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POV vera Webster Catherine

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I I’m Vera Webster and I’m a writer and I’m writing to survive

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Note this is in Veras POV point of view and yes it’s Catherine but with Veras point of view soon I’ll make a Helen version.

My name was Veronica Nora Webster call me vera for short I was a writer so I won’t get fired from my job I wrote the Catherine novels and I got pretty famous. And I never told my bubba Ross and Gus my best friend and agent Ashley margarita who publishes the books I made and Lorelei a blonde 18 year old female read them I was terrified but she never told bubba I was impressed. But one day I was in the supercomputer Gus made it started to go haywire I was a little terrified.

Superman was holding his arm in pain he got up and walked away.

“ nooo!!!!! Don’t leave us alone in here Superman!!!!!!!!!!!” Lorelei Yelled.

Superman looks back at us then leaves how rude of him I felt a wave of paranoia hit me I was dead for sure.

“ o-oh I get it the coaxial energy shaft is engaging the grid source factor...Right!” Lorelei said.

I looked to her in confusion I don’t know she was talking about.

“ We're through, frogface. I'm splitting!” Lorelei said to me she ran I was confused.

“ Hey! Wait a minute!!!!!!” I yelled. “ wait damnit!!!!!” I had no choice I ran.

“ girls girls come out of there!!” Ross yelled Lorelei came in first she hugged Ross I ran but something suddenly grabbed me from behind I almost fell on my face. “ oh ah!” I cried out.

“ sis!” Ross yelled.

I was completely shocked and terrified is it going to kill me?! Is this the end of me??! I closed my eyes and opened them if it’s all a dream but it’s not a dream it was real. The computer dragged me in I was terrified.

“ oh no! Bubba! Lorelei! Help me please what's going on?!” I Yelled when I finally got in the supercomputer the force slammed me causing pain nearly breaking my back.

Lorelei screamed in fear I was traumatized permanently what the hell is going on?!

“ sis!!” Ross said.

Before I can say anything I felt my head ache and heat up then I felt horribly nauseous like I was going to puke or something then suddenly I felt a wave of pain inside of my body.

My insides ripping apart , my body burning up really bad feeling horribly hot and sick and my head painfully heating up I screamed in agony then metal starts slapping my face making the pain worse and worse I Continued screaming in pain.

I felt like I was dying from the pain I was in terrible pain tears wore filling up my eyes making me unable to see what the hells going on.

Metal starts slapping on my hands and arms.

My skin begins to feel itchy and hot as it turned silver.

I tried to fight the pain and try to get used to it but it was getting stronger than before.

“ god it hur-!!!!!” I Yelled then suddenly the supercomputer closes the mouth shut making me unable to scream from the pain i was getting more hotter and hotter from my cloths as I was burning up from my terrifying change I was about to place a hand at my head I can’t I can’t move At all then I felt dizzy and lightheaded I felt like I was drunk my vision started to blur I closed my eyes and the agony stoped thank god I let out a Moan Of relief but unable to move.

“ sis.....??” Ross said.

I opened my eyes I stood still I couldn’t move my eyes are white I looked around my body I was a robot!

“ oh my god!” Lorelei said moving back.

I walked I wasn’t in control Ross was trying to make out what I am I wanted control back I Tried to get control back but it caused more pain.

“ what was that??!!” Lorelei Yelled out loud.

Then I stoped walking and my arm moved I was shocked I couldn’t move anything my face and my body I was helpless.

“ huh?!” Lorelei Yelled.

I felt a surge of energy in my fingertip it shot out a blue beam it hit Lorelei it levitated her and slams her on the rock wall I was shocked.

“ Lorelei!!!!!!” Ross yelled.

I stoped zapping her I wanted this to stop.

“ help me!!!!” Lorelei Yelled.

Ross looked back to me. “ sis it’s your bubba don’t kill m-“

Then laser beams came out of my eyes and hitting Ross he yelled out in agony as he staggered back then fell Lorelei called for help.

I was completely helpless I can’t control anything.

Then Superman came with something behind his back.

“ help me help!!!!” Ross yelled in pain.

“ Superman!” Lorelei said.

Superman walked away from the blonde.

“ HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!! Honey! I'm stuck here help what about me?!?!?!!?!??!??!??!?!??!!” Lorelei Yelled.

Superman deflated the pain beam to me it was so painful it made me bend over in agony and fell in the supercomputer I blacked out.

A few seconds later I was still unconscious but I woke up feeling groggy I was back to human and I’m able to move my body.

“ bubba?” I called out I was about to get up and look for him I moved my legs I groaned in pain then I realized that my legs are shattered.

“ my legs are broken!” I Yelled then suddenly a rock fell on my head I let out a agonizing cry.

Blood begins to pour out of my nose and head tears are filling up in my eyes I began to lose consciousness slowly I passed out unmoving.

After 3 days I woke up from my coma I heard a young female voice saying: “ I’m your number one fan.....There's nothing to worry about You're gonna be just fine. I'll take good care of you I'm your number-one fan." I looked around and saw a 17 year old female with a great body she had brown hair and eyes she had on a black top and shorts with tights I was completely confused.

“ where...?” I said.

“ where just near Websco my house lives near next door.” The girl said to me.

“ wait how long I'm I been here?” I asked.

for 3 days. Your going to be fine! " my name is Helen eilna." Helen said to me.

“ my number one fan?” I asked.

“ Yes that's right I'm a high school student and a nurse.” Helen said getting red pills for me. “ here , take these.”

I toke the pills I was a little groggy but still in pain slightly.

here." Helen said to me with red pills.

" What are they?" I asked in confusion.

" They're called Novril." Helen explained. " They're for your pain."

I toke the pills my pain slowly began to go away.

" thank you..." I said.

Helen began to wipe off the blood off of my head then I remembered something.

" wait! How come I'm not in a hospital?" I asked Helen.

" traffic...I can't get you here...the road was filled up with cars...I couldn't get you here you wore losing a lot of blood...and the phone lines are not working..." Helen explained.

" yeah but- " i Said almost finishing my sentence then pain exploded inside of me I groaned in pain.

" You mustn't tire yourself. You've gotta rest." Helen said.
" You almost died!" Helen said.

I nodded and toke a rest as Helen walks away.

A few minutes later i was awake to take my pills.

" open wide." Said Helen to me giving me my pills.

Helen smiles at me.

"Your legs just sing grand opera when you move, don't they?" Helen asked. " It's not gonna hurt forever, Vera, I promise you."

"Will I be able to walk?" I asked to Helen in a worried manner.

"Of course you will and your arm will be fine too." Helen said.

I looked at my arm it was in a sling.

" It was a little stubborn, but I finally popped it back in." Helen explained as she Rolls back to covers revealing my broken deformed legs.
I gasped in shock and disgust.

" What I'm most proud of is the work I did on those legs... Considering what I had around the house, I don't think there's a doctor who could've done any better It's not nearly as bad as it looks... You have a compound fracture of the tibia in both legs, and the fibula in the right leg is fractured, too... I could hear the bones moving, so it's best for your legs to remain immobile." Helen explained.

I was shocked and disgusted at the same time i looked at Helen worried.

" don't worry sweetie.. And as soon as the roads open, I'll take you to a hospital. Meantime, you've got a lot of recovering to do," Helen said as she puts her poofy hair in a bun. " and I consider it an honor that you'll do it in my home."

Helen rolls up the covers on me.

“ uuuh Helen...?” I asked.

“ yea?”

“ do you mind turning the air down? it’s hot in here....” I asked.

Helen turned the air conditioner on I let of a sigh of relief.

“ relaxing huh?” Helen said.

“ yes it’s relaxing...” I sighed.

“ when I first picked you up while your unconscious you wore incredibly hot I decided to cool you down.” Helen said.

“ yeah after the supercomputer exploded I felt hot and sweaty.....” I said.

“ oh I’m sorry I felt so bad for you.....” Helen said.

“ I was in agonizing pain when I turned into a robot it hurt really bad.” I said to Helen.

“ really?? I bet your in so much pain!” Helen said.

“ I know I wasn’t expecting it..” I sighed. “ the pain I experienced was unbearable my head was burning up really bad then I felt sick then a burst of pain explodes inside of me then metal was placed on my face and my hands.
I wanted this hell to end but it didn’t.....”

“ oh god it just breaks my heart thinking about it.” Helen said.

“ yeah it was so terrible...” I sighed.

Helen got out a nail polish set.

“ what color would you like?” Helen asked.

“ red...” I said.

“ like mine? Ooh Vera!” Helen said getting the red nail polish out for me.

She got the nail polish out and starts painting my nails i didn’t know what to say to a 17 year old.

“ " I guess it was kind of a miracle, you finding me." I said.

" Ha... No, it wasn't a miracle at all..." Helen said. " In a way, I was following you."

" wait you...fellowed me...?" I asked in shock I cannot believe that teen was fellowing me.

" well it was no Secret to me I watched the supercomputer explode and you trying to get up and a rock fell on your poor head so I decided to save you... seeing as how I'm your number-one fan and all... Some nights I'd just tool on down there and sit outside and look up at the light in your office. and I'd try to imagine what was goin' on in the room of the world's greatest writer." Helen explained as she paints my left thumbnail red like her nails.

" wait! Say the last part again, I didn't hear you!" I interrupted moving.

" Don't move now, sweetie I wouldn't mess this up!" Helen said.

I sighed in shock and confusion that teen was watching me...!

" Well, the other afternoon I was rock climbing then here you are trying to pick your self up but your legs are broken and a rock fell on your head you wore bleeding... And I wondered why a literary genius build a supercomputer and destroy Superman. Then the computer went crazy and start turning you into a robot." Helen said.

" I didn't know I was going to get turned into a robot it was unexpected."

" Well, lucky for you, I did. And lucky for me, too,
'cause now you're alive and you can write more books." Helen said happily to me . " Oh, Vera, I've read everything of yours! The Catherine novels I know 'em all by heart. All eight of 'em. I love them so." Helen said in a loving seductive tone hypnotizing me if i found love.

" Well, you're very kind." I said in a warm manner.

" And you're very brilliant!" Helen said painting my pinkie finger ruby red just like a red polished gemstone.

Helen was finished with my nails. " Like a baby. All done. now you have matching nails just like me. " Helen said walking away from my.

I looked at her new nails in amazement. I never saw someone paint my nails before. " wow.. Thank you." I said in Shock and amazement she never saw a amazing nail painter before.

" Helen? When do you think the phone lines'll be up? I have to call my bubba, and I'd like to call my agent in Metropolis and let her know I'm still breathing." I asked Helen.

" It shouldn't be too much longer now...Once the roads are open, the phone lines'll be up in no time.
If you give me their numbers, I'll keep tryin' them for you." Helen said as she puts the nail polish away.

" thank you.." i said smiling.

" Vera? Could I ask you a favor?" Helen asked.

I raised her brow in confusion because I didn’t know what she’s talking about.

"I noticed in your backpack there's a new Vera Webster book, and.." Helen said.

Then I remembered my unfinished book. " ooh uhhh do you wanna read it?" I asked Helen.

" Well, if you wouldn't mind." Helen chuckled.

" Well, I do have a very hard-and-fast rule as to who reads my stuff at this early stage... Only my editor, my agent, and anybody that saves me from rocks that break bones and hitting heads." I explained.

" Me?! oh You'll never realize what a rare treat you've given me!" Helen exclaimed.

I began to smile warmly then discomfort disturbs me.

" Boy, it's like clockwork the way your pain comes. I'll get you your Novril, Vera. Forgive me for prattling away and making you feel all oogy." Helen said walking away to get my pain pills.

I was still in slight pain I sighed.

" What's your new book called?" Helen asked.

" I don't have a title yet." I said.

" What's it about?" Helen requested.

I tried to remember but I suddenly can’t. “ I don't know.. I know it sounds crazy, but I haven't written anything but Catherine for so long.." i said. " Why don't you read it, and you can tell me... Maybe you can come up with a title." I said.

" Like I could do that!" Helen said getting my water.

I took my pain pills and sighed.

“ better?” Helen asked.

“ yep!” I said.

Helen walked away to read my manuscript I sighed and closed my eyes then a sharp pain explodes inside of me I gasped in pain.

“ oooowwwww!!!!!!” I Yelled out in pain.

I felt sick and hot I felt like I was boiling from a cooking pot.


Then I realized the pain is from my transformation into a robot I felt the metal slap on me.

“ noooo aaaahhhh!!!! SHIIIT!!!!” I Yelled trying to fight the pain.

Then I snapped back to Reality I woke up in a cold sweat my heart beating it was a dream.

“ I-I-I Dre-dream??” I said.

I sighed and looked up in the gemstone ceiling it had diamonds, sapphires and Ruby’s it had a chandelier I sighed.

A few minutes later Helen got me Soup it was my favorite Soup tomato soup.

“ thanks Helen....” I said.

Helen begins to feed it to me I can’t that dream off my head even that painful memory I had with the supercomputer I tried to not remember it.

Helen sighs. “ I know I'm only 40 pages into your book, but...“ She said.

“ but what? “ i asked.

“ nothing” Helen sighed.

“ What is it?“ i asked to Helen.

“ Well, it's ridiculous! Who am I to make a criticism to someone like you?” Helen yelled.

“ It's all right, I can take it.“ i said to the 17 year old.

“Well, it's brilliantly written. But then everything you write is brilliant.” Helen said truthfully.

“Pretty rough so far?“ i asked.

Helen sighed. “ The swearing, Vera! There, I said it!” Helen explained.

I froze for a second “ The... The profanity bothers you...........?” I asked in confusion.

“ It has no nobility.“ Helen sighed.

“ These are slum kids. I was a slum kid... Everybody talks like that.” I said truthfully.

“ THEY DO NOT!!!!!!!! What do you think I say when I go to the feed store in town?! “ Helen yelled. “ Now, Wally, give me a bag of that F-ing pig feed and 10 pounds of that bitchly cow corn??!!?” Helen yelled as she mimics her voice scaring me. “ And in the bank, do I tell Mrs. Bollinger, Here's one big bastard of a check, give me some of your Christing money?!!!?????????!” Helen yelled at the top of her lungs spilling the soup on the bed. “ THERE LOOK THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO?!??!??????!???!??!??!????” Helen screamed.

I was completely shocked by Helens response I looked at Helen.

“ Vera I’m sorry....” Helen Said. “ im so sorry...”

I panted as i looked at Helen. “ Sometimes I get so worked up. Can you ever forgive me?“ the Burnett asked.

“ it’s fine.” I said.

“ I love you vera... Your mind. Your creativity. That's all I meant.” Helen explained.

Helen walked away.

I was still completely shocked I didn’t say anything I stayed silent for a while.

“ Vera?” Helen said.

“ yes....?” I said.

“ I’m going to the store want anything?” Helen asked.

I remembered I wanted new clothes for my job in websco. “ I wanted new clothes....if you can’t find any good ones it’s okay.” I said.

“ okay!” Helen said.

Helen walked away and closed the door and went to the store.

I’d would imagine bubba and his girlfriend is doing....looking for me.....

The thought rushed to my head thinking about it then a few minutes later I fell asleep and I had a dream again!

“ Vera...” Helen said.

“ y-yes...?” I yawned.

“ I got some visitors....” Helen said.

“ is it bubba..?” I said.

“ nope your parents!” Helen said.

“ my parents...............?” I yelled.

Holy crap it was my parents but my mom she’s still alive I thought she died.

“ mom?! Daddy?!” I yelled.

“ sweetheart I heard you broke your legs but Helen told me about the situation you could’ve gotten killed!” My mom said.

“ I know but your dead how is this......?” I said in confusion but I was suddenly dragged by a force while a wheelchair appears i was being dragged on the floor then I found myself in a hospital I looked around. “Hey!” I called out. Then I nodded my mom in a hospital bed. “ mom!!!” I yelled loudly.

I moved myself to her then I touched her it didn’t work my hand went to her hand like a ghost then I realized she cannot see me or hear me.

Then I heard myself yelling.

“ what the....fu-“ I said then the door opened it was me with bubba and my dad. “ agh!!!”

I look younger when I first saw myself in my memory.

“ is she going to be okay I’m worried.!” Asked past me.

“ I don’t know she has heart problems!” My dad said.

I began to tear up as I remembered going to the hospital to see my mom before she passed away....

“ Vera?” Said my mom.

“ yes....?.” Past me said.

“ I wanted to let you know I love you and your perfect just the way you are and I’m going to miss you.” She said.

I began to cry as I watched as past me tear up.

“ I don’t want you to go I love you...” past me choked out.

Then my mom stoped moving past me begins to sob hardly holding my mom.

“ NOOOOO MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!” Past me Yelled out.

I woke up back in the real world and sighed.

“ okay vera it’s only a bad memory...” I said.

I fell asleep and tried not to think about it.

I few minutes later I heard the door rattling I woke up.

“ I hope I didn't wake you.“ Helen said entering in my room holding a book of Catherines child.

“ No it’s fine.” I said.

“ Look what I got. They had it at the store, Vera!” Helen said happily as She showed her the book. “ There was a whole batch of 'em there, and as soon as I saw it I slammed my money down. I got the first copy.“

“ Then the roads are open.“ i added.

“ Well, the one to town is, but that's about it.“ Helen sighed and toke her Jacket off.

“ I called the hospital and I talked to the head orthopedic surgeon and I told him who you were and what had happened. He said as long as there's no infection you're not in any danger, and as soon as the road to the hospital is open, they'll send an ambulance for you.“ Helen explained.

“ The phone's working?“ i asked.

“ uh.... Well, mine's still out, but the ones in town were working just fine.” Helen said as she takes off her Red trenchcoat. “ I called that agent of yours.” Helen said coming to me.

“ oooh Vera, I peeked at the very beginning! What a wonderful first page.“ Helen said peeking through the book. “ Just to read the name Catherine green!” Helen opened the book.

“ my bubba gotta be goin' nuts!” I worried as I imagined Ross looking for me and losing his mind.

“ It's like a visit from my high school friend.“ Helen said cheerfully.

“ I mean, I'm supposed to be home for Him he is worried sick. It's today!!“ i said stressfully.

“ The agent said she would tell her you were okay, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait till tomorrow if you want to talk to her yourself.” Helen explained as she closed the book and walked away then faces to me. “ Oh, Vera. What a poet you are.“ Helen walks away.

“ and I got you some new clothes.” Helen said.

Helen got out a bag of clothes and took out sweat pants, a white loose t shirt and a black dress shirt.

“ thank you Helen..” I said.

A few minutes later Helen served food for me I was incredibly hungry.

“ I made you my specialty, scrambled eggs à la eilna! “ Helen said.

Like I said was incredibly hungry o could carve on scrambled eggs and Broccoli fettuccine.

“ And I'm on Page 75.“ Helen explained.

“I guess that means it's okay.“ i said getting her fork to eat her scrambled eggs.

“ No....” Helen sighed while she placed a napkin on me. “ No, it isn't, it's...oh Pooh. I can't think of any words! “ Helen said. “ Would great be insulting?“ she asked.

“ I can live with great.“ i said while eating her food.

“ No. It's not just great, it's...” Helen said holding the book. “ perfect...” Helen said, i smiled . “ A perfect, perfect thing.” Helen said in a warm manner she walks away to read her book.

A few minutes later i was boringly lonely doe to being separated by my family then the door opens it’s not Helen but a pig came to Vera and glared at me I felt uncomfortable.

“ I thought it was time you two should meet!” Helen said coming to me and her pig. “ Vera, say hello to my favorite beast in the whole world, my sow Catherine! “ Helen said introducing her pet.

I was confused I didn’t know what to say.

“ Catherine....? ” i said.

“ Yes. I told you I was your number-one fan.” Helen said.

“ Yeah, I'm... Uh......I'm starting to believe you.” I said.

“ This farm was kind of dreary, what with just a few cows and chickens and me. But when I got Catherine here, everything changed. She just makes me smile so.” Helen explained.

“ She's a fine uh.........pig, is what she is.“ i said.

“ I'm on Page 300 now, Vera, and it's better than perfect. It's divine!” Helen said getting up.

“ What's the ceiling that dago painted?“ Helen asked.

“ The Sistine Chapel?“ i said.

“ yeeeah!! That and Catherine’s Child! Those are the only two divine things ever in this world!“ Helen yelled. Then the girl imitated her pet pig then walks away.

“ uuuh...?” I said.

Few minutes later Helen was staring out the window talking about her life.

“ then my friends betrayed me and I got expelled from school permanently... it wasn’t a easy time. For a while I thought I might go crazy.
” Helen said.

“ I know how that can be.“ i sighed.

“ I don't know about you, but what I did to get through it..... was I dove into work. Days, nights... Night shifts can be lonely at a hospital.... That was when I first discovered Catherine...
She made me so happy. She made me forget all my problems.” Helen said sadly. “ Course, I suppose you had a little something to do with that, too.” Helen turned to me.

“ Yeah, well...” i said.

“ I just kept reading them over and over.“ Helen sighed. “ I've only got two chapters to go on this one, and I know when I finish I'll just turn right to the first page and start reading it all over again.”

I was done peeing in a container.

“ im uh..” i said.

“ done?” Helen asked.

“ yeah.” I replied as she hands the container to Helen.

“ no problem.” Helen said.

“ thanks.” I said.

“ Don't get me wrong. I'm not against expulsion per se, but it'd take a pretty special woman to make me want to walk down that aisle again.” Helen said.

“ Yeah, it's not something you should enter into lightly.” I said.

“ It boils down to respect, People just don't respect the institution of school anymore...They have no sense of real commitment. Well, I'd love to stay here and chat, but I'm right at the end, and I gotta find out what happens.” Helen said walking away Helen leaves.

I sighed and smiled as my heart begin to warm up because of this miracle that happened.

A few hours later it was 2:59 in the morning i was asleep until a door close noise woke me.

I opened my eyes.

I saw Helen who is wearing black high heel shoes, strapless top And short shorts. She was enraged by something.

“ you..! You dirty bird. How could you??!???!” Helen yelled.

I was confused what made Helen so angry.

“ She can't be dead! Catherine green cannot be dead!!!!!!!” Helen yelled.

I knew that was coming i sighed.

“ Helen in 1871, women often died in childbirth.... But her spirit is the important thing, and Catherine’s spirit is still alive!” I explained making the 17 year old more angry.

“ I DONT WANT HER SPIRIT I WANT HER AND YOU MURDERED HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Helen screams loudly shaking the bed, i begin to cringe in pain grunting.

“ noo.... I didn’t!” I Yelled in pain.

“ WHO DID?!!??!!??!!!??!!!!!” Helen interrogated me angrily.

“ No one. She died, she just slipped away!!” I tried my best to explain to the enraged teen.

“ SLIPPED AWAY?????!!!!!!!! SLIPPED AWAY?????!!!!!!!! SHE DIDNT JUST SLIP AWAY YOU DID IT YOU DID IT YOU DID IT YOU DID IT YOU DID IT!!!!!! YOU MURDERED MY CATHERINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Helen screams picking up a wooden chair to me attempting to attack.

“ Helen!” I screamed in fear and shock.

Helen slams the chAir into the wall breaking it Traumatizing me.

Then Helen realized what she’s acting after throwing a fit like a baby. “ I thought you were good, Vera.... But you're not good. You're just another lying old dirty birdie. And I don't think I better be around you for a while.” Helen said sadly walking away.

“ Vera?” Helen said before leaving.

“ y-yes?” I asked.

“ And don't even think about anybody coming for you........ Not the doctors, not your agent, not your bubba, because I never called them..... Nobody knows you're here. And you better hope nothing happens to me. Because if I die, you die! Got it?” Helen said in a serious manner.

“ yes ma’am!” I yelled.

Helen finally left then k heard her car leave.

Oh thank god! That teenager didn’t kill me.

I wanted to get out so I decided to get out of bed. I slowly moved to the floor then i catch myself with my hands I grunt then i slowly move my legs they slam on the floor. Making me scream in pain as my injured legs wore fallen.

“ need to get to the door!” I grunted as i moved

“ ow ow ow ow!” I cried in agony.

I was in terrible pain while I’m going to the door i reached knob it was locked! I realized it will make the pain worse and worse if i continued. “ I can’t do it....”

I wave of tiredness hits me I passed out.

I slowly woke up my vision is very blurry i almost saw Helen.

“ You poor, dear thing. What are you doing on the floor?“ Helen asked.

I still remember last night I was in agonizing agony trying to get out.

“ I...i was dreaming until......I fell ....I tried to...get up...” I Said.

“ It's all my fault.... If I'd had a proper hospital bed this never would've happened.” Helen said as she Strokes my short black Hair with her hand I felt uncomfortable.

“ Here, let me help you back in.“

Helen begins to pick uP i she groaned in pain.

“ I know this hurts, but it'll only take a few seconds.“ Helen grunts.

“ oooow!!!!! ooow!!!!! Aaaagh!” I screamed in unbearable agony as i get back to bed by a 17 year old.

“ Upsy-daisy!” Helen said as she places the me on the bed.

” ow ow ow ow!!!!!!!!!” I yelled in agony as Helen puts my sore and broken legs up to the bed.

“ oh Please, wait!” I Yelled in pain.

“ You're such a crybaby! “ Helen sighed.

Helen grunts as she adjusted me until i was in the right spot.

“ There you go. Comfy?“ Helen asked.

“ perfect!” I said.

“ You're such a kidder! I have a big surprise for you! “ Helen said rolling back the covers. “ But first there's something you must do.” Helen explained.

“ You don't suppose I could have a little snack while I'm waiting for the surprise?“ i asked.

“ I'll get you everything you want, but you must listen first. “ Helen said. “ Sometimes my thinking is a little muddy, I accept that.... That's why I couldn't remember.... all the things they were asking me on the witness stand in Denver. But this time I thought clearly........”

Helen sighed. “ I asked God about you, and God said, I delivered him unto you so that you may show him the way.“

“ Show me the way?“ i said in confusion.

“ yes!” Helen said.

Helen walks away and comes back with a grill.

Is she cooking inside the house?! What is she doing??

The girl opens the lid revealing my manuscript and gasoline she takes the paper out and pours gasoline On it.

“ uuuuhhhhh Helen? When I mentioned a snack, I was thinking more along the lines of cheese and crackers kind of thing.“ i said to Helen.

“ Vera!, this is no time for jokes!” Helen said in a serious manner.. “ You must rid the world of this filth!” Helen explained giving the matches to me I was in shock.

“ wait Helen You want me to burn my book?!” I yelled.

“ I know this may be difficult for you, but it's for the best.” Helen said.

“ It's really not difficult at all... My agent made dozens of copies.. There's gonna be an auction in Smallville Every publishing house in New York is reading it now.
So if you want me to burn my book, fine. You're not really ridding the world of anything. I said.

“ Then light the match, Vera.” Helen sighed.

“ It's no big deal.“ i said.

“ So you've indicated........Do it.... I know this is the only copy, Vera.... When you were 24 you wrote your first book, and you didn't make a copy.. because you didn't think anybody would take it seriously... because you're superstitious. It's why you always come back to the office.” Helen explained. You told that story to Merv Griffin 2 years ago.” Helen explained giving the matches to me.

“ Merv Griffin...” i mumbled.

“ I'll tell you what. It doesn't ever have to be published... No one ever has to read it... I'll just keep it for myself.. No one will even know it exists.” I explained.

“ As long as it does exist, your mind won't ever be free....” Helen sighed putting the matches on me.

“ I think you should light the match, Vera.“

I sighed Helen sighed too.

“ Can't you see it's what God wants?!” Helen asked Pouring gasoline at the end of the bed. “ You're so brilliant, I would think you'd certainly be able to see that. We're put on this earth to help people, Vera! Like I'm trying to help you..... Please. Help me help you.” Helen Said begging like a dog.

I Had no choice i lighted the match.

“ ooh sweetie! You're doing the right thing!” Helen said in a warm manner.

“ I’m going to miss you so much...” I whispered

I threw the match burning my Manuscript helen panics.

“ My goodness! Goodness gracious! Oh, my!!!” Helen yelled. “ Goodness! Heavens to Betsy! Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness! Heavens to Betsy! Oh, goodness!!” Helen yelled she ran to get water and dumps on the burnt paper it smells so bad after she poured it.

“ ew! Well, isn't that an oogy mess?“ Helen asked.

I sighed and suddenly hears a helicopter.

“ what’s that noise?!” Helen yelled.

Helen ran to the widow.

I can hear the helicopter is it going to save me? But unlucky it went away.

“ I do believe the winters are getting shorter and shorter every year. People say it has something to do with the ozone layer.... What do you think?” Helen asked.

“ uuuh I don't know...” i sighed.

“ Yeah, well, it's a theory...” Helen said she got a bucket full of water and my pain pills.

“ Here's your Novril.” Helen said getting out the matches out of my hands.

Helen drags the grill i was completely mentally broken because it took me weeks to Write my new book.

I decided to hide them instead of taking them.

I put the pills under the bed.

“ How does tuna casserole sound for
dinner?” Helen asked to me.

“ great....” I said.

A few hours later it was 8:44 pm

I finished eating i had a Idea...

I got a knife and cut the bed then takes the pills in the hole i made.

“ bubba...” i whispered a tear rolls down my face. “ I hope you find me....”


The sun rose up to my face I woke up.

“ good morning Vera!” Helen said.

“ good morning Helen...” I yawned.

“ ready for the surprise?” Helen said.

“ yeah....” I said.

Helen gets a wheel chair out for me.

“ now this is going to hurt.” Helen said.

Helen picked me up making me grunt in pain she puts me in the wheel chair.

“ ow.....” I said. “ wait...? How did you get so strong?”

“ ooh silly I work out! That’s how I got my great figure.” Helen said.

A few minutes later It was 7:55 am vera is now on a wheel chair.

“ See, isn't this nice?“ Helen asked.

“ Great. I always wanted to visit the other side of the room.” I said.

“ ooh And look what I got for you!” Helen smiles.

Helen gets out a red lipstick i was looking for.

“ your lipstick!” Helen said.

“ h-how did you find it??” I asked.

“ ooh it was hiding on your backpack.” Helen said.

“ hehe If I knew this was gonna be the surprise, I'd have burned all my books.” I joked.

“Hahaha! Now, don't poke fun!“ Helen laughed. “ This is a very big day for you, Vera. You just sit tight and I'll set everything up.” Helen walked away.

“ Set what up?“ i asked.

“ That's the big surprise.....” Helen said getting a table. “ Your new studio... After all, writers do need a place to work.” Helen said getting the legs of the table out.

“ uuuh.... Work? You mean write.....? What in the world do you think I'd write?“ i asked.

“ ooh Vera, I don't think. I know!” Helen giggled. “ Now that you've gotten rid of that nasty manuscript, you can go back to doing what you're great at!” Helen yelled.

I was in confusion.

“ You're gonna write a new novel, your greatest achievement ever.” Helen said bringing the Typewriter.

“ Catherine’s Return.”

“ wha?! Catherine’s Return?“ i asked in a worried manner.

Helen puts the typewriter on the table.

“ I know you didn't mean it when you killed her, and now you'll make it right. It'll be a book in my honor, for saving your life and nursing you back to health! Ooh Vera! you're gonna make me the envy of the whole world!” Helen said.

“ You just expect me to whip something off, is that it?!” I asked.

“ I expect nothing less than your masterpiece.” Helen said.

Helen begins to move me to my new Studio.

“ uuuh You do understand that this is not the ordinary way in which books get written. I mean, some people might actually consider this an oddball situation.” I explained.

“ I have total confidence in your brilliance! Besides, the view will inspire you....” Helen said.

I looked at the Beautiful view.

“ You just inhale that. I'll be right back.“ Helen said walking away.

“ I guess you don't get bothered by neighbors much.” I said noticing a Bobby pin.

“ Don't you worry about that, you'll have total solitude so you can concentrate on your work.” Helen explained.

“ Great..........” i said.

Helen brings me paper.

“ I got you this expensive paper to type on, and I got a great deal on this 50-pound clunker, on account of its missing an N.” Helen said.

“I told the saleslady N was one of the letters in my favorite writer's name.“ Helen said.

“ It's two of the letters in my favorite nurse's name, He-len!” I said.

“ hahaha! You fooler! Did I do good?” Helen asked.

“ You did great.... There is just one little thing. I can't work on this paper. See, it's Corrasable Bond. It smudges.” I explained. “ So I thought maybe, if you went back into town, you could bring me some white long-grain mimeo.”

“ But mine cost the most, so I don't see how it can smudge...” Helen said.

“ Come here, I'll show you.“ i said putting paper in the typewriter.

Helen comes to me and watches as I typed the word smudge and Rubs it. Helen rubs it too.

“ ha! It does smudge, after all. Isn't that fascinating.” Helen said.

“ I thought you'd be interested. I'd like for you to be in on everything, Helen . Not just the finished book, but how it's written.” I said.

“ Thank you for thinking of me....” Helen said walking away. “ Anything else I can get while I'm in town? Any other crucial requirements that need satisfying? Would you like a tiny tape recorder? Or how about a handmade set of writing slippers?” Helen asked.

“ no.. just the paper will be fine.” I replied.

“ Ooh Are you sure? 'Cause if you want, I'll bring back the whole store for you!!” Helen yelled.

“ umm Helen what’s the matter?” I asked.


I groaned in pain as Helen leaves.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” I screamed in unbearable agony.

I got the paper off of my lap the pain slowly goes away in my broken legs.

“ shit!” I yelled.

I Heard Helens car leave.

I noticed the Bobby pin on the floor.

“ ah ha!”

I moved to the pin and reaches for it.

I grabbed the Bobby pin and puts it on my teeth.

Vera moves to the door.

“ alright.” I said.

She bends the Bobby pin to shape it as a key.

“ perfect!” I yelled.

I tried to put it in the key hole but it fell.

“ shit!” I Yelled in anger.

I grabbed the pin and Tried again.

“ oh for crying out loud! Come on, you've written about this, now do it!!” I yelled.

The door unlocked i did it.

I opened the door.

“ What do you know? It actually works.“ i said.

I went out and saw the Beautiful living room.

The walls are made of Ruby’s and diamonds.

The tables are made of gold.

I was shocked.

“ wow What a surprise.” I said sarcastically.

I came to a room the rooms walls are made of quartz and the table is made of marble.

I noticed a phone.

I moves to the phone.

I got the phone to call Ashley.

“Ash!” Vera said. “ ASH!”

“ dammit why isn’t this thing working?!” I Yelled.

I punched In the Operator button.

“ Operator.”

No reply.

“ shit!!!” I Yelled in anger.

Then i lifted the phone up the battery is gone.

“ You crazy bitch!” I yelled.

I moved myself to a another room.

I she as stunned by Helens millionaire house i accidentally hits the table a pink diamond penguin falls i catches it and puts it back to the opposite direction.

“ damn that bitch is a millionaire.” I whispered.

I saw herself in a picture wearing a Crop tank top and Shorts with boots it was black and white picture. With the Catherine books.

Vera comes to the pantry.

She notices the pills.

I stole some pills then left.

I came to the kitchen the fridge was made of diamond i was exhausted.

“ damn this is going to takes me a long time!” I worried.

I came to the kitchen then it didn’t fit me i struggled and grunts. “ ooh damnit!” I yelled.

I lifted my leg to the other leg and fixes the other leg.

I begins to laugh hysterically. “ yes yes it works!! “ i begin to move but my legs slam on the floor. “ oooow!”

I fell down crying in pain I began to drag myself.

I was grunting in pain as i dragged herself to the pantry.

“ damn!” I said finally getting to the pantry. I sat back up.

I headed Helens car i panicked.

“ OOOH SHIIIT!!!” I screamed.

I crawls herself on the floor then gets myself back to the chair.

“ shit shit shit shit shit!!! Oh fuck! I yelled.

I moved to her room fast.

I moved to her room locking the door with the pills on my hands.

I hid the pills in my blue shirt.

“ Vera , I've got your paper.” Helen said. “ I hope it's enough. It's three reams of long-grain mimeo.”

“ Just the kind you asked for.“ Helen said.

Helen opened the door.

I covered the pills with my hand pretending I’m in pain.

“ Vera, you're dripping with perspiration! Your color is very hectic. What have you been doing?“ Helen asked.

“ Helen! You know damn well what I've been doing!!” I Yelled. “ I've been sitting here suffering! I need my pills!” I said.

“ aww Poor dear. Let's get you back in bed and I'll get them for you!” Helen said.

“ I want my pills now!!!!” I shouted in pretend pain.

“ Vera It'll only take a second.“ Helen said.

“ NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed.

“ please Helen... I want my pain to go away, Helen! Please, make it go away! Please, Helen. Please.” I Yelled.

“ It just breaks my heart to see you like this...” Helen said worried.

Helen walks away i hid the pills in my sweatpants Helen gave to her still acting in pain.

“ I've done a lot of thinking on the drive.” Helen said getting me my water.

“ Here you go.“

I took my pills.

“ And I'm absolutely certain the main reason I've never been more popular is because of my temper.” Helen said.

“ You must be so mad at me. The truth, now! “ Helen said moving me to my bed.

“ Well... Who doesn't let off a little steam every once in a while?“ i lied.

“ My genius needs her rest before She writes.“ Helen Smiles.

Helen brings me to her bed.

“ Footsies up.“ Helen grunts puts my legs on the bed i was grunting in agony.

Helen picks up Veras upper body and puts it on the bed i gasped.

“ There you go!” Helen said.

“ Here. In case you think of any ideas.“ Helen advised holding paper And a pencil.

“ Well, I wouldn't expect too much.“ i remarked

“ oooh Vera Don't be silly! You'll be brilliant. Think of me as your inspiration.“ Helen said Happily.

Helen walked away.

“ I have faith in you, my darling! Catch this!” Helen smooshed her hand and hands to i
I caught it.

Helen giggles and leaves.

I got the pill out my. mouth and puts it in my hole.

“ my Darling..” i commented. “ that’s why her friends left her...”

A few hours later...

8:52 pm

I Folded the paper into a pocket.

I grabbed one of the pills opens the cap and Tastes it it had a sour taste. I poured the Powder into the Origami Pocket.


7:02 am.

I glared at the typewriter i typed the word. “Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck”

“ what the hell im I doing?!” I scolded myself .

I removed the paper and types Catherine’s return.

A few minutes later.

“ I'm sorry, Vera. This is all wrong!” Helen sighed.

“ what?” I said in confusion.

“ You'll have to do it over again. It's not worthy of you. Throw it all out! Except for that part of naming the gravedigger after me You can leave that in.” Helen said in a serious manner.

“ I really value your criticism,
but maybe we're being a little hasty here.“ i said.

“ oh god...! Vera what you've written just isn't fair! “ Helen scolded.

“ Not fair?” I asked.

“ that’s right let me tell you a story... When I was growing up in metropolis, my favourite thing in the whole world was to go to the movies on Saturday afternoons for the Chapter Plays.” Helen explained.

“ cliffhangers” i nodded.


“ Anyway, my favourite was Rocketman, and once it was a no breaks chapter. The bad guy stuck him in a car on a mountain road and knocked him out and welded the door shut and tore out the brakes and started him to his death, and he woke up and tried to steer and tried to get out but the car went off a cliff before he could escape! And it crashed and burned and I was so upset and excited, and the next week, you better believe I was first in line. And they always start with the end of the last week. And there was Rocketman, trying to get out, and here comes the cliff, and just before the car went off the cliff, he jumped free! And all the kids cheered! But I didn't cheer. I stood right up and started shouting.” Helen said getting ready to yell loudly.


I was shocked. “......... They always cheated like that in cl... chapter plays.......” i said.

“ But not you. Not with my Catherine!” Helen said. “ Remember Ian did ride for Dr. Cleary at the end of the last book, but his horse fell jumping that fence, and Ian broke his shoulder and his ribs and lay all night in the ditch and he never reached the doctor, so there couldn't have been any experimental blood transfusion that saved her life.”

Helen sighed and got up.

“ Catherine was buried in the ground at the end, vera, so you'll have to start there.“ Helen said.

Helen walked away.

I was stunned.

I sighed and continued on my work. The next day, Helen was reading the paper of Catherine’s return. “ ooh Vera!” Helen said. “ Is it fair? Should I continue?“ i asked.

“ haha You better!!” Helen yelled getting up from her chair walking to me. “When Henry realized that the reason they'd buried Catherine alive was because the bee sting had put her in that temporary coma!” Helen yelled in excitement.

I nodded my head yes.

“ And when Gravedigger eilna remembered how 30 years earlier
the same thing had happened to Lady Dutchess-Hyde!” Helen yelled.

I sighed and smiled.

“ And then old Dr. Cleary deduced that Catherine must be Lady Dutchess -Hyde's long-lost daughter because of the rarity of deadly bee stings, my heart just leapt!!!!“ Helen shouted.

I felt a wave of love hit me she was nice to me this time.

I giggled and blushed.

“ I've known from the very first book that Catherine had to be born of nobility and I was right!” Helen said.

“ Yeah!” I added.

“ oh Vera, can I read each chapter when you're finished? I can fill in the N's!!” Helen begged.

I nodded my head yes.

“ Vera? Will she be her old self now that Ian has dug her out, or will she have amnesia?!” Helen worried.

“ Have to wait...” i smiled.

“ Will she still love him with that special, perfect love?“ Helen asked.

“ You'll have to wait!” I said.

“ Not even a hint?!” Helen said like a child.

“ uh uh!” I said.

Helen realized and jumped up and down cheering like a kid. “ Catherine’s alive, Catherine’s alive!!! It's so romantic!!“ Helen cheered.” Oooh veeeera! This whole house is gonna be filled with romance!!!!!!!!!” Helen suddenly gasps. “ oooh Vera! I'm gonna put on my Liberace records!” Helen yelled dashing to the living room in her white high heels. “ wait You do like Liberace, don't you?“ Helen said to me.

I remembered playing Liberace when I was a kid. “ Whenever he played Radio City, who do you think was right there in the front row?“ i asked.

Helen got closer to me. “ I'm gonna play my records all day long, to inspire you. He's my all-time favorite.” Helen explained.

Helen begins to walk away.

I thought of a great plan.

“ uuuh Helen?” I asked.

Helen turned to me. “ yes?”

“ Would you have dinner with me tonight?“ i requested. “...... To celebrate Catherine’s Return?”

Helen came closer to me.

“ I couldn't have done it without you!” I Yelled Proudly.

“ oh Vera! It would be an honor!” Helen said.

Helen giggles then she hugged me.

“ thank you vera!” Helen said.

I was shocked and in love. “ y-your welcome!” I said as my eyes fills up with tears. A tear rolls down my cheek.

“ I’ve never seen a nice girl like you before.....I love you Helen no really I do.....” I said.

“ are you kidding I’m always nice and loving.” Helen said walking away.

I sighed in love I closed my eyes then a heard a demon like laughter I jumped and looked around.

“ who’s there?” I whispered.

Then I felt a cold hand touch me I looked back to see my robot self.

“ not now!!” I cried out.

“ what’s wrong vera you got into this didn’t you making a supercomputer then getting painfully possessed then getting saved ha! I’d would imagine the pain you went through!” My robot self said.

“ I’ve been though a a lot of pain!” I Yelled.

“ oh really? Let’s see your painful transformation.” My robot self said taking me into a portal.

“ what was that?!!??” I Yelled.

“ that was called looking back at your mistakes.” My robot self said.

I watched as Lorelei ran and Hugged bubba.

“ bubba I’m going to get possessed!!” I Yelled.

“ aww you silly he cannot see you or hear you.” My robot self said.

“ wha-WHAT?!??” I cried.

Then I saw myself running then getting grabbed my eyes widen as I saw myself getting sucked in.

“ no......” I whispered in terror.

I watched myself as I screamed in pain while metal slaps on my face , arms and hands I can feel the pain I felt.

“ you understand now?” My robot self asked.

“ y-yes........” I said.

“ greaaaaat!!!” My robot self yells.

“ now. What?!” I Yelled.

“ you get possessed...!” My robot self said.

“ WHA-WHAT?!!?!” I cried. “ no please anything but that please!!!!!!”

But my robot self didn’t listen she went though my chest I felt pain.

“ no!!!” I Yelled.

Then my head heated up very badly then felt sick.

“ I don’t feel so good....” I said holding my stomach and my head.

Then it hit me my stomach ached my eyes widen , clutching my stomach, trying not to scream.

“ don’t scream get used to the pain ...!” I said.

But the pain begins to worsen and become stronger then before I tried not to scream but I grunted a little.

“ oooowwwwww this hurts really bad!!!!” I Yelled in pain.

Then I felt my body burn up really bad I felt like someone is cooking me.

“ ow god I’m burning up really bad I’m on fiiiiiireeee!!!!!!!!!” I screamed.

My head started to ache i grabbed my head and tried not to scream.

“ ow ow ow ow!!!!” I cried out in agony.

Then the pain got insanely intense I let out a scream of agony.

I fell out of my wheelchair making me scream in pain loudly.

“ my legs!!!!” I screamed.

Then suddenly metal begins to slap me making the intense pain even more insane.

“ THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!! PLEASE SOMEONE ANYONE HEEEELLLPP MEEEEEE IT HURRRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUBBA LORELEI, HELEN PLEASE!!!!!!!!!” I screamed for help but it was hopeless.

Metal starts slapping my hands my dislocated shoulder starts to rapidly heal.

I took my sling off and grabbed the metal parts off my face.


I tried to get up by my arms but my right arm goes limp I fell.

My skin turns sliver as I let out a agonizing scream.

Then I felt my legs rapidly heal.

“ Helen please anyone he-“ I Yelled then suddenly my mouth was closed shut I began to tear up as I felt dizzy and lightheaded my vision blurring I closed my eyes then opened them I stood up I was in fear as I walked to see Helen injured. My eyes began to tingle as they shoot out lasers hitting Helen.

“ stop Vera!!! Ow!!!” Helen Yelled.

I woke up yelling.

“ oh god it’s just a sick dream....” I said.

“ Vera what happened?” Helen asked coming to me.

“ I had a nightmare I was transforming into a robot it felt real!” I said.

“ oh I’m so sorry...sweetie it’s okay I love you.” Helen smiled.

“ I know Helen it hurts thinking about it...” I said.

Helen hugged me then walked away.

I’ve never met a 17 year old female help me comfort me my nightmare.

Hours later i was in Helens living room Helen came in with a red strapless Short dress with ruby thigh high heel boots.

“ hey! Vera!” Helen said holding a box of rolls. “ I hope you like it.”

“ oooh Helen! It looks wonderful! “ i said taking a roll. “ So do you.“

Helen giggles. “ thank you!”

Helen sits down.

I took a big bite of the meatloaf I was amazingly shocked by the taste. “ I've never had meatloaf this good. What do you do to it?” I asked.

“ My secret is I only use fresh tomatoes, never canned.” Helen explained eating her meatloaf. “ And to give it that little extra zip,
I mix in some Spam with the ground beef.“ Helen said.

“ ah.well Helen... Can't get this in a restaurant in Smallville!” I joked

I and Helen giggled then continued to eat.

I had a idea to poison Helen . “ Let's have a toast.“ i said.

“ whoa! A toast?” Helen Asked.

“ yes to Catherine!” I said. “ here Let me pour you some wine.“ i got the wine and poured Helens cup then mine.

“ to Catherine.” Helen said.

I smiled.

Helen was about to drink the wine I stoped her.

“ wait hold on! Let's do this right. Do you have any candles?“ i asked.

“ oh um....” Helen said. “ I don't know. I think so...... I'll go look.” Helen said getting up and walking away.

I quickly got my pocket of powder out. “ uuuuh... Did you study decorating or do you just have a flair?“ i asked while I poured the powder to helens wine.

“ oooooooohhhhhhh you! I just picked things up over the years.” Helen explained.

“ ha Well, it certainly says you.“ i said carefully putting her wine back.

“ You really think so?“ Helen asked.

“ Absolutely.. Listen, if you can't find any, it's okay I just thought it'd be nice..” i said.

Helen came back with a candle.

“ Are you kidding? If anyone had ever told me that one day I'd be having a candlelit dinner with Vera Webster in my own house, I would have checked both legs to see which one was bein' pulled!” Helen said lighting the candle.

“ alright Vera... Will this do?” Helen asked sitting back down.

“ It's perfect.“ i replied warmly.

I and Helen hold me and her cup i takes a deep breath. “ to Catherine and Helen eilna! who brought her back to life.” I said.

Helen gasps. “ ooh Vera, I get goose bumps every time I think about it!” Helen laughs.

Helen accidentally knocks over the candle Helen gasps spilling her wine i sighed angrily and disparately.

“ oh My God, what have I done?!” Helen panicked. “ I'm so sorry, Vera! I ruined your beautiful toast! Will you ever forgive me?” Helen begged like a puppy.

I was Shocked i didn’t answer.

“H-here let me pour another one.” Helen said pouring wine back in her glass. “ Can we pretend this never happened?“ she asked.

I snapped out of her gazed trance and nodded my head yes.

“ to Catherine!” Helen said.

“ to Catherine....” Vera said.

The girls drink the wine.

The next day 8:31 am

I was typing on my typewriter Writing Catherine’s return. I sighed as I wrote chapter 5.

A few hours later i wrote a letter to Ashley.

“ dear ash I love you so much you wore my coco and high school friend and I’m recovering...your best friend Veronica Webster.” I said writing a card to Ashley.

Days later I wrote chapter 12.

A few minutes later...

“ ooh Vera! this is positively the best Catherine you've ever written!” Helen rewarded Vera. “ and your agent wrote you back!”

Helen gave me the card it said.

“ dear Vera oh thank god your still alive I was worried about you so is your bubba and Lorelei but luckily you’ll come back someday your best friend Ashley margarita.”

I smiled warmly and turned to Helen.

“ thanks....” I said.

Days later i typed typed and typed away.

I wrote chapter 19 then to 28 then to 35.

Days later It was rainy thunder boomed.

It was 12:44 am

I lifted the typewriter up and down then stoped.

Helen came in looking like she’s drunk. Her hair really messy, not wearing makeup , and in a robe looking depressed.

“ Here's your pills....” Helen sighed giving me my pills.

I was consecrated.

“ Helen? Helen what is it?” I asked in a worried manner.

“ The rain......... Sometimes it gives me the blues.....“ Helen sighed. “ When you first came here, I only loved the writer part of Vera Webster..... But now I know I love the rest of Her, too..... I know you don't love me.” Helen said.

“ what?! “ I Yelled.

“ Don't say you do.“ Helen sighed.

“ I know how it-“ i said.

“ You're a beautiful, brilliant, famous woman of the world and I'm not a movie-star type..... You'll never know the fear of losing someone like you, if you're someone like me......” Helen explained.

“ Why would you lose me?” I asked.

“ The book's almost finished.... your legs are getting better.......... Soon you'll be wanting to leave..........” Helen said sadly.

“ Why would I leave? I like it here..” i said.

“ That's very kind of you, but I'll bet it's not altogether true......” Helen sighed.

“You can call my agent and bubba then you cAn move in!” I said.

“ t-thanks....” Helen said getting a gun out. “ I have this gun. She said pulling the trigger but there’s no bullets. “ Sometimes I think about using it...... I better go now.” Helen sighed. “ I might put bullets in it.“

Helen walked out the door. I was lonely then i heard her car.

“ poor girl........” i said in A sadly manner.

I got my key out and got to the kitchen I got out of my chair.

I got a pink sapphire knife my face fills up with pain.

I finally got it i dragged herself back to my wheel chair.

I was going back then I noticed something it was a news article about me. “ wait.....”

I moved to the book and the title says memory lane. “Huh....”

I opened the book to read it i saw pictures of Helen when she was a kid then she saw the most Scary thing i saw in her life. Her dad was killed. “ what the....??” I whispered. I turned pages it Showed. “ top nursing student falls to her death”
I was shocked and turns a page it showed her school photo with her friends. I turned pages. It showed a news article about A death of a child. I turned a page it showed a another death then turned a page it showed a teen robbing jewelry named Helen. I turned pages. Then suddenly gasps in horror. It showed” teenager behind bars “ i panted loudly.

“ h-how is this possible?!” I yelled. “ she killed babies????!!!!!”

I moved to my room fast.

I was traumatized and shocked. “ I can’t believe this I just can’t I need to get out of here!!” I panicked.

I had the pink sapphire knife i practiced on it to get Helen away from her before she hurts me. I put the sapphire knife under my bed.

“ I can’t believe this! I will never forget it!” I said.

Nighttime 2:44 am

I was hearing Helens footsteps my heart beating i was sweating. “ See you in the morning... eilna...” i said.

A few minutes later i was fast alsleep then something woke me I looked it was Helen she injected something to me. “ ow!” I grunted in pain.

“ this should teach you webster!” Helen said walking away.

“ what” i said in a weak voice i felt dizzy and lightheaded i slowly loses consciousness i passed out.

It was the Morning my eyes opened and felt groggy.

“ Vera!” Helen grunted pulling the strap to the side.

“ wha?” I said.

“ I’m surprised you been out!” Helen said.

I looked around I was strapped down in belts.

“ what?”

“ oh silly don’t play games with me You've been out of your room.“ Helen said.

“ n-no.. No, I haven't.” I lied trying to get out of this Situation.

“ Vera, my cute little diamond penguin in the study always faces due south.” Helen said.

Holy crap I remember putting the diamond in the opposite direction.

“ hehe.. I don't...I don’t know what you're talking about....” I lied as my hand goes under the mattress to find my weapon.

“ diamond penguin...?”

Suddenly Helen pulls out the knife it was the pink sapphire knife i had stolen.

“ Sweetie Is this what you're looking for?” Helen asked.

My face turns from acting to realizing I’m in big trouble.

“ and I know you've been out twice, vera.” Helen said walking away then facing Vera. “ At first I couldn't figure out how you did it, but last night I found your key!” Helen said in her sing song voice.

I was terrified I didn’t know what to say.

“ h-how did you know about th-that?!” I said In a shaky voice.

“ sweetie I’m I high school student my teacher Taught me how to investigate! “ Helen said. “ I know I left my scrapbook out. I can imagine what you might be thinking of me. But you see, Vera, it's all okay.“ Helen said stroking my slightly long black hair.

“Last night it came so clear. I realized you just need more time. Eventually, you'll come to accept the idea of being here.“ Helen said.

“ get the hell out of here you crazy prostitute!” I insulted.

Helen giggled then sighed.

I tried to get up but the straps are to strong to get out of.

“ damn!” I grunts. “

“ Vera, do you know about the early days at the Kimberly diamond mines? Do you know what they did to the Native workers who stole diamonds? Don't worry, they didn't kill them. That would be like the supercomputer turning you into a robot then kill ya. No, if they caught them, they had to make sure they could go on working, but they also had to make sure they could never run away.” Helen explains as she got wood and places it between my ankles

“The operation was called hobbling.” Helen said.

“ Helen, whatever you're thinking about doing, please don't do it!!” I cried.

Helen picks up a sledgehammer i panted in fear what’s going to happen to me.

Is she going to kill me??????!!!

“Holy shit she’s going to kill me..” i whispered.

Helen goes to my right ankle.

“ Helen for gods...” i panicked.

“ Shh darling, trust me...” Helen said.

“ gods sake don’t kill me I’m sorry I won’t touch anything again I swear please just DONT KILL ME!!!!!” I screamed begging like a puppy waiting for food.

“ it’s for the hold still this is going to Hurt a lot!” Helen said to the worried woman.

“ HELEN PLEASE STOP NO!!!!!” I yelled.

Helen swigs the hammer to my ankle breaking it.

I screamed in excruciating pain as tears Flood my eyes my hand squeezing on the bed.

“ god it hurts!!!” I yelled in pain.

“ almost done just one More I know it hurts so bad...” Helen said.

I was in terrible and Excruciating excruciating pain i was panting really loud and heavily .

Helen breaks my other ankle i screamed loudly in agony and then I looked at Helen.

“ oh god I love you!” Helen said.

I was in even more pain my ankles wore broken i wanted help if i haven’t came to the supercomputer.

“ you bitch...!” I said to Helen.

Helen leaves I still panted in pain.

“ bubba please help......” I whispered. “ what have I done?!”

A few hours later i was sitting on my wheelchair Helen comes in.

“ Vera you haven’t written in like a hour.” Helen said.

“ Helen I’m not in the mood right now ok get the fuck out of here and let me think...!” I said.

“ Vera watch you mouth!” Helen yelled. “ you don’t talk a woman like that!”

“ your 17 years old and you want to kill me!” I Yelled I opened my arms. “ go ahead Helen go the fuck ahead!!!!!!”

“ look Mrs you’d be dead from blood loss if it wasn’t for me! I saved your life!” Helen yelled.

“ you keep me your prisoner you made me burn my book you broke my goddamn ankles you shit head!” I Yelled.

“ oh I broke your ankles didn’t I?” Helen asked.

“ yes you did you bi-“ I said but Helen cut me off.


I was shocked I decided to apologize.

“ Helen I’m sorry okay....I didn’t mean to....” I said.

Helen smiled then walked away to get paper.

A few minutes later....

I was traumatized by helen breaking my ankles painfully.

“ Come on, Cathe. Come on!” Helen said to her pig. I looked at Helen angrily.

“ hi pumpkin!” Helen waved to me. I flipped off Helen by my middle finger.

Helen giggles. “ Such a kidder! Come on, Catherine.“ Helen said.

“ what a bitch...” i whispered.

A few minutes later i was sitting down getting relaxed.

Then I heard Lorelei’s car drive up I moved myself.

“ oh thank you god....” I said.

Helen comes in the room with a syringe and comes to me.

Helen was wearing a navy blue top with black shorts with grey thigh high heel boots.

“ GAGGH!!!” I yelled to Helen choking her.

Helen grunts in pain as she struggled to drug me.

I held on her neck strangling that teen.

Helen managed to inject the drug into her me i kept choking Helen.

“ I’m going” i said while my anger turns into tiredness. I passed out limp.

A few minutes later I woke up I knocked the barbecue down Lorelei heard it.

I can hear Lorelei’s muffled voice.

“ here!” I yelled loudly.

“ Here! I'm down here!!!!!!” I Yelled.

“I'm down here!” I screamed.

Lorelei opens the door and gasps in shock.

“ v-Vera?” Lorelei gasps then Suddenly Helen grabs her.

“ no! Damnit!” I Yelled.

Lorelei screamed at Helen getting her pocket knife to kill her.

“ take this!” Lorelei yells.

Helen grabs the knife and pins Lorelei to the wall.

“ you know why that rock hit Veras Head it was me!” Helen said.

I gasped in shock.

She grabbed her hammer and breaks Lorelei’s ankles making Lorelei scream in pain.

“ nooo!” I Yelled.

Then Helen pushes Lorelei off the stairs.

Lorelei fell flat on her back.

“ Are you okay?!” Lorelei Asked.

“ yes!” I said. “ your friend broke your legs!”

“ Don't feel bad, Vera. It was bound to happen sooner or later. It's a sign. You see, I've known for some time why I was chosen to save you. You and I were meant to be together forever. But now our time in this world must end. But don't worry, Vera. I've prepared for what must be done. I put two bullets in my gun, one for you and one for me. And for Lorelei she’ll be killed by her knife she gave me!” Helen said.

“ w-what?!” Lorelei yells.

“ oh Darling, it'll be so beautiful.” Helen said walking away.

“ Vera look what I found!” Lorelei said finding gasoline.

Helen comes in with a syringe and a gun.

“ Now don't be afraid. I love you.” Helen said.

“ I love you too Helen.” I said.

“ and as a friend I love ya!” Lorelai yelled.

“ And you're right. We are meant to be together.... And I know we must die... But it must be so that Catherine can live... We have the power to give Catherine eternal life.... We must finish the book...” i explained.

“ But the time is now. Soon others will come.” Helen said.

“ It's almost finished...By dawn... we'll be able to give Catherine back to the world.” I said.

Helen walks away.

“ give me the gasoline!” I said in a Quiet voice.

Lorelei hands the gasoline to me and i hid it in my back pocket

“ I'll fix you two something to eat.” Helen said fixing two wheelchairs then walks away.

“ Vera your okay!” Lorelei Yelled.

“ I know...” I said.

“ you hair got longer!” Lorelei said.

“ I know it’s been like 7 weeks due to making a book for Helen....” I said.

“ your making a book for Helen??” Lorelei asked.

“ yes....” I said.

“ wow.....” Lorelei said.

“ it’s stressful making it I hate making these!” I said.

“ it’s okay it’s okay.” Lorelei said.

“ I know must’ve really like those Catherine books....” I said.

“ yeah I do....” Lorelei blushed.

A few minutes later I was writing my story.

Lorelei sits in her wheelchaiR.

Helen comes in.

“ oh Vera I’m dying! “ Helen said. “ Does she wind up with Ian or Anthony?”

“ You'll know very soon... I've just started the last chapter.” I sighed typing. “ You know, when I finish, I'd like everything to be perfect..... I'll need three things.”

“ What things?” Helen asked.

“ You mean you don't know?” I questioned.

Helen begins to laugh. “ I was foolin', silly. You need a cigarette, because you used to smoke but you quit, except when you finish a book, and you have just one. And the match is to light it, and you need one glass of champagne, Dom Perignon.“ Helen grinned.

“ well smoking is bad for you...!” Lorelei stated.

“ well Dom Perignon it is...” i said.

Helen begins to walk away.

“ what are you going to do?” Lorelei asked.

“ I’m going to get Helen she’ll never forget!” I said.

“ wait a damn minute...Vera! Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?!” Lorelei Yelled

“ oh yes!” Me and Lorelei said getting the idea.

A few minutes later i was typing herself away.

“ umm Helen? Helen?” I called.

“ Helen Veras calling you!” Lorelei said.

Helen came to the room.

“ Yes, Vera?“ Helen answered.

“ I'm almost done.“ i said.

“ Oh, Vera, this is so romantic!” Helen gasped. “ Ian and Anthony dueling for the right to Catherine’s hand.... Does Ian win? Don't tell me! It's Anthony, right?”

“ oh Helen.. You'll know everything in a minute....” i sighed. “ Get the champagne...”

“ oh my...” Helen gasped walking away.
Helen comes back.

“ Did I do good?“ Helen asked.

“ Helen.. You did perfect!” I smiled. “ Except for one thing..... This time we'll need two glasses.”

“ oh Vera!” Helen gasps Walking away.

“ let’s do it!” Lorelei said.

I nodded my head , moves myself and the typewriter and I got the papers drops on the floor and pours gasoline on it and holds one paper crumbling it.

“ got the matches?” Lorelei asked.

“ yes Lorelei!” I replied.

“ I’m so excited Vera! I really lo-huh?!” Helen said as her happiness turns into confusion.

“ nobody knew who Catherine’s real father was? Or if they'd ever be reunited? It's all right here. Does she finally marry Ian, or will it be Anthony? It's all right here.” I explained lighting the match lighting the fire on the paper.

“ VERA YOU CANT!!!!!!!!!!!” Helen shouted dropping her glass.

“ hahaha! Why not Helen?? I learned it from you.” I smirked putting the Fired paper to the other pAper Helen panics.

“ NO NO NO NO NOT MY CATHERINE NOT MY CATHERINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT MY CATHERINE!!!!!!!!!!! NOOO!!!! ” Helen screams in Anguish Trying to put the fire out As i lifts up the type writer then hits Helens head.

“ Oow!” Helen yelled.

Helens left arm is on fire she felt the fire burn her arm she puts the fire out leaving with a hole in her shirt and a third-degree burn on her arm.

“ Vera! This top cost $3000!!!” Helen hissed.

Helen charged to me she choked me.

“ IM GOING TO KILL YOU YOU LYING COCKSUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Helen Screamed.

I Managed to poke her eyes Helen grunts in agony continuing to strangle me.

I lost place leaving Helens eyes red and juicy.

“ the nose Vera punch Helens nose!” Lorelei yells.

“ SHUT UP!!” Helen screams.

I punched Helens nose knocking her on the floor.

Helen screams and gets her gun out shooting me .

I screamed in pain as the bullet Goes through her shoulder.

Lorelei gets out of her chair dragging herself.

“ ow ow ow! This hurts!” Lorelei Yells.

“ well get used to it!” I Yelled.

I jumped on Helen pining her to the ground.

“ get off of me!!” Helen screams.

I bashed Helens head to the floor.

“ your hurting me!!” Helen yelled.

“ Lorelei hold her!!” I shouted.

Lorelei nodded and Holds Helens arms.

I looked at the burnt paper and grabbed a handful of it.

“ Here, you want it? You want it? Eat it! Eat it till you choke, you sick, twisted fuck!!!!!!!!!” I Yelled shoving the paper down her throat.

Helen broke out of Lorelei’s hands and punches me in the stomach.

“ ooh!!” I grunted in pain clutching my stomach.

Helen spits out the paper and runs but stoped she trips over my legs ends lands on the typewriter.

“ oh god.” Lorelei said.

“ let’s get the hell out of here!” I suggested.

Me and Lorelei began to drag themselves but suddenly Helen Appears and jumps on me.

I bit Helens hand.

“ OOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!” Helen screams in agony.

I grabs her hair and lifts her down i crawled on the floor grabbing a metal pig statue Then hits Helens head she looks at me then collapses.

“ she’s d-dead!” Lorelei grasps.

“ I just can’t believe it!” I said.

I begins to sob Lorelei confronts her.

“ it’s okay...” Lorelei said.

“ i know I know!” I Yelled.

“ I wish Superman was here...” Lorelei said.

“ hey there I heard some screaming and stuff do you need help?” Superman asked.

“ SUPERMAN!!!!” Lorelei screamed.

“ let me explain I’m a writer I got kidnapped by a fan then she hurt me I killed her...” i explained.

“ don’t worry don’t worry I’ll sand the ambulance for you two.” Superman said flying away.

“ oh thank god!” I said.

“ thank you...” Lorelei said.

“ I loved Helen so much now she broke my ankles and my legs...what a complete monster she is....” Lorelei said.

“ she caused agonizing pain to me...she broke my ankles and attempted to kill me...” I sighed.

“ I feel you vera...” Lorelei said hugging me I felt a wave of love hit me.

“ i know Lorelei...” I said.

“ well at least I found you....” Lorelei said.

Then I heard sirens I smiled.

18 months later me and Lorelei was able to walk.

“ well I can’t believe your story got on the news!” Ashley said.

“ yeah I know I still have nightmares thinking about it...” i said. “ bubba she’s dead I killed her she was about to kill me...”

“ and plus she wrote her new non fiction book called how I survived!” Lorelei said getting the book.

“ well I can’t believe your home!” Ross said.

Then a girl With a black Top and blue jeans came in the Webster office.

“ mr Webster?” The girl asked.

“ Michelle captain?” Ross asked.

“ hi!” Michelle said warmly.

“ my name is Ross Webster!” Ross said shaking Michels hand.

I imagined Helen coming closer to her with a diamond knife.

I shake my head the hallucination Is gone.

“ you must be Vera Webster! I love your books I just wanted to tell you im your number one fan!” Michelle said.

“ that’s very kind of you...” i smiled.

The end

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