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Inuyasha Fanfiction: Humpty Dumpty

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Kagome reads Rin and Shippo "Humpty Dumpty" and uses the team as the characters.

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The team was sitting by the fire, but it wasn't just Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Kilala, Mirkou, and Shippo. There sitting by another fire a few feet away was Sesshomaru, Rin, Kohaku, Ah-Un and Jaken. Koga and his wolves were sitting a couple feet by a fire too. Lord Inutashio, Lady Izayoi, and Lady Inukimi were by another fire. This time Kikyo is here too.

Kagome: Who what's to hear the story of Humpty Dumpty?

Shippo and Rin: We do!!

Inuyasha: Humpty Dumpty is that a demon name?

Kagome: No Humpy Dumpty is a Egg Guy.

Inuyasha: Okay?

Kagome: Okay I think Inuyasha should be Humpty Dumpty. Mirkou,Koga, and Sesshomaru can be the knights. Me,Kikyo,Izayoi,Sango, Shippo, Rin, Inukimi, and Kohaku can be the servants of Humpty Dumpty. Inutashio can be the King.

*****************Humpty Dumpty****************

Once Upon A Time....

There was a Egg Guy named Inuyasha who was a greedy King of Wealth he had more gold than he knew what to do with. His servants would spend the day making gold bricks for a wall he sat on all day long. As for the knights who worked for the King from the castle and kingdom near by was running out of money to feed it's subject and shelter them.

Inutashio: Our kingdom is running out of money and soon we will all be poor and broke.

Sesshomaru: Your highness, I've heard that Inuyasha has lots and lots of gold.

Koga: I've heard that he has his servants make golden bricks for a wall gold to which his sits on all day long.

Inutashio: Go to this Inuyasha and ask him if he is willing donate for the kingdom.

Mirkou: Yes your highness.

Then they ride on their horses towards Inuyasha castle of wealth. They saw the slaves making the golden bricks outside is wall.

Mirkou: Hello there do you know where Sir Inuyasha is.

Kagome: He is on the golden brick wall.

Sango: Careful he is really selfish.

Rin: And loud.

Shippo: Also mean.

Izayio: And very unfair.

Sesshomaru: We''l be the judge of that.

Koga: Thank you.

They walked towards the golden brick wall.

Inuyasha: Halt who goes there?

Sesshomaru: We are the knights of King Inutashio and he has sent us here to ask if you are willing to donate to the kingdom so we can restore it back to health.

Inuyasha: HA! I'm the richest man in this kingdom and you think I'm going to just give my precious gold away. No it's my gold and I get to keep it.

Koga: You are so selfish!

Inuyasha: I don't care in fact once I buy the kingdom with my gold I'll be known everywhere that I'm covered in gold.

Mirkou: You'll never rule this kingdom.

Inuyasha: I think my rooms full of gold coins say other wise.

Sesshomaru: Good luck you'll never find enough gold to buy this kingdom.

Inuyasha: GRR!! Leave my site at once.

Koga: Fine lets go you guys.

Then the knights came back to the King

Inutashio: Well is he going to donate?

Sesshomaru: No he isn't.

Mirkou: I'm afraid he us too selfish to think of others. So he isn't going to donate. He even said he wants to buy and take over the kingdom.

Inutashio: Great! He was our last hope now what are we going to do?!

Koga: I'm sure we can think of something.

Inutashio: Sigh. Go leave me.

Mirkou: Yes, Your Majesty.

Then the knights went back to their posts outside.

Inuyasha went inside his castle to pay with his gold coins.

Inuyasha: HAHA!! Money Gold Money Gold.

That's when Kagome came in with his lunch. It was hot soup, tea, bread, fruit, sliced meat, and mini cakes.

Kagome: Here you are Master Inuyasha.

Inuyasha: Set it down on the table and open the window.

Kagome: Yes Master.

She put the food on the table and opened the window. Inuyasha looked outside and saw the bright yellow sun it shaped as a giant gold coin.

Inuyasha: Kagome is the sun a giant gold coin?

Kagome: No, but I've heard that the sun is made out of fire and lava which can make gold. Why?

Inuyasha: Because I've got a new idea. I'm going to collect lava from the sun to make a lot of gold. Kagome get the servants to build my wall of gold bricks so high it reaches the sun.

Kagome: Yes Master.

Then she walked out of the front door and towards her friends.

Kagome: Guys new orders from the Master he wants us to build his brick walls of gold blocks until it reaches the sun.

Sango: That's crazy.

Rin: But it's orders.

Inukimi: What is planing on doing?

Kagome: He's trying to reach the sun.

Inukimi: What nonsense.

Kikyo: It's impossible.

Izayio: He's going to work us to the bone.

Kagome: Yes. So we should get started.

And they did everyday the would make the wall bigger and higher. In fact it was so high that the whole kingdom can see it from miles and miles away. One day Inutashio saw it from the window of his bedroom castle he couldn't tell what was going on, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right. So he sent Mirkou to ask one of Inuyasha's servant what was going on.

Mirkou: Hello there.

Kagome: Hello.

Mirkou: Why is this wall so high in the air?

Kagome: Master Inuyasha wants the wall to be high enough to reach the sun so he can us it's fire and lava to make enough gold so he can buy the kingdom.

Mirkou: That's....that's crazy! He's making you guys work in the hot sun so he can be rich.

Kagome: It's a hard job, but he lets us stay in his castle and he feeds us and stuff.

Mirkou: Hmp!! He shouldn't get away with this.

Kagome: There is nothing we can do we can't fight him.


Kagome: Yes Master!!

She then went back to stirring the melted gold for the bricks. Mirkou was a little annoyed by all of this. He then walked up to Inuyasha who was sitting on the wall.

Inuyasha: What do you want?!

Mirkou: You can't build this wall of gold to the sun it's impossible.

Inuyasha: I don't care no leave my site.

Mrkou: Fine.

Mirkou then went to the castle and told Inutashio and the knights what Inuyasha was up too.

Inutashio: He is a mad man!!

Sesshomaru: He's crazy.

Koga: He won't get away with this.

Inutashio: All that gold can be used to help the kingdom and instead he wasting it. GGRRR!!!!

Mirkou: What are we going to do?!

Inutashiio: I'm not sure.

After a few days passed the wall was taller than 10 castle on top of each other. Inuyasha was so excited he was soon to become more rich than he was. As the wall got taller he climbed it with his Tessagia by his waist.

Inuyasha: Yes it's ready. At last I'll be the richest in the kingdom and maybe the whole world. HAHA!!

Inuyasha climbed up the wall until he almost reached the sun, he stood up straight towards it with his Tessagia and started hitting the sun. But something horrible happened a blast of the sun hit him and his huge wall of golden bricks..

Inuyasha: AHHH!!!!!

His scream was so loud that it got the attention of castle.

Inutashio: What is going on?

Mirkou: The wall is coming down.

Inutashio: Mirkou go there and bring the other knight with you.

Mirkou: Yes your highness.

The knights grabbed their horses and raced towards the golden brick wall.

Inukimi: The wall is coming down run!!

Izayio: Eek!!

Rin: Run!!

Kagome: Oh No!!

Luckily the servants were able to run away before the bricks could hit them. The wall then came down, but not all of it there was some left that made it look like a simple 10 feet brick wall. Inuyasha fell high from the sky.

Inuyasha: AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

He then reached the ground and was broken into many pieces.


Rin: Eek! Is he dead?

Kagome: Well not really. Just listen.


The knights reached the wall.

Mirkou: Is everyone okay?!

Inukimi: Yes.

Izayoi: The wall wasn't stable enough.

Kagome: The sun blasted Master Inuyasha and he fell.

Rin: But we don't know where he is.

Kohaku went off walking around to find Inuyasha's body and he did.

Kohaku: Guys I found the body!!

They all walked towards Kohaku and saw the Inuyasha was in pieces.

Kikyo: Oh my goodness.

Inuyasha: Guys I'm still alive put me back together.

Kagome: Yes Master!!

Sango: Come on you guys.

Mirkou: Not so fast your going to jail.

Inuyasha: Why?!

Koga: Destruction to the kingdom from your golden wall, over working your servants, and horrible selfishness.

Mirkou: But first we'll help put you back together.

Sesshomaru: Yes, then your going to jail.

After that Inuyasha was put back together and healed then he had to go to jail. As for the servants they got jobs for Inutashio and they were treated fairly and with kindness. They used the gold to help the kingdom be restored back to health and used Inuyasha's castle as Inutashio's own summer home.

And they lived Happily Ever After


Rin: Wow Humpty Dumpty was really mean.

Inutashio: He was cruel.

Inuyasha: A golden wall to the sun. He's crazy.

Kagome: Exactly he was will to do anything for gold.

Izayoi: I'm glad he was imprisoned.

Kagome: We all do. Well get ready for tomorrow Shippo and Rin. For tomorrow I'm going to read you the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Shippo and Rin: Ohh!

**************End of Chapter 13*****************
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