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Inuyasha Fanfiction: The Frog Prince

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Kagome reads Rin and Shippo "The Frog Prince" and uses the team as the characters.

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The team was sitting by the fire, but it wasn't just Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Kilala, Mirkou, and Shippo. There sitting by another fire a few feet away was Sesshomaru, Rin, Kohaku, Ah-Un and Jaken. Koga and his wolves were sitting a couple feet by a fire too. Lord Inutashio, Lady Izayoi, and Lady Inukimi were by another fire.

Kagome: Hey Shippo and Rin are you ready for another bed time story?

Rin: Yes.

Shippo: Which story are you going to read us tonight?

Kagome: The Frog Prince.

Inuyasha: Let me guess it's about a frog isn't it.

Kagome: Yep. Let me see. I'll be the princess. Inuyasha will be the frog. Inutashio will be the king. Sango will be one of the princess's older sisters. Izayoi will be another older sister.

Rin: Oh sounds exciting.

*******************The Frog Prince*************

Once Upon A Time...

In a Kingdom lived A Noble and Fair king named Inutashio who had 3 beautiful daughters.

The oldest was Izayoi. The second oldest was Sango. And the youngest was Kagome.

Izayoi would spend her day reading books. Sango would ride her horse. Kagome would go outside in the back garden where the well is and play with her little golden ball.

Kagome: Oh I love my little golden ball.

She would toss it up and up in the air everyday, but on day she tossed it up so high that it fell in the well and sank down to the bottom.

Kagome: Oh No!! My beautiful golden ball is gone.

That's when she started to cry. Her cry was so loud that the frog that was in the fountain near by heard it. The frog hopped towards her.

Inuyasha: Hey princess how come your crying?

Kagome stopped crying and saw the frog talking to her.

Kagome: I'm Princess Kagome and Oh who are you?

Inuyasha: My name is Inuyasha the frog and it's really hard for me to swim peacefully with you crying so why do you cry?

Kagome: Oh Inuyasha my golden ball has fallen down the well and I can't get it.

Inuyasha: Can't you swim?

Kagome: I can,but if I do I'll spoil my beautiful golden dress.

Inuyasha: Hm. I could swim down the well and get your golden ball back.

Kagome: Really thanks. And in exchange I'll give you something special.

Inuyasha: Like what?

Kagome: I'll give you a nice golden crown.

Inuyasha: I have no use for a golden crown.

Kagome: Then a nice diamond ring.

Inuyasha: I don't want a diamond ring.

Kagome: Then what do you want?

Inuyasha: What I want is for you to be my friend and love and care for me. And let me eat from your golden plate and drink from your golden cup. And let me sleep in your bed. Of you do this for I'll swim down the well and get your golden ball back.

Kagome: Oh yes yes I'll give you all of that if you get my golden ball back.

Kagome: Oh my that's the dinner bell. Please hurry Inuyasha or we'll be late for dinner. Today is a royal banquette and all the valuable prince's from the kingdoms are coming to dinner so can you make it quick.

Inuyasha: Okay ok.

Then Inuyasha swam down to the bottom of the well and grabbed the golden ball.

Kagome: How crazy is this frog! A princess and a frog can't be friends as soon as I'm getting a golden ball I'm going home.


Rin: So she's going to break her promise.

Kagome: Yeah kinda crazy huh.

Inuyasha: That's so wrong breaking her promise like that.

Kagome: I know.

Inutashio: Breaking your word is never a good idea.

Inukimi: I agree.

Sesshomaru: Hn.

Kagome: No where were we.


But it was really hard for Inuyasha to get it up to the top of well, since it was made from pure gold it was a little heavy. Inuyasha swam harder and harder, until he finally reached the top of the well.

Kagome: Oh thank you, my little golden ball is back. She grabbed it.

Inuyasha: That's good. Hey I'm tired can you carry me to the castle or something.

There was no answer.

Inuyasha: Hello?

He saw Kagome running towards the castle.

Kagome: Good bye Inuyasha. Hehe!

Inuyasha: Wait what about your promise?!

He watched as Kagome entered the castle.

Inuyasha: I can't believe that she lied to get her golden ball back. "Sigh"!

Then the sky turned into night. Inuyasha was still outside cold, tired, and hungry.

Inuyasha: I'm going to that castle! That princess made a promise and she'll keep it. He said angrily.

He then got up and walked towards the castle.


Inuyasha: Good that princess is going to learn a lesson.

Shippo: I hope so.


Inuyasha walked towards the castle gates and saw guards.

Inuyasha: I'm going to have to sneak into the castle.

Then he ran towards the back and saw a small hoke which he could fit through. Once he did he came face to face with a vicious guard dog.


Inuyasha: AAAHHH!!!!!

Inuyasha ran as fast as he can. Then he reached a small wall and hopped over it, then ran up the stairs and inside the castle he was. He hopped and hopped until he smelled food.

Inuyasha: "Sniff Sniff". Oh that smells good.

He followed the smell until he food the dining room door. He knocked on it and said.

"Princess Kagome please come out here".

Kagome: Huh? Oh no it can't be him.

Then Kagome walked to the door and opened it. She was shocked it was him Inuyasha.

Inuyasha: Oh princess thank you. I'm so tried and hungry please left me have dinner with you.

Kagome: Eek! The she slammed the door in face.

Inuyasha: Hey!! You promised that I can dine with you and be your friend. Now let me in!! Kagome: No please leave!!

Inutashio: Kagome what's the matter?

Kagome: Oh Father the frog has come back.

Inutashio: Why would a frog want with you?

Kagome: Well you see I dropped my golden in the water well and I promised to be his friend and to let me dine with me and sleep in my bed if he got it back. His name is Inuyasha.

Inutashio: You must keep your promise. Now let him in.

Kagome: Yes Father.

She then opened the door.

Everyone: Gasp!!

Inuyasha came into the dining room.

Inuyasha: Oh thank you princess.

Inutashio: Kagome pull up a seat for our guest.

Prince Eric: Haha! A frog.

Prince Andy: Being friends with a frog huh!

Sango: Oh Kagome what an interesting friend you have.

Izayoi: Hehe!!

Kagome: Sigh!

Kagome pulled up a chair for Inuyasha.

Inuyasha: Thanks.

Kagome: your welcome.

Kagome then sat down.

On the table was a huge feast.

There was Lobster, Turkey, Chicken, Goose, Beef, Vegetables, Fruit, Soup, Rice, Fresh Gravy, Bread Slices, Red Wine, A Large Ham, Dumplings, Fish, Sugared Peaches, Cookies, Pudding, and a Large Cake.

Inuyasha: Wow look at all of this food.

Inutashio: Help yourself.

Inuyasha: Thank you, your highness.

Inuyasha started eating like a pig.

About twenty minutes later.

Inuyasha: Now do you know where I could take a bath?

Inutashio: Kagome can you take Inuyasha to your private bathroom.

Kagome: My bathroom?! That's too much why can't we ask him to leave.

Inuyasha: Hey!!

Inutashio: Kagome take him to your bedroom. Be Nice. Okay?!

Kagome: Yes dad. Come on Inuyasha let's go.

Inuyasha: Okay.

She took him to her bedroom and private bathroom.

Inuyasha: Whoa this place is amazing.

Kagome: I know. MAIDS!!

Then a maid came in.

Maid: Yes your highness.

Kagome: Can you help Inuyasha with his bath please?

Maid: Yes.

Inuyasha: Good I haven't bath in weeks.

Kagome: Arugh!!

Kagome went outside her bedroom. She saw Prince Eric and Prince Andy.

Eric: So we were thinking of marrying you, but we think we'll marry your sisters.

Kagome: What, but I'm the prettiest.

Eric: True, but there is 3 of you and two of us. And we can't marry a girl who is friends with a frog. Sorry.

Andy: Yeah, but your invented to the wedding.

Kagome: okay.

Kagome was very sad her chances of marrying a prince were gone.

Inuyasha heard what happened.

Inuyasha: Sigh.

After Inuyasha's bath he got new clothes. Then Kagome took her bath and put on her Night Gown. She sat on the bed looking sad.

Inuyasha: Princess what is it are you alright?

Kagome: No tonight's dinner was the last chance I could get engaged to a prince. And thanks to you I can't marry a prince. Even if I'm happy that my sisters have found husbands. I can't get married. I thought I was going to get chosen because, I'm the prettiest, but I guess that's that.

Inuyasha: Princess there is no need to be sad.

Kagome: Yes, there is. Plus I was humiliated too. I'll be the laughing stock of the whole kingdom.

Then she started crying. Inuyasha felt sad too. He had ruined Kagome's chance of finding a prince, but then he remembered he was a prince in a frog's body.

Inuyasha: Pleas don't cry. I'll help you find a prince.

Kagome: How?!

Inuyasha: As a frog I travel a lot and know a prince who would love to marry you.

Kagome: Really?! Your going to help me, but I've treated you so badly. Why would you help me?

Inuyasha: Because your not as bad as you are.

Kagome: Really?!

Inuyasha: I'll tell you where this prince is, but first I would like a kiss.

Kagome: A kiss?

Inuyasha: Yep.

Then Inuyasha's started to glow and grow.

Kagome: Eep!

Then he turned into a human version of Inuyasha with Prince clothes.

Kagome: Gasp!

Inuyasha: My dear loving friend you have broken the cruse on me. You see I accidentally walked into a witches garden and she cursed me into a frog and you have broken the cruse.

Kagome: Oh my.

Inuyasha: I am Prince Inuyasha.

Kagome: Your a prince?!

Inuyasha: Yes and for that I'll marry you.

Kagome: Oh Thank You.

They then got married and rode off into the sunset in a golden carriage.

And they lived Happily Ever After.


Rin: I'm glad that the Princess learned her lesson.

Shippo: I can't believe the frog was a prince.

Kagome: I know it was shocking.

Inuyasha: I can't believe he married her.

Izayoi: It's called forgiveness my son.

Kagome: Well get ready for tomorrow Shippo and Rin. For tomorrow I'm going to read you the story of The Pied Piper.

Shippo and Rin: Ohh!

**************End of Chapter 6*******************
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