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Inuyasha Fanfiction: Peter Pan

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Kagome reads Rin and Shippo "Peter Pan" and uses the team as the characters.

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The team was sitting by the fire, but it wasn't just Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Kilala, Mirkou, and Shippo. There sitting by another fire a few feet away was Sesshomaru, Rin, Kohaku, Ah-Un and Jaken. Koga and his wolves were sitting a couple feet by a fire too. Lord Inutashio, Lady Izayoi, and Lady Inukimi were by another fire. This time Kikyo is here too.

Kagome: Come on Shippo and Rin. It's time to read Peter Pan.

Shippo: Is Peter Pan a hero?

Kagome: Yep. Kohaku can be Peter Pan. Rin can be Wendy. I can be Tiger Lily. Kikyo can be Tinker Bell. Sesshomaru can be Captain Hook. Ah-Un can be Nana. Koga the Indian Chief. Shippo can be Micheal (Human version). Inuyasha can be John. (Little kid human version). Inutashio can be George Darling the father (human version). Inukimi Mary Darling (Human version).

************Peter Pan**********************

Once Upon A Time....

There was a boy named Kohaku who had the magic power to fly thanks to hid fairy friend Kikyo. Kikyo found Kohaku as a baby and took him to Neverland which was the second start to the right. Kohaku grew into a handsome and strong twelve year old boy. One day a gang of pirates came to Neverland. The Captain of the crew was Captain Sesshomaru. One day Captain Sesshomaru tried to take over Neverland, but Peter Pan stopped him and cut of his hand and threw it to the crocodile. Now Captain Sesshomaru stays by Neverland in his ship plotting to get revenge on Kohaku. Soon after that Kohaku and Kikyo fly pass the Second-Star to see London and hear stories from the mothers who leave the open from their children's bedroom. During his travels he found some boys without a home so he took them to Neverland so they can have wonderful adventures and never grow up.

One night in a quiet street in a house there lived the Darling family. Inutashio and Inukimi were going to a party and they were getting the kids ready for bed. Inutashio was trying to find his gold watch and Inukimi was trying to put on two pink ribbons in her hair.

Inukimi: Honey were're going to be late.

Inutashio: I can't find my golden watch!

Inukimi: Check the children's room Dear.

Inutashio: Sigh okay.

Inutashio walked up to his kids room where they were playing Peter Pan. Rin was Tigerlily. Shippo was Peter Pan. Inuyasha was Captain Hook.

Shippo: I will save Tiger lily.

Inuyasha: I don't think so.

Rin: Save me Peter Pan.

Shippo: I will dear friend.

Inutashio walked into the room.

Inutashio: Kids please get ready for bed.

Rin: Oh father please let us finish the game.

Inutashio: No it's bed time. And have you seen my gold watch.

Shippo: You mean the pirates treasure?! You have to find the map.

Inutashio: What?!

Inuyasha: The map is somewhere around here.

He found it under the bed.

Inuyasha: The treasure is in the treasure chest by the mermaids logon.

Inutashio: Where?!

Rin: It's in our toy chest.

Inutashio walked towards it and opened it and found the golden watch.

Inutashio: Alright kids bed time.

Rin: Oh okay.

That when Ah-Un and Inukimi came in.

Rin: Oh Ah-Un hello.

Inukimi: My dear children time for bed.

Rin: Sure mommy.

Inuyasha: Okay.

Shippo: Alright.

Inukimi: Dearest where was your gold watch?

Inutashio: The kids took it for their dumb game!

Rin: Dumb? Peter Pan isn't dumb he is a great hero and protects Neverland.

Inutashio: Poppy Kak. And look my watch is scratched.

Inukimi: Dear the kids just like the stories I tell them.

Rin: Sorry Daddy.

Inutashio: Kids gold watches don't grow on treesss......

Inutashio stepped on Ah-Un and tripped and crashed into the wall.

Inutashio: OW!!

Everyone: OHH!! Everyone ran to Ah-Un.

Everyone: Poor Ah-Un.

Inutashio: Poor Ah-Un?! THAT IS THE LAST STRAW!!!! OUT OUT I SAY!!!!

Shippo: No father no.

Inutashio: YES!! Ah-Un goes outside. And as for you young lady your getting your own room.

Inukimi: What honey?!

Inutashio: Sweetie she is growing up, she must have her own room. Now lets go.

He took Ah-Un outside and put him in his dog house.

Inutashio: Good night Ah-Un.

Back in the bedroom, Inukimi tucked the kids away.

Rin: Mother I don't want to grow up.

Inukimi: Oh dear your dad was just angry about the watch. It'll be okay. Now go to bed.

She walked over to close the window.

Rin: No mommy no Peter pan is going to come back and get his shadow he left it here when he was listening to my stories. Ah-n grabbed his shadow, it's in the top drawer.

Inukimi: Hehe!! Okay dear.

Then she walked out of the room and went downstairs. Then Inutashio and Inukimi left for the party.

Inutashio: Honey you left the window open.

Inukimi: I know Peter Pan is coming to get his shadow.

Inutashio: Oh okay. WAIT WHAT!! Peter Pan's shadow. Honesty the crazy stories.

Inukimi: Come on dear. Lets go.

Inutashio: Fine.

As they walked along the sidewalk Kohaku flew to the Darling kids bedroom.

Koahku and Kikyo flew around trying to find the shadow, but they couldn't. Unfortunately Kohaku bumps his head on the ceiling and falls on the ground.

Kohaku: Ow!

That woke up Rin.

Rin: Oh Kohaku your here.

Kohaku: Hello Rin. I'm here to find my shadow.

Rin: Oh it's in the drawer. I'll go get it.

She hopped off of her bed and went to the drawer and got his shadow.

Rin: Here you hold it and I'll sew it.

She then grabbed a wooden needle from the top drawer and sewed up the shadow to Kohaku's shoes.

Kohaku: Yes I got my shadow back!

Rin: That's great.

Kohaku: Here. This is for you.

He gave her a acorn necklace.

Kohaku: That is a kiss.

Rin: Hehe okay.

That's when Kikyo went off zooming around them.

Rin: Who is this?

Kohaku: This is Kikyo my fairy friend. Forgive her she gets jealous.

Rin: She is lovely.

Kikyo: Hello there.

Rin: Sigh it's too bad this is my last night in the nursery.

Kohaku: What?! But that would mean no more stories.

Rin: I'm afraid so.

Kohaku: Then come with me to Neverland.

Rin: What?!

Kohaku: Come with me to Neverland. You won't grow up and you can have fun all day long! And you can be our new mother and lost girl. Telling us stories, make snacks, clean, and heal our injuries.

That's when Inuyasha and Shippo woke up.

Inuyasha: By Jove it's Kohaku.

Shippo: Hello there.

Kohaku: Would you two like to go to Neverland with us.

Inuyasha: Yes!

Shippo: Yes please!

Kohaku: Okay then. Kikyo give them some fairy dust.

Then Kikyo circled around them and they floated in the air.

Kohaku: Now think of something that makes you happy and you can fly like me.

Rin: We're flying.

Kohaku: Come on off to Neverland.

They flew out the window.

Then Kohaku, Rin, Inuyasha, Shippo, and Kikyo flew to the second star. Soon Neverland was under their feet. Neverland was a huge green island with a beach, a mermaid logon, Captain Sesshomaru's pirate ship, the enchanted trees, the Indian village, the Never Tree, and the Never volcano.

Rin: Oh Kohaku this is wonderful.

Kohaku: I'd knew you would love it.

Shippo: Where should we go?

Kohaku: We're going to the Never Tree that's where I live you can meet the Lost Boys.

Inuyasha: Oh Goodie.

That's when a cannon ball was shoot at them. Luckily they ducked.

Rin: What was that!?

Kohaku: Grr!! It's that codfish Captain Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru: Come here and fight like a man.

Kohaku: Come here and get us then. Oh, but you can't fly HAHA!!

Sesshomaru: GRRR!! Fire Again!!

He missed again.

Kohaku: Let's go you guys. Kikyo get Rin out of here.

Kikyo: Fine.

Then Kikyo flew off to the Never tree, but Rin couldn't keep up. Kikyo had a plan to get back at Rin for the Kiss. She told the Lost boys to shot down Rin cause she was a bird and it was orders from Kohaku. They got out of the Never Tree and got their arrows and saw Rin flying in the sky.

Tubby: Shoot it!!

Toddles: Come on Come on.

Dash: And fire!!

Toddles shot Rin with an arrow and she fell down. The Lost Boys saw her and realized it wasn't a bird.

Toddles: Oh No!!

Dash: You shot down a girl.

That's when Kohaku and the others flew down.

Kohaku: Oh No Rin. RIN!!

Toddles: Oh!!

Kohaku: Who shoot her down!? he said angrily.

Toddles: I did.

Inuyasha got mad.

Inuyasha: How dare you shoot my sister.

He grabbed Toddles and brought him down to the ground.

Toddles: But Kikyo said that you said to shoot her cause she was a bird.

Kohaku: What Kikyo?!

Kikyo: I'm sorry!! I didn't think she'd get this hurt I'm sorry.

Kohaku: GRR!!

Rin: ow.

Kohaku: "GASP!!" Your ALIVE!!

Rin: Yeah! I got with an arrow. Wait it shoot the acorn necklace. I'm okay!!

Kohaku: I'm glad you are.

Rin: Who shoot me?

Kohaku: Toddles did!

Toddles: I'm sorry.

Kikyo: No! It was my fault I told them to shoot you with an arrow. I'm sorry!

Rin: I forgive you!

Kohaku: Come on let's go to the Never Tree. Cause Rin is going to be our new mother and a lost girl.

Toddles: Cool.

Dash: Yeah!

Tubby: Amazing.

Inuyasha: Alright.

Shippo: Yes.

For the past flew days the Lost Boys, Kohaku, and the Darlings have been having fun. Running around, playing games, Rin telling them stories and making them meals like Chicken ,soup, and berry, mush visiting the mermaids, flying across the sky, and hunting with the Indians.

One morning Rin got up to make breakfast for them. She made hot flour cakes, honey, jam, syrup, fruit, oatmeal, milk, scrambled eggs, and bread.

Rin: Breakfast is ready.

They all got up and went to the table.

Toddles: Yummy!! Thanks.

Dash: Thanks mother.

Rin: Your welcome.

After that they played outside for hours and then Rin came back with some Lemonade. Sesshomaru and his pirates watched them from the bushes.

Mr. Smee: Aww I wish we had a mother to make us Lemonade.

Sesshomaru: SHHH!!!

Rin: Guys who wants Lemonade!!

Kohaku: Alright.

Toddles: Yes! I'm thirsty.

Sesshomaru: That girl looks like the same age as Kagome. That's it! Lets go.

Mr. Smee: Okay.

Sesshomaru had a plan to capture a Kagome so she can tell them where Peter Pan lives. They soon captured Kagome. Luckily Kohaku and Rin saw them and went to the Skull Cave to save her.

Sesshomaru: Tell us where Koahku is Kagome.

Kagome: Never!!

Seshomaru: Then drown!!

He tied a anchor around her and put her in the water.

Kagome: Help!!

Kohaku: Rin I've got a plan. You go recuse Kagome and I'll distract Sesshomaru.

Rin: Okay.

Rin walked over to Kagome while Kohaku started making a dark voice.


Sesshomaru: What the?!

Mr. Smee: Oh my it's the spirit of the sea we should go.

Sesshomaru: No we should fight.

They stayed there until Rin untied Kagome.

Kagome: Thank you.

Rin: Your welcome.

Kohaku: Hey there you old cod fish!!

Sesshomaru: Kohaku!! Fight Me!!

Kohaku: With pleasure.

Sesshomaru and Kohaku fought each other. Then Kohaku tricked him into falling in the water.

Sesshomaru: I'll get you for this Kohaku!!

Kohaku: HAHA!!!!

Then they flew Kagome back to her tribe.

Koga: Thank you for saving my princess.

Kohaku: Your welcome.

Koga: And as a present you will become the mighty Eagle and we shall have a party too.

Kohaku: Oh yes please!

Then at night the party began, there was drum music, dancing, Indian food like corn mush, smashed berries, and turkey legs, they even made feather hats for the lost boys and the darlings. Soon after an hour Kohaku took Rin to see the fairies. The fairies spread their dust around Kohaku and Rin and they started dancing in the air.

Later that night Sessohmaru was sitting in his ship thinking of what to do.

Sesshomaru: GGRRR!!!! I hate that Kohaku. I wish I could just destroy him, but how?

That's when the idea hit him. He was going to kidnap the lost boys and Rin.

Sesshomaru: Yes it's perfect.

Then the next morning the Kohaku and the others played hide and seek. That's when the pirates started kidnapping them until Kohaku was the last one left. They even got Kikyo.

Rin: Let us go!!

Sesshomaru: Oh my dear I need you as bait to get Kohaku.

Rin: Oh No!!

Sesshomaru: Rin how do you fly like Kohaku.

Rin: I won't tell you.

Sesshomaru: Tell me! He raised his hook next to her.

Toodles: You need fairy dust!!

Everyone: TODDLES!!

Sesshomaru: Oh really?! Hehe!!

That's when Kohaku saw them on the ship.

Kohaku: That cod fish!

That's when he got an idea.

The sun started to set and Kohaku flew around the ship.

Sesshomaru: Drop the girl.

That's when Rin was pushed of the ship.

Rin: AHHH!!!!

That's when Kohaku grabbed her and flew up.

Kohaku: Hello you old cod fish!!


The pirates fought the lost boys. Sesshomaru grabbed Kikyo and shook her to make her fairy dust sprinkle on him.

Sesshomaru: Yes!! I can fly in the air.

He then had a sword fight with Kohaku in the air. The lost boys threw the pirates over board. That's when the crocodile came.

Sesshomaru: OH NO!!

Then Kohaku banged him on the head and grabbed his hat and he fell down into the water and the dust was washed off.

Sesshomaru Oh No!!

The pirates and Sesshomaru swam away from the crocodile towards the sun set.

Kohaku: Yes!! Kikyo make this ship fly.

Kikyo: Sure.

The ship was covered in golden fairy dust and it flew in the air.

Rin: Where are we going?

Kohaku: I'm taking you and your brothers to London.

Rin: Oh Thank You!!

Inuyasha: Yes!!

Shippo: We're going home!!

After that adventure Kohaku came back every night to take them to Neverland to have a great time.

And They Lived Happily Ever After.


Shippo: What an adventure!

Rin: Wendy was so cool.

Kohaku: I wish I could fly.

Kagome: We all do.Well get ready for tomorrow Shippo and Rin. For tomorrow I'm going to read you the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Shippo and Rin: Ohh!

*************End of Chapter 17******************
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