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Wendy runs into Peter, or, nearly

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"Let her go."

Since Tiger Lily had first seen Wendy back on the island, she had someone watching her silently at all times. If she wasn't busy, she would sometimes do it herself. It had gotten more difficult when Blue joined Wendy, and they had to watch her from more of a distance and always downwind.

Kitchi had been on watch when Wendy went to the Jolly Roger and had sprinted back to tell Tiger Lily of the new development. They got back in time to see her push a pirate overboard.

With Hook's words after Wendy's escape, Tiger Lily knew. She knew that if she ever had any problems with Hook and his men, she needed Wendy on her side. Wendy had been on his ship long enough for him to kill her, and he hadn't.

Before Wendy reached the shore, Tiger Lily and Kitchi had disappeared again, returning to their camp.

Wendy was furious with herself. Her few seconds of distraction had completely ruined her plan.

And the distraction had been about Peter. She made a face. Now, she also had no weapons other than the pistol, she didn't even have her hunting knife anymore.

She picked up a stick and started slashing at the underbrush around her in frustration. She had hacked through quite a few plants when she suddenly stopped herself.

What was she doing? She was acting like a child. Shaking her head, she tossed down the stick. This island was getting to her head, making her act like she used to when she was younger.

Peter floated lazily through the air over Mermaid Lagoon. The Lost Boys were scouring the island, looking for whoever was new. Although Peter was not often serious, he did always insist on knowing who was on the island. This was the first time in a long time that someone had arrived who was not with him, and he didn't like it.

Wendy made her way along the side of the mountains that were in the centre of the island, Blue at her heels. The side of the mountains was riddled with small caves and boulders. She had made herself a new bow, although it wasn't as nice as her old one, and she had an arrow at the ready.

They neared the edge of the forest, where the earth gave way to smooth rocks that sloped down towards the water. Crouching in the bushes, Wendy saw that the surface was like glass, hardly a ripple. The mermaids weren't out today.

She almost stepped out, but Blue kept her back, pointing his nose up. There, high above the lagoon was Peter Pan, flying slowly on his back. Wendy froze, but she didn't think he had heard her. He kept flying in slow circles over the water.

Trying not to make a sound, Wendy inched back from the edge of the forest, her heart pounding. She heard a strange, bell-like noise from behind her and quickly spun around. Hovering not too far from her face was a bright ball of light. When Wendy looked carefully, she could see a small figure that was emitting the light.

"Tinker Bell!" she gasped, then slapped her hand over her mouth.

The fairy seemed to scrutinize her for a second, then suddenly called out in her ringing bell language that Wendy had never really learned.

She was probably calling out to Peter, Wendy realized, and she and Blue took off deeper into the forest. As she ran, Wendy couldn't help but wonder why her heart was racing and why she was running as fast as her legs could carry her. Surely, she wasn't afraid of him!

Reaching the base of the mountains again, Wendy saw a cave, only a little ways up the slope. Thank goodness!

Blue had seen it too and they scrambled over the rocks and into the dark cavity.

"Who is it, Tink?" Peter called, coming closer.

Wendy and Blue crept to the very back of the cave and ducked behind a large boulder. Wendy peeked out from above the boulder and saw Peter hover for a moment in front of the cave, looking out at the forest. When he turned to the right, she saw that he hadn't aged a day, he still looked exactly the same as he had when she had last seen him years ago. Well, years ago according to the mainland time. Hook hadn't aged either, in fact, he almost seemed younger.

She held her breath as he stayed in his place too long in her opinion. Had he heard them? He looked directly into the cave and Wendy quickly ducked behind the boulder again. Suddenly, she noticed that she had an arrow at the ready, notched without her noticing she had done it. Shaking her head, she leant back against the rock. She was being foolish. Peter would never hurt her.

"Was it the grown-up, Tink?" Peter asked.

Tinker Bell replied.

"Who is it?"

Again, the tinkling of bells responded.

"A woman? But the mermaids said there was something strange about her." His voice began to fade away as he flew farther. "Was there anything strange about her?"

Wendy didn't hear Tinker Bell's reply, but she wouldn't have been able to understand it anyway. After being certain that they were gone, she carefully crept from the cave with Blue, who was looking at her curiously.

"What?" she asked him, crouching down to look him in the eyes.

He pointed his head in the direction Peter had flown in.

"Yes, that was Peter Pan. What about him?"

Blue raised his eyebrows.

She sighed. "Yes, I liked him when I was younger, maybe even loved him. Then he forgot about me and now I'm grown up and he's still a foolish boy." Wendy stood up. "And I'm over him."

When Blue didn't move, Wendy glanced back and saw that he looked sceptical. "Really, I'm over him. Let's go."

He barked questioningly.

"We're going to see Tiger Lily," said Wendy, suddenly knowing what to do. "I can't take over the Jolly Roger by myself and I'm sure the Piccaninny tribe has no love for the pirates."
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