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Inuyasha Fanfiction: Hansel and Gretel

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Kagome reads Rin and Shippo "Hansel and Gretel" and uses the team as the characters.

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The team was sitting by the fire, but it wasn't just Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Kilala, Mirkou, and Shippo. There sitting by another fire a few feet away was Sesshomaru, Rin, Kohaku, Ah-Un and Jaken. Koga and his wolves were sitting a couple feet by a fire too. Lord Inutashio, Lady Izayoi, and Lady Inukimi were by another fire.

Kagome: Hey Shippo and Rin are you ready for another bed time story?

Shippo: Yes.

Rin: Yes Please.

Kagome: Okay this is the story of "Hansel and Gretel".

Shippo: Characters Characters!

Kagome: Okay. Kohaku will be Hansel. Rin will be Gretel. Inutashio will be the dad. Inukimi will be the witch. Sango will be the stepmom.

Shippo: Cool.

******************Hansel and Gretel**************

Once Upon A Time....

There was a village that had miles and miles of wheat fields, fruits, and vegetables. But sadly there has been storms coming to the land and all the crops were destroyed. There was no rain and the weather has been nothing, but hot sun and dryness. So the villagers could hardly grow any food. One of the people at the village was a wood cutter he had two beautiful children named Kohaku and Rin. Kohaku was the first born son of the wood cutter he was 9. The second child was Rin she was 8 years old. Apparently a few years ago there mother had died of an illness. So for his children's sake he married another woman.

The Wood Cutter came back home on night with a sad face.

Inutashio: I'm home.

Sango: Hello dear.

Inutashio: Where are the children?

Sango: They are sleeping in the bed in the corner.

Inutashio: "Sigh". He sat down all tired and exhausted.

Sango: How were the crops?

Inutashio: Horrible. Everything is destroyed. Oh how are we going to feed our children.

Sango: We can't there's hardly enough food for the both of us.

Inutashio: Oh No.

Sango: Listen dear husband it's not my idea to starve. I've got an idea. We'll take the children for a walk in forest. Lose them and hope they never come back.

Inutashio: WHAT?!?!

Kohaku who was awake heard what his stepmom said.

Kohaku thought"Oh No".

Inutashio: Unbelievable!! I won't let you do that!!

Sango: Oh Dear I was just kidding.

Inutashio: Well it wasn't very funny. I'll find food to fill our stomachs, and if I don't then we'll all starve.

Sango: Yes Dear.

Then the next day Sango took Kohaku and Rin to the forest. Hansel was leading a trail of shiny white rocks on the ground that lead to home. He got the white shiny rocks from around the house.

Sango: Alright I'm to find some wild strawberries you two stay here.

Rin: Okay.

Then she left them alone. Hours have passed and there was no sign of her and the sun was beginning to set.

Rin: Oh Kohaku what are we going to do our wicked stepmom has left us here in hopes we never come back.

Kohaku: Don't worry I knew that we couldn't trust our wicked stepmom so I left a trial of white shiny rocks on the ground that can lead us home.

Rin: Oh Kohaku that was such a great idea.

Kohaku: Yep. Now come on lets go home.

They followed the trial all the way to their home. Sango was inside making soup for supper.

Kohaku and Rin opened the door and went inside.

Kohaku: We're home stepmother.

Sango: How did you two even get out of that forest? I ...I mean I was so worried about you two I couldn't even eat my dinner.

Rin: Oh we're sorry.

Sango: Did you guys bring any strawberries?

Kohaku: Uh no were busy trying to get back.

Sango: What no strawberries?! Grrr!! No you two are going to bed without dinner.

Kohaku: Where is father?

Sango: Your father has left to a friends to get some flour. So it's going to be us for a while. She smiled kinda evilly.

Kohaku and Rin: "Gasp!"

Sango: Now go to bed you two.

Kohaku and Rin walked to the bed and slept.

The next morning came.

Sango: Are you two going to sleep all day long?!

She pulled the cover from them.

Rin: Huh?

Kohaku: What?

Sango: Come on were going to the forest to get the wild strawberries you two were suppose to get yesterday.

Kohaku: But the weather has been so hot and dry I don't think we'll be able to find any strawberries.

Sango: That's because you two don't know how to look.

Then she reached into her basket and a large loaf of bread and gave it to them.

Sango: Here this bread has to last you two until we eat again. You guys are so slow. Now off into the woods the both of you.

She lead them into the forest. Kohaku was making a trial of bread crumbs from the loaf into the forest.

Sango: Now I want that basket full of strawberries when I return. Then she left them.

After a few hours the sky turned dark.

Rin: Oh Kohaku what are we going to do?

Kohaku: Don't worry I left a trail of bread crumbs that can lead use home.

That's when a bird came from the bushes and ate the breads crumbs.

Kohaku: Oh no!!

Rin: Now what are we going to do?

Kohaku: Here have the last piece of bread.

Rin: Thanks brother. "Nibble".

Just then Thunder and Lightning came from the dark sky. It started to rain.

Kohaku and Rin: SCREAM!!

Kohaku: Come this way into the trees we can sleep there.

Rin: Okay.

At the time Inutashio came home with a bag of flour.

Inutashio: I'm home!

Sango: Welcome back dear.

Inutashio: Where are Kohaku and Rin?

Sango: Oh dear husband I've been so worried about them. They went into the woods to play and I haven't seen them since.

Inutashio: You wicked woman where are my children?!

Then he rushed out into the rain.



Sango: How come the stepmom is so cruel.

Kagome: I don't know, but a lot of stepparents in these stories are pretty terrible.

Inutashio: So all step mom's and dad's are bad people.

Kagome: In most stories yes.

Shippo: Come on continue.

Kagome: Okay.


Kohaku and Rin slept by a tree until the morning sun rose into the sky.

Kohaku: Rin get up we have to find a way home.

Rin: "Yawn". Okay Kohaku.

They got up and started walking North for hours until they met a beautiful golden bird in a tree.

Golden Bird: Come with me and I'll show you to a great place to live. There is warm soft beds, fresh water, and plenty of food.

Rin: Oh that sounds wonderful.

Kohaku: Yeah!

Golden Bird: Then follow me.

Then the golden bird flew from the trees North deeper into the forest.

Kohaku and Rin followed the bird until it lead them to a beautiful house made out of food.

Golden Bird: Welcome to your new home. Then the bird flew away.

The house walls were made of bread and connected with sweet honey. There was huge fruit and vegetable garden next to it. The roof was covered in strawberries. And the windows were covered in cherries.

Rin: Oh it's amazing Kohaku.

Kohaku: It sure is.

They walked towards the house.

Kohaku: Is there someone home? Hello!

Rin: Hello!

There was no answer.

Rin: Well they won't mind if we had a few bites.

Kohaku: I guess they wouldn't.

They started nibbling on the house, but that's when the Witch Inukimi came from the door.

Inukimi: Hey what are you two doing?

Kohaku: Uh Oh!

Rin: Eep!


Shippo: Kagome what's a witch?

Kagome: It's like an evil priestess with the powers of the underworld.

Inuyasha: An evil priestess?

Kagome: Yes.

Mirkou: What kind of kids eat a house made of food?

Kagome: Well they were starving.

Inutashio: I would've just ignored it.

Kagome: Now where were we?


Inukimi: Hello children are you two the one's eating my house?

Kohaku: We are so sorry!

Rin: We didn't know it was your house.

Inukimi: You two look hungry. Would you like to come inside for something to eat?

Kohaku: Really?

Inukimi: Of course I love children.

Rin: Oh thank you.

They all went inside and Kohaku and Rin has a huge feast for them on the table.

There was roasted pig, cooked turkey, fruit bowl, cooked vegetables, fresh bread, honey and jam, fried fish, there was even hot soup, sugared peaches, and water.

Kohaku: Oh this the most amazing feast I've ever seen.

Rin: Is this really for us?

Inukimi: Yes eat up and please don't hold back.

Kohaku: Thank you.

Rin: Yes Thank you.

The ran towards the table and started eating as much as they could.

Inukimi: Would you kids like to stay here tonight there is plenty of room.

Kohaku: Yes. And we would love to help you around the house as a thanks.

Inukimi: Oh that sounds wonderful. You see kids my eyes are going bad and it's a little hard to see sometimes.

Rin: Oh that's terrible, well don't worry we'll help you.

Inukimi: Now you two go take a nice bath and go to bed okay?

Kohaku and Rin: Okay.

After they finished eating and taking there baths they went to their bed room where there were two large soft beds and a fir place.

Kohaku and Rin went to bed that night they were sleeping like little angels. After a couple of hours the sun was starting to rise again it was barley sun rise. Kohaku heard the sound of the witch laughing evilly. So he got up from his bed and peeked out the door and saw the witch with the golden bird.

Inukimi: HAHA!! Well done my servant of evil.

Then the golden bird turned into an ugly looking black bat.

Inukimi: Oh I've got two children in my home and I know what to do with them.

Then she started flipping the page of a large cook book she had.

Inukimi: It's been years since I've had "Roasted Stew Children". HAHA!!


Rin: Eek! She's going to eat them.

Kagome: Yep, but don't worry.

Shippo: This story is getting scary.

Inutashio: So this evil priestess witch eats children.

Kagome: Yep!

Inukimi: That is disgusting.

Kagome: I know, but that's how they are. Now let's continue.


Kohaku: Oh No!! Eep!

Inukimi: Huh!? She heard him.

Kohaku: Oh no I've got to get Rin and me out of here.

He walked towards Rin's bed.

Kohaku: Come on Rin we've got to get out of here, that lady is a witch and she's going to eat us.

Rin: What?!

Kohaku: Come on.

Inukimi: Not So Fast!! She came through the door.

Kohaku and Rin: EEKK!!

Inukimi: You two aren't getting away from me that easily.

Kohaku: Oh No!!

Inukimi: It looks like it's going to be a change of plans. You boy I'm going to eat first. And you girl can become my personal slave. Now UP UP!!

Kohaku was put into a cage outside where the witch fed him huge baskets of food. As for poor Rin she had to get water, chop wood, make a fire, and everything. The witch feed her only a cup of water and a slice of bread. This has been going on for about two days.

Inukimi: Now boy give me your finger. So I can see how fat you've gotten.

Kohaku: What my finger? Oh Okay!

Kohaku remembered that the witch was blind-ish so he gave her a meatless chicken bone instead of his finger.

Inukimi: Let me see.

She felt the chicken bone.

Inukimi: Grr!! A bag of bones your not ready for the cook pot.

Then she threw a bunch of food at him.

Inukimi: You'd better fatter yourself up quickly. Grr!!

Then she left. Night time fell and the witch fell asleep on her desk.

Rin grabbed some tools from the witch's shed and ran to Kohaku's cage.

Rin: Here grab this and start cutting the bars.

Kohaku: Good idea. Oh here is some food. Your going to need to build up your strength.

Rin: Oh yummy. Nibble Nibble.

Though Kohaku and Rin were making too much noise while trying to break the bars.

Inukimi: What is that nosie?

She walked outside.

Kohaku: Oh No run. I'll hide the tools.

Rin: Right.

Rin ran behind the cage.

Inukimi: What are those sounds?

Kohaku: Oh it was probably your imagination.

Inukimi: Well I have some news for you. I've decided to cook you and your sister tonight.

Kohaku: No!!

Inukimi: Now where is she?!

Inukimi walked around the cage and saw her.

Inukimi: There you are!!

Rin: AAAHHHH!!!!!!

She grabbed Rin and Kohaku and went to the kitchen.

Inukimi: Now you two get into the oven.

Kohaku: Okay.

He grabbed the handle and pretended it wouldn't open.

Kohaku: How does this oven open?

Inukimi: Oh come on like this? MOVE!! Inukimi grabbed the handle and opened it.

Inukimi: You open it like this then you crawl inside in like this.

She then crawled inside it a little.

Kohaku: Now!! Push her in!!

Then Kohaku and Rin pushed her inside the oven and locked the oven.

Inukimi: AAHHHH NOOOO!!!

Kohaku: Let's get out of here!!

Rin: Right!!


Kohaku and Rin ran through the kitchen, but Rin tripped over a chest full of gold coins and jewels.

Rin: Look brother we can take this to father.

Kohaku: Good idea!!

They then filled their pockets full of gold coins and jewels and ran out of the witch's house. That's when the oven exploded.

Rin: Look the witches house is on fire.

Kohaku: What the...??

Inukimi: NNNNOOOO!!!!! That's was the witches soul in the smoke.

Kohaku: Lets get out of here.

Rin: Okay.

That's when it started to rain again.

Kohaku: Oh No! We've got to get out of the rain.

They soon found a tree and slept by it.

When the morning sun came again they woke up.

They walked towards a river and saw two swans.

Swan 1: Hop on us children and we'll take you to your home.

Kohaku: Oh Thank You!

Rin: Thank you!

They rode on the swans South along the river until the reached a bridge.

Kohaku: Hey I know this place our home should be a few feet away.

They got off the swans and ran off home.

Rin: Thank you swans.

Kohaku: Yes thank you.

They ran as fast as they can until they saw their house again. They ran inside the house and saw their father sitting on the chair depressed.

Rin: Daddy!!

Kohaku: Father!!

Inutashio looked up at the door and stood up.

Inutashio: My dear children your safe and sound.

Kohaku: We've got gold coins and jewels so we won't be poor no more.

They both took out the gold coins and jewels from their pockets and put it on the table.

Rin: Now we're rich father.

Inutashio: My children thank you.

Kohaku: Where is step mother?

Inutashio: Kids your step mother has abandoned us, but we are better off without her. Marrying her was the biggest mistake I've ever made. But let's not worry about it, we've had lots of rain so we're going to have a good harvest.

Rin: Really?! Wow!

Kohaku: Yes.

Inutashio: Now give your father a hug!

Kohaku and Rin: Hehe!

After that day Kohaku and Rin didn't have to worry about anything again they were rich and had plenty of food.

And They Lived Happily Ever After


Kagome: Okay you two it's bedtime. Plus I'm kinda tired. "Yawn".

Rin: Wow Hansel was really brave. Just like you Kohaku.

Kohaku: Aww thanks, but I would've taken down that witch myself.

Inuyasha: HA! I could've taken her down with one arm tied behind my back.

Koga: Still that step mom was horrible.

Izayoi: Kagome was the step mother the witch?

Kagome: I think so, but the story doesn't say, though I believe she was.

Inukimi: Still what kind of person just CRAWLS into an oven. It's crazy.

Inutashio: Well the story was pretty interesting. Especially the father.

Kagome: Well get ready for tomorrow Shippo and Rin. For tomorrow I'm going to read you the story of Snow White.

Shippo and Rin: Ohh!

**************End of Chapter 4*******************
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