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Inuyasha Fanfiction: The 3 Little Pigs

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Kagome reads Rin and Shippo "The 3 Little Pigs" and uses the team as the characters.

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The team was sitting by the fire, but it wasn't just Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Kilala, Mirkou, and Shippo. There sitting by another fire a few feet away was Sesshomaru, Rin, Kohaku, Ah-Un and Jaken. Koga and his wolves were sitting a couple feet by a fire too. Lord Inutashio, Lady Izayoi, and Lady Inukimi were by another fire.

Kagome: Hey Shippo and Rin are you ready for another bed time story?

Shippo: Yes.

Rin: Yes Please.

Kagome: Okay this is the story of "The 3 Little Pigs".

Shippo: Sounds cute.

Kagome: The story is kinda cute and funny.

Inuyasha: 3 pigs?

Kagome: 3 little pigs Inuyasha.

Inutashio: Are they demon pigs or ordinary?

Kagome: They are kinda ordinary. Okay let me see you what us as the characters again Shippo?

Shippo: Yes.

Kagome: Okay let me see. I'll be the piggy's mother. Mirkou will be the second youngest brother. Inuyasha will be the oldest brother. Kohaku the youngest. Inutashio will be the seller. Koga will be the Big Bad Wolf.

Koga: Wait I'm the bad guy.

Kagome: Yeah, but it's just a story.

Koga: Okay.

Inutashio: I'm in the story too?

Kagome: Yep.

Shippo: Start it.

Kagome: Okay.

********************The 3 Little Pigs************

Once Upon A Time....

There was a piggy mother who had 3 piggy sons. The first son was the oldest Inuyasha who was hard working and always protected his brothers from trouble. Mirkou was the second oldest he liked finishing his work as fast as he can so he'd have more time to relax and have fun. The youngest piggy was Kohaku he didn't like working that much he'd always tried to do as less work as possible so he can goof off more often. One day the piggy mother after all these years of raising her sons she has decided it's time for them to leave home and built a home of their own. She went outside and called her sons.

Kagome: My sons come inside please.

Inuyasha: Coming mother.

Mirkou: Yes mom.

Kohaku: I'm coming mommy.

They all went inside the house.

Kagome: My sons it's time that you left the house and built your own houses. So you can live on your own.

Inuyasha: Yes. I've always wanted my own place.

Kohaku: Sounds like a great idea mom.

Mirkou: We accept your offer mom.

Kagome: Good now get packing boys.

3 Pigs: Yes mom.

So then they packed up their things and walked out the front door.

Inuyasha: Good bye mother.

Mirkou: Good bye mom we'll miss you.

Kohaku: Bye Love You.

Kagome: Good bye my sons and good luck. Be careful too.

She waved her sons good bye.

The 3 pigs walked down the trail for about half an hour. Until the found a path lead to three green spots in hills on spot for each brother.

Inuyasha: That looks like a great place to build our houses. Now all we need is material to built our houses.

Kohaku: Where are we going to find some materiel.

That's when a man came by with a huge carriage full of Bricks, Sticks, and Straw.

Inuyasha: I have an idea.

He walked towards the man.

Inuyasha: Sir will you sell us some your material so me and my brothers shall built our homes.

Inutashio: Of course.

Kohaku: Thank you Sir. I'll take the straw.

Mirkou: I'll take the sticks.

Inuyasha: I'll take the bricks.

Inutashio: Sure.

After selling the 3 little pigs their material they went to their green spots on the hills so they can build their new homes. As they walked towards their hills the Big Bad Wolf Koga spotted them from behind a tree.

The youngest brother finished his house within an hour.

Kohaku: Finished now I can relax until dinner.

Kohaku went into his house made of straw to relax.

The second oldest brother finished his house within a hour and a half.

Mirkou: Yes now I can sleep in peace.

He went inside the house made of sticks.

Inuyasha looked at his brothers houses from a distance.

Inuyasha: Teh. My brothers are going to be in danger with such weak houses.

Inuyasha spent 3 hours on his house made of bricks. It had a chimney and everything.

Inuyasha: There now this is house strong and perfect. Now time to relax.

The Big Bad Wolf Koga has been watching them from a distance.

Koga: Yes! Now it's time to knock on their doors and ask them if I can have dinner with them. Or have them for dinner. HAHAHA!!


Koga: Wait the Big Bad Wolf is going to EAT the pigs.

Kagome: Yeah that's what wolfs do.

Koga: No they don't.

Inuyasha: Wolfs eat boars and cows and pigs.

Koga: Yeah, but not talking ones.

Shippo: Guys your interrupting the story.

Kagome: Okay I'll continue.


Koga then walked towards the first pigs house and knocked on the door.

Kohaku: Yes?

Koga: Little Pig Little Pig let me come in!

Kohaku walked towards the door and looked through the little hole and saw the Big bad Wolf.

Kohaku thought "Oh No!! It's the Big Bad Wolf and I bet he's come here to have a for dinner".

Kohaku: I won't let you in you Big Bad Wolf.

Koga: WHAT!!

Kohaku: Not Be The Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin's!!

Koga: Then I'll Huff and Puff and Blow Your House Down!!


Koga: Wait you mean breathing really strongly.

Kagome: Yep!

Inuyasha: Teh! Wolfs. He rolled his eyes.


The Big Bad Wolf blew down the straw house down to the ground.

Kohaku: My House!!

Luckily Kohaku ran as fast as he can towards the house made of sticks.

Kohaku: Brother let me in please!!

Mirkou then got up from his bed and walked towards the door and opened it.

Kohaku ran inside and closed the door and locked it.

Mirkou: What's wrong?!

Kohaku: There's a ...a.....a.......

The poor pig was out of breath.

Mirkou: What is it?

Koga: Little Pig Little Pig Let Me In!

Kohaku: It's the Big Bad Wolf and he's come to have us for dinner.

Mirkou: Oh that's nice I'll get bread started and you go get some apples and fresh water.

Kohaku: NO NO NO!!! Eat Us For Dinner!!

Mirkou: Oh!!

Koga: Let Me In!!

Mirkou: Not Be The Hair On My Chinney Chin Chins!!

Koga: Then I'll Huff and Puff and Blow Your House Down!!

Then he blew the house down.

Mirkou: Quickly to our brothers house.

Kohaku: Right!

Then they ran as fast as the can towards their big brothers house. Inuyasha was about to make himself some dinner. When a knock came at the door.

Mirkou: Inuyasha big brother please let us in please please please.

Inuyasha: "Sigh!" So much for peace and quiet. Alright I'm Coming!

Inuyasha then opened the door for his brothers. The two pigs rushed in and slammed the door and locked it.

Inuyasha: What is going on here?

Mirkou: The Big Bad Wolf is coming here to EAT us.

Kohaku: And he destroyed our houses too.

Inuyasha: That's because your houses were made out of weak material.

Kohaku: Please help us!!

Inuyasha: Alright alright I've got a plan. Mirkou you get the pot and fill it with water, Kohaku you and me are going to make a fire.

Kohaku: Okay?

Mirkou: Sure.

They started making the fire and pot of water.

Inuyasha: Now put the pot of water under the fire.

Mirkou: Sure.

Once they did there was a knock on the door.

Koga: Little Pig Little Pig Let Me In!

Inuyasha: Not Be The Hair On My Chinney Chin Chins!!

Koga: Then I'll Huff and Puff and Blow Your House Down!!

Then he tried blowing the house down, but he couldn't.

Koga: Huff Huff huff. This house is too strong for me to blow down.

Inuyasha: Why don't you try the chimney you dumb wolf.

Kohaku: What are you doing?!

Inuyasha: Shhh!!

Koga: Ha! I'm not afraid of heights you pigs are going down!

Then the Big Bad Wolf walked to the other side of the house and climbed up the chimney.

Mirkou: He's going to come down the chimney!!

Inuyasha: Yes he is and into the pot of boiling water. Heh!!

Kohaku: That's genius!!


Koga: Wait!! Does The Big Bad Wolf die?

Kagome: We'll have to find out?


The Big Bad Wolf reached the top of the house.

Koga: I'm going to have 3 roasted pigs for dinner tonight. Hehe!!

Then he jumped into the chimney and fell in the pot.

Koga: AHHHHH!!!!!!! IT'S HOT HOT HOT!!!! Then he crawled up the chimney and ran towards the river to cool off.

Inuyasha: And that's how you get rid of a wolf brothers.

Kohaku: Thank you for saving us.

Mirkou: Yes. Thank you.

Inuyasha: Aww Your Welcome. Now lets have dinner.

And they lived Happily Ever After.


Rin: Haha!! That wolf sounds silly.

Shippo: HAHA!! That was hilarious that wolf fell into that trap like an idiot.

Koga: Hey wolfs are smarter than we look!

Inuyasha: Yeah tell that to The Big Bad Wolf!! HAHA!!

Mirkou: What kind of fool falls into a chimney without looking if there is fire?

Sango: Hehe!! So he just fell into the chimney?

Kagome: Yep!!

Inukimi: If that wolf were smart he would've just find some berries and apples instead of wasting his time with talking pigs.

Inutashio: I'd would've beaten the wolf to a rug instead of just running away.

Izayoi: So does the story teach us to be prepared for anything.

Kagome: Yep.

Sesshomaru: Hn.

Kagome: Well get ready for tomorrow Shippo and Rin. For tomorrow I'm going to read you the story of Hansel and Gretel.

Shippo and Rin: Ohh!

************End of Chapter 3*********************
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