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vertical spindle slurry sump pumps, SP/SPR vertical mining pumps for shipping

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Warman AH,HH,M,L slurry pumps,Horizontal pumps, Vertical pumps, Gravel sand pumps, Dredging pumps, End suction pumps, Multistage pumps, Self priming pumps, Sea water pumps, Sewage pumps, Submer...

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Tobee™ TP(R) Vertical Slurry Pump are centrifugal slurry pumps submerged in sump to work.They are designed for delivering abrasive,large particle and high density slurries.These pumps have no need of any shaft seal and sealing water. They can also be operated normally for insufficient suction duties.Wet parts of type TP pump are made of abrasion-resistant metal. All parts of type TPR pump immersed in liquid are lined with rubber outer liner.They are suited to transport non-edge angle abrasive slurry

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