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Inuyasha Fanfiction: Puss in Boots

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Kagome reads Rin and Shippo "Puss in Boots" and uses the team as the characters.

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The team was sitting by the fire, but it wasn't just Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Kilala, Mirkou, and Shippo. There sitting by another fire a few feet away was Sesshomaru, Rin, Kohaku, Ah-Un and Jaken. Koga and his wolves were sitting a couple feet by a fire too. Lord Inutashio, Lady Izayoi, and Lady Inukimi were by another fire.

Kagome: Story Time!

Rin: Yes.

Shippo: Alright.

Inuyasha: What's the story tonight?

Kagome: This on is called "Puss in Boots".

Inuyasha: Puss?

Kagome: Yep. Okay. Inutashio will be the oldest brother. Sesshomaru will be the second oldest. Inuyasha will be the youngest brother. Shippo you can be Puss. I'll be the Princess and Mirkou will be the king. Koga will be the ogre. Izayoi would be the maid. Inukimi would be the cook. The slaves would be Rin, Kohaku, and Sango.

*****************Puss in Boots****************

Once Upon A Time...

There were 3 brothers that lived in the country side there father has died, but before he did he put what he wanted his sons to have in his will. Inutashio got a farm. Sesshomaru got a Wind Mill. And Inuyasha just got a cat named Shippo.

Inuyasha was sitting outside by the house right next to the cat.

Inuyasha: I can't believe this. My brothers get property like the farm and Wind Mill and a I get is a cat named Shippo.

The was a orange skinny cat with green eyes.

Inuyasha: The only thing your good for is chasing mice.

Shippo: Now hold on I can do more for you than that.

Inuyasha: Wait you can talk?!

Shippo: Yes. I Shippo the talking cat will help you become rich. For I have a plan.

Inuyasha: Alright let's hear it.

Shippo: First I'll need a pair of boots for me to wear.

Inuyasha: You can have mine.

Inuyasha took off his boots and gave them to Shippo.

Shippo then put on the boots. He was now standing on two legs like a human.

Shippo: Yes now I am Shippo in Boots. Now I need a large sack.

Inuyasha went inside his fathers house and grabbed a large sack and gave it to puss.

Inuyasha: Here.

Shippo: Thanks.

Then Puss went to the lake and put a bunch of animals in the sack. There were geese, chickens, pigs, quills and goats.

Then he rushed to the castle and went to the king.

Shippo: Your highness I brought you these animals gifts from my master the Count Inuyasha.


Shippo: What's a count?

Kagome: It's a rich noble man who is not royalty.

Shippo: Oh?


Mirkou: Is my that is very very kind of you. Why not go into the kitchen and grab yourself something to eat.

Shippo: Why thank you your highness.

He the went into the kitchen to grab himself some dinner. He got fish, chicken, bread, and fresh milk.

Inukimi: You know I've heard that the King Mirkou and Princess Kagome are going on a trip to the evil ogre's castle tomorrow.

Izayoi: Oh my that is terrible. That ogre Koga can shape shift into anything what if he turn into a dragon and eats them.

Inukimi: I heard the ogre refuses to pay the king the money he owes him for the land he has taken.

That's when Shippo got another idea. Then grabbed the food on the table and went off into the village to sell it. Once he did he used the money to buy himself a brown hat with a large fluffy white feather on it. Then a brown belt with a yellow buckle with a thin sword. Then he bought some food for his master. Luckily he still had some leftover coin for his

Shippo: I'm back and I bought some food.

Inuyasha: Where have you been?

Shippo: I'll tell you as soon as you get something to eat.

He then put the food he bought on the table. There was soup, bread, and red wine.

Inuyasha: Wow this all looks good. Munch Nibble.

Shippo: I have a idea to make you rich and get you married to the Princess Kagome.

Inuyasha: How?

Shippo: Well it is easy. First we are going on a walk tomorrow towards the ogre's castle.

Inuyasha: The evil ogre Koga?!

Shippo: Yes. Don't worry I'll do all the work.

Inuyasha: What work?!

Shippo: Just relax master. And you'll have to change your name from now on your name is Count Inuyasha Nihongo Tashio the 3rd. (Nihongo means : Dog Demon, it's Inuyasha'sreal last name).

Inuyasha: okay?

Shippo: Now what is your name?

Inuyasha: Count Inuyasha Nihongo Tashio the 3rd.

Shippo: Now relax, because tomorrow we are going for a walk.

Inuyasha: Sure.

Inuyasha and Puss went to sleep. Then the next day Inuyasha and Shippo walked towards the ogre's castle. Then they stopped by a tree by a river.

Shippo: Now you stay here by the river. Okay?

Inuyasha: Sure, but what is the plan?

Shippo: To get you rich and married to Princess Kagome.

Inuyasha: How?!

Shippo: Just sit here and let me do the work.

Inuyasha: Okay?

Then Shippo ran off to the fields where the ogre's slaves worked all day.

Shippo: Slaves of the ogre I'll give you this coins I have if you say to the King and Princess when they come is way that this land belongs to Count Inuyasha Nihongo Tashio the 3rd and you tell them that he has killed the ogre too.

Kohaku: Okay deal.

Rin: But why?

Shippo: Because this land and the castle will belong to him once my master kills the ogre and you guys shall have your freedom.

Sango: Oh that sounds great. It's a deal.

Shippo: Good.

He then gave the slaves to the coins and ran off to the castle. Where he met the ogre.

Koga: Who goes there?

Shippo: I am Shippo in Boots. Sent here from Count Inuyasha and King Mirkou.

Koga: Why?

Shippo: They are coming to kill you, they are bring armies and 1000's of weapons.

Koga: They are?!

Shippo: Yes, but I'm on your side if you turn yourself into a small animal you can sneak up on them and kill them that way you can rule all the kingdom.

Koga: And what do you what in exchange?

Shippo: Oh only a feast to celebrate your soon to be victory.

Koga: Good idea. He then snapped his fingers and a bunch of slaves came in with a bunch of food and put it on a large table.

Koga: No to transform into a mouse.

He then transformed into a mouse.

Shippo: My my you are very talented.

Koga: Thank you.

Shippo: But not for long.

Koga: Why?!

Shippo then got down on his four feet and chased Koga in his mouse form.

Koga: AAAAAHHHH!!!!!

Shippo then caught him and killed him. He threw the mouse body away and ran off to his master.

Inuyasha: There you are where have you been?

Shippo: Master the ogre is killed.

Inuyasha: What?!

Shippo: Come on let's go to the river.

Inuyasha: Sure.

Then went to the river.

Shippo: Now when the King and Princess come you tell them that you defeated the ogre and you are taking a bath in the river to get rid of the ogre's scent off you and your clothes were ruined.

Inuyasha: Right.

Puss: Now take of your clothes and get in the river.

Inuyasha: Right!

He took off his clothes and got into the river.

Puss then went into the tree and saw the king's carriage coming this way. He then went down the tree and got the king's attention.

Mirkou: Hm! Stop the carriage!

Shippo: Your highness I got good news for you my master Count Inuyasha has defeated the evil ogre and now he owns this land and the castle.

Kagome: Where is he?

Shippo:He is bathing in the river and his clothes are now ruined from slaughtering the ogre. Now he would've taken a bath in the castle, but my master would rather prefer the freshest of water.

Mirkou: I would've done the same.

Shippo: Now if you don't believe me you can ask the slaves the ogre had on the fields, but first my master would need to get some new clothes.

Kagome: Oh we have an extra pair.

Then Kagome went out the carriage and grabbed some clothes from the trunk in the back.

Kagome: Here give this to your master.

Shippo: Thank you, your highness. And can you give me and my master a ride in your carriage?

Kagome: Of course.

Shippo: Thanks.

Then Shippo ran to Inuyasha.

Shippo: Here are some new clothes for you.

Inuyasha: Thanks.

He put on the new clothes and walked towards the carriage.

Inuyasha: Hello your highness.

Kagome: Hello. Is it all true about you and the ogre?

Inuyasha: Yes. I defeated the ogre and you are taking a bath in the river to get rid of the ogre's scent off me and my clothes were ruined.

Mirkou: Well come in.

Shippo: I'll ride on the roof.

Inuyasha went into the carriage.

Kagome: I really appreciate you defeating that horrible evil ogre.

Inuyasha: Your welcome.

Then they headed towards the fields where the slaves were.

Mirkou: Hello there who does this land belong to?

Sango: To Count Inuyasha Nihongo Tashio the 3rd.

Rin: Yes the Count has defeated the ogre and now we are free from the evil ogre.

Kohaku: The castle belongs to him as well.

Shippo: You guys are free to go and relax.

Rin: Thank you.

Then the slaves went to the castle to rest. The carriage followed them. Then it stopped in front of the castle.

Kagome: This castle is huge and lovely.

Inuyasha: And it's all mine.

Shippo hopped from the carriage.

Shippo: There is a feast waiting for the three of you in the castle.

Mirkou: Oh goodie.

They went into the castle and enjoyed themself.

Mirkou: Count Inuyasha you've have given us nice presents and defeated the evil ogre and for that I'll give you anything your heart's desire.

Shippo: How about your daughter's hand in marriage.

Kagome: Oh yes please daddy.

Mirkou: Alright then you may marry Princess Kagome.

Inuyasha: Oh I'd love that very much.

The next day they were married and Shippo spent his days eating and having fun. They were all happy and living in wealth.

And they lived Happily Ever After.


Rin: What an amazing cat?

Shippo: Oh I wish I could fight an ogre.

Inuyasha: If you fight an ogre you'll get beaten to a pulp.

Sesshomaru: I Seeshomaru could have defeated an ogre easily.

Inukimi: So the cat lies in order for his master to get rich and married?

Kagome: I think the story is trying to tell us that anyone can be rich and talented with hard work, I think.

Izayoi: Hehe! What a crazy cat.

Inutashio: Still a talking cat that is just strange.

Kagome: Well get ready for tomorrow Shippo and Rin. For tomorrow I'm going to read you the story of Jack and the Bean Stalk.

Shippo and Rin: Ohh!

**************End of Chapter 8*******************
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