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Inuyasha Fanfiction: Cinderella

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Kagome reads Rin and Shippo "Cinderella" and uses the team as the characters.

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The team was sitting by the fire, but it wasn't just Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Kilala, Mirkou, and Shippo. There sitting by another fire a few feet away was Sesshomaru, Rin, Kohaku, Ah-Un and Jaken. Koga and his wolves were sitting a couple feet by a fire too. Lord Inutashio, Lady Izayoi, and Lady Inukimi were by another fire. This time Kikyo is here too.

Shippo: Come on Kagome story time.

Kagome: Okay.

Rin: Your going to read us Cinderella, right?

Kagome: Yep. Let me see. I'll be Cinderella. Inuyasha will be the Prince. Inutashio the King. Koga the grand duke. Shippo, Rin, Kohaku can be the mice friend. Sango and Kikyo will be the step-sisters. Inukimi can be the stepmom. The fairy god mother can be Izayoi.

Rin: Oh!


Once Upon A Time...

There was a girl named Kagome who lived with her father. She was a beautiful child indeed, her father gave her anything her heart desires. Still her father thought she needed a mother's heart. So he married another woman named Lady Inukimi who had two daughter's around Kagome's age Sango and Kikyo . One day though a tragic event happened Kagome's father had died from an illness. Then Inukimi's true self came. She was cruel and mean and jealous of Kagome's beauty. Years have passed and then she is forced to be a servant in her own home she lives in the attic. Though Kagome still had hope that one day she'll be happy.

(Inukimi is human)

Kagome got up early and got dressed in her maid outfit, then got breakfast ready for her step sisters and step mom and carried it to their bed rooms.

She enters Sango's room.

Kagome: Good morning Sango, did you sleep well?

Kikyo: As if you cared. Take that ironing and be done in one hour, you hear me.

Kagome: Yes Sango.

She enters Kikyo 's room.

Kagome: Good morning Kikyo .

Kikyo : Just get this mending done and don't take all day.

Kagome: Yes Kikyo .

She enters Inukimi's room.

Kagome: Good morning step mother.

Inukimi: Come in and get the laundry.

Kagome: Yes step mother.

Then she goes downstairs and does the laundry, ironing, and mending. Then there was a knock on the door.

Kagome: Coming.

The grand duke Koga was at the door.

Koga: A message from the king. There is to be a royal ball tonight where Prince Inuyasha will be choosing a girl from the kingdom to be his wife.

Kagome: Oh thank you.

She grabbed the invitation and went upstairs to the music room.

Kagome: It's a invitation to a royal ball at the palace where Prince Inuyasha will be choosing a bride.

Sango: Yes he's going to choose me I know it.

Kikyo : Or me.

Sango: Not in your dreams he is going to choose me.

Kikyo : I'm more pretty than you.

Sango: But I have more class than you.

Inukimi: Girls please calm down I'm sure the prince will choose one of you.

Kagome: I can't to go to the ball.

Sango: Wait you?!

Kagome: Yes every girl has to go to the ball it's a royal command.

Kikyo : You have nothing to where.

Kagome: I'll think of something.

Inukimi: But first you must do these things first. Here's a list of things you need to do.

She rolled out a list.

Inukimi: After you finish the laundry, sewing, and mending. You have to wash the floors, dust the tea sets, clean the ashes of the fire place, polish the silver and brass, then help us shop for new dresses, shoes, jewelry, and make up for the ball , make us lunch, help us with our ball dancing and conversation starters, then she has to sweep the enter way, tend the garden, clean the kitchen, then get our baths ready, cook us dinner, and help us get dressed.

Kagome: Yes step mother.

Sango: Hehe.

Kikyo : HA!

Kagome grabbed the list and started working as fast as she can.

Later at the castle Inutashio was talking to his son Inuyasha.

( Inuyasha and Inutashio are human)

Inuyasha: I don't know about this ball what if I don't find the right girl.

Inutashio: Don't worry my son you'll find love like I did.

Inuyasha: How?! There will be lots of girls.

Inutashio: When you ask the to dance and when you touch their hand you will know if they are meant for you. It's how I met your mother.

Inuyasha: Okay. I'll go to the ball and find a girl.

Inutashio: It's just that I'm not getting any younger and I want to see grandchildren.

Inuyasha: DAD!!

Inutashio: Now go get dressed for the ball.

Inuyasha: Okay.

Back at the house it was about lunch time and the step sisters and step mom were getting their beauty sleep before the ball. Kagome was upstairs working on a dress. She looked through the trunk and looking for her mother's old dress. Beside her was her mice friend Shippo,Rin, and Kohaku.

Kagome: Here it is.

Shippo: Oh it's lovely.

Kagome: It was my mothers.

Kagome held up the dress to her it was a white lace dress with a big pink bow.

Rin: Your going to look great in it.

Kohaku: Just like a princess.

Kagome: Now it's time to fix it up a bit. Will you help me?

Shippo: You can count on me Kagome.

Rin: I can.

Kohaku: Me too.

Kagome: Thanks.


Koga: Wait the mice can talk?

Kagome: Yep.

Inuyasha: Animals can't talk.

Kagome: Says the man who is dog.

Everyone: HAHAHA!!

Inuyasha: Not funny.


Kagome and Rin, Kohaku, and Shippo worked on the dress. They put ruffles in the dress to make it puffy, they added some pink bows to it and it was beautiful.

Inukimi: KAGOME!!

Kagome: I'm coming.

Shippo: Good luck.

Kagome went downstairs to help the girls get ready for the ball.

Sango: Kagome can you get me my fan.

Kagome: In a second.

Kikyo : Kagome I need my hat.

Kagome: Okay.

Inukimi: Kagome bring me my shoes.

Kagome: Hold on.

Shippo heard them from the attic.

Shippo: What a bunch of spoiled brats.

That's when Kagome rushed upstairs to the attic.

Kagome: Okay I only got two minutes two get ready.

Shippo: I'll help.

Kagome: Oh, Thank you so much.

Kagome was dressed as fast as anything. She was wearing the homemade dress she made with white shoes, white beads pink pearl earrings, and a pink bow in her hair. Kagome then rushed downstairs. Inukimi was wearing a lavender dress. Sango was wearing a dark pink dress. Kikyo was wearing a dark red dress. Rin,Shippo, and Kohaku followed Kagome from behind.

Inukimi: Oh you girls will be sure to get the prince to marry you for sure.

Sango: Yes.

Kikyo: Okay.

Kagome: I'm ready for the ball.

Inukimi: What are you talking about?

Sango: And what is that ugly thing your wearing?

Kagome: It was my mother's dress and I'm going with you to the ball aren't I.

Inukimi: Oh, but this ball is for woman with class and this dress is falling apart see.

She grabbed the shoulder from Kagome's dress and ripped it a little.

Kagome: Ah!!

Sango: And this bow in your hair is just terrible. Then she ripped it from her hair.

Kagome: Oh No!!

Kikyo : And these beads are so old. Then she ripped them from her neck.

Kagome: Oh please.

Inukimi: And this ribbon is uneven. She ripped that too.

Kagome: No!

Kikyo: Oh well the dress is ruined.

Sango: We're sorry.

Inukimi: Maybe you can go next time Kagome.

Then they went off to the ball. Kagome ran to the backyard and cried by the tree where her mother was buried.


Inuyasha: Wow those step sisters and step mom are so horrible.

Izayoi: And selfish.

Inutashio: Nobody should be treated like how Cinderella is.

Kagome: I know.


Rin, Shippo, and Kohaku ran towards her.

Rin: Kagome are you alright.

Kagome: I'm fine really.

Kohaku: I saw the whole thing they ripped your dress on purpose.

Shippo: I hope those girls don't get to dance with the prince.

Kagome: Don't worry about it you guys. Sniff. At least I have my dreams.

That's when a mystery woman appeared out of now where it was an old woman.

Old woman: Excuse me young lady can you give an old lady some bread and milk.

Kagome: Of course. Wait here.

She went into the kitchen and grabbed some milk and bread.

Kagome: Here.

Old woman: Thank you.

After eating it she stood up straight.

Old Woman: Oh Kagome you still have a kind heart.

Kagome: How do you know my name?

Old woman: Here.

She grabbed a stick from her side and shook it around. The stick sparkled and turned into a wand, then the old woman turned into a beautiful woman.

Izayoi: I am Izayoi your fairy god mother.

Kagome: My fairy god mother?

Izayoi: Yes. And I'm here to help you get ready for the ball.

Kagome: Oh!


Rin: What's a fairy god mother?

Kagome: It's like a powerful priestess with a magic stick, and wings to fly with.

Shippo: Wow.

Kikyo: Do they really exist?

Kagome: I think they do.


Izayoi: Now I need a pumpkin.

Kagome: A pumpkin?

Izayoi pointed the magic wand to the pumpkin in the garden and then the magic from the wand turned it into a golden carriage.

Kagome: Oh my!

Izayoi: Now we need a couch and horses.

Kagome: Huh?

Izayoi pointed the magic wand to Shippo, Rin, and Kohaku. Kohaku turned into his human self with a couch outfit. Shippo and Rin turned into white stallion horses.

Kagome: Your amazing.

Izayoi: Thank you. And now for you Kagome you need a new dress.

Kagome: Oh!

Izayoi pointed the magic wand at Kagome and her dress and hair changed. Her hair had a sparkle to it and her dress was turned into a white silk puffy dress, she even had glass slippers on.

Kagome: Oh it's wonderful. And these glass slippers are beautiful too.

Izayoi: Now I have to warn you the magic won't last all night. When the clock strike 12 everything will be back to normal.

Kagome: okay.

Izayoi: Now go and have fun and dance.

Kagome: Oh I will.

She hopped into the carriage and they rode off to the ball. She arrived at the ball and entered the ball room. Inuyasha saw her and walked towards her.

Inuyasha: Hello would you like this dance?

Kagome: I would love too.

Inuyasha and Kagome danced together for hours and hours. They then wen to the garden.

Inuyasha: You are one of the most wonderful girls I've met.

Kagome: And your amazing too.

Before they could kiss. Kagome looked at the clock. It was 11:59.

Kagome: Oh No! I must leave.

Inuyasha: But why?

Kagome: Oh the prince I haven't met the prince.

Inuyasha: The prince?! But didn't you know that I'm...

Kagome: Good bye.

Then she rushed out of the palace.

Inuyasha: Wait how can I find you I don't even know your name?!

He started chasing her. Kagome was running down the stairs towards the carriage, but her glass slipper fell off her foot. She decided to leave it on the stairs. She entered her carriage and left the palace.

Inuyasha: Koga follow that carriage.

Koga: Yes your highness.

Koga and his men got on their horses and they chased after the carriage.

Kagome: Oh No! The clock. The magic.

Then the magic wore off.

Kagome: Come on you guys over here.

Rin,Shippo, and Kohaku followed her towards the house. Koga and his men lost her. Luckily the glass slipper was still there.

Koga: We lost her.

Koga and his men rode back to the palace.

Inuyasha: Did you find her?

Koga: No all that's left is this glass slipper.

Inuyasha: Then try this on every girl in my kingdom and whoever fits this shoe bring her here.

Koga: Yes your highness.

The next day Koga went all over the kingdom trying the slipper on every girl, but no one would fit the slipper. The word got out fast. Then he arrived at Lady Inukimi's house.

Inukimi: Yes he is here.

Kagome went upstairs to find the other glass, but Inukimi followed her and locked her inside her the attic.

Kagome: NO!! You can't do this!! Help!!

Rin: Don't worry Kagome we'll get that key.

Kohaku: Yeah come on you guys.

Then they went downstairs where Inukimi is.

Koga: My Lady can your two daughters try on this glass slipper.

Sango: I want to go first.

Kikyo: No me.

Rin,Shippo, and Kohaku snuck into Inukimi's pocket and grabbed the key and ran off to the attic. They then slidded the key under the door.

Sango: Oh that slipper won't fit.

Kikyo: Dumb shoe.

Inukimi: Now girls.

Koga: Are there any other maidens in your house?

Inukimi: No.

Koga: Then I'll be off then.

Kagome: Wait your grace may I try it on.

Koga turned around.

Koga: You may.

Sango: But she has no class.

Kikyo: She's only our step sister.

Inukimi: But your grace that is just a dish maid.

Koga: Madam my orders were every maiden.

Then Koga was about to try the slipper on Kagome when Inukimi tripped him on purpose and caused the slipper to fall and break.

Koga: Oh No!! What am I going to do!!

Kagome: Wait I have the other slipper. She gave him the other slipper.

Koga: Oh my!!

He took the slipper and slid it on her foot.

Koga: A perfect fit.

Kagome: Yes!

Inukimi: NO!!

Sango: What?!

Kikyo: No Fair!!

Then Kagome went to the castle and took her thing and mice friends with her. Inuyasha proposed to her and they got married. They rode off into the sunset.

And they lived Happily Ever After.


Rin: That was so romantic.

Shippo: I loved it Kagome.

Kagome: Aww!!

Inuyasha: Glass slippers?

Kagome: They represent Cinderella's true self that she is pure and kind.

Izayoi: What a great story.

Kikyo: It was magical.

Kagome: Well get ready for tomorrow Shippo and Rin. For tomorrow I'm going to read you the story of Rapunzel.

Shippo and Rin: Ohh!

**************End of Chapter 10*****************
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