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Bob Ton

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Bob Ton is small but huge.

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Bob Ton walked around the corner and saw Jim.
"YOU ARE A CRACK STAR!" Bob yelled with the might Zeus.
"I is Jim," said Jim.
Bob Ton grabbed Jim by the neck, choking him, and started yelling "TELL THE MOON DOG TELL THE MARCH HARE!" over and over again.
Eventually, Jim's body grew limp. Finally a crack star was dead.
"I will go to the store with drugs in it," Bob said.
Bob walked fast to the story, on the way he saw Bill and Bill punching each other.
"I must keep moving."
He caught sight of God 5 punching a noose.
"I must keep moving."
He then caught sight of Michael Reeves towing a truck with his left arm only.
"I... must keep moving."
Luckily he was close to the store and had in seconds he was at the door.
"Bob!" Yelled Tommy Drugman. "Calm down, my back broke!"
"That is bad," Bob said. "I will steal these drugs then."
"NO! Bob, I need to feed my family! Please pay!"
Bon walked out of the store and was met with a spray of bullets.
Luckily Bob can't die.
Oh wait... he's dead.
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