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Potter, Harry Potter, Lord Gryffindor!

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Just an idea I had after the Malfoy, Draco Malfoy being read in another fanfic. "M, I'm sorry about your son and his wife. I'm even more sorry that 003 and her husband died with her son." "Your M...

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"M, I'm sorry about your son and his wife. I'm even more sorry that OO3 and her husband died with her son." "Your Majesty, I am going to make sure that what we heard is the truth first." M looked out of the palace. "Azkaban has him there. I think we need to remind the Dementors, that we know their weaknesses and how to destroy them. We will eliminate the Death Eaters there after getting all the info we can. I am unhappy with the number of I was controlled, defences."

Seven days later; thirteen dead Death Eaters and five Dementors, and one missing prisoner, the Queen was again talking with her M. "That old goat may think has hidden my great grandson, but he will learn that being the leader of the light for that barmy greater good of his. It's the same load of codswallop as his ex-lovers."

"So OO7 is handling the mundane side, very well with the other five. You plan on training him to be OO3 after his mother." "Yes I have him saying Potter, Harry Potter, already..." They both crack up thinking of their favorite male OO agent. At least the non magical one. Harry will be their favorite. After all their family had be the royals protectors for centuries. Give Harry some time with OO7, when he is down for repairs and Harry should have the needed persona.
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