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Wedding Anniversary

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Tsuzuki and Anna celebrate another sweet romantic wedding anniversary. Kirika-chan helps Anna get dressed and Tsuzuki has a little surprise for her.

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Wedding Anniversary

-March 2nd, 2028-

Kirika-chan sat on Tsuzuki and Anna’s futon. The family was in the middle of an important three days. Anna looked through her closet.

“What should I wear tonight?” she asked. The woman looked through her clothes.

“Hm” she said. Kirika-chan looked up.

“Need some help?” she asked. Her mother turned around.

“Sure,” she said. Kirika-chan froze to her feet. Anna picked out a random dress.

“How about this one?” she asked. She held up a black and red cocktail dress. Kirika-chan narrowed her eyes at the keyhole in the chest area.

“Nope,” she said. Anna raised her eyebrow.

“No?” she asked. Kirika-chan shook her head.

“Alright,” her mother said. She put back the dress and grabbed another one.

“How about this?” she asked. She held up a bright yellow sundress. Kirika-chan held up her arms, crossing them in an x.

“No?” Anna asked. “Okay.” Back in the closet. Next dress.

“This one?” she asked. Light blue lacy sundress this time. Her daughter shook her head. Kirika-chan walked over to the closet. She dug through the clothes. Her hand rested on white silk.

“Ah!” she said. Kirika-chan held out a pink and white kimono. The shoulders were white while the color went downwards and blended into a bright Sakura pink at the bottom. The obi matched the colors.

“My wedding kimono?” Anna asked.

“Yeah,” Kirika-chan said. She broke into a huge grin. Anna shrugged.

“Okay,” she said. “I’ll go with that then.”


-March 1st-

Tsuzuki proposed again on her birthday. The family were having dinner outside. The weather was so nice. Cool with a clear sky.

“Thanks for the meal,” Anna said, lowering her chopsticks. Kirika-chan smiled to herself. Anna caught the look in her eye.

“What?” she asked. Their daughter smirked to herself. Tsuzuki set down his chopsticks.

“Bunny,” he said.

“Yeah?” Anna asked. Tsuzuki got done on one knee. Her face turned bright red.

“Oh…” she said.

“I couldn’t do this how I wanted last time,” the shinigami said. “Given your condition and everything. But now…” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small aquamarine ring.

“Anna-chan, will you marry me, again?” Tsuzuki asked. Anna covered her mouth as she gasped. She looked over at Kirika-chan. Their daughter sat back and nodded. Anna looked at her husband.

“Yes!” she said. Anna held out her hand. Tsuzuki slid the ring onto her finger.

“It fits!” she said, holding up her hand. Anna leaned in and kissed him. Tsuzuki kissed her back.


-March 2nd-

Kirika-chan waited in the bedroom.

“Are you about done?” she asked.

“Hang on!” Anna said in the bathroom. “A kimono takes a while to put on, you know?”

“Need some help?” her daughter asked.

“No, I’m good!” Anna said. Kirika-chan shrugged.

“Okay…” she said. She lay back on the futon. How many years has it been? Thirty? Forty? Too damn long.

“Okay, I’m ready!” Anna said. Kirika-chan sat up in time to see her mother walk into the room. She looked just as beautiful as she did on her wedding day. Her hair was done up with cherry blossom clips. It was impossible to tell if she wore make-up or not.

“How do I look?” Anna asked.

“Beautiful!” Kirika-chan said. Her mother blushed. Suddenly, her phone buzzed.

“I’ve got it!” Kirika-chan said. She jumped to her feet and walked over to the nightstand. She picked up the phone.

“It’s a text from Papa,” Kirika-chan said.

“What does it say?” Anna asked. Kirika-chan opened the message.

“He says to meet him in the garden,” she said. Anna’s heart raced against her chest. She gulped and cleared her throat.

“I’m off then,” she said.

“Take care,” Kirika-chan said. Anna bowed and walked out the room.


Anna found Tsuzuki standing in the garden. Her jaw hit the ground. Tsuzuki held out his arms.

“You like it?” he asked. He was dressed in a black men’s wedding kimono. Tsuzuki stood under an arch covered with tulips, hydrangeas, and gardenias. The lights on the ground added to the charm with their flowers. Anna’s eyes lit up.

“You made all of this for me?” she asked.

“Uh-huh,” Tsuzuki said. “I used my fuda to do it.” Anna looked like she was about to fly away.

“I love it!” she said. Tsuzuki held out his hand.

“May I have this dance?” he asked.

“Yes!” Anna said. She took his hand.

Kirika-chan watched her parents dance under the flowered arch from the window. Maybe she could have a marriage like theirs someday?

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