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Inuyasha Fanfiction: Beauty and the Beast

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Kagome reads Rin and Shippo "Beauty and the Beast" and uses the team as the characters.

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The team was sitting by the fire, but it wasn't just Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Kilala, Mirkou, and Shippo. There sitting by another fire a few feet away was Sesshomaru, Rin, Kohaku, Ah-Un and Jaken. Koga and his wolves were sitting a couple feet by a fire too. Lord Inutashio, Lady Izayoi, and Lady Inukimi were by another fire. This time Kikyo is here too.

Kagome: Okay you two story time.

Shippo and Rin: Yah!!

Kagome: This is the story of Beauty and the Beast. It's a classic fairy tale. Okay I'll be Beauty. Inuyasha can be the beast. The human version of Inuyasha can be the prince. Kikyo and Sango can be the sisters. Inutashio can be the father(Human Form). Mirkou and Kohaku can be the brothers. Koga can be the flower shop owner.

******************Beauty and the Beast*************

Once Upon A Time....

There was a man named Inutashio who had two sons named Mirkou and Kohaku. He also had 3 daughters named Kikyo,Sango, and Kagome. They used to be rich, but lost all of their money in a storm and now live in a run down house. Luckily one day Inutashio got a letter that some money was left. So Inutashio decided to go into town and he wanted to buy his 3 daughters some gifts and his son's too. For the winter for it was going to be his last trip into town.

Mirkou: Father I want a new hair tie.

Kohaku: Can I get some nice chocolates?

Inutashio: Sure.

He turned to his daughters.

Inutashio: Okay girls I'm going into town what do you want me to buy you girls.

Kikyo: Oh buy me a beautiful winter dress.

Sango: Some ice-skates for me be sure to get the latest style.

Inutashio: Okay I'll try that's all I can promise. He turned to Kagome.

Inutashio: Kagome anything for you?

Kagome: I don't need anything. She said with a smile that can brighten the room.

Kikyo: She always says that.

Sango: I know. Then they left the room.

Inutashio: There must be something I can buy you?!

Kagome: No thank you father.

Inutashio: Kagome it would make me very happy if I can bring you home a present, just name anything. Please!

Kagome: Can you bring me home a pretty red rose?

Inutashio: Huh? A red rose, but I wanted to bring you something special!

Kagome: Hehehe! But, father that would be special.

Inutashio: Well I know how much you like roses. I'll get one.

Then he went off on his journey to buy the gifts. He was able to get Mirkou, Kohaku's, Kikyo's, and Sango's gifts. But when he arrived at the Flower Shop in town this happened.

Inutashio: I would like a red rose please?

Koga: Sorry sir, but it is too cold for roses. In fact I sold my last one months ago. You'll have to come back when it's more warmer. Then he shuted the door.

Inutashio: Oh dear. I promised my daughter. He looked down and depressed.

He then walked back home with his items, but was disappointed that he couldn't get a gift for Kagome. For it was his last trip into town for the winter. As he was walking home he cut through the forest to head back and he saw a beautiful castle in the Western Lands. He walked closer to it to get a better look at it.

Inutashio: Wow what a beautiful castle this is.

He looked closer and saw that on one side of the castle garden was snowing and the other was a spring time rose garden.

Inutashio: How strange one side is winter and the other is a rose garden. The gate was unlocked and he opened it and went inside. He saw the red roses and said to himself. " It's a miracle I'm sure no one will mind that I picked on for my daughter". Then he took one off the bush and turned around to leave. But then, Inuyasha came upon his path growling with anger.

Inuyasha: GROWL! He had a long silver hair, golden eyes, blue slashes on his face, dog ears, fangs, and sharp razor claws.

Inutashio: Oh! I-I hope you don't mind me taking this rose you have so many.

Inuyasha: I do mind. He held out his right claw. " Give me back my rose. NOW!".

Inutashio: Oh please let my keep it I promised my daughter Kagome that I'd bring her a red rose. And this is the only place I can find one. Then Inuyasha grabbed him by his shirt.

Inuyasha: Every rose is valuable to me and if you refuse to give it back I'll take your life.

Inutashio: Isn't there some way we can work this out. He said in fear.

Inuyasha: Well yes on one condition, your daughter Kagome who had such a great desire for my red rose must consent to be my wife.

Inutashio: No! Not Kagome I can't let you...


Inutashio: Let go your choking me. I can hardly breathe. He was struggling for his life. " Alright it's agreed you can have her hand in marriage".

Inuyasha: You have "8 Days" no longer to return with your daughter Kagome. Raahhh!

Inutashio: All right I'll bring Kagome back in 8 days if that's what you want. Now can you please let me go. You have my word.

Then Inuyasha released him and Inutashio flees for his life. He was scared.

Inuyasha: Remember you have 8 days. RAH!

Then Inuyasha left the castle grounds.

...Time Skip...

Inutashio was safe back at home that night and he gave his sons and daughters their gifts.

Mirkou: This hair tie is perfect.

Kohaku: Yum! These chocolates are great.

Kikyo: It's so beautiful Thank You! She said as she grabbed her new winter dress It was pink with cotton fluff on the edges.

Sango: This skates are just the right size. She said as she held up They were white with purple laces and thin shiny blades." How did you know?".

Inutashio: Lucky guess. The sisters all laughed together. Then Inutashio gave Kagome her present. "Here you are Kagome". She unwrapped her present and saw the red rose.

Kagome: I can't believe it it's my red rose. Thank You father it's so beautiful. I'm so happy.

Kikyo: I'm amazed you can find one there out of season. Where ever did you find one?

Inutashio: There only one florist in town.

Sango: I've never heard of roses in the winter it's almost like magic.

Mirkou: A magic flower?

Inutashio: Yes it must be magic. He looked at the red rose and saw Inuyasha's face he said" Remember you have 8 days". He thought" I shouldn't be so worried besides I will not let Kagome marry that demon".

...8 Days later...

The red rose was in full blossom where Kagome put it in a clear glass vase in the middle of the table. There the family sat down and ate some tomato soup, beef sausage, and a fresh loaf of bread.

Inutashio: Kagome, This is the best meal you have ever made.

Kikyo: It's good.

Sango: Yummy.

Kagome: Awww Thank you.

Mirkou: It's great.

Kohaku: Yum.

~~~~~~~~~~~~KNOCK KNOCK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kagome: Huh?

Kikyo: It's very rude for someone to knock at our door at dinnertime.

Inutashio: Let's not answer it.

Kohaku: That's not nice.

Mirkou: We must be kind and thoughtful.

Kagome: Somebody might be in trouble.

Mirkou: Plus this someone might be hurt.

She went up and opened the door.

It was Inuyasha growling. He was mad that Inutashio didn't keep his promise.

The wind blew inside the house along with little snowflakes. Everyone was screaming in fear.

Inuyasha: RAAHHH! You didn't keep your word!

Mirkou: Keep away from us.

Kohaku: Don't touch our sisters.

Inutashio: Get out of here! He grabbed a chair and ran towards the door hoping to keep Inutashio from his sons and daughters. But Inuyasha was a very strong and he broke the chair with his claws. Then he grabbed Inutashio's right arm and lifted him off the ground.

Inuyasha: I thought we had a deal you said I can have your daughter. You broke your word.

Inutashio: Leave us alone!

Kagome: What is this demon taking about, Father?!

Inutashio: I stole your red rose from his garden and he caught me. He wanted my life or your hand in marriage as payment. Kagome was shocked and scared.

Kagome: I can't believe this let him go. She went over to him crying.

Inutashio: You must run away.

Kagome: This is all my fault he stole your red rose for me as a gift if you leave his alone I'll go with you. Inuyasha looked at Kagome.

Kagome: I promise to marry you and you can have your rose too. "Sniff"! Just leave my father alone. Then Inuyasha dropped Inutashio. And at the same time destroyed her red rose.

Before she knew it Kagome was at the Western Land Castle.

...Mean While...

The castle was beautiful on the inside and out. There was pottery, arts, dresses, and hundreds of rooms filled with wonders and magic. Kagome was sitting buy the fireplace crying her heart out. Thinking about the wedding day. Then the door opened it was Inuyasha. He had picked a beautiful bouquet of red roses in a white vase for Kagome as an engagement gift. But Kagome was terrified when she saw his face, fangs, and claws, coming towards her. He bended down to Kagome to give her the gift, but she kept moving backwards.

Kagome: AHH!

Inuyasha: Please don't be frightened Kagome. Here this is my engagement gift to you. Maybe I can put a rose in your hair.

Then Kagome got up and smacked the vase of red roses out of his claws.

Kagome: NOOO! Then she ran to the window. "Leave me alone I don't want them I hate them". Then the crying came back again.

Inuyasha got up from his knees looking at her. Then the roses turned into ash because of Kagome's sadness.


Then they were in the dining room together. The table was covered with roses, silver, meats, cake, goodies, fruits,vegetables, soups, and wine. Kagome didn't touch a thing.

Inuyasha: Kagome!

Kagome: Huh?

Inuyasha: Why don't you eat something?

Kagome: No. Then Inutashio grabbed his plate and held it out towards her.

Inuyasha: Well could you please serve me some dinner. He said with a smile filled with fangs.

Kagome: NOO! Then she put her head down on the table crying again.

Inuyasha: It's okay. His face turned sad and he put his plate down. The whole dinner was turned to ashes and Inuyasha grew hungry.

Because the castle was magic where emotions can affect the atmosphere. The next morning Inuyasha went out side to the garden of roses to pick some to cheer himself up. But when a petal fell into the water he can see his reflection. It made him so mad that he threw his flowers cutter in the water and left the garden in depression. Kagome was watching him and felt sorry for him. Then she felt compassion for Inuyasha and not fear.

Kagome sent hours lost in thought about Inuyasha. But she couldn't think straight enough. Just then the painting above up that was a painting of people playing instruments started to play a beautiful song. It made Kagome feel better and more happy her smile came back again. Just then Inuyasha came inside her bedroom to see Kagome beautiful face again. When he saw her smiling because of the music he got an idea. He rushed over to Kagome and grabbed her arm dragging her out of her room.

Inuyasha: Here come with me Kagome I got a surprise for you.

Kagome: Ah! What are you doing let me go.

Then they entered a room full of instruments. Inuyasha pulled out a chair for Kagome and said" Sit down here okay". Then he used some magic to make the instruments play so beautifully. Kagome was so happy that the demon's face didn't even matter to her. Then after that Inuyasha went outside to feed the animals in the garden. Kagome watched him from the window balcony seeing him feeding the animals he was happy and smiling and the animals were treated so well. Kagome has never seen such gentleness in her life. Inuyasha saw her by the window and whistled to the birds. Then the birds flew to her acting all cuddly and friendly. Making Kagome laugh.

Later that afternoon Inuyasha went to trim the roses of his garden, but then he accidentally cut his own finger. Luckily Kagome came outside with some medicine and cloth.

Kagome: Don't worry I'll fix it up. Here give me your hand. Then she put medicine on his wound and bandage. Then she said" There now, but you need to come inside to wash it so it doesn't get you an affection. It's time to wash up for dinner anyways.

In the dining room Inuyasha was grateful to get something to eat for he hadn't eaten in days since Kagome's sadness has turned the food into ashes.

Kagome: Here you are. She gave him a bowl of soup.

Inuyasha: Thank you. He slurped the soup down.

Kagome: Here I hope you have enough room for this. She gave him a plate full of drumsticks, sausages, and white meat.

Inuyasha: Yummy.

Kagome then decided to make him a new outfit after dinner. A white and blue warrior outfit to make him look less scary. So then Inuyasha won't have to be embarrassed by his face.

After that they went outside to pick some roses to decorate the music room with.

Kagome: Just a few more okay.

Inuyasha: Okay. Then she clipped off at least 10 more roses off.

Kagome: Here we are.

Inuyasha: So many roses clipped. Inuyasha was a bit shocked.

Later after they decorated the room with roses the danced together. They were both finally happy. But that night when Kagome was sleeping she was dreaming about her father in deep sorrow. The next morning at breakfast Inuyasha saw Kagome's face looking all sad and depressed.

Inuyasha: Kagome?

Kagome: Yes?

Inuyasha: Are you okay? He said in a worried tone.

Kagome: I'm fine I guess. Here did you want some more porridge.

She then grabbed the dipper in the porridge.

Inuyasha: No, but is there something the matter with you.

Kagome: Well I had a dream about my father I miss him.

Inuyasha: Here this will cheer you up.

He got up and took Kagome to a room with a magic mirror. She saw her father all ill and depressed. Then she started to cry again. She ran to Inuyasha and looked at him deep within his golden eyes.

Kagome: Oh please let me see my father he is ill and I miss him so much.

Inuyasha did love Kagome so much that he decided to let her go.

Inuyasha: Okay you may go to see your father, but you must return in 8 days okay?

Kagome: Okay. She smiled once again. Then they went into the kitchen and he gave her a bottle full of liquid.

Inuyasha: This will heal him. Now go.

Kagome: Okay. Then she left the castle.

...Time Skip...

Kagome arrived at her father's house and ran into her father's bedroom. There she saw Mirkou, Kohaku, Kikyo , and Sango by her father's bed. She rushed to the bed.

Kagome: Father I'm back. Here I got you medicine to cure you.

Sango: Kagome your back.

Mirkou: Your alright?

Kohaku: It's a blessing from heaven.

Kikyo: We thought we would never see you again. How are you here.

Kagome: I'll explain later okay.

Inutashio: Kagome your here.

Kagome: take the medicine okay.

Inutashio: Okay. He gulped it down and then fell asleep.

Kagome and her sisters exited out of the bedroom.

Then the next morning Inutashio was well and better than ever.

Kagome: Father! Your okay again.

Sango: You look great again.

Inutashio: Yep I am all better.

Kagome: I am so happy father.

Kohaku: I'm glad you escaped that demon.

Mirkou: Now the whole family is back together.

After that Kagome told them everything that happened between them and Inuyasha.

Kikyo: So your going back in 8 days?

Kagome: Yes. He has been very kind to me and everything.

Sango: Lucky you found your true love. Were so happy for you.

Kagome: I'm not sure if I love though.

Then out of nowhere a chest appeared in the room.

Inutashio: Now what is this? They opened it and they saw gold, dresses, silver, jewelry, and all sorts of valuables. There was a note.

Note: This is for you and your family Kagome I'll see you soon, with deepest love, Inuyasha.

Mirkou: We're rich again.

Kohaku: Yes.

Kikyo: Aww! Young love.

Kagome: Oh My.

Kagome didn't know if she loved Inuyasha or not she was confused, but she was happy with her family again.

...9 Days Later...

The family moved into a mansion and lived in wealth and happiness.

Kagome was staring out the window. Thinking about Inuyasha. Then her family went to confront her.

Kohaku: What's on your mid Kagome?

Mirkou: Yes what's wrong?

Kikyo: Are you alright?

Kagome: Not really.

Sango: Are you still thinking about Inuyasha?

Kagome: I am not sure if I love him or not.

Inutashio: Kagome, do you know that spinny feeling when you spin around thousand times.

Kagome: Yes.

Inutashio: That's love. So do you feel that when you think or see Inuyasha.

Kagome: Yes.

Kikyo: Then you do love him.

Mirkou: Oh that's great.

Kagome: Yes I do then. Kagome was crying tears of joy.

Sango: Wait, didn't you say you had to go back in 8 days.

Kagome: Yes. She was getting confused.

Kikyo: I think it's been 9 days.

Kagome: Oh No!

Sango: Go to him hurry before it's to late.

Kohaku: Yes Run!!

Kagome: Yes. Then she left the house.

She ran as fast as her legs can take her. She saw the castle it was a wreck. The roses garden was wilting away. She ran inside and saw Inuyasha in the music room. Filled with snow looking like he was dieing.

Kagome: Inuyasha! She ran towards him and bended down to him.

Inuyasha: Kagome I thought you weren't going to come back. I didn't want to eat anything at all. My heart broke when you weren't here. At least I can see you again.

Kagome: Please don't die. I want to be your wife. I love you so much. She was crying on his body.

Then the castle and Inuyasha's body was glowing. Everything changed including him.

Inuyasha had been healed again and had been turned human his fangs and claws were gone. His hair was brown and everything.

Inuyasha: Kagome.

Kagome: Inuyasha your alive, but how.

Inuyasha: You broke my crush form a wicked witch, but I'm okay now thank you.

They stared at each other and kissed.

...Time Skip...

After that day Inuyasha and Kagome were married and her family moved into the castle.

They were happy and everything to love one another.

And they lived Happily Ever After.


Inutashio: Okay that was amazing.

Izayoi: How romantic.

Kagome: Well get ready for tomorrow Shippo and Rin. For tomorrow I'm going to read you the story of Humpty Dumpty.

Shippo and Rin: Ohh!

**************End Of Part 12******************
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