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Inuyasha Fanfiction: Snow White

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Kagome reads Rin and Shippo "Snow White" and uses the team as the characters.

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The team was sitting by the fire, but it wasn't just Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Kilala, Mirkou, and Shippo. There sitting by another fire a few feet away was Sesshomaru, Rin, Kohaku, Ah-Un and Jaken. Koga and his wolves were sitting a couple feet by a fire too. Lord Inutashio, Lady Izayoi, and Lady Inukimi were by another fire.

Kagome: Hey Shippo and Rin are you ready for another bed time story?

Shippo: Yes.

Rin: Yes Thank You.

Kagome: Okay this is the story of "Snow White".

Inuyasha: It's a story about snow?

Kagome: No it's about a Princess named "Snow White".

Mirkou: What kind of name is that?

Kagome: It's a special name.

Shippo: Kagome can we be the characters?

Kagome: Now who should be the characters. I guess I could be Snow White. Inuyasha is the prince. Koga is the huntsman. Shippo could be all the seven dwarfs, but in different color hair and fur. Inukimi can be the Evil Queen.

Shippo: Cool!

Kagome: Okay let's get reading.

*******************Snow White****************

Once Upon A Time...

There was a kingdom surrounded by a dark forest and everything. A long time ago the King and Queen were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Her hair was as black as night and her lips red as blood and her skin as white as snow. They named her "Snow White".


Inuyasha: That's why? What kind of parents name their kid by appearance?

Kagome: Well Inuyasha your name means dog man and that's what you are! HAHAHAHA!!

Inuyasha: Who's idea was to name me "Dog Man"?! He looked at his parents angrily.

Izayoi: His. She pointed at Inutashio.

Inutashio: Son it suits you.

Inuyasha: Grr!!

Kagome: Okay now where was I?


Apparently a tragic event happened a few years after giving birth to Snow White the beloved queen passed away from a terrible illness. Leaving the king to rule without a queen. So after a few years the King married a new woman the Evil Queen. But if there wasn't enough tragedy in Snow White's life the King passes from fighting in a war. Though the Evil Queen didn't shed a tear. Leaving the kingdom in the care of the Evil Queen. She used all the money in the kingdom so she can buy more beauty supplies and youth potions for herself to keep her beauty. The Evil Queen had many mirrors to look at herself, but her favorite mirror was a magic mirror that always told the truth. Everyday she would ask the mirror who is the fairest of them all.

Inukimi: Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?

And every time it would say the same thing.

Magic Mirror: It is you crystal clear.

Inukimi: Yes.

For years the Magic Mirror has asked who is fairest of the land. But one day there was a different answer.

Inukimi: Mirror Mirror who is the fairest of the land?

Magic Mirror: You are as fair as can be, but Kagome is more fair and beautiful than you.

Inukimi: What!! Kagome no, it can't be. I knew that girl would be trouble one day!! Grr!!

Kagome was outside washing the steps by the wishing well, after the King died Inukimi made Kagome do chores like cooking and cleaning.

Kagome: Why hello birds I hope your having a great day.

Birds: Tweet Tweet.

She walked towards the well.

Kagome: Do you guys know what I'll wish for?

The birds shook their heads no.

Kagome: I'd wish to be married to a prince.

That's when Kagome started singing to the birds that's when her voice was heard by Prince Inuyasha.

Inuyasha was riding on his white horse near the palace when he heard the sound of Kagome's voice. He then got off his horse and climbed up the wall and saw Kagome singing by the well. The then walked up to her by the well and Kagome saw his face.

Kagome: Eep!

Inuyasha: No wait I didn't mean to frighten you. Please.

Kagome ran up the stairs into her palace bedroom where she saw Inuyasha from the balcony.

Inuyasha: Please I wish to be with you.

Kagome: Really?

Inuyasha: Yes Please.

Kagome: I'll think about it, but until then I'll think of you.

She then kissed a bird and sent it to Inuyasha's lips.

Kagome: Good bye.

Later that day Inukimi called for her royal hunts men Koga.

Inukimi: Take Princess Kaogme to the flower fields by the forest where she can pick wild flowers.

Koga: Yes your highness.

Inukimi: And when she's not looking KILL HER!!

Koga: What?!

Inukimi: And to make sure you really do it, bring back her heart in this box.

She held up a red blood colored box with a gold painted heart in it.

Koga: Yes your highness.

Later that day he took her to the flower fields on his brown horse. Kagome was in such a good mood from meeting Prince Inuyasha that she sewed up a beautiful pink and purple dress for her to wear.

Koga: Here we are your highness.

Kagome: Oh it's beautiful. Thank you.

Koga: Your welcome.

Kagome then walked into the fields picking flowers. That's when she spotted a baby bird that fell of it's nest.

Baby Bird: Tweet Tweet.

Kagome: Oh you poor baby bird. Are you alright?

She walked towards the baby bird and started petting it.

Kagome: It's okay baby bird. Where are your parents?

Baby Bird: Tweet Tweet.

Kagome: Oh there they are up there. Can you fly?

Baby Bird: Tweet Tweet. The baby bird smiled and started to fly up in the air.

Koga looked around and saw that no one was around.

Koga: Okay, lets go.

He grabbed his knife dagger and slowly walked towards her.

Kagome: Good bye little birdie. Good bye.

Then she got up was about to walk back to the flowers when she saw Koga behind her. He had his knife raised up at her.

Kagome: SCREAM!!!!

She then hid her face in fear. Koga looked at her and her beauty. He couldn't bring himself to kill her.

Koga: I...I can't do it. He dropped his knife and feel at his knees. Then he put his head on her dress.

Kagome: I...I don't understand?!

Koga: The Queen is jealous of your beauty and wanted me to kill you, but I can't. I just can't.

Kagome: What should I do?

Koga: Run! Run away and never come back. Into the woods hurry. GO!!

Kagome: Oh!!

Then she ran away into the woods.

Koga got his horse and rode off.

Kagome ran into the forest as fast as she can, but it was so dark and scary.

Kagome: AAHH!!

She ran far into the forest until she found a little house in the distance.

Kagome: Oh this is perfect.

She walked towards it.

Kagome: Hello. Is anybody there?

Nobody was there.

Kagome saw some bread and juice on the table.

Kagome: Oh I am so hungry. They won't mind if I just had a nibble.

Kagome: Oh this place is a mess I guess I can clean up this place.

She did laundry, mopped the floors, shined the windows, did the dishes, and cooked some soup and bread.

Kagome: Yawn. Now I'm tired.

She went upstairs and saw 7 beds.

Kagome: Oh this one looks nice. She slept on a nice red sheet bed. Each bed had a name craved in it. Then she fell asleep.

Far in the forest in the diamond mines were the 7 dwarfs.


Shippo: Kagome what's dwarf?

Kagome: They are like little humans that collect diamonds they also have pointed ears and funny names.

Shippo: Oh.


The dwarfs names were Doc, Sleepy, Grumpy, Dopey, Sneezy, Happy, and Bashful.

Doc had green hair and fur. Grumpy had red hair and fur. Happy had yellow hair and fur. Sneezy had purple hair and fur. Dopey had blue hair and fur. Bashful had pink hair and fur. Sleepy had white hair and fur.

They were working in the mines when a bell rang.

Doc: It's time to go home brothers.

Sneezy: Yeah "Achoo".

Grumpy: Finally I am starved.

Happy: Yeah I'm so excited to go home.

Dopey was nodding his head "yes".

They dwarfs walked home and saw that the front door was open.

Doc: Huh the front door is open?

Grumpy: I bet it's a theif.

Sneezy: I'm sure it's a deer. "Achoo".

Bashful: Lets go inside.

They went inside and saw the house was clean and spotless.

Doc: Gosh you think elves cleaned and made some food for us.

Grump: Elves just make no sense.

Happy: Oh that was so kind of them. Hehe!!

They then went upstairs and saw Kagome on the bed.

Grumpy: She's sleepy on my bed.

Doc: Shh! You might wake her.

Bashful: Gosh she's pretty.

Happy: So lovely.

Dopey was blushing.

Grumpy kicked the bed which woke her up.

Kagome: Eep! Who are you guys! Oh let me guess. Your Happy, Doc, Dopey, Bashful, Sleepy, and Sneezy.

Then she looked at Grumpy with his arms crossed.

Kagome: And you must be Grumpy.

Dwarfs except Grumpy: HAHAHAHA!!!!

Grumpy: And who are you?!

Kagome: I am Kagome.

Doc: Kagome the Princess?!

Kagome: Yes.

Happy: What are you doing out here?

Kagome: My stepmom is trying to kill me, because she is jealous of my beauty.

Doc: Oh that's horrible.

Kagome: Please let me stay with you and in exchange I'll sew, wash, clean, and cook.

Doc: You can cook?

Kagome: Yes!

Doc: Can you make sugared peaches.

Kagome: Yes.

Happy: Hot Winter Soup?

Kagome: Yep.

Sleepy: Yawn Rice balls?

Kagome: Of course.

Grumpy: What about blueberry bread?

Kagome: Yes!


Kagome: Then lets go downstairs for some dinner.

Happy: Aww thanks.

Later that night Inukimi in her castle asked her mirror the same question, but this time she had the heart box in her hands.

Inukimi: Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?

Magic Mirror: The fairest and true is not you, but a maiden who's skin as white snow hair black as night the fairest is Kagome.

Inukimi: Kagome is dead, behold her heart.

She showed the mirror her heart.

Magic Mirror: Kagome still fairest in the land. She lives with the dwarfs of the lands. That the heart of a pig you have in your hand.

Inukimi: The heart of a pig?! Then I've been tricked!!

Then she ran downstairs to her secret room, where she did her experiments.

Inukimi: I'll have to get rid of her myself. But first I need a disguise. Then she made a potion made to make her self look like an old lady.

Inukimi: Now I need something to kill her.

She grabbed her spell book of cruses and found the recipe for a poison apple.

Inukimi: It says here that a bite from a poison apple the eyes will shut forever in sleeping death. Perfect.

While Inukimi was making the apple. Kagome was singing to the dwarfs.

Kagome: AH AH AHHHHHH!!!!!

Bashful: Your voice is like angels.

Happy: Yes it's so perfect.

Grumpy: It is pretty nice.

Kagome: Why Thank You. Now it's time for bed. Oh where am I going to sleep?

Doc: You can sleep in my bed. I'll sleep downstairs.

Kagome: That is so kind of you thanks.

Later that night Inukimi had made her poison apple.

Inukimi: Oh it's perfect. But wait there might be an antidote?

She ran to her book and saw the cure.

Inukimi: The cure is.... Love's First Kiss?! Ha! No need to worry about that the dwarfs will think she's dead she'll be buried alive. WAHAHA!!

Then Inukimi walked out of the room and towards the dwarfs home.

The next day the dwarfs walked out of the house towards the mines.

Doc: Goodbye.

Grumpy: Don't let anyone near the house and you.

Kagome: Oh Grumpy you do care.

Grumpy: Hehe!!

Then the dwarfs left. After a few hours Kagome was busy sweeping and playing with the animals when out of no where an old woman came towards her.

Inukimi: Help young lady will go give me a drink of water.

Kagome: Oh sure. Please come inside.

Kagome gave Inukimi a drink of water.

Kagome's animal friends saw what was happening. So they ran towards the mines to get the dwarfs.

Inukimi: Thank you young lady. Here take this apple.

Kagome: Oh I couldn't.

Inukimi: But this is no ordinary apple it's a wishing apple you make a wish, you take a bite, and your wish will come true. Only you pure hearted girl deserves this apple.

Kagome: Really?! That's so sweet.

Inukimi: Well make your wish.

Kagome: Okay. I wish to marry the prince I saw yesterday and he'll take me to his castle in castle and live happily ever after.

At the moment the animals found the mines and found the dwarfs.

Doc: What are these animals doing?

Sleepy: Yawn Maybe Kagome is in danger.

Happy: Oh No maybe she is!!

Grumpy: Come on let's go. Then they got on the deer and rode of to Kagome.

Inukimi: What a nice wish now take a bite.

Kagome: Okay.

Then she took a bite.

Kagome: Oh I feel strange.

Then she passed out on the floor.

Inukimi: Yes now I'm the fairest of the land. HAHAHA!!


Inuyasha: Who the heck takes food from a stranger?!

Kagome: Shh!!


Then she walked outside and she saw the dwarfs coming home.

Grumpy: There she is get her!!

Inukimi: Oh No!!

She ran off as fast as she can. That's when she climbed up a rocky mountain. Once she reached the top a blast of lighting struck the ground causing the rocks to crumble and she fell to her death.

The dwarfs ran back to Kagome and saw her on the ground. Though even in death they couldn't bury her so they made her a coffin made out of gold and glass. They put her in the middle of the forest where she slept there for months. Until spring came, that's when Prince Inuyasha came on Kagome in the coffin.

Inuyasha: Oh No!!

He ran towards the coffin.

Inuyasha: No!!

That's when the dwarfs came.

Doc: Hello there.

Inuyasha: What happened to her?

Grumpy: The Evil Queen poisoned her.

Inuyasha then opened the coffin and gave her a kiss.

That's when her eyes opened.

Kagome: Yawn. Oh my prince.

Inuyasha: Your Alive.

Inuyasha carried her in his arms.

Doc: She's alive.

Grumpy: Yes.

Happy: She's really alive.

Bashful: It's a miracle.

Sleepy: Yah!!

Sneezy: YES! ACHOO!!

Dopey was dancing in happiness.

Then Inuyasha put her on his white horse.

Kagome: Good bye Good bye.

Then they walked off into the sunset towards his castle where they were to be married.

And They Lived Happily Every After


Shippo: Yawn that was great.

Rin: So romantic.

Kagome: I know so sweet.

Izayoi: Oh that was beautiful.

Inuyasha: Ok, the end was great, but who kisses a girl in her sleep?

Kagome: It's just a story.

Inutashio: A kiss huh?! Hehe!!

Kagome: Well get ready for tomorrow Shippo and Rin. For tomorrow I'm going to read you the story of The Frog Prince.

Shippo and Rin: Ohh!

**************End of Chapter 5*******************
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