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Queen Iduna's last letter to Elsa and Anna

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The night the ship went down from Queen's Iduna's point of view.

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The sky was a clear blue with patches of bright white clouds as Iduna, and her husband, King Agnarr, started their sea voyage from Arendelle to Ahtohallan. The Queen could hear the other crewmates as they conversed and busied themselves with preparing the ship’s course. The vessel was strong, durable, and handmade from the finest Norwegian wood around. She felt safe on this ship. The Queen’s long brown hair was blowing in the wind, and her blue eyes were gazing at the sun’s reflection on the water. Still, Iduna couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. Usually, a clear sky and calm waters would be considered excellent weather for sailing, but something felt just off. She could not pinpoint the uneasiness. This whole journey felt too easy, considering Ahtohallan’s magical nature.
Pulling out a rectangular piece of parchment paper from her leather satchel, Iduna thought of everything she wanted to write. Turning around and pacing to the wooden ship’s interior, the Queen quickly found her way to Agnarr’s desk. Her husband kept a bottle of ink and quill at all times to record the voyage’s events. Speaking of her husband, Iduna could hear him laughing with the crewmates. Their laughter brought a smile to her face. Pulling out the wooden chair, Iduna sat down, placing her piece of parchment in front of her—the reflection of the flame from the lamp on the wall beside her cast a golden glow.
The Queen’s blue eyes blinked slowly, and she released a deep sigh. A lot was riding on this voyage, and a lot could happen. Reaching up and pulling out the purple hairpin, causing her shiny brown locks to fall free of the bun. Slowly running her hands through her hair, like her mother used to do. She missed her parents. They did a lot for her, kept her safe, and loved. Now that they were gone, however, Iduna was determined to be an even better mother to her children. Elsa and Anna could fend for themselves, but a mother can’t help but worry. Especially with Elsa being the fifth element. The Queen refused to let the dangers of the Elemental world reach her daughters; she let the Elements believe Iduna herself was the fifth element. Since Iduna was good friends with the Wind spirit, there was protection from the other spirit elements. However, the wind spirit did warn her that she and her daughters were still a threat in the spirit world. Iduna took heed of this warning and decided that if it meant putting herself into a world of danger to keep Elsa and Anna safe, then so be it. Finally, picking up the quill and dipping it into the ink, she began to write. This letter would be for her children, something to explain everything about her past and how it is currently affecting them, how there is a whole other world out there filled with magic, and others like Elsa. As the Queen was writing, her husband had come to see her.
“What are you writing?” Agnarr asked her.
“A letter for Anna and Elsa.” She replied. She didn’t elaborate any further.
Iduna refrained from telling her husband everything about her past yet, and it was coming back to haunt her. However, it could very well be for his good that he doesn’t know everything about the magical world just yet. Supernatural beings that wouldn’t think twice about killing her husband if he knew too much filled Ahtohallan. Only then, Agnarr approached her and gently kissed her head before explaining that he had to make sure that the crew wasn’t wasting time. She gazed at him and immediately stopped writing. He knew she wanted to continue writing her letter, and he left. Iduna felt terrible that she didn’t continue the conversation with Agnarr, but he knew when she didn’t feel like talking. Continuing her letter, the Queen wrote all the things she desperately wanted to say to her daughters through the ink and onto the paper. Every time she thought she had finished the letter, more things came to mind. Soon enough, she had completed the third page of writing, using up a bit of the limited paper they had brought with them.
She was stacking the parchment in order, rolling them into a scroll, and pulling out the royal wax seal. The Queen observed the intricate design closely. It resembled the delicate Trillium flower. Picking up an emerald green candle, Iduna stood and lit the candle using the oil lamp. As the wick caught fire, the Queen watched the glow. The light warmed her face and reflected in her eyes, making them appear golden. Iduna stared into the flickering flame as though it could tell her all of the answers in life. Being shook out of her daze when the ship rocked slightly, the Queen remembered the reason she had lit the candle in the first place. Sitting back down, she tilted the candle over the parchment, watching as the flame tipped as well. The translucent green wax that had melted in the time the flame was burning dripped onto her letter.
Iduna pushed the stamp to the emerald wax, watching as it cooled, pulling the seal away to see the same design on the stamp imprinted in the wax. Finally, finished with her work, the Queen of Arendale opened her satchel and placed the letter carefully into it. Her crystal blue eyes scanned all of her belongings in her satchel. Some items random, such as the small gray rock she had found on the ship earlier that day, along with a bird feather that had drifted onto the ship’s deck. Others were more sentimental, like the bracelet that Anna had made for her before she left. Anna made it from various colorful beads and twine. Next to the bracelet was the small pouch with Elsa’s handmade earrings; the two items made her smile. Nothing meant more to her than those two simple pieces of jewelry from her daughters.
Standing up and heading to the short staircase leading to the dock, Iduna found herself standing at the railing at the edge of the ship. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath of the salty ocean air. It was peaceful; there was a slight breeze, and the water was clear blue, slightly orange with the sun’s reflection. There were birds high in the sky; their trills brought her a sense of peace, reminding her of the mornings she spent drinking tea on the balcony. She reminisced, listening to sounds of nature back in the snowcap mountains of Arendelle. Below her, there would be townspeople gossiping and carrying on while their voices would fill the cool crisp air. Opening her eyes and coming back to reality, her blue eyes swiftly adjusted to the bright sun. Turning around and leaning against the rail, Iduna chuckled as she watched the crewmates trying to copy Agnarr’s royal posture. A friendly calico cat hitched a ride on the ship and was perching on one of the crewmates’ shoulders. When unexpectedly, the cat made a high pitch meow and suddenly jumped off, dashing under a bunch of rags. The Queen frowned. The cat had been very trusting in all of the people on the ship; what made it jump off so suddenly? Iduna felt her hair lift off her shoulders with the wind, and her dress blew sharply to the left.
The Queen paused; when did it get this windy? There had been a gentle and rather pleasant breeze this whole day, but nothing more. Quickly turning around, she looked out to where the sky met the sea. There appeared to be a fierce battle in the distance. Iduna felt a gaping pit of dread open in her stomach; the wind and sea elements were fighting! Sure they would disagree at times but never had she seen them fight! Could it be over her? It was terrifying! The water was raging and taking the shape of horses, bears, and dragons. The wind was invisible, but the sharp blows that landed on the water signaled its presence. Behind her, the crew and her husband were in dismay at the sudden and rapidly approaching storm. Agnarr was shouting orders, but Iduna was deep in thought, and everything around her seemed muffled. Why are the wind and sea fighting? The elements would not be so foolish to cause such a battle! The crack of lightning brought her sharply back into reality. The storm was right above the ship, like a looming veil of fear and darkness. The Queen desperately called out to the elements to stop, but the thunder and crashing waves persisted to no avail.
Iduna’s hair whipped around; her arms firmly wrapped body clinching her satchel close. She backed away from the edge but was cut short by her dress that had caught onto the railing. Desperately, she pulled at the fabric, and it ripped with a loud noise. Falling back onto the deck, the Queen looked around for the King and the other crewmates, only to find that they were no longer on the ship. Frantically calling out for her husband, Iduna shakily tried to climb to her feet. Around her, the sky was thick and gray. The violent shocks of lightning illuminating water and the sea’s once calm blue hue was now dark and raging, and the sun was nowhere in sight. Her own blue eyes were wide and filled with fear.
The water soaked her dress and her hair, chilling Iduna to the bone. The world blurred; the Queen barely registered that the ship had been snapped in half by the waves. As the sea pulled her under the surface, she felt a sudden panic take over. Desperately trying to reach the surface to relieve her burning lungs, the Queen thought about her family, even though it was clear she would never see them again. Elsa and Anna would have to live the rest of their lives without her and Agnarr. The secrets of the elements and dangers of Elsa’s powers would stay with her forever. Elsa and Anna needed her, but fate said otherwise. The fire in her lungs intensified, she felt her senses dim, and her strength weakened. A piece of wood broke from the ship, it clipped the back of her head, and Iduna felt her struggle stop completely. Above her, the strikes of lightning were reflecting in her dulling eyes. Her soft brown hair was floating around her. A streak of blood in the water was above her; she could only guess it’s from her or maybe from Agnarr, but she didn’t want to believe it. As the surface of the raging water drew farther and farther away, Iduna felt the world fade away with it. Her crystal eyes drifted shut, and she let herself inhale the water. A sense of peace fell over her as she welcomed death, and the Queen let herself fall to the ocean floor.
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