?” Mikey gasped. “He didn’t say anything about us being in danger!”
“Not this exactly, no, but…” Don paused. “Mikey, promise me you’ll speak to Emmett then stay out of this.”
“Stay out!” Mikey gasped. “They’ve taken Gee! How can I stay out?”
“Sweetheart, it’s too dangerous for you,” Donna implored.
“No, I can’t promise that,” he shook his head. “I won’t! Gee wouldn’t sit back and wait if it was me they’d taken and I’m in a better position to help him than he would be!”
“How?” Don shook his head. “You’re only at the beginning of your training. These people have years of experience!”

Mikey glanced briefly at Frank and Ray before turning a stern expression back to the TV.

“I’m not alone and we’re not afraid! So tell us everything we need to know and let us help, or I might as well just switch the TV off now.”

Donna’s eyes widened in horror at the idea of her baby boy careering into what would be the battle of his life - with or without information. Don appeared briefly furious, his face reddening once more and his jaw clenched rigid. It was only when his wife moved to take his hand in hers and gave a reassuring and gentle squeeze did he begin to relax.

“Mikey, you’re so young…”
“I need to do this!” He insisted.
“Let me finish,” Don nodded for emphasis. “You’re very young and only at the beginning of your training, but you are already far braver than we could possibly have imagined. Mikey, we’ve always been proud of you, we want you to know that but what you’ve shown us today makes me realise that we have a son… two sons, who could never let us down. You are everything we could possibly want from a son and so much more. All I… we ask is that you accept whatever help you can get. From Emmett, from the Academy, don’t try to do everything yourself.”
“Teamwork,” Mikey nodded.
“It’s what the Paladins are all about. Emmett will be able to contact the others. You three won’t be on your own.”
“Thanks, dad,” Mikey smiled with a mixture of pride and gratitude. “Uncle Emmett said he’s be here later today to talk to us.”
“Good,” Don nodded. “Okay, it’s time for you to hear everything. Top up your mugs boys, this may take a while.”

Mikey, Ray and Frank settled back as Don and Donna Way began their explanation.

“Boys, as you now know there are a number of people around the world with a variety of powers such as your own. Mikey, you have telekinesis and can enter dreams, Frank, you have considerable mind control powers, or at least you will have if you apply yourself,” Don qualified his previous comment to Frank’s annoyance.
“I apply myself!” He pouted in return.

Both Ray and Mikey merely turned their heads to stare at the younger boy. Their expressions of disdain alone were enough for him to retract the statement.

“Yeah, okay, but I will,” he grumbled. “I will!” He insisted as his friends continued to stare.

Don Way smiled at the exchange; at least now, even if not just for himself, the boy had a good reason.

“And Ray, one of your powers, light bending, is progressing very well indeed.”

One of? Ray didn’t comment, but it was news to him that he had another power he wasn’t aware of and he couldn’t help his mind ruminating on it as Don continued.

“As you know the Paladin Society was established by us to protect the world from those who would misuse their powers. We also set up the academy to help train those with powers and instil in them the concept of upholding the law and standing up for truth and individual rights. What we later discovered was that a counter society was established called The Sentinels. It sounds altruistic, but trust me, it’s not. They are recruiting members with the intention of forcing companies and governments to do their bidding. They claim to be doing it under the guise of the greater good, but it is entirely based on their own views, needs and ultimately - power and greed. It goes against democracy, freedom and everything we believe in and stand for.”
“We’ve been working with Emmett,” Donna continued, “to find out who are the members and indeed even the leaders of the organisation. All we know so far is that there is one man dealing with the day to day organisation but that he is working with a team of high-ranking lackeys. We believe there is one person who oversees everything but we have no idea who that might be. There is another issue though, boys and that is there is a strong possibility that the Academy has been infiltrated, so be careful who you trust.”
“Can’t you give us any idea how to find Gee?” Mikey asked, feeling the story lacked so much information that it seemed impossible to track him.
“Of course, sweetie,” Donna smiled. “Use your powers. When Gee falls asleep, enter his dream and ask him.”
“Oh, that’s going to be one hell of a conversation!” Mikey rolled his eyes.
“Mikey!” Don replied sternly.
“Dad, he doesn’t know I have powers and he definitely doesn’t know he does!”
“Unfortunately,” Don replied with a grim frown, “by the time you speak to him, I doubt very little will surprise him.”
“What do you mean?” Mikey’s eyes widened as he grew increasingly nervous at the mysterious statement.
“We suspect… we know people have used powers against him already,” Don part explained.
“Well, that was evasive!” Mikey snapped. “Tell me!”

Don and Donna glanced briefly at each other. Don’s pursed lips and slightly hunched shoulders suggested reluctance, but Donna was already nodding.

“Tell him. It won’t change anything but he deserves to know,” she prompted.
“Okay,” Don licked his lips, distracted by the desire to say nothing. “Because you and Gerard are our sons, we know when powers are being used against you, or if people are hurting you in any way. We just don’t know who those people are.”
“Someone’s hurting him?” He asked, his voice thinning with concern.
“No, not yet at least. I’m just saying we’d know. But he has been weakened to stop him fighting them.”

Mikey’s expression darkened noticeably.

“When I find him, I’m going to…”
“Get Emmett or another fully trained Paladin to rescue him,” Don cut in immediately.
“How can I if I don’t know who to trust?” Mikey waved his arms, almost hitting Ray and Frank as he did.
“There is another you can trust,” Donna added.
“Really?” Don sighed. “You’re bringing him in?”
“Don, they have Gerard, the more on our side the better. He’ll contact you today. His name’s Grant. Now, get some rest, you’ll need it. We have to go now. You know how to reach us. We love you, Mikey.”

Mikey nodded. He felt as though he should be used to weird by now, but no. This was beyond weird and yet, at the same time, it was wonderful.

“I love you too, mom. You too, dad. And…” he paused. “I don’t know if anything else can happen to you, but if it can, please stay safe.”
“You too, sweetheart.”

Donna blew a kiss towards her son as he lifted the TV remote to switch it off. Slumping back in the couch he sighed heavily. It summed up the mood of the room perfectly.


It was just less than an hour later that the limousine pulled in through the huge ornate automatic gates. Ahead of them stood a rambling stately old mansion. Brown stone incorporating impressive latticed wooden beams within the structure and interspersed with overhanging Virginia creeper; its leaves an idyllic mixture of hues of green and russet. The car pulled up outside a dark, heavy mahogany door, which opened slowly.

Gerard hadn’t moved since Belle had used her power on him, but all through the ride to the mansion, Gerard could feel his muscles slowly returning to his control. He felt weak still, but he hoped to have sufficient energy to make a break for it on being allowed out of the car. To his dismay however, as the engine was shut off, he felt his head pushed forward and down by Mason, the man to his left, and Belle pull his arms behind him.

His eyes widened in alarm; if she managed to tie his hands together it would severely reduce his chances of escape. Using all his available, but still limited, strength he pulled free from her and pushed Mason’s hand from his head. Lunging forward, Gerard reached for the door handle, gasping with relief as it swung open he pushed himself from the seat and jumped out. Tumbling forward, unable to maintain his balance, Gerard sprawled on the ground, his hands scuffing and scraping against the gravel driveway. Landing heavily, it took him a few moments to gather his wits and realising to his distress that he had used the bulk of his renewed energy merely escaping from the car. Determined not to let it stop him, Gerard pushed himself to his knees and prepared to stand as two sets of hands grabbed him from behind, holding onto him firmly and preventing him from rising.

“Nice try,” Anders commented with an infuriating chuckle as he snapped a set of handcuffs around Gerard’s wrists and beckoned for the others to allow him to stand.

Pulled to his feet, the boy was to find all his strength and resolve slip away from him once more. Not from the use of any power, but merely the presence of a fourth person now emerged from inside the mansion.

“Uncle Emmett?” Gerard gasped, bewildered and more than a little scared.
“Take him downstairs,” the old man began, a slight smile gracing his lips. “Make him… comfortable.”

Pulled forward towards the door, Gerard dug his heels into the gravel of the driveway but the man and woman holding him were too strong and he was unable to prevent himself being dragged inside.

“What’s going on? What do you want?” Gerard yelled as he was pulled past Emmett. “Let me go!”
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