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Lily's Honest Mistake! Part Two

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The Third Year rolls thru with births and training.

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Lily is pissed. She hates everyone. Dummy, James, Serius, Peter, Remus, Frank. You get the idea. She loves Harry and Neville, such a good boys. She stares into Harry's eyes, just as he does hers. If only... What was that gold flash? I need to think...

The ritual will work. I...what was I thinking. He will need someone, so if I change this, both our souls will split, allowing us to interfere. How do I know this. Oh my god, such devastation. No, he will need several someones to help prevent that from happening. But...

"Lils, are you sure about this, you always hated these contracts." "Yes, I'm sure. If we die, he will need this. We can go to Gringotts Friday. Albus will be a witness, as well as Serius. We will show the will to Selene, Ted (our Lawyer), and Alice without telling Albus or Serius. Promise!" "OK Lils, I promise!"

Again, he has lied to me. How do I know this... We will be moving to Godrics Hollow, under the Fidelius, with Peter as Secret Keeper. It is good, he did not check the contract. I have redone my will and sent a blood certified copy to Ragnarok. I have four contracts signed for continuation clauses. Bones, Lovegood, Patil(it was interesting he wanted both, not just one); and Greengrass. Lily Anastasia Evans...Reddish hair and green eyes. Why am I confused about her. Dobby the elder house elf says it will be clear at the end of Harry's second year. So why do I have two more... Why...

How, why... I don't remember. Don't know why Ted and Andy would sign this, or why Serius signed, Nymphadora is a great kid, but she will be over five years older than him. Why did I... Su Li (of Taiwan)... Oh yes, at the castle talking with Minerva, seeing the book of names. That is where I got the girl's name. Hopefully she will be like myself, but how did Dobby get them to sign it...

Well old man, when you betray us, as you have done; revenge shall be mine. James does not know about the ritual splitting our souls if we are in the house of Dumbledore. The House Elf of Dummy's will be good for James, our beautiful Blossom will be good for me, though I am sure I don't like it...

No, how could he throw himself in the way, only fragments going to Dappy. Why is Dappy not helping us. Of course he wants us to die. Wait... That hurt, I see James and Lily heading into the next life. Why is Blossom dead, she should have been fine... Oh, Dappy killed her and she killed him.

End Flashback that fills in some holes in story. Lily would not do the soul split. Dobby would do anything for the Greatest Wizard Harry Potter, Sir:

I am not sure why I did some of that, I looked confounded, bet it was the old goat. Good thing I had all those escape clauses, so Neville could have Chhatrapati Parvati Lyra Patil to wife. They are twins, but the personalities are opposite.

It was unbelievable how good Harry's third year passed. The girls had their twins, Pet had yet to have a child, even though she was now twenty-two. Seventeen Death Eaters had died in accidents, poison, and obvious assassination. Fudge was screaming his head off, as he lost all his backers. Except Dummy, who he does not like and my Harry and Sirius.
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