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Spirited Away Fanfiction: No Face's Revenge

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Spirited Away Fanfiction: No Face's Revenge

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It has been 5 years since Sen has left the bathhouse and went to the human world with her parents. No Face has lived at Swamp Bottom with Zeniba for years. He was happy with helping around the house. He even got a voice spell put on him by Zeniba so he can talk. But he was still mad from his time at the bathhouse. He was mad from the way the acted, pretending nice to him for his gold, treating him like a monster, those horrid fake smiles, and how they treated his dear loving friend Sen. He wanted revenge on the bathhouse. He wanted to finish what he was suppose to finish at the bathhouse treating him unkindly.
No Face: I want revenge.
Zeniba: No Face I'm going to go out for a week or 2 I'll be back soon.
No Face: Uh Uh.
Zeniba: You can do what ever you want okay?
No Face: Uh Uh.
Zeniba: Good I'll see you soon and here have some gold coins if you want to buy something.
Then she left the house leaving No Face was all alone. Which means he could go get revenge on the Bathhouse at last. Luckily he found a spell to disguise himself from her books. He look like a human prince spirit he even had magic powers.
No Face: Now time for revenge.
He then flew towards the bathhouse and used his powers to turn dirt into gold. Luckily Yubaba left for a week or two.
No Face: Hello I would like a private room, a bath in the big tub, and lots of food delivered to me.
Chichiyaku: Yes Sir.
No Face: Here I'll pay up front.
He gave him a lot of gold nuggets.
Chichiyaku: Oh Thank You!!
Then No Face got his own room in the bathhouse it was the best room it was also the same room where he ate everything and Sen gave him the gift from the River Spirit.
No Face: Phase One is complete.
The servants started bringing him a lot of food and he started giving them a lot of gold.
Lin: Yes GOLD!!
The next day he was doing it again eating and giving away gold.
No Face: Time For Phase Two.
No Face kept eating and giving gold away, until he started walking into the hall where they asked for him to give them tips.
Spirit 1: Come on we need gold.
Spirit 2: Tips Please.
Spirit 3: More Tips More Gold.
No Face: I'll give you more gold, but first I want to tell you guys something. I AM NO FACE!!
Then he transformed into his huge self like he did when he wanted to give Sen a lot of gold.
Aniyaku: OH NO IT'S HIM!!
Spirit 1: THE MONSTER!!
No Face: I'm going to take over this bath house now.
Chichiyaku: Yeah!! I'll like to see you try.
No Face: Fine!
He grabbed him with his hands and swallowed him whole.
Chichiyaku: AAAHHH!!!!!

Spirit 3: He Ate Him.
Spirit 1: AAHH!!
Aniyaku: Spit Him Out!!
No Face: I'm the ruler here for how you treated me like a monster. He then grabbed him and swallowed him whole too.

Spirit 2: HE ATE HIM TOO!!
No Face: Now I'm going back to my room for a nap. I want a large dinner, wine, and desserts in a few hours, and a hot bath in the big tub too.
Then he turned into his human form again and spit out the two.
Aniyaku: Ouch!
Chichiyaku: AHH!!
No Face: If anyone makes me mad gets swallowed!!
Spirit 1: EKK!!
Chichiyaku: Come on get to work and get started on cooking.
Aniyaku: Come on lets go.
Then No Face walked back to his bedroom. Then he woke up to a hit bath and endless food.
No Face: More Food.
Lin: Okay.
Spirit 4: Sure.
Then he went to his bedroom and dropped a bunch of gold at the floor.
No Face: That's your pay.
Then he closed the door.
No Face: Don't forget about breakfast.
Lin: Yes!
When they had a meeting in the girls bedroom.
Lin: What are we going to do?
Spirit 1: We can't do this forever.
Aniyaku: Don't worry I sent a message to Yubaba she'll do something about this.
Days passed and No Face was causing trouble. That's when Yubaba came back, but No Face barfed on her. So she got a shower upstairs. Then called for Aniyaku and Chichyaku.
Yubaba: What are we going to do?
Chichyaku: I know Sen she can get rid of him!
Yubaba: Sen is gone remember. Wait... I can send a message to Haku and ask him if he could bring her here. Go send him the message.
Aniyaku: Yes Yubaba.

Back downstairs No Face was eating, bathing, and giving gold away. Everybody was horrified by No Face and his behavior.
Lin: This is horrible I have to work double shifts now.
Spirit 4: I have to scrub the big bath every single day. Oh look at my hands.
Spirit 5: We're doomed you guys doomed.
Lin looked at the ceiling and thought " Oh Sen where are you? Can you help us?".

In the human world Chihiro's parents were working while she was at school. After school Chihiro went home when she went into her bedroom and closed the door.
Haku: My aren't you beautiful as usual.
She turned around and saw Haku. He had the same outfit, but had longer hair.
Chichiro: Kohaku!!
She ran to him to give him a hug.
Chichiro: I'm glad to see you again.
Haku: Me too. But the bathhouse needs you again.
She released him.
Chihiro: What do you mean?
Haku: No Face has returned and has taken over the bathhouse. Everyone is scared and even Yubaba can't get rid of him.
Chihiro: I'll go to help them when do we leave?
Haku: Now.
Haku turned into a dragon and they flew off together.
Haku gave Chihiro some berries and bread so she wouldn't disappear.
Chihiro: Yum Thanks these taste great.
Haku: Come on let's go.
They went inside the bathhouse everyone was shocked to see Haku and Sen again. Lin walked to them.
Lin: Sen your here!!
Chihiro: I'm glad to see you again Lin and don't worry I'll help get rid of No Face again. Where is he?
Lin: The big tub. He is eating everything and giving away gold too.
Chihiro: I have an idea. Go pack up your things because your leaving too.
Lin: YES!!
Lin lead her to the big tub to Chihiro saw what No Face has become.
Chihiro: No Face!
No Face saw Chihiro.
No Face: Sen. I want Sen. Your here. Eat some food, swim with me in the tub, have some gold too.
Chihiro: No Face it's time you go home okay.
No Face: No I rule this bathhouse and you can join me my friend.
That mad Haku mad.
Haku: Don't touch her.
No Face: I remember you. Your the dragon.
Haku: Yes and it's time for you to leave.
Chihiro: Please come with me.
No Face: No. When I'm here I am a king.
Chihiro: Come with me and Haku to the human world you don't have to be this creature no more.
No Face looked at himself in the reflection of the water and saw what he has become.
No Face: What have I become?
Chihiro: Here drink this.
She grabbed some wine and gave it to him.
Chihiro: Now give me some gold to give to Lin.
No Face gave Chihiro the gold coins from Zeniba. Then he started to throw up. Then Lin came with her bag.
Chihiro: Come on lets go.
No Face started to chase her,Haku, and Lin out of the bathhouse.

No Face was feeling better after the chase. Chihiro gave Lin the gold coins so she can get a train away from the bathhouse. After Lin left. Chihiro took Haku and No Face to the human world. No Face and Haku used there human disguises. Haku and No Face stayed with each other in a river in the mountains. While Chihiro stayed with her parents.

Back at the bathhouse the next day Yubaba and Zeniba were arguing.
Yubaba: Your assistant ruined my bathhouse.
Zeniba: And YOUR old assistant Haku stole my Golden Seal years ago. So we are even.
They bickered for hours on end and until Zeniba left.

No Face spent his time in the Human World with Haku and Chihiro he learned to never let riches and revenge change him and he was happy.

*********************THE END**************
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