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Inuyasha Fanfiction: Aladdin and The Magic Lamp

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Kagome reads Rin and Shippo "Aladdin and The Magic Lamp" and uses the team as the characters.

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The team was sitting by the fire, but it wasn't just Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Kilala, Mirkou, and Shippo. There sitting by another fire a few feet away was Sesshomaru, Rin, Kohaku, Ah-Un and Jaken. Koga and his wolves were sitting a couple feet by a fire too. Lord Inutashio, Lady Izayoi, and Lady Inukimi were by another fire. This time Kikyo is here too.

Kagome: Okay who wants a story?!

Rin: I do!

Shippo: Me too!

Kagome: Okay tonight's story is Aladdin and The Magic Lamp. So I think that I should be the Princess. Inuyasha can be Aladdin (human version). Inutashio can be the sultan (human version). Izayoi can be the mother. Koga can be the Royal Assistant (human version). Miroku can be the genie. Sesshomaru can be the Head of Guards (human version).

*************Aladdin and The Magic Lamp***************

Once Upon A Time...

There was a kingdom in a desert the days were hot. In the kingdom there was a man named Aladdin. Who was very poor he lived with his mother and he could never find a job.

It was a hot day in the kingdom. Inuyasha was walking around the kingdom trying to find money and food for his mother and him.

As he was walking around he saw some yummy fresh bread, so he decided to steal two loafs for dinner, but a guard saw him. It was Sesshomaru the Head of the Royal Guards.

Sesshomaru: Hey get back here with that bread!!

Inuyasha: You'll have to catch me then.

He blew a raspberry at him and ran off with the bread.

Sesshomaru chased Inuyasha all over the kingdom, but Inuyasha was really fast as he jumped from roof to roof.

Sesshomaru: Get back Here!!

Inuyasha: Never!!

Inuyasha managed to get away from Sesshomaru and reach home by night fall.

Inuyasha: Mom I'm home.

Izayoi: Hi Honey. Sniff.

His mother was crying because she sold almost everything but couldn't make enough money for food.

Inuyasha: Don't worry mother. I promise to find work and money for us I promise.

Izayoi: Oh thank you my son.

Inuyasha: I brought home some bread loafs for us.

Izayoi: Did you steal this?

Inuyasha: Yes, but for you.

Izayoi: Sigh!!

After dinner Inuyasha went to his room and looked out the window towards the palace.

Inuyasha: If only I was a rich prince my life would be happy.

Then in the palace Inutashio was mad that his daughter Kagome still hasn't found a husband.

Inutashio: Honey you have to find a husband it's the law.

Kagome: But the prince's that I met are spoiled and horrid.

Inutashio: You must find someone and quickly.

Kagome: Maybe I will Maybe I won't.

Inutashio: GRR!!!!

Then he stormed out of Kagome's bedroom and went to his throne.

Inutashio: KOGA!!

Koga: Coming your highness.

Inutashio: My Royal Assistant, I need you to find another prince for my princess.

Koga: Yes your highness.

Inutashio: And ask the cook to make me a snack and tell the maids to get my bath ready.

Koga: Yes your highness.

He went to his room on top of the tower. Looking angry and upset.

Koga: AARRRRGGGHHH!!!!! Am I going to spend the rest of my days as an assistant to that chump and that spoiled girl.

Koga: If only I could get that magic lamp, but I need to figure out who is the chosen one to get into the Cave of Wonders and get it.

That's when he got an idea. He got his crystal ball.

Koga: Oh crystal ball show me who is the one to enter the Cave of Wonders!

Crystal Ball: The chosen one is named Inuyasha.

Then it showed a picture of him.

Koga: Oh this is going to be good.

Koga had remembered Sesshomaru talking about Inuyasha and his stealing. He had a plan to get the lamp.

The next day Koga went to the market place to find Inuyasha. Soon he found Inuyasha by a corner he was about to steal some fresh red grapes.

Koga: Excuse Young Man.

Inuyasha: Yes?
Koga: My name is Koga I'm the King's Royal Assistant.

Inuyasha: Okay.

Koga: Can we talk together over a free lunch? I have a special job for you.

Inuyasha: A free lunch!? Of Course!!

Koga took Inuyasha to a nice lunch at an Inn/Diner.

The table had chicken legs, fruit and vegetable bowl, red wine, hot soup, fresh bread, and mini cakes. Inuyasha was eating almost everything.

Inuyasha: Thanks for the lunch!! So what's the job?

Koga: You see Lord Inutashio was going to have his warriors get the special magic lamp, but once he heard about you out running Sesshomaru he thought you should go get it.

Inuyasha: A magic lamp?

Koga: Yes! It's in a Cave of Wonders and I know where it is. Inuyasha if you get the lamp you can get the treasures within the cave. You can be rich and blessed by Inutashio.

Inuyasha: That sounds amazing!!

Koga: Meet me at the water well at the end of the town by 1:00 this afternoon. I'll have the horses ready for us to go.

Inuyasha: Okay.

Inuyasha finished every last bite of that lunch.

Then they left the Inn/Diner Inuyasha went back home to get his sword the Tessaiga.

Inuyasha: Always be prepared.

Then he headed towards the water well.

Koga reached the palace to get the horses, a jewel to open the Cave of Wonders, and a sword.

Koga: Time for phase 2; Get That Lamp.

The town clock stroke 1:00. Inuyasha was by the water well. He saw Koga coming towards him with two horses.

Koga: Are you ready?

Inuyasha: Yes!

Then they got on the horses and started to ride with the wind into the dessert it took hours. The sun looked like it was going to set a little.

Koga: Okay here we are!

Inuyasha: Okay now what?

Koga then grabbed the jewel from his pocket and placed in a hole in the mountain. The jewel glowed and the cave opened.

The Cave: Only one shall enter and that name is Inuyasha.

Inuyasha: How does the cave know my name?

Koga: Just go get the lamp please. Lord Inutashio is very impatience.

Inuyasha: Oh Okay!!

Then Inuyasha entered the cave. He walked down the stairs until he reached a a large golden door. He opened it and saw a room full of gold coins and jewels.

Inuyasha: WHOA!!!!

Inuyasha then spotted the lamp on top of the golden stairs. He walked up to get it. He picked it up and that's when the carpet under the lamp started to fly up in the air.

Inuyasha: Whoa!! A magic carpet.

The magic carpet flew in the air and started circling around Inuyasha.

Inuyasha: Hey there do you want to be my friend?!

The magic carpet started circling around him with joy.

Inuyasha: Okay you can come with me.

Meanwhile Koga was thinking about what was taking him so long.

Koga: Jeez! He sure is taking his sweet time. Though as soon as he touches even one gold coin the cave will collapses by anyone who touches the treasure. As soon as he does then he'll come here to get here safely. That's when I push him in and get the lamp. YES!!

Back to Inuyasha.

Inuyasha walked down the golden stairs and towards a treasure chest full of gold coins, jewels, and more.

Inuyasha: Me and my mother will soon be rich.

The magic carpet was too busy flying around with joy to notice the Inuyasha was going to break the rules of the Cave of Wonders. So when he grabbed the treasure chest the cave started to shake up.

Inuyasha: Oh No!!

He then grabbed a handful of treasure and put it in his pocket.Then he ran towards the exit, but he slipped the cave was going down. His hand was able to reach the top edge.

Inuyasha: Koga a little help please?!

Koga: First the lamp!!

Inuyasha: Okay!

Then he gave him the lamp.

Koga: HAHAHA!!!! You Fool!!

Then he stepped on his foot causing him to fall, but then a rock fell on Koga's head and he dropped the lamp in the hole and it was closed up.

Koga: NNOOOO!!!!

Koga then left with Inuyasha still in the hole with the magic lamp and carpet.

Inuyasha soon woke up in the dark cave alone.

Inuyasha: OWWW!!!! That guy tricked me. GGRR!!

He then got up and grabbed his Tessagia.

Inuyasha: WIND SCAR!!!!

He blew a hole through the cave and climbed out with the magic carpet and magic lamp. He walked for hours until he reached home.

Inuyasha: Mom I'm home!!

Izayoi: Oh my son where have you been?!

Inuyasha: It's a long story, but I got some money so we can buy food. Also I have a new magic carpet.

Izayoi: Oh that's my boy.

They bought food and had dinner. The next day Inuyasha decided to relax in his bedroom while his mom went out. He looked at the magic lamp it had words on it. It said "Rub Me".

Inuyasha: Okay.

When he started rubbing it. The lamp glowed and flew in the air. Smoke blew from it and out came a the genie Mirkou.

Mirkou: Hello there.

Inuyasha: Who are you?

Mirkou: I am the genie of the lamp. My name is Mirkou. What are your 3 wishes?

Inuyasha: Wishes?

Mirkou: Yes! Only 3, but here are the rules.

Inuyasha: Okay.

Mirkou: Rule 1; you can't wish for more wishes you only get 3. Rule 2; I can't kill anyone. Rule 3; I can't make people fall in love. Rule 4; I can't bring people back from the dead.

Inuyasha: Okay I'll think of my wishes, but I don't want to wish for anything right now.

Mirkou: Okay. Just rub the lamp for me.

Then he went back inside the lamp.

Inuyasha went outside to go and get some fresh air.

Inuyasha: What should I wish for? The wishes have to be good.

Meanwhile back at the palace. Kagome was going to sneak out of the palace for some alone time.

Kagome: I wish I could find someone who isn't spoiled for once. Sigh!

Inuyasha was walking by himself too.

That's when a huge herd of cows started to run through the market place.

Kagome: Oh No the cows are out of control!!

She started running and running. When Inuyasha saw her he whistled for his magic carpet. The magic carpet started to fly in air and Inuyasha hopped on it then he grabbed Kagome.

Inuyasha: Are you alright?!

Kagome: Yes I am Thank You!!

Kagome looked down at the magic carpet.

Kagome: Is this some kind of dream?!

Inuyasha: Nope we're on a magic carpet.

Kagome: Wow.

Inuyasha dropped Kagome off on the other side of the town.

Kagome: Hey I'm kinda new here do you think that you can give me a tour of the town?

Inuyasha: Sure. Oh and my name is Inuyasha.

Kagome: My name is Kagome.

Inuyasha: Hey you have the same name as the Princess.

Kagome: Yeah. Hehe!!

Inuyasha and Kagome spent the day together riding on the magic carpet dancing, singing, and having the time of their lives.

Inuyasha: The sun is setting here I'll take you home. Where do you live?!

Kagome: At the palace.

Inuyasha: Wait a minute your the real princess?!

The magic carpet stopped.

Kagome: Yes and thank you for the wonderful day.

Then Inuyasha took Kagome home.

Inuyasha: I promise you that I'll find a way to meet you again.

Kagome: I'll be waiting.

Then Inuyasha rode the carpet home. He had an idea.

The next morning he rubbed the magic lamp.

Mirkou: Yes Master.

Inuyasha: Mirkou my first wish is to become a wealthy prince.

Mirkou: Your wish is my command.

Then smoke blew all over the room. Inuyasha was dressed as a wealthy prince, he had a white horse, and chests full of gold, jewels, and more.

Inuyasha: Thank You!!

Mirkou: Your Welcome!

Then he went back in the lamp.

Inuyasha wrote a note to his mother saying he'll come back as a wealthy married man. Then he rode on his horse to the castle.

Sesshomaaru: Halt!! Who goes there!?

Inuyasha: I am wealthy prince here to ask for Princess Kagome's hand in marriage.

Sesshomaru couldn't shake the feeling that there was something familiar about him.

Sesshomaru: Right this way. You can leave your horse in the royal stable.

Inuyasha: Thank you.

Then they went to the throne room where Inutashio and Kagome were fighting.

Inutashio: You can't marry a peasant.

Kagome: Yes I can!!

Sesshomaru: Your highness a prince has come here for Princess Kagome hand in marriage.

Kagome: Arugghh!! Another one?!
Inutashio: Be Nice.

That's when Inuyasha came in. Kagome and Inuyasha's eyes locked together. Kagome knew it was Inuyasha the same guy on the magic carpet.

Kagome: Hello there what is your name?

Inuyasha: I am Prince Inuyasha highness.

Kagome: Would you like a tour of the castle.

Inuyasha: I'd love that.

Then they went off.

Inutashio: YES!! She's found someone at last. Sesshomaru tell Koga to come here.

Sesshomaru: Yes your majesty.

Then Koga came in.

Koga: Yes your highness.

Inutashio: Thank You!! For finding a prince to marry my daughter. Prince Inuyasha seems to be quiet the catch for her.

Koga couldn't believe what he heard.

Koga: Your welcome.

Inutashio: Now I'm going to go celebrate. I want you to go get me some wine and cakes and have them delivered to my bedroom.

Koga: Okay.

Koga couldn't believe it Inuyasha was a prince.

Koga: He must've used the magic lamp. GRRR!!!! I'll never be king.

Inuyasha and Kagome walked together getting to know each other and love each other more. That when the night time sky fell. They had a big dinner together and went to Kagome's room.

Inuyasha and Kagome rode on the magic carpet together into the night sky. There were madly in love.

Kagome: I'm having a wonderful time with you.

Inuyasha: Me Too.

Then they landed by the castle balcony where Kagome's room was.

Inuyasha: Will You Marry Me My Love?

Kagome: Yes!!

Inuyasha gave her a beautiful diamond ring.

Inuyasha: Good Night.

Kagome: Night.

Koga saw them from his tower window.

Koga: GGGGGRRRRR!!!!!!

He slammed the window shut.

Koga: I have to get that lamp and fast.

That's when he thought of a clever and evil idea. He went to Sesshomaru and told him a fake horrible story about Inuyasha.

Koga: I have discovered that, that Prince Inuyasha isn't a prince.

Sesshomaru: What?!

Koga: He is the same thief from the market place you've been chasing.

Sesshomaru: That's why he looked so familiar.

Koga: He drunken the real prince and kidnapped him and stole his stuff.

Sesshomaru: We should tell the king.

Koga: No he is a little stressed tonight from drinking. Let's handle this ourselves. You go drown him in the lake. Tie him up and drown him.

Sesshomaru: With pleasure.

Then later that night Inuyasha and his magic carpet were looking up at the stars. That's when Sesshomaru sneaked up on him and grabbed him. He tied him up and threw him over a cliff into the sea.

Luckily Inuyasha still had the magic lamp. Once he reached the water he rubbed it.

Mirkou: What the?! MASTER!!

Inuyasha: Huummph.

Mirkou: I'll save you, but this will cost you a wish.

Inuyasha shook his head in yes.

Then Mirkou carried him out of the water onto dry land.

Inuyasha: Thank you.

Mirkou: Your welcome master, but it cost you a wish meaning that you only have one left.

Inuyasha: That's okay.

Mirkou: How did you end up underwater?

Inuyasha: The captain of the guards Sesshomaru threw me in there it doesn't make any sense it's weird.

Mirkou: Well be more careful. Then he went back in the lamp.

The magic carpet flew towards Inuyasha and flew him back to the castle.

Inuyasha: What was that about?!

Then something banged Inuyasha across his head and he blacked out. It was Koga who hit him with a metal pole. Koga then grabbed the lamp and carried Inuyasha off he put him on a horse carriage and told the driver to take him far away. The magic carpet followed them.

Koga: Now to become all powerful!!

He rubbed the lamp.

Mirkuo: Who are you?!

Koga: Your new master. And my first wish is to become a power scourer.

Mirkuo: Yes Master!!

Koga was blasted with magic and became powerful. He then flew to the castle and carried it to the middle of nowhere in the desert.

The morning sky came in Inutashio, Sesshomaru, and Kagome saw that the castle was moved.

Inutashio: What is the meaning of this?!

That's when Koga floated up in the air.

Koga: I'm the ruler of this castle now not you.

Inutashio: WHAT!?

Koga used his powers to lift Inutashio's crown off his head and put it on his. Then he used his powers to handcuff Kagome to her bedroom bed and chain Inutashio and Sesshomaru in the dungeon. Koga then went to his new throne.

Koga: I'll deal with you later. he said to Kagome.

Kagome: Epp!!

Inuyasha woke up in the horse carriage.

Inuyasha: What the?!

Then he hopped off the carriage and walked off to the town. Luckily the magic carpet found him.

Inuyasha: Carpet can you get me to Kagome?!

The carpet shook in a yes form.

Then Inuyasha got on the magic carpet and flew off to find the castle. Hours past until he saw the castle in site.

Inuyasha flew in the castle on his magic carpet.

Inuyasha: Where are you, you jerk?!

He saw Kagome chained to her bed.

Inuyasha: Kagome!

Kagome: Inuyasha Your Here!!

I'm glad your safe. He broke the chain with his Tessagia and they escaped to find the lamp.

They saw Koga in the throne room.

Kagome: I've got an idea.

Inuyasha: Okay.

Kagome walked in the throne room.

Koga: Kagome I was just about to ask you about your hand in marriage.

Kagome: Oh I would love that. But first....

Then she walked towards him.

Kagome: I would like to look at that lamp.

Koga: Oh well I don't know.

Kagome: Please??

Koga: I guess just don't rub it.

Inuyasha was sneaking behind Koga, but he accidentally spilled on some gold coins on the floor.

Koga: What the...

Then Kagome kissed him.

Inuyasha: Yuck!!

Then Kagome pushed him and grabbed the lamp.

Koga: OW!!!!

Inuyasha: Hey Koga it's nice to see you.

Then Inuyasha used his Tessiaga.

Inuyasha: WIND SCAR!!!!

Koga: AAHHHH!!!!

Then Koga was turned into ashes.

Kagome: THANK YOU!!

Inuyasha: Hehe!!

They then freed Inutashio and Sesshomaru from the dungeon. Inuyasha used his last wish to bring the castle back to the kingdom.

Inuyasha married Kagome. And Izayoi and Mirkou got to live in the palace too.

And They Lived Happily Ever After.


Rin: That was great.

Shippo: Amazing!! I wish I had a magic carpet and a magic lamp.

Kagome: Me too.

Inuyasha: I'd wish for two Tessaiga's.

Izayoi: Hehe!

Inutashio: I don't think so.

Kagome: We all get ready for tomorrow Shippo and Rin. For tomorrow I'm going to read you the story of The Little Mermaid.

Shippo and Rin: Ohh!

***************End of Chapter 20****************
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