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After the Supercomputer is destroyed Most famed novelist Vera Webster gets rescued by her number one fan, Helen eilna. But her relationship with Helen turned into a hellish nightmare. Based off my ...

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authors note : this takes place in Superman iii ( 1983 ) and misery ( 1990 ) that means Vera Webster will play the role as Paul Sheldon. And Helen as Annie Wilkes. And Vera and Helen don’t get along sometimes in my upcoming story, in this story Helen will care and hurt Vera Webster.
If you haven’t seen Superman iii or misery watch Superman iii or misery before reading this.
This has Scary stuff that might Scare readers if you don’t like blood , swearing, violence and Skimpy clothing of my oc Helen

Viewer discretion is advised

In a giant supercomputer Superman, holding his arm in pain he stood up then walked away.

“ NOOOO!!!!!! Don't leave us alone in here! Superman!!!!!!” A blonde girl yelled.

Superman looks back to her and flys away leaving the blond and dark haired brunette alone.

“ o-oh I get it... The coaxial energy shaft is engaging the grid source factor....Right!” The blond worried.

Vera turned to Lorelei in confusion.

“ We're through, frogface. I'm splitting!!” Lorelei said then she ran away.

Hey!! Wait a minute!!!!” Vera yelled.

Ross looks up Lorelei and Vera are not here. “ girls! Girls come out of there!!”

Lorelei ran out of the main entrance in fear and hugged Ross traumatized.

Then Vera runs out then suddenly a blue beam grabs her from behind she bends over.

“ ooh ahh! “ Vera Yelled.

“ sis! “ Ross yelled as Vera gets pulled in into the computer.

“ oh no! Bubba! Lorelei! Help me please what’s going on?!” Vera asked for help but it was hopeless.

Lorelei screams in fear as she is seeing The most Traumatic thing she saw in her life.

“ sis! “ Ross yells out at his sister.

Vera screams in pain as metal slaps on her face.

Vera was in terrible pain as she turns into a robot by the supercomputer possessing her body, she places her hand at the supercomputer.

“ god it hur-“ Vera said almost finishing her sentence as the supercomputer closes her mouth shut.

Vera suddenly feels dizzy and lightheaded, she felt like she was And a hangover. She closes her eyes and Moans.

“Sis....?” Ross asked.

Vera opened her eyes Revealing white eyes no longer human no more she was a robot.

Lorelei was in shock stepping away from the possessed Vera. “ oh my god! “ she whispers.

The robotized Vera walks to Lorelei and Ross Slowly.

“ what is that?!” Lorelei yelled out loud.

Vera slowly points at Lorelei.

“ huh?!” Lorelei said regretting her decision.

Veras finger shoot up with a blue beam lifting Lorelei up and pinning her to the wall, rosses face fills up with horror.

Lorelei yelps in slight pain as she hits the wall.

“ LORELEI!!!!!” Ross yelled in fear.

Vera stoped zapping the blonde.

“ help me! “ Lorelei screamed.

“ sis it’s your bubba don’t kill m-“ Ross yelled but Beams come out of Veras eyes.

“ ooh oh! “ Ross yelled in agony as he got hit by Veras Laser beam paining him he falls to the ground.

The Supercomputer absorbs The cities energy making it stronger.

Superman came back with the acid.

“ help me help! “ Ross yelled in pain.

“ Superman!” Lorelei said.

Superman walked away leaving Lorelei in confusion.

“ HONEY! Honey! I’m stuck here help what about me????????!!!!!!!” Lorelei screamed.

Superman deflected the beam to Vera.

The pain beam Was so painful to Vera she bend over in pain and falls to the supercomputer knocking her out Unconscious.

“ LOOK OUT!!!!” Lorelei screamed.

Superman looks back two Machines shock him with Kryptonite he grunts in pain and walks back.

The Supercomputer grabs him he grabs the acid he was laying down he puts the acid down and opens it a big wire chokes him.

The acid boils up bubbling into a Mess destroying the Supercomputer.

Lorelei is released she blacked out, limp.

Vera was back to human she wakes up feeling groggy.

“ bubba?” Vera called out.

Vera moves her legs she groans in agony.

“ my legs are broken!” She yelled then a rock hits her in the head she slowly loses consciousness, blood dripping from her nose and her forehead , tears filling up, she remembered something before going to the supercomputer.

In her flashback....

Veras agent was Ashley margarita Her helps her publish her novels.

Vera was secretly a Writer she never told her brother or Gus she kept it a Secret.

“ so Veronica Webster why did you keep your writing a secret?” Ashley asked.

“ because I don’t want to be fired so I that’s why!” Vera said.

“ oh well everyone likes those Catherine books!” Ashley said Fixing her glasses.

“ I know Lorelei read them and never told bubba!” Vera said.

“ really?” Said Ashley surprisingly.

“ yeah now I’m free! I just killed off Catherine because I don’t like making these kinda romance adventure books.” Vera explained.

“ ooh what book are you working on?” Ashley asked.

“ well I’m working on a book called the monster it’s about big foot. “ Vera explains.

“ oh...” Ashley said.

“ well I’m hiding my manuscript so no one can know.” Vera said.

“ ohh...” Ashley said.

Vera left and went to her car to drive to the supercomputer.

Her flashback ended.

Vera was limp , passed out and bloody.

A hooded girl lifted the rocks out of her legs and dragged Vera to the Unknown hooded girl she carried her to a unknown place.

“ I’m your number one fan...” a female seductive voice said as Veras vision returned , regaining consciousness. “ There's nothing to worry about You're gonna be just fine. I'll take good care of you I'm your number-one fan.“ a young and attractive girl said who has beck length brown hair and eyes , a great fabulous body, red nails And lips , purple eyeshadow, wearing a long sleeve black crop top with the chest ripped open revealing her cleavage. Blue shorts with black tights and blue high heels , she smiled at the Awaken Vera.

Vera Was confused. “ where??” She said.

“ where just near Websco my house lives near next door. “ the girl said to Vera.

“ wait how long I’m I been here?” Vera asked.

“ for 3 days. Your going to be fine! ” The girl said. “ my name is Helen eilna.” Helen said.

“ my number one fan?” Vera mumbled.

“ Yes that’s right I’m a high school student and a nurse.” Helen said as she got red pills.

“ here , take these.” Helen said giving Vera her pills.

Vera opened up her mouth as Helen puts the pills in.

Helen gets out a glass of water Vera drinks it.

Helen takes out a needle from Veras hand and puts a bandaid on it.

Helen gave her pills.

“ here.” Helen said to Vera.

“ What are they?“ Vera asked.

“ They're called Novril.“ Helen explained. “ They're for your pain.“

Vera opened her mouth again and toke the pills and drank water.

“ thank you...” Vera said smiling.

Helen began to wipe off the blood off of Veras head.

“ wait! How come I'm not in a hospital?“ Vera asked Helen.

“ traffic...I can’t get you here...the road was filled up with cars...I couldn’t get you here you wore losing a lot of blood...and the phone lines are not working...” Helen explained.

“ yeah but- “ Vera said almost finishing her sentence then pain exploded inside of her she GROANS in pain.

“ You mustn't tire yourself. You've gotta rest.” Helen said.

“ You almost died!” Helen said.

Vera Nodded and closes her eyes falling asleep.

Helen sighed and walked away.

A few minutes later Vera was awake ready for her pills.

“ open wide.” Said Helen giving Vera her pills.

Vera drinks the water. Helen smiles.

“Your legs just sing grand opera when you move, don't they?“ Helen asked. “ It's not gonna hurt forever, Vera, I promise you.“

“Will I be able to walk?” Vera asked to Helen.

“Of course you will and your arm will be fine too.“ Helen said.

Vera looks at her bandaged arm.

“ It was a little stubborn, but I finally popped it back in.” Helen explained as she Rolls back to covers revealing Veras broken deformed legs.

Vera gasps in shock.

“ What I'm most proud of is the work I did on those legs.... Considering what I had around the house, I don't think there's a doctor who could've done any better It's not nearly as bad as it looks... You have a compound fracture of the tibia in both legs, and the fibula in the right leg is fractured, too.... I could hear the bones moving, so it's best for your legs to remain immobile.” Helen explained.

Vera was shocked and disgusted at the same time she looked at Helen worried.

“ don’t worry sweetie.. And as soon as the roads open, I'll take you to a hospital. Meantime, you've got a lot of recovering to do,” Helen said as she puts her poofy hair in a bun. “ and I consider it an honor that you'll do it in my home.”

Helen rolls up the covers on Vera.

In rosses office he is on house arrest so is Lorelei.

“ where’s vera?” Lorelei said.

“ I don’t know but I heard her scream before I blacked out. “ Ross explained.

Then the phone rang it was Veras agent. Ross picked it up.

“ websco what can I help you with?” Ross introduced.

“ umm yes are you vera websters brother?” Ashley asked.

“ yes I’m Ross Webster who is this?” Ross asked.

“ I’m Ashley margarita I’m veras agent who helps her post the Catherine novels.” Asked said.

“ my sister is a writer?!” Ross said in shock.

“ yes so she won’t get fired.” Ashley explained.

“ really?! Well I didn’t even know that!” Ross yelled.

“ well Vera told me Lorelei been reading those books and their very good you should read them.” Ashley said.

“ well what happened to her?!” Ross asked

“ well Vera told me she had had to go to a place called the Supercomputer...”

“ yes we went there and it went wrong the Supercomputer grabbed Vera and sucked her in and painfully transformed her into a robotic monster! “ Ross yelled.

“ what do you mean painfully??” Ashley asked.

“ she was screaming in pain while metal things are attached to her.” Ross explained.

“ really?! Now your sisters gone?” Ashley yells Worried.

“ yes I wonder where she is....” Ross said.

In Helens house Vera is getting her nails painted by Helen.

“ I guess it was kind of a miracle, you finding me.“ Vera said.

“ Ha... No, it wasn't a miracle at all.....” Helen said. “ In a way, I was following you.“

“ wait you....fellowed me...?” Vera asked in shock.

“ well it was no Secret to me I watched the supercomputer explode and you trying to get up and a rock fell on your poor head so I decided to save you...... seeing as how I'm your number-one fan and all... Some nights I'd just tool on down there and sit outside and look up at the light in your office. and I'd try to imagine what was goin' on in the room of the world's greatest writer.“ Helen explained as she paints Veras left thumbnail red like her nails.

“ wait! Say the last part again, I didn't hear you!” Vera interrupted moving.

“ Don't move now, sweetie I wouldn’t mess this up!” Helen said.

“ Well, the other afternoon I was rock climbing then here you are trying to pick your self up but your legs are broken and a rock fell on your head you wore bleeding... And I wondered why a literary genius build a supercomputer and destroy Superman. Then the computer went crazy and start turning you into a robot.” Helen said.

“ I didn’t know I was going to get turned into a robot it was unexpected.”

“ Well, lucky for you, I did. And lucky for me, too,
'cause now you're alive and you can write more books.” Helen said happily to Vera. “ Oh, Vera, I've read everything of yours! The Catherine novels I know 'em all by heart. All eight of 'em. I love them so.“ Helen said in a loving seductive tone hypnotizing Vera if she found love.

“ Well, you're very kind.“ Vera said in a warm manner.

“ And you're very brilliant!” Helen said painting Veras pinkie finger ruby red just like a red polished gemstone.

Helen was finished with Veras nails. “ Like a baby. All done. now you have matching nails just like me. “ Helen said walking away from Vera.

Vera looks at her new nails in amazement. “ wow.. Thank you.” Vera said in Shock and amazement she never saw a amazing nail painter before.

“ Helen? When do you think the phone lines'll be up? I have to call my bubba, and I'd like to call my agent in Metropolis and let her know I'm still breathing.“ Vera asked Helen.

“ It shouldn't be too much longer now....Once the roads are open, the phone lines'll be up in no time.
If you give me their numbers, I'll keep tryin' them for you.” Helen said as she puts the nail polish away.

“ thank you..” Vera said.

“ Vera? Could I ask you a favor?” Helen asked.

Vera raised her brow in confusion.

“I noticed in your backpack there's a new Vera Webster book, and..” Helen said.

“ ooh uhhh do you wanna read it?” Vera asked Helen.

“ Well, if you wouldn't mind.“ Helen chuckled.

“ Well, I do have a very hard-and-fast rule as to who reads my stuff at this early stage.... Only my editor, my agent, and anybody that saves me from ricks that break bones and hitting heads.” Vera explains.

“ Me?! oh You'll never realize what a rare treat you've given me!” Helen exclaimed.

Vera smiles then GROANS in discomfort.

“ Boy, it's like clockwork the way your pain comes. I'll get you your Novril, Vera. Forgive me for prattling away and making you feel all oogy.” Helen said walking away to get Veras pain pills.

“ What's your new book called?“ Helen asked.

“ I don't have a title yet.“ Vera said.

“ What's it about?“ Helen requested.

“ I don’t know.. I know it sounds crazy, but I haven't written anything but Catherine for so long..” Vera said. “ Why don't you read it, and you can tell me... Maybe you can come up with a title.“ Vera said.

“ Like I could do that!“ Helen said getting Veras water.

Meanwhile in the Webster office.

“ then Vera disappeared?!” Simpson yelled.

“ yes I heard her scream then I ran then she’s gone all of a sudden!”Ross said.

“ and your sisters a writer.” Simpson said.

“ I know I know Simpson! “ Ross yelled.

“ I heard she drinks champagne!” Lorelei said to ross holding a empty bottle of champagne.

“ really? Huh I didn’t even know that...” Ross said. He sighed. “ I sure hope nothing's happened to her....”

“ So do I.“ Lorelei added.

“ Im going home bye Ross.” Simpson said.

In Helens house.

Helen is feeding Vera Soup she sighs. “ I know I'm only 40 pages into your book, but...“ She said.

“ but what? “ Vera asked.

“ nothing” Helen sighed.

“ What is it?“ Vera asked to Helen.

“ Well, it's ridiculous! Who am I to make a criticism to someone like you?” Helen yelled.

“ It's all right, I can take it.“ Vera said.

“Well, it's brilliantly written. But then everything you write is brilliant.” Helen said truthfully.

“Pretty rough so far?“ Vera asked.

Helen sighed. “ The swearing, Vera! There, I said it!” Helen explained.

“ The... The profanity bothers you...........?” Vera asked in confusion.

“ It has no nobility.“ Helen sighed.

“ These are slum kids. I was a slum kid... Everybody talks like that.” Vera explained.

“ THEY DO NOT!!!!!!!! What do you think I say when I go to the feed store in town?! “ Helen yelled. “ Now, Wally, give me a bag of that F-ing pig feed and 10 pounds of that bitchly cow corn??!!?” Helen yelled as she mimics her voice scaring Vera. “ And in the bank, do I tell Mrs. Bollinger, Here's one big bastard of a check, give me some of your Christing money?!!!?????????!” Helen yelled at the top of her lungs spilling the soup on the bed. “ THERE LOOK THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO?!??!??????!???!??!??!????” Helen screamed.

Vera has a shocked look on her face.

“ Vera I’m sorry....” Helen Said. “ im so sorry...”

Vera panted as she looked at Helen. “ Sometimes I get so worked up. Can you ever forgive me?“ the Burnett asked.

“ it’s fine.” Vera said.

“ I love you vera... Your mind. Your creativity. That's all I meant.” Helen explained.

Helen walked away.

Vera was some how shocked by Helens rant about cussing.

Meanwhile Ross And Lorelei who are legally no longer on house arrest they are in the damage of the supercomputer.

“ this is sure fun....” the blonde sighed.

“ I know let’s do this..” Ross said.

“ oh my god!!” Lorelei yells as she sees blood.

Lorelei runs to the blood. “ it must be Veras...” she said.

Ashley goes to the incident.

“ need help?” Ashley asked.

“ No, I'm enjoyin' myself! Thank you.“ Lorelei said.

“ do you think your sister is here?!” Ashley yelled through her teeth.

“ I hope not. If she is, She's dead...” Ross worried. “ Let's go to the newspaper office.”

Vera was alsleep then she heard the door rattling.

“ I hope I didn't wake you.“ Helen said entering in Veras room holding a book of Catherines child.

“ No it’s fine.” Vera said.

“ Look what I got. They had it at the store, Vera!” Helen said happily as She showed her the book. “ There was a whole batch of 'em there, and as soon as I saw it I slammed my money down. I got the first copy.“

“ Then the roads are open.“ Vera added

“ Well, the one to town is, but that's about it.“ Helen sighed and toke her Jacket off.

“ I called the hospital and I talked to the head orthopedic surgeon and I told him who you were and what had happened. He said as long as there's no infection you're not in any danger, and as soon as the road to the hospital is open, they'll send an ambulance for you.“ Helen explained.

“ The phone's working?“ Vera asked.

“ uh.... Well, mine's still out, but the ones in town were working just fine.” Helen said as she takes off her Red trenchcoat. “ I called that agent of yours.” Helen said coming to Vera.

“ oooh Vera, I peeked at the very beginning! What a wonderful first page.“ Helen said peeking through the book. “ Just to read the name Catherine green!” Helen opened the book.

“ my bubba gotta be goin' nuts!” Vera worried.

“ It's like a visit from my high school friend.“ Helen said cheerfully.

“ I mean, I'm supposed to be home for Him he is worried sick. It's today!!“ Vera said stressfully.

“ The agent said she would tell her you were okay, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait till tomorrow if you want to talk to her yourself.” Helen explained as she closed the book and walked away then faces Vera. “ Oh, Vera. What a poet you are.“ Helen walks away.

A few minutes later Helen served food for Vera.

“ I made you my specialty, scrambled eggs à la eilna! “ Helen said.

Vera was incredibly hungry she could carve on scrambled eggs and Broccoli fettuccine.

“ And I'm on Page 75.“ Helen explained.

“I guess that means it's okay.“ Vera said getting her fork to eat her scrambled eggs.

“ No....” Helen sighed while she placed a napkin on Vera. “ No, it isn't, it's...oh Pooh. I can't think of any words! “ Helen said. “ Would great be insulting?“ she asked.

“ I can live with great.“ Vera said while eating her food.

“ No. It's not just great, it's...” Helen said holding the book. “ perfect...” Helen said, Vera smiles. “ A perfect, perfect thing.” Helen said in a warm manner she walks away to read her book.

A few minutes later Vera was boringly lonely doe to being separated by her family then the door opens it’s not Helen but a pig came to Vera and glared at her.

“ I thought it was time you two should meet!” Helen said coming to Vera and her pig. “ Vera, say hello to my favorite beast in the whole world, my sow Catherine! “ Helen said introducing her pet.

“ Catherine....? ” Vera said.

“ Yes. I told you I was your number-one fan.” Helen said.

“ Yeah, I'm... Uh......I'm starting to believe you.” Vera said.

“ This farm was kind of dreary, what with just a few cows and chickens and me. But when I got Catherine here, everything changed. She just makes me smile so.” Helen explained.

“ She's a fine uh.........pig, is what she is.“ Vera said.

“ I'm on Page 300 now, Vera, and it's better than perfect. It's divine!” Helen said getting up.

“ What's the ceiling that dago painted?“ Helen asked.

“ The Sistine Chapel?“ Vera said.

“ yeeeah!! That and Catherine’s Child! Those are the only two divine things ever in this world!“ Helen yelled. Then the girl imitated her pet pig then walks away.

Few minutes later Helen was staring out the window.

“ then my friends betrayed me and I got expelled from school permanently... it wasn’t a easy time. For a while I thought I might go crazy.
” Helen said.

“ I know how that can be.“ Vera sighed.

“ I don't know about you, but what I did to get through it..... was I dove into work. Days, nights... Night shifts can be lonely at a hospital.... That was when I first discovered Catherine...
She made me so happy. She made me forget all my problems.” Helen said sadly. “ Course, I suppose you had a little something to do with that, too.” Helen turned to Vera.

“ Yeah, well...” Vera said.

“ I just kept reading them over and over.“ Helen sighed. “ I've only got two chapters to go on this one, and I know when I finish I'll just turn right to the first page and start reading it all over again.”

Vera was done peeing in a container.

“ im uh..” Vera said.

“ done?” Helen asked.

“ yeah.” Vera replies as she hands the container to Helen.

“ no problem.” Helen said.

“ thanks.” Vera said.

“ Don't get me wrong. I'm not against expulsion per se, but it'd take a pretty special woman to make me want to walk down that aisle again.” Helen said.

“ Yeah, it's not something you should enter into lightly.” Vera said.

“ It boils down to respect, People just don't respect the institution of school anymore...They have no sense of real commitment. Well, I'd love to stay here and chat, but I'm right at the end, and I gotta find out what happens.” Helen said walking away Helen leaves.

Vera sighed and smiles.

A few hours later it was 2:59 in the morning Vera was asleep until a door close noise woke her.

She saw Helen who is wearing black high heel shoes, strapless top And short shorts. She was enraged by something.

“ you..! You dirty bird. How could you??!???!” Helen yelled.

Vera was confused what made her so angry.

“ She can't be dead! Catherine green cannot be dead!!!!!!!” Helen yelled.

“ Helen in 1871, women often died in childbirth.... But her spirit is the important thing, and Catherine’s spirit is still alive!” Vera explained making Helen more angry.

“ I DONT WANT HER SPIRIT I WANT HER AND YOU MURDERED HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Helen screams loudly shaking the bed, Veras face fills up with agony.

“ noo.... I didn’t!” Vera Yelled in pain.

“ WHO DID?!!??!!??!!!??!!!!!” Helen interrogated Vera angrily.

“ No one. She died, she just slipped away!!” Vera tried her best to explain to the enraged teen.

“ SLIPPED AWAY?????!!!!!!!! SLIPPED AWAY?????!!!!!!!! SHE DIDNT JUST SLIP AWAY YOU DID IT YOU DID IT YOU DID IT YOU DID IT YOU DID IT!!!!!! YOU MURDERED MY CATHERINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Helen said picking up a wooden chair to Vera attempting to attack.

“ Helen!” Vera screamed.

Helen slams the chAir into the wall breaking it Traumatizing Vera.

Then Helen realized what she’s acting after throwing a fit like a baby. “ I thought you were good, Vera.... But you're not good. You're just another lying old dirty birdie. And I don't think I better be around you for a while.” Helen said sadly walking away.

“ Vera?” Helen said before leaving.

“ y-yes?” Vera asked.

“ And don't even think about anybody coming for you........ Not the doctors, not your agent, not your bubba, because I never called them..... Nobody knows you're here. And you better hope nothing happens to me. Because if I die, you die! Got it?” Helen said in a serious manner.

“ yes ma’am!” Vera yelled.

Helen finally left then Vera heard her car leavers.

Vera wanted to get out she decided to get out of bed. She slowly moves to the floor then catches herself with her hands she grunts then she slowly moves her legs they slam on the floor. Vera screams loudly in pain as her injured legs wore fallen.

“ need to get to the door!” Vera grunts as she try’s to move.

“ ow ow ow ow!” She cried.

Vera was in terrible pain while she’s going to the door she reachers knob she realized it will make the pain worse and worse if she continues. “ I can’t do it....”

Vera feels dizzy and passes out.
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