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An introduction.

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A/N: I am not an authority on Egyptology, nor do I claim to know anything about the myth of the Book of Thoth; all my information is derived from various internet sources. I do not own Harry Potter etc. etc.

The Naked and the Divine



Long black hair falls down his back, like the ocean on a smooth beach. A nose is perceived from behind the curtain of hair; a nose sculpted as if from marble, smooth, hard and not that unpleasant. Lips pout underneath the nose; soft pale lips that look as if they would cool the fire that oftentimes awakens inside a mortal as they gaze upon such a man that is described briefly in the sentences above. But it is neither the man's hair, nor his lips, nor his nose, that would make anyone-be they mortal or immortal- shiver with delicious fervor.

The man's hair is blown back by the sticky Egyptian wind and it is clear that, should his eyes roam over one's body, one's body would experience an overwhelmingly impressive orgasm.

His eyes are as dark as the night sky, sprinkled with star-dust, and inside, if one should perchance a closer look, are the galaxies of the universe, shining in a glorious testimony of life.

However, sadly enough, there are not many mortals fortified enough to survive such a sight, and thus the eyes of this being are hidden from all mortal knowledge.

This being is Djeheuty, the Egyptian god of wisdom. The Egyptians were notorious for assigning unpronounceable names to their gods and such. So, to better help one along, the Greeks had smartly decided to name him Thoth, which is an infinitely easier name to pronounce. In effect, this text will, from here on out, refer to the Egyptian god of wisdom as the Greeks had done i.e. Thoth.

Thoth is also known

Thoth sat back after writing this and eyed his penmanship. He felt that he should continue, but he honestly didn't want to move right now. The sun was beating ferociously down on him, like a concrete block was being smashed down on his body every few seconds. The woman, Uwa, sitting next to him stroked his thigh, smiling kindly at him. He returned Uwa's smile and laid back, resting his arms underneath his head, loving the way the silk beneath him moved against his naked body.

Uwa's hand moved upwards and cupped his appendage that was steadily raising higher. He pursed his lips in what a fairly modern mortal would call the smile of a rejected super model, and he looked at her with half-lidded eyes. Uwa wasn't a mortal, obviously. Although, Thoth supposed, she must have been at one point.

He could feel her breath on his groin, and he reached down to run his fingers through her hair, wondering if her hair had been that soft when she had been alive. Probably some kind of spell, he thought wryly.

She was just getting to the good part, the licking and whatnot, when he heard a scream.

One of his slaves-mistresses he supposed you would call them- came running into the courtyard, being chased by his henchman, Nefrekeptah.

Nefrekeptah laughed loudly. "Don't run away, dear!"

Thoth smirked. "Just because you're dead doesn't mean you're not married anymore. And I don't think your wife will appreciate you have fucking one of mine."

Nefrekeptah waved his hand absentmindedly. "It's not like she doesn't come to your bed every night, anyway."

Thoth laughed. "That she does . . . So have you got it for me?" he said, sitting up and pushing the Uwa away. Uwa wiped her mouth, offended by her master's roughness. He waved her away.

Nefrekeptah averted his gaze and scratched the back of his neck, his tunic rising and giving Thoth an unpleasant view of his genitals. Thoth made a mental note to change the standard length of the tunics his slaves wore.

"Well," started Nefrekeptah, "I tracked it to England, but . . . well, these mortals have these things called stores and . . . ."

Thoth massaged his temples. "Yes, I know what stores are. Are you trying to tell me that someone bought it?"

Nefrekeptah nodded curtly, still staring at the sand.

Thoth sighed, noticing Nefrekeptah's discomfort. "I've waited centuries for this, I suppose I can wait a few more days. But ONLY . . . a few more days."

Nefrekeptah nodded enthusiastically, lest his master get upset. "A few more days, sir. A few more days and I'll have it back to you."

Thoth stood up and smiled. He held Nefrekeptah's head in his hands and gave him a fatherly-like kiss on his forehead. "Now go . . . before I cut off you head."

"Yes, my Lord. Thank you."

Nefrekeptah bowed quickly and left the courtyard.

Thoth watched him scamper away, and then, laying back down, he snapped his fingers. Uwa crawled over to him, smiling. Her master may push her away, but he always called her back. She resumed her position between her legs.

Thoth laid back slowly, savoring the way her tongue flickered across his hot skin. He lazily brushed her hair away from her face, mumbling, "Soon . . . soon, I'll have the book back, and we can leave this accursed desert and be gone to The Garden."


A/N: Just an idea I had to get out of my head, lest I forget it, for it is extremely creative if I may say so. There's no real connection to Harry Potter yet, but the next few chapters should demonstrate a certain connection.

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