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Inuyasha Fanfiction: Sleeping Beauty

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Kagome reads Rin and Shippo "Sleeping Beauty" and uses the team as the characters.

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The team was sitting by the fire, but it wasn't just Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Kilala, Mirkou, and Shippo. There sitting by another fire a few feet away was Sesshomaru, Rin, Kohaku, Ah-Un and Jaken. Koga and his wolves were sitting a couple feet by a fire too. Lord Inutashio, Lady Izayoi, and Lady Inukimi were by another fire. This time Kikyo is here too.

Kagome: Okay let's start reading the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Shippo: Is she a princess?

Kagome: Yes.

Rin: She sounds beautiful.

Kagome: She is indeed. Now Izayoi can be sleeping beauty. Me, Rin, and Kikyo can be the fairies. Inutashio can be the prince. Sango can be the queen. Mirkou can be the king. Inukimi can be the witch.

******************Sleeping Beauty**************

Once Upon A Time....

There was a kingdom where magic and dragons were around. King Mirkou and Queen Sango were blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Izayoi. To celebrate the birth of their healthy baby girl they invited 3 fairies to the party to give her a blessing.

Kikyo: Your highness we have arrived to give your baby girl the blessing.

Mirkou: You may.

They walked to baby Izayoi.

Kikyo: I will bless you with a heart of gold.

Kagome: I will bless you with beauty beyond compare.

Rin: I will bless you with the voice of an angel.

Sango: Thank you. Those were wonderful.

That's when a dark cloud came into the room.

Mirkou: What is going on?

That's when Inukimi appeared on the floor.

Inukimi: Well a party and I didn't get invited.

Mirkou: You are an evil witch, that's why you didn't get invited.

Inukimi: You'll pay for saying that and for not inviting me.

She walked to Izayoi's cartel and raised up her hands and they turned green.

Inukimi: Here's a gift from me to you baby Izayoi. When the sun sets on your sixteenth birthday you shall prick your finger on a spindle wheel needle and DIE!!

Sango: No!!

Mirkou: No please!!

Inukimi: WAHAHAHA!!! Then she disappears.

Mirkou: What am I going to do?

Sango: Can you fairies use your magic to lift this curse.

Kikyo: I'm afraid that we can't stop the curse, but we can change it a bit.

Kagome: You see instead of death she will be in a deep sleep.

Rin: But she can be awaken by true loves kiss.

They waved their magic wands around baby Izayoi and the pure gold glitter magic landed on her. The day turned into night and Mirkou ordered for every spindle wheel needle to be burned on the grounds of the castle. The fairies where given a feast in the guest for in the castle for being so kind. They watched as the spindle wheels needles burn.

Kagome: Sigh this is terrible. She nibble on some cake.

Rin: The poor princess. I should've bonked that Inukimi on the head with me wand.

Kikyo: She would've turned you into a frog or a crow.

Rin: Hmph!!

Kagome: Guys we should do something to protect the baby princess Izayoi from Inukimi and her wicked ways. I'm afraid our spell might not be enough.

Rin: How?

Kagome: I'm still thinking. Inukimi will stop at nothing until Izayoi is dead.

Kikyo: Maybe we can take princess Izayoi somewhere far away raise her until she is sixteen and take her back to the castle safely.

Kagome: Kikyo that's genius.

Kikyo: It is, but we'll need to be like mortals no magic.

Rin: We could live in the old abandoned wooden house deep in the woods.

Kikyo: Yes perfect.

Then they used there wands to transform themselves into 3 pretty human maids and went to the king and queen. Mirkou agreed to the whole plan and let them take baby Izayoi into the woods. He told them to tell her about her being a princess when she is sixteen and that she is engaged to prince Inutashio. Sixteen years have passed and baby Izayoi grew into a beautiful young woman. With lips red as blood, her hair brown as wood, her skin as white as clouds, and her voice was of an angel's. Izayoi walked downstairs and prepared breakfast of porridge and bread. Kikyo, Kagome, and Rin walked downstairs.

Kagome: Hello Izayoi.

Izayoi: Good morning Kagome.

Rin: Happy Birthday.

Izayoi: Thank you.

Kikyo: We need you to go into the woods and get a lot if berries dear.

Izayoi: Okay sure. Hmm Hmm Hmm.

Kagome: You seem very happy.

Izayoi: I had wonderful dream. I was dancing with a prince he was tall and handsome. He was my true love I believe. And he was about to kiss me when I woke up.

Kikyo: That sounds wonderful.

Izayoi: I'll go and collect some berries.

She grabbed a basket and left.

Kagome: Come on let's get everything ready.

Kikyo: I'll make the dress.

Rin: I'll clean.

Kagome: I'll make the cake.

Kikyo: Lets go.

Izayoi kept walking in the forest until she found the river where berries grew on the bushes near by. Izayoi started picking the berries while singing.

Izayoi: Ah Ah Ahhhhh!!!!

That's prince Inutashio heard her beautiful voice he was riding on his horse.

Inutashio: What is that wonderful voice? I've heard it before in my dreams. Could that maiden be real?

He rode his horse towards the sound of Izayoi voice. He saw her by the river.

Inutashio: Beautiful.

He got off his horse and walked towards Izayoi.

Izayoi: Ah Ah Ahhhhh!!!!

Inutashio: You have a wonderful voice.

Izayoi: Epp!!

Inutashio: Wait I didn't mean to scare you please.

Izayoi looked at him again.

Izayoi: It's you the prince from my dream.

Inutashio: And your the beautiful maiden from mine.

Izayoi: Ohh!

Inutashio: Would you like to dance with me?

Izayoi: I would love that so much.

Then they started dancing in the woods together. It was love at first site. They danced for about an hour until Izayoi realized she had to go home.

Izayoi: Oh my I forgot I have to get home!

Inutashio: Oh please don't leave.

Izayoi: I must.

Inutashio: When can I see you again?

Izayoi: Go to the wooden house deep in the forest towards North. That's where I live. I'll see you tonight my love.

Then she ran off into the woods.

Inutashio: Good bye my love.

Then he got on his horse and rode off.

Back at the house Kikyo,Kagome, and Rin were working on Izayoi's Birthday surprise. Kikyo made Izayoi a beautiful pink dress with red trimmings on it. Rin made the house spotless. Kagome made a big 2 layered vanilla cake with white frosting and pink on the top.

Kikyo: Everything is perfect.

That's when Izayoi walked through the door. But what they didn't know is that a crow that belonged to Inukimi was watching them.

Izayoi: I'm home!

Kikyo, Kagome, and Rin: HAPPY BIRTHDAY IZAYOI!!!

Izayoi: Oh Thank you. It's wonderful.

Kagome: Here go put on this dress upstairs.

Izaypi: Okay.

She went upstairs put on the dress and walked downstairs and had some cake.

Izayoi: I have some great news.

Kagome: What is it?

Izayoi: I met the prince in my dream in the woods. I don't know his name, but he is amazing.

Kikyo: Oh that's bad.

Izayoi: What do you mean?

Kagome: Well you see....

They then told Izayoi the story of her past.

Izayoi: You mean I'm already in engaged?

Kikyo: Yes to prince Inutashio.

Izayoi: No this can't be.

Kagome: Oh don't worry. We're going back to the castle tonight. There is going to be a big party in your honor.

Izayoi: But I told my prince to come here tonight.

Rin: We are so sorry.

Izayoi: Now I have to marry a stranger prince, instead of my love.

She went upstairs to cry on her bed.

The crow servant to Inukimi flew back to Inukimi's castle.

Inukimi: What do you have to tell?

Crow: Caw Caw Caw!!!!

Inukimi: What that princess Izayoi, the castle, my curse. GGGRRR!!! I need a new plan.

Crow: CAW CAW!!

Inukimi: Really prince Inutashio you say.

Crow: CAW CAW!!

Inukimi: Oh that just gave me an idea. HAHAHA!!

The day sky turned into night. Kikyo,Kagome, Rin, and Izayoi walked to the castle and into Izayoi's bedroom.

Kagome: Oh Izayoi prince Inutashio isn't that bad.

Rin: I've heard that he is amazing, he slashes dragons and ogres, and that he is handsome too.

Izayoi: I just want to be alone, okay.

Kikyo: Okay we understand.

They left Izayoi in her bedroom all alone, she layed on the bed all sad looking.

Izayoi: I'll never see my prince again.

That's when a spindle wheel needle appeared in the middle of the bedroom.

Inukimi's voice started saying "Touch the spindle wheel needle and your troubles will be over."

Izayoi: Huh?

Inukimi: Touch the needle with your finger.

Izayoi: Mm!

Then she got up and pricked her finger on the spindle wheel needle and fell to the ground. Kikyo and the others heard a crash.

Kagome: What was that?

Kikyo: Oh No what if it's....

Then they ran through the door and saw Izayoi on the ground next to the Inukimi and the spindle wheel needle.

Kagome: NO!!

Inukimi: You thought you can defeat the mistress of all evil. HAHAHA!!!!

Then she disappeared with the spindle wheel needle.

Rin: Oh No what do we do?

Kikyo: Here put it her on the bed. Then we're going to find the prince she loves to break the curse.

Kagome: Right.

Then they put her on the bed then rushed out of the castle.

Rin: Wait a minute what about the people and the king and queen? If they see the princess on the bed they'll know that we failed.

Kagome: Your right.

Kikyo: Then we'll put a sleeping spell on the whole kingdom until everything is fixed.

Rin: Okay.

Then they put a sleeping spell on the kingdom and rushed to the forest. Prince Inutashio rode his horse through the forest until he found the wooden house.

Inutashio: Now I can ask her to be my bride.

The walked into the house and saw a woman figure by the table.

Inutashio: Beautiful maiden is that you?

Inukimi: GET HIM BOYS!!

Then a bunch of evil looking servant crow man grabbed him and put him in chains.

Inukimi: HAHA!! My plan is working out perfectly.

Inutashio: What is going on where is she?

Inukimi: I'll tell you that later your highness.

She took him to his castle. The fairies saw what happened and followed them secretly.

Inukimi: Oh that maiden is Princess Izayoi, but she is under a curse of a deep sleep. Sorry.

Inutashio: You Witch!!!!

Inukimi: Put him in the dungeon.

Inutashio was chained in the dungeon.

Inutashio: My love I'm sorry.

That's when the fairies used their magic to get into the dungeon.

Kagome: Don't give up your highness. You can save Izayoi by giving her a kiss a true love.

Inutashio: Wait your the fairies that gave her the blessings at her birthday. King Mirkou told me about you guys.

Kikyo: Come on lets go.

They used their magic to release him from the dungeon. On the way he fought Inukimi's crow man servants. He got on his horse and rode off, but Inukimi saw him.

Inukimi: No it can't be!!

She looked at the castle and came up with a good idea.

Inukimi: It's time for some thrones of hopelessness.

Then she used her magic to make thrones grow from the ground in large sizes to cover the castle.

Inutashio: Oh No!! Grr!!

Then he used his sword to cut through the thrones. He managed to get pass them.

Inukimi: NO!! He won't give up.

Then she flew towards him in a dragon form.

Inutashio: What the?!

Inukimi: HAHA!! You'll never get past the Power of Hell.

Inutashio: GRR!!

He rode his horses towards her and started fighting, he was throw off his horse.

Inukimi: Your finished Prince.

Kikyo: Come on you guys. Raise your wands.

They used there magic to put a spell of hero's on Inutashio's sword.

Kagome: That is now a sword of hero's use it to destroy the evil Inukimi.

Inutashio then threw the sword at Inukimi's heart causing her to fall to her death.

Inukimi: NO!!!!

Her body then disappeared. Then Inutashio walked towards the castle and walked up to Izayoi's bedroom and walked towards her bed and dent down on his knee. Then gave her a kiss of true love.

Then Izayoi's eyes started to open up.

Izayoi: My Prince.

Inutashio: My Princess.

Inutashio: My love I'm the prince your engaged too.

Izayoi: Oh My!!

Inutashio: So. Will you marry me?

Izayoi: Yes.

Kagome: On let's go bring the kingdom back to normal.

Rin: Right.

Kikyo: Sure.

And they did the thrones were gone and everyone was awake. Mirkou and Sango finally saw there daughter again. Inutashio and Izayoi danced along the ballroom all night long.

And They Lived Happily Ever After.


Rin: AWW!!

Shippo: That was great.

Kagome: It's a classic romantic story.

Inuyasha: Who kisses a girl in her sleep?

Kagome: A prince.

Rin: I wish I could marry a prince!

Sesshomaru: Hn.

Sesshomaru thought"Not on my watch."

Kohaku: I thought the prince killing the dragon with a hero sword was great.

Izayoi: Oh it was amazing.

Inutashio: Hehe!!

Kagome: Well get ready for tomorrow Shippo and Rin. For tomorrow I'm going to read you the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Shippo and Rin: Ohh!

**************End of Chapter 14*****************
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