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Inuyasha Fanficition: Pinocchio

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Kagome reads Rin and Shippo "Pinocchio" and uses the team as the characters.

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The team was sitting by the fire, but it wasn't just Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Kilala, Mirkou, and Shippo. There sitting by another fire a few feet away was Sesshomaru, Rin, Kohaku, Ah-Un and Jaken. Koga and his wolves were sitting a couple feet by a fire too. Lord Inutashio, Lady Izayoi, and Lady Inukimi were by another fire. This time Kikyo and Ayame is here too.

Kagome: Okay it's story time.

Rin: Okay.

Shippo: Yes.

Kagome: Okay the characters should be Kohaku can be the Pinocchio. I'll be the blue fairy. Inutashio can be the father. Mirkou can be the cricket. Koga can be a guard. Sesshomaru is the coach man. Koga can be the fox. A twin version of Koga to be the cat. Shippo can be Pinocchio's friend. Inuyasha can be the puppet master.

Shippo: This is going to be great.


Once Upon A Time....

There was an old mad named Inutashio who always wanted a son. He was a wood craftsman so he made a fake wooden puppet son named Kohaku. Once he was done he placed it on the table and went to the window.

Inutashio: Oh please dear star I wish for a real son please.

Then he went to bed. That's when Kagome the blue fairy appeared into his room. With the magic wand the puppet was alive like a boy and then disappeared.

The next morning Inutashio woke up and saw the puppet wasn't on the table. It was standing by the table.

Inutashio: My Word!

Kohaku: Hello there.

Inutashio: Kohaku my new puppet son. Hello I am your dad.

Kohaku: Hello dad.

Inutashio: I'm here to help you and love you, and to start I'll help you get into a nice school.

Kohaku: School?

Inutashio: It's a place where you learn and make friends.

Kohaku: Oh!!

Then the next day Kohaku went to school it was pretty hard. With all of the tests, homework, reading, strict teachers, and kids making fun of him. Kohaku hated school and never wanted to go back. The next morning Kohaku skipped school and sold his books and got 5 silver coins. He wanted to run away, but Inutashio caught him the next morning.

Inutashio: You must go to school.

Kohaku: No!! I hate it.

Inutashio: You can't survive out there without going to school.

Kohaku: Yes I can. I fact I'm running away and I sold my school books for 5 silver coins and that's all I need for now.

Inutashio: You are bad disobedient boy.

Kohaku: I don't care.

Then he ran out the door into town and Inutashio chased him. The town's people saw Inutashio chasing Kohaku. Koga the guard saw them.

Koga: Hey whats going on?!

Inutashio: My disobedient puppet son is being naughty.

Inutashio grabbed Kohaku.

Inutashio: I'm going to take him back home.

Koga: Oh Okay.

Kohaku had to think fast cause he didn't want to go to school. So he thought of a naughty idea.


Koga heard.

Koga: Your going to turn that puppet into fire wood!?

Inutashio: What no I...?!

Koga then grabbed Kohaku from Inutashio to free him.

Koga: Your coming with me sir.

Inutashio: What but I..?!

Then Kohaku ran off home while Inutashio went to jail. Kohaku entered the his cottage all happy that he was free. He didn't have to go to school, he had the cottage to himself, he had 5 silver coins to which he could spend on toys and sweets, and he his father were to come back home he would take his coins and ran away. While Kohaku was looking around the cottage he heard a voice.

Mirkou: You are a bad boy and you should feel terrible about what you did.

Kohaku: Who said that?

Mirkou: Up here you naughty puppet boy.

Kohaku looked up and saw a talking cricket on the shelf.

Kohaku: Who are you?!

Mirkou: I am Mirkou the talking cricket and I've lived here for years.

Kohaku: Well this is my cottage so you better leave.

Mirkou: Be careful Kohaku those children who are disrespectful to elders and parents always wish that they didn't.

Kohaku: It doesn't matter because, I'm leaving tomorrow at dawn with my 5 silver coins to live my own life. On the road meet new people, and never go to school again to study ever.

Mirkou: Then you'll grow up to be an ignorant donkey.

Kohaku: Quiet you horrid bug.

Mirkou: Call me a bug will you?!

Kohaku: Yes in fact I can squish you.

Mirkou: How about you learn a good profession instead.

Kohaku: The only profession I want to know is eating, drinking, and sleeping, from morning, noon, and night.

Mirkou: The only people who follow that profession are idiots that end up in hospitals or in prison.

Kohaku: Watch out you'll be in trouble if I lose my temper and get violent.

Mirkou: I should feel sorry for you for being a brat since your head is made out of wood.

Kohaku was filled with rage. Then he picked up a wooden hammer.

Kohaku: Then here have some of this. It's made out of wood just like me.

Then he threw it at Mirkou which caused his death.


Shippo: He killed him that was harsh!

Kagome: I know so violent.

Shippo: Like Inuyasha Haha!

Inyasha: Hey I'm not THAT violent or tempered.

Koga: Yes you are.

Inuyasha: GRR!!

Inutashio: Even Seeshomaru wasn't that violent when he was a pup.

Sesshomaru: Hn!!

Kagome: Now where were we.


After that Kohaku decided to make himself something for lunch, but he couldn't find anything to eat. He looked and looked and looked, but couldn't find anything. Kohaku then started to cry.

Kohaku: Oh if I wasn't so mean and naughty I wouldn't be suffering like this.

Kohaku then fell asleep on his father's bed sad, tired, and hungry. The next morning Inutashio was released from jail and was allowed to go home. When he saw Kohaku in his bad state he forgiven him.

Inutashio sent Kohaku to school. Kohaku started doing so well. One day while he was walking home. When he a fox and cat.

Koga: Hello there I see that you a puppet.

Kohaku: I am sir.

Koga: Would you be interested in a job?

Kohaku: But a kid can't get a job.

Koga: Oh but that's where you are wrong a nice puppet like you can get a job. At the puppet master's house.

Koga 1: It's the best place for a puppet like you.

Koga: You can earn money for your parents and become rich.

Kohaku: That sounds amazing.

Koga: Just keep going North and you should get there.

Kohaku: Thank you.

Kohaku ran off to the puppet master. He ran and ran until it was past midnight. He found the puppet master's house.

A late night puppet show was going on.

Inuyasha: Aww no I need another puppet and fast.

That's when he saw Kohaku outside. A puppet with no strings.

Inuyasha went outside.

Kohaku: Hello I'm looking for the puppet master so I can get a job.

Inuyasha : I'm the puppet master Inuyasha come on I've got a job for you.

Before Kohaku knew it he was dancing on stage with gold coins being thrown on the stage.

Inuyasha: Woo Hoo!! You made me rich kid rich.

Kohaku: Your welcome.

Inuyasha: Hey maybe you and me can travel the world and make some more money.

Kohaku: Why not?!

After that Kohaku traveled with him for two months, but Kohaku was getting home sick and told Inuyasha.

Inuyasha: You are my star puppet,but I shall allow you to leave. Here take these gold coins.

Inuyasha gave Kohaku 10 gold coins.

Kohaku: Thank you and goodbye.

Kohaku ran off to find his father, but ended up in the woods. He got scared and started running. He finally found a wonderful blue house. He knocked on the door and a blue fairy opened it.

Kohaku: Hello will you help me find my father please.

Kagome: Oh yes come in please little puppet.

Kohaku sat down on the couch.

Kagome: My name is Kagome and I'm the same fairy who brought you to life.

Kohaku: You are?

Kagome: I am, but what are you here?

Kohaku: Oh two months ago I got lost.

He nose started to grow.

Kagome: Oh I see.

Kohaku: I was then raised by wolves.

His nose grew even more.

Kagome: And then what happened?

Kohaku: Some bad guys chopped me into fire wood.

His nose grew even bigger.

Kohaku: Oh No my nose. What's happened?

Kagome: Hehehe!!

Kohaku: What are you laughing at?

Kagome: I'm laughing at the lies you've been telling me.

Kohaku: But how do you know I've been lieing.

Kagome: Because there are two types of lies the one's that have short legs and the ones that have long noses.

Kohaku started crying.

Kohaku: Oh please get rid of this long nose. I'm sorry.

Kagome: I'll help you, but no more lies okay.

Kohaku: Yes I promise.

She then used her magic to summon some birds to peck Kohaku's nose back to normal.

Kagome suggested that Kohaku should go back to school until she found his father. He used his gold coins to buy school books. After a few months he became a good student and had a lot of new friends and a best friend Shippo.

One night Kohaku and Shippo were coming back from the library. When a coachmen with donkeys came along.

Sesshomar: Would you boys want to go to Toy Land?

Kohaku: What's Toy Land?

Sesshomaru: It's a place where kids go to have fun they eat sweets play with toys and get to do anything they want.

Shippo: Sounds great!

Kohaku: Let's go.

Shippo and Kohaku hopped on the carriage and rode to Toy Land. By sunrise they were there.

Toy Land was amazing. There was soft warm cabin with big beds. All the junk food they can eat and toys.

Kohaku and Shippo spent 1 week in Toy Land having the time of their lives, but one day Kohaku woke up with a little headache his ears felt different he looked into a mirror and saw his ears were like a donkey. He put a hat on his head and thought that the ears will go away. Then late at night while he and Shippo were playing cards, he noticed that most of the kids were missing.

Kohaku: Hey Shippo where did the boys go?

Shippo: Probably to bed or something? By the way why are you wearing that hat?

Kohaku: Because of this.

He took off his hat and his ears were showing.

Shippo: You have donkey ears?!

Kohaku: Yes. They appeared this morning I was hoping it would go away, but it didn't.

Shippo: HAHA!! It's probably from all the ice cream, beer, and cakes we have been eating don't worry.

Shippo kept laughing until he sounded like a donkey.

Shippo: What the?! HHEEHHHAAAA!!


Shippo: Somethings wrong.

Then Shippo turned into a donkey. Kohaku ran out the back door when he heard someone coming.

Sesshomaru: Well it looks like I've got some new donkey to sell.

Then Sesshomaru took Shippo.

Kohaku: Oh No!!

He went to go find help, but couldn't that's when he went into a strange kitchen and saw some cans that said "Antidote to donkey children". He grabbed the cans and tried to find Shippo and the others. He found Shippo and the other donkeys and secretly feed them the antidote recused them from the cages and ran off with them. Kohaku took the children back to there homes. Kohaku decided to go to Kagome asking for her forgiveness for leaving her. But her house wasn't there at all just a grave stone.

Grave Stone: Dear Lies Kagome The Nice Fairy. She died of sorrow after being abandoned by Kohaku.

Kohaku was very sad and started crying on the stone.

Kohaku: No no no it can't be. I'm sorry I promise to be good and I'll even find my father if the fairy comes back.

Kagome: You mean that?!

Kohaku: Yes I do she's been like a mother to me.

Then he looked up.

Kohaku: Kagome?!

Kagome: My little puppet.

Kohaku: Oh your alive.

He hugged her and released her. Kagome turned the grave stone into a house.

Kagome: I'm sorry I made you so sad, but I had to test if you really cared.

Kohaku: I do care and I'm sorry.

Kagome: I forgive you.

Kohaku: I want to find my father.

Kagome: I'm afraid that's not going to be easy. He went on a boat to find you and was swallowed by a whale, but he is still alive.

Kohaku: Then I'll go find him. I'll leave at dawn.

Kagome then sent Kohaku off at dawn to find his father she even offered him a boat. Kohaku sailed for 2 days until he found the same whale. The whale opened his mouth and got Kohaku's boat. Inside the whale was a massive ship. Kohaku walked inside and saw his father.

Inutashio: My son.

Kohaku: Daddy.

They hugged each other.

Inutashio: I'm so glad that I found you at last.

Kohaku: Me too. I'm sorry about everything. I'll get us out of here.

He had an idea he started a fire which made the whale sit them out high in the air and onto a beach. Kohaku and Inutashio walked off to find a place to live. They came upon a cabin.

Kohaku knocked.

Mirkou: Come in.

They went inside and saw Mirkou.

Kohaku: Your alive again.

Mirkou: Not again. I was never dead I was pretending. I've be watching you for a long time.

Kohaku: Will you take pity on me and my dad please.

Mirkou: I will, but only if you promise to help others and be kind.

Kohaku Oh I will I will thank you.

Kohaku then started going to school,making baskets, turning water heels, and helping others for months on end. One night he was so tired from making baskets he fell asleep on the floor.

That's when Kagome appeared.

Kagome: My good little puppet for be so kind and hard working I'll forgive you for being mean and lieing and for that you shall be a real human boy.

Then Kagome turned the cottage into a mansion and Kohaku into a real living boy and disappeared.

Once Kohaku woke up he was a real boy. He looked into a mirror and was filled with joy.

Kohaku: I'm a real boy. Oh thank you dear fairy.

Then he ran to Inutashio and Mirkou.

Kohaku: Father , Mirkou I'm a real boy at last.

Mirkou: Congratulations!!

Inutashio: Thank you. It was your kindness that made all of this happen.

Kohaku: Father where has the old Kohaku gone to these days.

Inutashio: He is by that chair.

Kohaku saw the puppet version of him.

Kohaku: You mean that was me?! Oh how funny looking I was HAHA!!

Inutashio: Yes, but I still loved you even if you were funny looking.

Kohaku: Hehe!!

After that day he lived with Inutashio in that mansion with Mirkou being happy.

Kohaku learned to be kind and nice to others and he lived as a good little boy.

And They All Lived Happily Ever After.


Shippo: Well at least he learned his lesson.

Rin: How sweet.

Inuyasha: So he became a real boy even if he was naughty?

Kagome: No he did good deeds after being naughty.

Inukimi: Ha! In the dog demon tribe if our children were as bad as Pinocchio we've would've punished them in ways humans couldn't imagine.

Kagome: Ouch!

Izayoi: Violence doesn't solve anything Inukimi.

Kagome: We all get ready for tomorrow Shippo and Rin. For tomorrow I'm going to read you the story of Thumbelina .

Shippo and Rin: Ohh!

***************End of Chapter 22****************
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