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I fell in love with the devil

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rating for what will happen later in the story

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Italicized sentences are thoughts ^_^

I fell in love with the Devil
And now I'm in trouble
I fell in love with the Devil
I'm underneath his spell (Oh)
Someone send me an angel
To lend me a halo
I fell in love with the Devil
Please save me from this hell

I fell in love with the devil by Avril Lavigne

[Rin POV On]

It was about midday and I was in the garden picking flowers when Haya, my first friend here at the palace (other than Jaken, Ah-Un, and Lord Sesshomaru of course) rushes out to me excitedly. I stand up and greet her. "Hey Haya what's up?" the poor demon looks at me with a hurricane-like expression. "Lord Sesshomaru has requested your presence in his office immediately!" My eyes widen and I run off to the castle dusting myself off and straightening my Kimono. On the way there I pass a mirror and fix my hair, once I reach the room I raise my hand to knock but it opens before I can, making me smile. The demon lord greets me with the usual head nod. "You asked for me, Lord Sesshomaru?" I ask as sweetly as possible, honestly curious.

[Rin POV Off]
The long-haired beauty in front of her stands up and walks to her. "we are leaving for a while, pack lightly, and only bring necessities" The hottie says as he walks off, but he turns to tell her "Meet me in Ah-Un's stable in 30 minutes" then walks gracefully away as if nothing had happened, leaving the poor girl with her heart drumming and her face the color of a tomato; once shi finishes her packing which in reality was grabbing her dagger, belt, and whip, changing into her combat outfit and running downstairs. Her combat outfit was a creation of Ori, Sango, and Kagome. It was black and red. It consisted of a short black leather skirt, with red lining. Underneath the skirt were a pair of leggings similar to what sango wears, but they had red lining along the sides of them. Her top was a black long-sleeved shirt, with a black corset that had red laces adding some color. The shoes were a pair of black leather open-toed boots that had chunk heels that were only two and a half inches thick, they weren't a hindrance and she could run in them with ease. They went up to her legs to her mid-calf and laced up the front with, of course, red laces. she looked in the mirror and mentally commented on how the outfit defined her curves, it really is a sexy look even with the fact that the neckline reveals more cleavage than necessary, and coming up from the sleeves a piece of fabric is wrapped around her neck completing the look. once satisfied she runs downstairs pulling her hair into a ponytail sealing it with a red band of elastic.

[Sesshomaru POV On]
When I hear Rin on the stairs I brace myself for whatever she is wearing this time. You'd swear she dresses like she does to distract me, is that normal for a human? or just females in general? what am I even thinking?! I place a wall on my face as she turns the last corner I look at her in mild surprise (of course I wouldn't show it but still) She is in an outfit I had never seen before, and I like it, at the same time I don't anyone but me seeing her in it. What am I thinking, It's none of my concern if others see her. why does she affect me like this? "lord Sesshomaru?" the girl in front of me asks innocently blushing. why mush she always blush around me maybe I should ask Kaede, wait what? "yes Rin?" I ask with as much of a normal voice as possible. "is Jaken coming?" I look at her brown eyes "no it will just be Ah-Un to accompany us this time" I see the happiness and excitement at that and realize that Jaken annoys her just as much as he annoys me. kami why is she so cute? oh forget it what is wrong with me?! "let's go" I order a little more harshly than intended then fly off allowing Ah-Uh with Rin on their back braiding her ponytail then wrapping into a neat bun.

Around dusk, I decide it's time to land so that Ah-Un can rest as well as Rin, who as soon as she lands, she runs off to go hunt and comes back successfully half an hour later. Around midnight Rin gets cold and her cloak isn't doing much good but she tries to hide it, although she isn't doing a very good job of it. I notice her slight shivering and consider helping her. is she acting like nothing is wrong because of me? I think I will never understand humans. her body temperature is very low for a human "Rin" I say not as an order or a question just a way to get her attention. The girl sits up and looks at me. "yes m'lord?" she is frozen, and looks determined "come here you are freezing" I position my mokomoko in a way that would surround her and keep her warm. thankfully she didn't argue with me and curled up to me as she used to falling asleep quickly. why must she avoid me? it seems as though about when she turned thirteen she started avoiding me and the mood swings were worse as she got older but eventually, they stopped. and she got a little closer but she is still distant with me suddenly a thought crosses my mind. "father am I really turning into you?" I whisper inaudibly to the sky; shockingly enough a single star shines brighter almost as if he were saying yes. I guess you really do still watch over me you old fool

[Sesshomaru POV Off]

Little is he prepared to deal with how right he is...
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