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Ahsoka's First Time

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An angry Anakin is dropped in on by his former padawan Ahsoka Tano. She asks him to deflower her. Will he? Read to find out...

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Anakin's Quarters:

Anakin stood at his quarter's balcony, in his nightshirt and boxers, brooding. Ahsoka was leaving the Jedi Order. No. She was leaving him. he sighed.


Anakin approached the door and opened it.

"Snips?" he breathed.

"Can I come in?" she asked. He let her in."I needed to see you. Before...before i left." Ahsoka said as Anakin closed the door. "I have a...sort of...question to ask you."

"Of course Ahsoka. I'm here for you. Whatever you need snips." Anakin Assured his ex-padawan.

"I need you to be my first." Ahsoka said.

"What?" Asked a bewildered Anakin.

"I want you to deflower me master. Please." Ahsoka said pleadingly. Anakin Scratched his head. He had to admit, it was tempting, Ahsoka had grown into a very sexy looking young women. Plus, he hadn't been with Padme in weeks.

"Alright snips." Anakin finally decided.

"Thank you master." Ahsoka said, and kissed him. She quickly pulled away and started stripping. Anakin did the same. "Wow." Ahsoka breathed, staring at anakin's seven inch cock.

"Yeah, pretty impressive right?" Anakin said. "But then again, you're pretty impressive yourself Ahsoka." Anakin said. She blushed. He reached out and pinched her left nipple, then gently rolled the sensitive nub between his thumb and forefinger. She gasped at his touch. "You want to blow me off first?" Anakin asked.

"Sure." Ahsoka breathed. Anakin went to his bed and lay down on his back. Ansoka followed, straddling his legs. She was nervous, he could tell.

Don't worry about it snips. You've got this," Anakin assured her as she bent down, "Trust your instincts." Ahsoka took a deep breath, took hold of his cock with both hands. She gave the tip a slow, tantalizing lick. Anakin groaned, then reached up, and pushed her head down further, encouraging her deeper. He felt her lips part and his whole cock was engulfed by the warm, moist heat of her mouth. Anakin could feel her nose pressing against his crotch on every downstroke, efficiently taking his whole cock in her mouth. Her tongue and throat seemed to undulate around his shaft, massaging every inch in a way not even his wife Padme could match. The only warning Ahsoka got was a loud moan from Anakin, before his cock shuddered and spewed cum into her mouth. Surprisingly, ahsoka didn't back off or protest in any way, but seemed eager to taste every drop. He could feel her moaning wantonly around the meat of his shaft, and her throat clenching around the head of his cock, trying to swallow it all. She looked up at him, lips still wrapped around his cock. "What do you want to do next?" Anakin asked her. Ahsoka sat up, releasing his cock from her lips.

"Can you fuck my ass?" Ahsoka asked him.

"Anything for you Snips." Anakin said, sitting up as she got off his legs.

"Thanks...Skyguy." she said as she got into position on her hands and knees on the bed. Anakin knelt behind her, nudging her asshole's entrance with his cock's tip.

"Ready?" Anakin asked, gripping ahsoka's hips. She took a deep breath.

"I'm ready master." she said. Anakin pushed in slow, inch by inch. Ahsoka's breath turned shallow. Once fully in, Anakin slowly drew out, then pushed back in again. He kept this up until Ahsoka's breathing returned to normal. "M-m-master? I-I have a-a-a re-q-quest." She managed to say between moans.

"I'm listening." Anakin said.

"B-b-b-be b-b-brutal." she said to his surprise. Anakin shrugged and gripped her hips tighter. He slammed in, not bothering to be gentle now. The loud smacking sound of Anakin's hips crashing into Ahsoka's echoed about the room. Ahsoka let loose a scream of both pleasure and pain. Anakin drew on the force to increase his speed even more. Ahsoka felt herself cum, her juices dripping down her left leg. With an animal-like growl, anakin came again in ahsoka. "W-wow." Ahsoka breathed, laying on her back. "I never thought that this would feel so good." Ahsoka sighed, while Anakin climbed on top of her, spreading her legs wide.

"Now I should warn you snips," Anakin said, "Since this is your first time, this will be a bit painful...if only at first." Anakin said. She nodded, Anakin thrust in. Ahsoka cried out in pain, but anakin didn't hear nor stop, he just drew out then thrust back into her. She clawed at his back in vain as his first thrusts pierced her. but gradually, the stabs of pain were replaced by waves of pleasure. "See? There you go." Anakin said, continuing his assault on her wet pussy. He sped up. Ahsoka squeezed her eyes shut, overcome by pleasure and ecstasy. Her breasts jiggled and bounced in rhythm as he thrust in and out of her. Anakin smothered her moans with his mouth, kissing her. Ahsoka arched her back, curling her legs around his waist, and grabbed fistfulls of Anakin's sheets as anakin gradually brought her to her climax. She seemed to let out a great sigh as she cummed, her whole body went limp, but Anakin continued to thrust into her. "A-a-almost...t-t-th-th-there..." Anakin groaned. And sure enough he cummed one final time. Panting heavily, Anakin lay beside his former apprentice.

"Thank you master." She said after she caught her breath.

"No problem snips. Anytime you need me, I'm right here." Anakin replied.

" you mind if I stay the night?" Ahsoka asked.

"Not at all." Anakin said. He used the force to draw the sheets up over them, then turn out the lights. Ahsoka snuggled up to Anakin's chest. He wrapped his arms around her. "No matter what happens," Anakin whispered, "I'll remember this." Ahsoka smiled in the dark.

"Me too." She said. They fell asleep in each other's arms.


Been wanting to post a fanfic like this for awhile, just never had the time. Let me know how I did in the comments! Also maybe tell me a Star Wars fanfic you'd like me to write in the future.
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