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Inuyasha Fanficition: The Little Mermaid

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Kagome reads Rin and Shippo "The Little Mermaid" and uses the team as the characters.

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The team was sitting by the fire, but it wasn't just Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Kilala, Mirkou, and Shippo. There sitting by another fire a few feet away was Sesshomaru, Rin, Kohaku, Ah-Un and Jaken. Koga and his wolves were sitting a couple feet by a fire too. Lord Inutashio, Lady Izayoi, and Lady Inukimi were by another fire. This time Kikyo and Ayame is here too.

Kagome: Okay time for the story of The Little Mermaid.

Rin: What's a mermaid?

Kagome: They are magic creatures who are half fish half human blessed with beauty and lovely voices for singing.

Shippo: They sound amazing.

Inukimi: They sound kinda strange. Fish people that sing and look nice?!

Koga: Oh I can't wait to here this story.

Inuyasha: I can't wait to here how this one ends.

Kagome: Okay as characters Izayoi can be the Mermaid. Inutashio can be the prince. Inukimi can be the princess. Me, Rin, Ayame and Sango can be he mermaid sisters. Inuyasha can by the Merman king. The sea witch can be Kikyo.

*****************The Little Mermaid***************

Once Upon A Time....

There was a kingdom under the sea called Atlantis. It is were mermaids and merman lived along with other sea creatures. There lived the Sea King Inuyasha and his 5 beautiful mermaid daughters. Today was going to be a good day because today was Izayoi's 16th birthday and that means she can go to the surface and see humans.

Izayio: I'm going to the surface!!

Sango: Good luck!!

Kagome: Stay safe.

Ayame: Have Fun.

Izayoi: Okay.

Then she swam up to the surface and saw the beautiful blue sky the clouds and the sun.

Izayoi: It's so beautiful.

That's when a ship came towards her. The ship had a large flag on it with a golden sun on it.

Izayoi: Oh My!!

She saw Inutashio from the ship.

Izayoi: So handsome.

Izayoi followed the ship. It was love at first site.

That's when the day turned into night time.

Inutashio: I wish I could find someone to be my wife.

Izayoi: I'd be your wife.

Inutashio: Huh?! He eyebrow up in curiosity.

He looked down and almost saw Izayoi, but she swam under the ship.

Inutashio: Hmm!?

That's when the sky turned darker and thunder sounds came.

Inutashio: Oh No!!

The ship was on fire.

Inutashio: OH NO!!

Then Inutashio fell off the ship into the sea.

Izayoi swam to him and carried him to the beach. She stayed by him until the sun rose in the sky. Izayoi started singing to him.

Izayoi: Ah Ah AHHH!!!!

Inutashio: Huh?!

He looked at Izayoi a little.

Inutashio: A Mermaid?!

Izayoi: Epp!!

Then she swam away.

That's when Inukimi came towards the beach and saw him.

Inukimi: Sure are you alright?

Inutashio: Yes. Thank you for saving my life.

Inukimi: Your welcome.

Izayoi saw from a distance behind some rocks.

Izayoi: No I saved you my love. "Sigh".

Then she swam away sadly.

She went to her sisters and told them what happened.

Kagome: A kingdom with a golden sun?

Izayoi: Yes.

Kagome: I know this place.

Sango: Let's go.

Ayame: Fun awaits.

Izayoi: Really?! Oh that would be wonderful.

Kagome led Izayoi to the kingdom. She saw Inutashio standing by the window.

Izayoi: I want to be part of your world my love and I'm willing to do anything for you anything.

Izayoi decided to go the sea witch at night while everyone was asleep.

Once she found the sea witch Kikyo she told her about her tragic love story.

Kikyo: What a tragic story. Well I have the solution for you.

Izayoi: Yes what is it?!

Kikyo: You must become a human.

Izayoi: Oh that would be wonderful.

Kikyo: But I must warn you about a few things.

Izayoi: Yes.

Kikyo: If your prince loves another your heart will break and you'll turn into foam into ocean waves and every step you take on the will feel like your walking on broken glass.

Izayoi: Oh.

Kikyo: Do you still want to become a human?

Izayoi: Yes.

Kikyo: But first the payment.

Izayoi: Oh yes. I can give you my crown and jewels and seashells.

Kikyo: No. I want something more valuable. Like your beautiful voice, because you have the most wonderful singing voice in the ocean.

Izayoi: But how can I tell him that I love him.

Kikyo: Flutter your eyelashes at him or give him a kiss.

Izayoi: Okay it's a deal.

Kikyo: Good. Now open your mouth.

Izayoi: Ahhh!!

The Kikyo ripped Izayoi's tongue out.

Izayoi: ahh...

Kikyo then put it in a magic jar where her tongue turned into a glowing voice ball. Then she grabbed a bottle and gave it to Izayoi.

Kikyo: Go up to the ocean steps of the prince's castle and drink this.

Izayoi nodded her head yes. Then she swam away.

She swam up to the ocean steps at sun rise and drank the potion. Then she glowed and her tail turned into legs. It caused her to black out. Inutashio saw the glow and rushed to the steps and saw Izayoi.

Izayoi woke up in a king size bed in a pretty sea blue night gown.

Izayoi: ah...

Inutashio: Don't worry you'll be fine. I found you on the ocean steps.

Izayoi: a....

Inutashio: What's wrong can't you talk?! He rasied his eyebrow.

Izayoi nodded her head in a no way.

Inutashio: You poor girl. Well don't worry I'll protect you.

Izayoi tried to get up and walk on her new legs, but it felt like she was walking on broken glass. She almost fell down, but Inutashio catched her.

Inutashio: Oh be careful your just tired. Rest. I'll see you later.

Then he left the bedroom. Izayoi started learning how to walk even if it hurt.

Then next day Inutashio took Izayoi on a tour of his kingdom and a ship ride in the moon light. Izayoi saw her sisters waving at her in the ocean.

Kagome: Little sis!!

Rin: Hey!!

Izayoi waved to them. Inutashio saw her and walked towards her.

Inutashio: Who are you waving to?

He looked down and almost saw her mermaid sisters, but luckily they swam away.

Inutashio: Oh No not mermaids they don't exist. Hehe.

Then he walked away. Izayoi felt heart broken.

The next day Inutashio was excepting a special guest from another kingdom. Inukimi came through the door. Inutashio couldn't believe his eyes it was the princess that saved his life.

Inutashio: It's you! The princess that saved my life.

Inukimi: Yes I am.

Izayoi thought "No"!!

Time passed faster than Izayoi can imagine. Inutashio and Inukimi got married. Izayoi was heart broken. They all sailed away on a ship towards the sun set. Izayoi knew that she would turn into sea foam on the ocean waves when the sun rose. Then Izayoi heard her sisters voice.

Kagome: Kikyo told us everything and she gave us this dagger to save you with.

Rin: We had to give our hair.

Ayame: Kill the prince before sun rise and you'll turn back into a mermaid. She tossed her the dagger.

Izayoi couldn't believe it kill the man she loves the most.

Izayoi went to the tent to where Inutashio and Izayoi were sleeping with the dagger. But Izayoi couldn't do it she couldn't kill him so she threw the dagger into the ocean and ran towards the side of the ship where her sisters were and jumped off.

Kagome: It's okay sis we have you.

Rin: It'll be alright.

Sango: Yes don't worry.

Ayame: Love hurts sometimes.

But then Izayoi started turning into sea foam.

Kagome: OH NO!!

Rin: Dear Sister!!

Then she was turned into foam.

That's when the sun started to rise in the sky. Izayoi's soul flew from the ocean into the sky.

Izayoi: I'm here and I can speak?! But how?

Angel 1: Come with us.

Izayoi: Huh? What's happened to me?

Angel 2: You have loved so much and suffered so much too, that we decided to turn you into an angel.

Angel 3: Your one of us.

Izayoi: Oh that sounds amazing. Thank you.

Izayoi then flew to her sisters on a near by rock.

Izayoi don't worry my sisters I am free and happy goodbye.

Kagome: Sis?!

Izayoi: I'll try to visit when I can.

Then she flew towards Inutashio's ship. Inutashio and Inukimi were looking for her

Inutashio: Miss.

Inukimi: She's an angel.

Izayoi: My name is Izayoi, but don't worry I'm free and happy. Live long and care for each other.

Inutashio and Inukimi: Goodbye!!

Inutashio put his arm around Inukimi and they looked at the sky with joy.

Izayoi went to heaven with the angels happily and Inutashio and Inukimi lived and loved each other.

And They All Lived Happily Ever After.


Rin: That was so pretty.

Shippo: The ending is a little sad, but nice.

Inuyasha: Keh that prince couldn't tell a girl from a mermaid how sad.

Koga: It's kinda upsetting.

Izayoi: I thought it was heart warming.

Inutashio: She was brave at least.

Kagome: We all get ready for tomorrow Shippo and Rin. For tomorrow I'm going to read you the story of Pinocchio .

Shippo and Rin: Ohh!

***************End of Chapter 21****************
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