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Hook takes Wendy to a secret place on the island

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The forest was not quiet at night, there was the constant sound of birds, animals in the underbrush and the singing of numerous different insects. Wendy didn’t know where they were going, they were headed to the centre of the island, or even why she was following him. Hook said nothing, tramping ahead of her through the trees, slashing vines and branches out of the way with his sword.

“Hey, Captain,” Wendy said, quickening her pace so she walked beside him. “could I have a sword or a dagger or something?”

Hook didn’t turn his head. “And why would I give you a weapon? The last time you saw me, you threatened to kill me.”

“Yeah, but you just saved my life. You don’t really think I would kill you now, do you?”

Turning to her, Hook raised his eyebrows.

“I do have some sense of honour,” Wendy said, taken slightly aback.

He said nothing, looking ahead again. They continued and soon reached the base of the mountains. Hook began to pick his way up the rocky slope, Wendy following not too far behind.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“We’re regrouping.”

“That isn’t helpful information.”

“We have a cave hideout for just such an occasion.”

“If I’m going to be stuck in a cave with a group of pirates, I would like to have some way to defend myself.”

Hook stopped and looked back at her. “Alright,” he said, taking a blade from his belt and handing it to her. “There.”

“Why were you carrying my hunting knife?” she asked, slipping it into her own belt. “It’s not exactly a great weapon.”

“Here we are,” he said quickly at the entrance of a cave that looked like all the other ones they had passed on the way up.

Wendy took her hunting knife from her belt as they entered the cave. She could hardly see anything in the darkness and stayed close behind Hook. Ahead she saw the flickering light of a flame and they came upon a torch fixed to the wall. There, the cave split into two identical passages.

Without hesitating, Hook went through the one of the left. Alright, left, Wendy thought. I need to remember this.

There was some faint light ahead and soon they came to a large opening in the cave wall. Looking down, Wendy saw a large chamber, dimly lit by torches dispersed around it. Obviously, a lot of time and effort had been put into this hideout. On the far left, hammocks were strung. There were larger tables for meals and small ones for card games and such. There was a stove that seemed to be completely carved from stone. A pool fed by a spring was in the middle of the cave and there was a pen of chickens, goats, sheep and even a few cows at the far end. Beside that were large pots with vegetable plants growing in them. Wendy noted that they were specifically vegetables that didn’t need a lot of light.

She stared in wonder at the entire cave and caught Hook watching her reaction. “This is amazing!” she exclaimed, catching Hook’s expression of pride as she continued. “How long have you been working on it?”

He shrugged and looked out at the chamber again. “You know what time is like here, but quite a while.”

A few pirates had noticed them and looked up curiously. Steps to the right of where they were standing led down to the floor and Wendy gripped her hunting knife tightly as she followed Hook down the steps.

He ignored the men and went straight to a wooden door in the wall. Hook held it open for her and Wendy stepped inside.

For a moment, Wendy forgot that she was underground and she looked around the room in wonder. It was such a combination of different colours and styles from different places and times. A tapestry from the Middle Ages hung on the wall flanked on both sides by beautiful Arabian-looking pieces of cloth. A cabinet made of black wood with red accents reminded her of Chinese interior design. A few carved and painted wooden masks looked like those made by certain African tribes hung on the wall as well. Some things seemed almost too modern for him to have, like the dining table and matching chairs that looked very American Colonial. But, as Hook had said, time was strange here.

“Please, sit down,” Hook said, pulling out a chair. “I assume you wouldn’t like rum, but I do have-”

“No,” Wendy interrupted, sitting down. “Rum would be nice.”

He looked at her strangely.

“It’s been a crazy day.”

He nodded and poured them both a glass.

“So, where did you get all these things?” Wendy asked.

“Travel, trade, taking over merchant ships.” Hook said casually, as though these three things belonged together.

Wendy frowned. “Do you go back to the mainland, then?”

Hook shook his head. “We go to the other islands.”

She sat up straight, almost spilling her drink. “There are other islands?”

“Yes,” he said. “beautiful places, better than anywhere on the mainland.” He paused for a moment, as though thinking very hard about what he was about to say. “I could take you to see them if you’d like.”

“Yes, please,” Wendy exclaimed, before thinking better of it. “Wait… uh, I’ll have to think about it.”

A small smile played at the corners of Hook's mouth as he took another sip. “While you do that, you can stay here, I will sleep with the men. There is some clothing in the chests,” he continued, gesturing towards the pile stacked up at one end of the room. “see if any of it fits you.” He stood up, setting his empty glass on the table. “I bid you goodnight, milady, and if you need anything, do not hesitate to wake me.” He was almost out the door when he turned back to her. “Oh, and make sure you bar the door.”

“Don’t worry, I was planning on doing that,” Wendy said, standing up. “Goodnight, captain.” She gave him a slight curtsey and he responded with a quick bow before he closed the door behind him.

As Wendy got up to bar the door, a strange fluttery feeling made her pause. She shook her head, she was being foolish.

“He’s a pirate, Wendy,” she reminded herself. “you can’t trust him.”

But she knew that, without intending to, she already did.
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