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Doctor Who - Season 14

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David Harewood takes the role of The Doctor in the new series of Doctor Who alongside Tilly Keeper and Parry Glasspool as college students Maya and Greg Redburn, following the help of new friends, ...

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Episode 1 - New Familiar

(Doctor Who Title Sequence)


David Harewood - The 14th Doctor

Tilly Keeper - Maya Redburn

Parry Glasspool - Greg Redburn

The school bell rings at Barrow College, a girl walks out of a classroom holding some folders containing coursework from her classes. A boy bumps into the girl, knocking her folders to the floor, causing her papers to fall out and blow all down the hallway. The girl stands there with tears in her eyes, the boy laughs at her and he walks off. The girl grabs a piece of paper up from the floor, which has a note on it saying 'Hey nerd, do us all a favour, and just leave'. The girl stares at in distress.
Another boy walks up to her "Maya, come on". Maya looks up and she sees the boy holding her papers and her folders. Maya grabs the paper's off of him "I don't need your help, Greg!". Maya walks off down the hallway, and she walks out of the college. Greg runs after her "Maya!" Maya goes "Greg! Please, I don't want your help!" Greg nods "fine, let me just walk with you back home? Maybe that'll get mum and dad off my case about helping you" Maya smiles at him "fine" Greg nods at her "great, let's go, we'll go down the church alleyway, it's a shortcut" Maya nods "okay". Maya and Greg walk down the street, walking home.

Walking down an alleyway, Greg looks at Maya "I know David gives you hell, but he does it because of his mates" Maya looks at him "you are seriously not defending him? He gave me hell throughout the whole of high school and now throughout college! You seriously cannot defend him!" Greg goes to speak until Maya scoffs and she speeds up and starts walking ahead of him.

As Maya walks ahead, and Greg walks behind. Greg looks at Maya trying to think of something to say to her. Maya then stops walking and Greg goes "so-" Maya goes "Greg, what is that?" Greg steps in front of Maya and in front of him is a green glowing body with many light-green tendrils. The green-thing then speaks with a tinny voice "Earth is perfect". Maya and Greg stare in shock as it then fades away. Maya looks at Greg "what was that thing!" Greg looks at her "I don't-". Vwoorping is then heard leaving Maya and Greg staring at the sky as a blue box falls to Earth.

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On a large green field, The Thirteenth Doctor's Tardis crashes. Smoke vents out of the cracks of the door and the cracks in the windows. In the distance, Maya and Greg come running down the field towards the Tardis. Maya and Greg stop near the Tardis, viewing a completely wrecked Police Box. Maya looks at Greg "what is this, how is this, why-" Greg goes "Maya I really-".

The doors of the police box open and steam pours outside. The New Doctor runs outside and closes the door. The Doctor stands there coughing, whilst wearing The 13th Doctor's old clothes. Maya and Greg both look at each other. The Doctor goes "I seem to be unable to open the vents inside, I almost choked to death, imagine that! Regenerating to just die straight away" The Doctor stands there laughing. Maya goes "w..w..who are you?" The Doctor goes "me? I-" The Doctor's eyes roll to the back of his head and he collapses to the floor unconscious.

Maya stands on the phone and she goes "okay, see you soon" Greg looks at Maya "well?" Maya nods "mum and dad are coming. Who is he? He was inside that police box" Greg looks at The Doctor "he's also wearing women's clothes-" Maya looks at him "of everything that's just happened, from the tentacle-green thing to this box falling onto Earth, him wearing women's clothes is really at the bottom of my concerned list, and if he wants to wear women's clothes then let him, it is the twenty-first century" Greg stares at The Doctor "he just seems different".

A car drives along the field and stops near Maya and Greg. An older man and lady get out of the car. Maya goes "he's on the floor, I didn't wanna touch him" the lady nods "Frank, grab his legs and Greg, you grab his arms, get him in the car and we'll take him home and we'll call an ambulance" Frank goes "Karla, you sure you wanna bring a stranger home?" Karla goes "he's sick, get him home and then we'll call an ambulance, okay?" Frank nods "alright then".

The green-thing sits watching Frank and Greg carrying The Doctor into the car.

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Karla sits in the driver's seat with Frank beside her in the passenger seat. Maya and Greg sit in the back of the car with The Doctor unconscious in the middle of them. Karla drives off the field, and into a car park. All of a sudden, an electrical spark hits the car, killing the car, and stopping it. Karla looks at Frank, and she then turns the keys, trying to start the car, but the car doesn't start. Maya looks at Karla "mum?" Karla goes "um...I don't know what's happened". Greg looks out of the front window and starts seeing electrical pulses in front of them until the green-thing reappears, but with several other ones with it. Greg goes "outside! MUM! DAD!". Maya looks outside and she goes "that's the thing from earlier" Karla goes "what on Earth are they?" a deep voice them goes "Rutans" Maya and Greg scream as The Doctor sits up and looks through the window. The Doctor looks at Maya and Greg "nice to see you again". Karla and Frank look at The Rutans in front of them and Karla goes "what are they!" The Doctor goes "are we gonna sit here all day, or are we gonna drive?" Karla goes "the car is dead!". The Doctor pulls out The Thirteenth Doctor's sonic screwdriver and he sonics all around the inside of the car and reads the sonic "electrical impulse, I'm sorry but your car is completely ruined, we need to run!".

All four of the car doors open and the five of them run out of the car. The Doctor turns around and he looks at The Rutans "why are you here? You should be helping in the war with The Sontarans!" one of The Rutan's speak with its tinny voice "a new battlefield is required" The Doctor smirks "well Earth is not to become a battlefield!". Maya and Greg stand behind The Doctor looking at The Rutans. The Doctor sonics one of The Rutans "I can use your bioelectrical powers and send you all back to where you came from!". Three Rutans then generate a bioelectrical spark and they all spark The Doctor's sonic, causing it to catch on fire. The Doctor goes "my sonic-" Karla shouts "JUST RUN!" The Doctor looks at Maya and Greg "yeah, run!".

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Karla opens a door, leading into a house. A young boy standing at the top of the stairs goes "mum?" Karla goes "Billy, just stay upstairs please!". The Doctor walks into the house last and he looks around "oh, you redecorated, I don't like it" Maya goes "you've never been here" The Doctor goes "well most houses look the same, don't they?" Maya stares at him, Greg goes "okay, please explain! Who the hell are you? What are those Rutan things? And...what on Earth is going on!" Maya nods "I'd like some answers too" The Doctor nods "okay, just give me a minute, my brain is still fizzing, I need time to properly understand everything so, mum pop the kettle on I'll have a tea with ten sugars" Frank walks over to him "mum?" The Doctor looks at Maya and Greg "that's what you call her, right?" Maya laughs "she's our mum, not yours" The Doctor looks at them "how about I start with all your names" Maya nods "I'm Maya Redburn, this is my brother Greg, my dad Frank, and MY mum Karla, also my younger brother upstairs is Billy, your turn".

The Doctor sits on the couch whilst Maya, Greg, Karla, and Frank sit near him. The Doctor goes "my name is The Doctor, I'm a Timelord from a planet called Gallifrey, I'm about fourteen-hundred years old, and I'm an explorer, I travel around in time and space and I save people. Those Rutans are creatures from the planet Ruta, they've been at war for millions of years with a race called The Sontarans, it's that big that it's been going around the entire universe, from what it looks like, The Rutans have chosen Earth to be the next battlefield in the next wave for the war with The Sontarans if we don't stop it then all life on this planet will perish, so any questions?" Greg nods "I have a few-" The Doctor smiles "they can wait, we have a planet to save!".

Down a road, David, the bully of Maya, walks down the street with a group of his thug friends. The group of them walk along a field where they come upon a group of Rutans. The Rutans then generate the bioelectrical spark and they kill David and all of his thug friends.

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The Doctor stands in the kitchen with Maya and Greg. The Doctor goes "the thing about Rutan's is that they are the perfect species, they can travel underwater and still generate electricity without frying themselves, and they can live upon the land and still cause as much damage, but they do have one small weakness-" Greg looks at him "which is?" The Doctor goes "they don't have eyes, but they can still see you because humans are full of electrolytes, which is how they see you, but if we can find a way to block the electrical currents inside the Rutan's it would knock them unconscious, and then they would see Earth as an unfit battlefield" Maya goes "okay, even if we could do that, which sounds complicated-" The Doctor goes "complicated is my middle name" Maya scoffs "right, but how do you expect to block out the electrical currents inside them? That sounds impossible" The Doctor looks at Maya and then at Greg "there's one thing you need to know about me, whenever you are with me...nothing is ever impossible".

The Doctor stands with Maya and Greg and he goes "right, all we need now is to capture a Rutan" Maya goes "how do we do that?" The Doctor goes "okay, I don't know...I need something that generates massive amounts of electricity, The Rutans can hear electricity, especially an electrical spark that isn't generated from them" The Doctor stands there thinking for a moment.

At the top of the stairs, Billy sits listening in on The Doctor and the others and he then smiles.

The Doctor looks at Maya and Greg "any ideas?". Thumping is heard coming from downstairs, as Billy runs over "I have this" Billy holds a plasma ball and The Doctor smiles "you are my new favourite!" Billy smiles at him. Karla and Frank sit up from the sofa and Karla goes "so you're going to lead a Rutan to us? Isn't that dangerous?" The Doctor goes "all of you can wait upstairs if you want because it will be a little bit dangerous" Maya and Greg look at each other. Maya goes "I and Greg will help, especially if it will help save the planet" Greg nods at him.

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A static sound is heard coming from the kitchen, The Doctor hides behind the couch with Maya and Greg. Maya goes "so, you used to be a woman?" The Doctor nods "yep, everything about me is new, whenever I'm badly injured, my body can just regenerate, I become a new person, I remember everything I've done before, the people I've met and the people I've lost, but everything for me is just a new familiar. Everything that seems familiar is new to me".

Electrical pulses appear outside the Redburn house, and a Rutan then appears. The Rutan slowly hovers through the door, and inside the house. The Rutan's tinny voice goes "electrical pulse found". The Rutan slowly hovers into the kitchen, where The Doctor, Maya, and Greg then slowly follow it. The Rutan looks inside the freezer and sees the plasma ball inside the freezer. The Rutan goes to turn around until The Doctor closes the freezer, with The Rutan inside. The Doctor then jumps and sits on top of the freezer, so The Rutan can't escape. Maya looks at The Doctor "won't the cold kill it?" The Doctor goes "no, Rutans can survive any temperature but freezing temperatures weaken them, we'll just leave it in here for a few minutes, and let it go, any place known to be a weakness to them is dangerous, they can't fight on a planet where they could be at a disadvantage". The Doctor sits up from the freezer and he then opens it. The Rutans slowly hovers up and its tinny voice goes "evacuate, evacuate". The Rutan then disappears. The Doctor, Maya, and Greg run outside where they see a small spaceship above them appear from what was once an invisibility force field, the ship them flies off. The Doctor nods "another win". Karla, Frank, and Billy walk downstairs. Karla looks at The Doctor "so, they're gone?" The Doctor smiles "yes" Karla smiles "thank you Doctor" Doctor nods at her. Frank looks at Greg "maybe you should go and take The Doctor clothes shopping, I reckon he'd like a new attire, what do you think?" The Doctor nods "I'd love a new outfit".

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Maya and Greg stand in the middle of a store waiting until The Doctor appears wearing brown checkered trousers, with black boots, and he wears a light-grey waistcoat, with a medium length black coat. The Doctor goes "I love it" Maya smiles at him "what's next?" The Doctor nods at her.

Along the field, The Doctor walks with Maya and Greg towards the Tardis. The Doctor looks at Maya and Greg "this is the Tardis, my ship". The Doctor looks at the Tardis which it's exterior has completely changed. The Tardis is now a dark-blue denim colour. The windows have a matching denim blue window frame with light blue windows. The Doctor opens the Tardis door and he walks inside. Maya looks at Greg and they follow The Doctor inside. The three of them walk onto the concrete floor, and see an amazing and massive console room, with the console in the middle shining a bright blue colour. The Doctor turns around and looks at Maya and Greg "had you not taken me in, I'd have been a confused and lost man, but you helped me, for that I'd like to take you on a trip, how about it?" Greg and Maya both smile. The Doctor runs up to the console and he looks at a Tardis screen and he flicks a lever "you better be leaving for good!". The Rutan's tinny voice goes "we will never return Doctor, we will follow the symbols to another planet-" The Doctor goes "what symbols?" The Rutan's tinny voice goes "the symbols left around space, they're leading to a certain planet, where they say all things lost can always return!". The Doctor stares in shock until he then flicks a lever closing the doors. The Doctor presses a few buttons. Maya and Greg run over to the console. The Doctor presses a button and he goes "so...forwards or backwards in time?" Greg looks at Maya "you choose" Maya nods and she goes "backwards" The Doctor smiles at her "alright, alright! I got about the 1900s?" The Doctor looks at Maya and Greg, slightly unimpressed. The Doctor smiles "alright then, how about this...the 1700s?" Maya smiles at The Doctor. The Doctor pulls the throttle and he smiles "onwards".

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Also Starring:

Dawn French - Karla Redburn

Mark Kermode - Frank Redburn

Noah Jupe - Billy Redburn

Connor Calland - David

Next Time:

The Doctor goes "this is the city of Philadelphia and it is somewhere in the 1740s".

Greg smiles and he goes "so, has anything exciting happened yet?" The Doctor goes "everything is exciting, it's History!".

The Doctor goes "I'm The Doctor by the way-" the man shakes The Doctor's hand "Benjamin Franklin" Greg's mouth drops "no way-".

Outside, lightning strikes in the sky and a man-like creature walks inside the tent.

The Doctor looks at Benjamin "they're coming for you" Benjamin looks at The Doctor "me?".

The Doctor looks in shock "okay, this is new...this is...very new, and very scary".

Next Time - Riders of Space - Arriving in the 1700s the group meet Benjamin Franklin, but they come to discover the real reason he discovered electricity, a race called The Ghost Riders are using thunderstorms on Earth, and are trying to take Benjamin Franklin so they can use him.
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