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Nothing Better To Do

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Bored with nothing to do, Aayla Secura and Padawan Anakin Skywalker find a new way to spend their time.

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Nothing Better To Do

Aayla Secura and Anakin Skywalker’s Temporary Quarters:

“We have to wait until tomorrow evening? What are we supposed to do until then?” Aayla complained. Anakin, calm and silent, closed their rented apartment’s door.
“I don’t know. What do you want to do?” Anakin asked. They removed their shoes.
“There’s not many options.” Aayla said. She sighed. Anakin’s shaft hardened. Damn it, he thought, she’s so damn hot. He got closer to her.
“Well i can think of one.” anakin said to her, coming within inches of her. Their faces a mere hair’s breadth apart.
“Oh really? And what’s that?” Aayla asked. Anakin, taking a chance here, leaned in and kissed aayla softly on her lips. Aayla was a bit startled at first, but then started kissing him back. She slid her hands underneath his tunic, tracing his hard muscled abbs. Deepening their kiss, anakin prodded her lips open so his tongue could enter her mouth. His hands gripped her ass cheeks, rotating from sliding up her back to squeezing her ass through her pants. Eventually, they broke apart. Anakin moved around her.
“Let’s get this off of you.” he murmured and unclasped her bra-like top. She helped him pull it over her shoulders. Her breasts were rather big, bigger than Padme’s, he thought. Her nipples were a dark navy blue.
“Now you.” aayla said and pulled anakin’s tunic up and off him, tossing it carelessly to the floor. She could now see the glorious muscled skin she had explored with her fingers beneath his tunic. Anakin’s hands slid up her sides and to her breasts, his left groping her right breast, while his right took her nipple between his thumb and ring finger, pinching it, eliciting a gasp from Aayla.
“That feels good?” Anakin asked, rolling the nipple between the two fingers.
“Fuck yes…” Aayla breathed. He switched his hands’ activities. Now his left pinched her right breast’s nipple, while his right groped her left breast. Aayla moaned softly from his attention. Anakin pulled back. Aayla grinned at him. “Why Anakin, it doesn’t seem fair that i’m getting all this attention and you’re not.” she said mischievously. She knelt at his feet and started unbuckling his belt.
“God, you’re so hot.” Anakin groaned as he stroked her lekku. Aayla pulled his pants down, helping him step out of them, then doing the same to his boxers.
“Oh my god.” Aayla said. “You’re soooooo big.” She cooed.
“Yep, six and a half inches.” anakin said proudly, now fully naked.
“Mmmmm.” She murmured. She wrapped her lips around the head of anakin’s shaft and started to suck him. Anakin groaned, her mouth seemed to undulate around his shaft as she sucked his cock, massaging his entire shaft in a way Padme couldn’t match. A feral growl rumbled from his throat when aayla’s mouth took his entire length in her mouth, deepthroating his cock.
“Oh fuck.” he groaned. She hummed around his shaft, pushing him over the edge. Anakin groaned and Aayla felt his cock shudder in her mouth, then felt his cock release a stream of sweet, warm cum into her mouth. Aayla eagerly swallowed it all, slurping it up. His cock stayed hard as aayla stood. They kissed again. “Let’s get you naked too.” He murmured. Anakin unbuckled aayla’s belt and helped her pull down her pants and panties. “C’mon, bend over the bed.” Anakin urged her. Aayla eagerly obayed. Anakin grasped her hips. “Ready?”
“Fuck yeah.” Aayla painted eagerly. Always wanted to do this, ahakin thought gleefully as he plunged in, not even bothering to go slow, just ramming his cock super deep. Aayla let out a blood curdling scream of pain and pleasure. Drawing back out, anakin thrust in yet again. He was gripping her hips hard enough to bruise as he brutally banged Aayla’s blue ass. Aayla had her eyes squeezed shut, mouth wide open, a loud gasping moan streaming from her mouth. “Uh -uh -uh -uh -uh -uh -uh -UH -uh -uh -uh -uh -fuccckkkkk! Uh -uh -uh -uh -uh!” Aayla moaned loudly. Anakin soon slowed and pulled out. Breathing hard, aayla straightened, and turned to face anakin. They had a brief kiss before Anakin pushed Aayla backward so she fell on her back on the bed. Knowing what he wanted, aayla spread her legs for him, baring her pussy for him.
“God your pussy’s so wet.” Anakin groaned as he took aayla by her thighs. Aayla eagerly licked her lips in anticipation of what was about to happen. Anakin didn’t even ask if she was ready this time, as soon as his grip on her legs was secure, he thrust in. He reached his max pace fast. It wasen’t just sex any more, it was a hard, rough, fast-paced fuck. Aayla’s eyes rolled back in her head as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her. Anakin soon felt his climax approaching. Screw it, anakin thought, i’m cumming in her pussy whether she likes it or not. Drawing on the force, anakin’s thrust increased their pace even more. Abruptly, he groaned. Aayla sighed as she felt his shaft shudder, then spew a massive payload of cum into her pussy. There was so much of it. He was still cumming when he withdrew his large shaft from her pussy, continuing to shoot cum all over her bare stomach and breasts. Panting, anakin grabbed a towel and helped aayla dry herself off.
“Well...that was fun.” Aayla chuckled. “Great idea Anakin. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
“Me too.” Anakin added.
“C’mere,” Aayla said, holding up the sheet, “We’ll sleep for a bit.” Anakin joined her in the bed. They slept soundly in each other's arms that night. In the morning, Anakin opened his eyes to find a still naked Aayla, straddling his legs, and sucking away at his cock. Seeing he was awake, aayla paused her administrations. “Sorry. I woke up early and just couldn’t resist.” She said. “We still have another seven and a half hours before we should go. So…” She indicated to his cock that was still in her hand. Anakin smiled.
“Let’s do it again!” he exclaimed. Aayla smiled too, letting him pull her in for a deep passionate kiss.

The End
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