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Inuyasha Fanfiction: The Hunchback of North Dame

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Kagome reads Rin and Shippo "The Hunchback of Northern Dame" and uses the team as the characters.

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The team was sitting by the fire, but it wasn't just Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Kilala, Mirkou, and Shippo. There sitting by another fire a few feet away was Sesshomaru, Rin, Kohaku, Ah-Un and Jaken. Koga and his wolves were sitting a couple feet by a fire too. Lord Inutashio, Lady Izayoi, and Lady Inukimi were by another fire. This time Kikyo is here too.

Shippo: Kagome is it story time?

Kagome: Of course it is and tonight I'm going to read you the story of The Hunchback of Northern Dame.

Rin: What's a hunchback?

Kagome: It's a human with a large bump on it's back causing him or her to bend over a lot and they have all of these muscles.

Inuyasha: A human with a bump on it's back. Ouch!

Shippo: Oh who should play the characters?

Kagome: Inuyasha can be the hunchback. I'll be Esmeralda. Koga (In human version) can be Phoebes. Inutashio (In human version) can be Frollo. Mirkou can be the church owner. Izayoi can be the mother. Sesshomaru (Human version) is the judge. Kohaku can be a guard.

************The Hunchback of Northern Dame*************

Once Upon A Time....

There was a church with a large bell tower in it. And on a dark and snowy night a woman named Izayoi left her baby in a basket at the door step of the church.

Izayoi: Good bye my son if only I could keep you.

Then she knocked on the door and fell to the ground. It turns out she was sick and couldn't take care of her own baby.

Mirkou: I'm coming.

He came towards the door. He opened it and saw Izayoi and the basket.

Mirkou: Oh No!!

He grabbed Izayoi and the basket. He put Izayoi in a coffin and took the baby to Inutashio. Mirkou: His mother was a gypsy, but she would want us to take care of her child.

Inutashio: Let me look at the baby.

He saw the baby in the basket he had yellow eyes, dog ears, silver hair, fangs, and claws.

Inutashio: It's a demon monster we must get rid of it.

Mirkou: No we must take care of it. It's what a church must do for it's what God would want.

Inutashio: Fine, but the child must stay somewhere where no one can see it's monster looking body and face.

Mirkou: Where?

Inutashio: The Bell Tower.

Then he took the baby to the bell tower where he visited it every once in a while. Mirkou took care of the child and called it Inuyasha.

Years past and Inuyasha grew into a strong,handsome, and healthy man around the age of 19 and 20. Inuyasha woke up early int the morning to ring the bells of the tower.

Then Inuyasha landed on the floor and walked towards the balcony where he could see the whole town.

Inuyasha: It's beautiful. Sigh.

That's when a basket of food lifted from the ground it was was Mirkou. He tied the basket of food on a rope and lifted it towards Inuyasha. The basket had bread, cheese, eggs, meat, milk fruit, jam, honey, and pastries.

Inuyasha: Thank You!

Mirkou: Your Welcome My Boy.

Inuyasha grabbed the basket and walked towards his model of the city.

Inuyasha dreamed of going out into the city making friends and finding love. Today was the Festival of Happiness. Inuyasha always wanted to go there and have fun and make a new friend. That's when Inutashio came upstairs.

Inutashio: Inuyasha.

Inuyasha: Yes Master.

Inutashio: I am happy to announce that your learning lessons are over you have finished.

Inuyasha: Alright!! Does that mean I can go the Festival of Happiness!

Inutashio: Of course not you'll terrify everyone.

Inuyasha: Because I'm half dog.

Inutashio: That's Correct. Now don't forget to wash the bells. I have a gypsy to find and burn. Oh how I hate gypsy's.

Then he left, that's when Inuyasha got a good idea. He could where a cloak and disguise himself.

Inuyasha: It's perfect.

Then he grabbed his cloak and sneaked out of the Church and towards the festival.

The Festival of Happiness was amazing there were colors, prizes, happiness, food, wine, and dancing. That's when Inuyasha saw Kagome dancing on the stage. People threw roses and coins at her. The guards were there too including Captain Koga the Leader.

Inuyasha: Wow!!

Then Kagome see's Inuyasha and jumps of the stage and starts dancing on the ground with him.

Kagome: You are great dancer.

Inuyasha: Thank You.

Kagome: What's your name?

Inuyasha: It's Inuyasha.

Kagome: Aww that's so amazing.

Inuyasha and Kagome danced, walked together, and got some things to eat. Hours passed.

Kagome: What a amazing day.

Inuyasha: It was.

Kagome: Come on just one more dance.

Inuyasha: Sure.

They ran to the dance grounds and danced away in the sunset. That's when Inuyasha's cloak was blown off from his back. Everyone was shocked.

Inuyasha: Oh No!!

Kagome: Ekk!! What are you?!

Koga: What The?!

Inuyasha: I have to leave.

Then he ran away to the Church.

Kagome: Wait No Come Back!

She tried to walk in after him, but then Inutashio stopped her.

Inutashio: Gypsy your coming with me!! He looked mad.

Kagome: What!?!? He grabbed her arm and dragged her somewhere else. Koga saw it.

Koga: What is he up to?

He then followed them on his horse.

Kagome was in the trial room with hand cuffs on.

Kagome: Why am I here?

Inutashio: Because you were dancing with a monster. And on the day of the Festival of Happiness. And your a gypsy.

Kagome: I didn't know he was a monster he had a cloak on. It just flew off of him by the wind.

Inutashio: That may be so, but your still gypsy right?

Kagome: Yes I'm a gypsy, but I'm kind and thoughtful.

Inutashio: A kind gypsy?! That's a lie.

Sesshomaru banged his wooden gravel on the table.

Sesshomaru: ORDER ORDER!!

The room was silent.

Kagome: I'm innocent. Please I just made a new friend okay that's all.

Inutashio: But your a gypsy and that means you must be burned.

Koga: Hold it she can't be killed unless she commits a crime. It's the law.

Sesshomaru: That's true Mr. Inutashio, she can't be burned unless she commits a crime. Case dismissed.

Kagome walked out if the trial room with Koga. They went out for dinner in a nice restaurant they had chicken, stuffing, wine, bread, and pie.Then went upstairs to the roof.

Kagome: Thank you for saving my life.

Koga: No problem a beautiful girl like you shouldn't be burned for being nice.

Kagome: Right.

That's when she saw someone behind her it was Inutashio wearing a red blood cape and he had a knife. He looked like a demon.

Kagome: Look out!!

Koga: OW!!

Then Koga fell to the ground and so did Kagome.

Kagome woke up in a jail cell.

Kagome: Why am I here!!

A guard came to her.

Kohaku: Because you killed Koga the Captain of the Guards.

Kagome: No it was a demon in a red blood cape.

Kohaku: Yeah sure.

That's when Inutashio came through the door.

Inutashio: Kohaku chain her and put drag her to the court room.

Then Kagome was in the court room.

Kagome: What's happening?!

Inutashio: You killed Captain Koga and his body disappeared when we found you two on the roof.

Kagome: NO NO!! It was a demon with a red blood cape he had a knife and tried to kill him.

Inutashio: Lies Lies the only demon here is YOU!! Kagome: No No!! It wasn't me.

Sesshomaru: Are you going to tell the truth?

Kagome: I did it was a demon!!

Inutashio: You see this woman is a murder and a lie which is what a gypsy is.

Sesshomaru: Then the case is dismissed. This woman shall be burned.



Shippo: What's a gypsy?

Kagome: A magic human.

Shippo: Oh!


Then she was taken to the middle square in front of the Church where she was going to get burned.

Inutashio: Good bye Witch.

Kagome: Wait a minute, it's you!! Your the one who killed Koga.

Inutashio: Wrong he isn't dead. He was just knocked out.

Kagome: So I'm going to die for a murder that never happened.

Inutashio: No you are to die for using your magic on Koga to make him stand up for you and make him like you.

Kagome: He likes me because he wants to. I'm not a witch.

Inutashio: Your horrible at lieing.

Then he sent the wood on fire.

Kagome: HELP HELP!!!!

Inutashio: You can yell all you want, but no one will help you.

Then he walked off the stage.

Kagome: HELP HELP!!!!

That's when Inuyasha saw Kagome getting burned.

Inuyasha: Oh No I have to save her.

That's when he grabbed a long rope and tied it to balcony and swung to Kagome and saved her then swung her back to his room.

Inutashio: NO NO NO!!!!

Inuyasha: Claim Sanctuary!

Kagome: Okay. SANCTUARY!!!!

Inutashio: NO NO NO!!!!

Then Inuyasha and Kagome walked inside, but Kagome fainted on the ground from exhaustion.

Inuyasha: Kagome don't worry.

That's when the sun set then it rise again. Kagome woke up on a soft warm bed.

Kagome: Oh I'm so tried and hungry.

Inuyasha: Good because I brought you breakfast.

Inuyasha brought a breakfast basket for Kagome.

Kagome: Oh thank you!!

The basket had hot cakes, strawberry jelly, eggs, meat, and juice.

Kagome: Thank You this is amazing.

Inuyasha: And here is a new dress for you.

He held up a new white silk dress covered in pink flowers.

Kagome: Thank you it's wonderful.

Inuyasha: Well as soon as you are ready, I'll show you around your new home.

Kagome: My new home?!

Inuyasha: Yes I saved you from being burned, but if you leave the church they will kill you.

Kagome: Oh.

Inuyasha: Don't cry please. It'll be fine.

Kagome: I must tell you about what happened.

She told Inuyasha about Koga being fake killed, then Inuyasha told her his backstory about his mom and how she is his first new friend.

Kagome: Anyone who saves me isn't a monster.

Inuyasha: Thank you. Now I have to ring the bells I'll be right back.

Later Kagome got dressed and they walked around the church. Inutashio however was coming up with a plan to kill Kagome. He rounded up the people around the square.

Inutashio: The gypsy is a horrible witch!! She's killed Captain Koga and ruin the Festival of Happiness with her dancing with a monster.

Person 1: We should get her.

Person 2: Kill the witch.

Person 3: BURN HER!!

Inutashio: Lets Go. We can't touch her, but trap her.

Persons: LET'S GO!!

Inuyasha and Kagome walked around the church until they heard something in a closet. They opened it. It was Koga all tied up.

Kagome: Oh my dear Koga are you alright.

Koga: Yes!!

That's when Mirkou came towards them.

Mirkou: Guys the church is being attacked.

Inuyasha: You go out the back and get some gurads. Kagome and Koga come with me.

Koga: Right!

Kagome: Sure!

They ran up to the stairs to the bell tower and started throwing stuff at the people attacking the church, they even poured a huge pot of hot water on them.

Person 1: OW!!

Person 2: HOT HOT!!

Kagome: It's working their going to leave.

Inutashio: Sadly for you. Your going to die.

Kagome turned and saw Inutashio with a knife.

Kagome: AAAHHH!!!!!

Inuyasha: NO!!!! Then he grabbed her and ran with her while Koga fought him with his sword.

Koga: Your going to jail!

Inutashio: Says Who!!

Koga: Says the Captain of the Guards!!

While they fought the people from the bottom saw.

Person 1: That's Captain Koga.

Person 2: He's alive.

Then Koga pushed Inutashio off the balcony and he fell, but grabbed on to the balcony. He then threw his sword at Kagome.

Kagome: EEKK!!

Inuyasha: Look Out!!

Luckily no one got hurt and Inutashio fell. Inutashio didn't die, but he was arrested for 35 years in jail. As for Koga he went back to being Captain of the Guards and helped gypsy's in need. As for Inuyasha he got to go outside any time he wanted, he still rung the bells. And Kogome got to dance in the square every day in front of Inuyasha her dear loving friend.

And They Lived Happily Ever After.


Rin: What a great story.

Shippo: The hunchback was a great hero.

Kagome: Well get ready for tomorrow Shippo and Rin. For tomorrow I'm going to read you the story of Peter Pan .

Shippo and Rin: Ohh!

**************End of Chapter 16*****************
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