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Chapter 32: Outer world invasion part-1

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Chapter 32: Outer world invasion part-1

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These transport arrangements were new to Naruto. He saw some people coming down from those new transports, it almost felt like an invasion. Naruto saw everyone was wearing a black overall which had a symbol as same as the symbol of Kazehana's back.

Naruto: Welcome, you must be from MBI, Kazehana told me you may come.

Takami: As you already know me, I wouldn't elongate our conversation, give us Kazehana back and we will be on our way.

Naruto laughed out loud. It was to embarrass the enemy, Naruto saw a fight was coming, so he was getting mentally prepared for it. Little did Naruto knew; his girls became a lot more loyal to him then he thought about. The news already reached the house and they gathered around the house borders hiddenly. Naruto decided to mock them a bit more.

Naruto: Takami, you are not the boss of MBI, if your boss had come, I would have considered but now you came to pick a fight with me.

Takami: not only me, I have some renowned ashikabi with me also, this is the new formed disciplinary squad to take on you only.

Naruto: I see, you took some puny insects to take on me.

Karasuba, the black seikirei felt insulted in the conversation, he couldn't hold himself anymore. He and Mutsu, No.5 came forward with a joint sword attack towards Naruto. Naruto was preparing to dodge but he saw suddenly a wind flow with pink petals threw them away. Naruto looked back and saw Kazehana standing there with her boobs high and throwing those two away.

Takami: I see your power increased a lot without prayer. How did it happen?

Mintao Sahashi: Mom, I can't feel her as my seikirei anymore.

Kazehana: Both of your answers are same. Naruto is my new Ashikabi and he gave me second stage wing which was seemed impossible by MBI but not impossible for Naruto. I can even see some of you having reaction to my Ashikabi.

Kazehana winks. She was looking at the members of the new squad and she was astonished to see Miya Asama.

Kazehana: Why you are here Miya? I thought you were away from all these.

Miya: I was but I saw Kuu has a possibility to revive Takehito and MBI was my only shot at these but now I have a sort of weird feelings, I don't know why.

Kurasaba comes back and started yelling at Naruto.

Kurasaba: I will finish you, bastard.

Naruto was all patient for this time and let Kazehana do the talking. Time has come for him to take action. Naruto decided to attack their leader at first.

Naruto: Curse Mandala.

Naruto started squeezing Takami in a very rapid way as she was going to be bone less very soon. It initiated the act of war in between them.

Miya attacked with a vicious blow; it would have taken out Kazehana very easily but she was more powerful then ever so she shielded it with her wind blow. Kazehana was able to defend against her but couldn't attack. Kaguya, Meiko Shiraki, Amida Arca and Sayo Hitsugi joined her to fight Miya.

Naruto never allowed a beautiful girl to be killed. The instruction was clear to his girls that no beautiful girl shall be killed in the fight. They were into it very carefully. Naruto almost squeezed Takami but Koyuki came to him and requested to let them take care of that. Naruto saw the household girls were taking on Takami. He had no objection as takami didn't have any special powers. Koyuki, Ayame, Tsunami, Toki, Kayo, Haruna, Emina, Emi and Amayo went forward to fight Takami.

Kurasaba and Matsu were very dangerous sword users, Kujaku, Yugao, Magical girl rapture and Erza scarlett went on to take on them both. There was no mercy in this fight. Yugao started her blade dance of moon. While Kurasaba was busy defending against those thousand swords, Asuka cut of his limbs on by one. On the other hand, Kujaku startled Mutsu with her whirlwind blow while erza used her thunder form to electrify him.

Hainhane was another piece attacking viciously but she couldn't hit because she was facing lust who was immune to blade attacks, she was taken out by Izumi by Mangekyou Sharingan Genjutsu.

Homura was attacking with great reflexes but she was nothing compared to Vasillisa. Mikoto also joined with Vasillisa to take on Homura. While Mikoto used phoenix fire dragon to hold Homura, Vassilisa put on on magistic fire to take out homura. Her dress was burned and his growing boobs was showing his reaction towards Naruto as his Ashikabi.

Kuu and Shina were attacking together. They were tough cookie to beat. Tsunade came against Shinna. Tsunade was a bit confused seeing Shinna developing boobs with every second passing. It was almost same as Homura. While Tsunade was stopping Kuu's attack with her Mokuton, Hisana and Hitomi used their Byakugan to stop the chakra flow in shiina such that he can't attack again and then did the same to Kuu but without hurting the little girl.

Benitsubasa, Toyotama and Yume who had Musubi inside her too was attacking together. They were fist type and was very good with ground attacks. But they were no match to butterfly mood of Houkouin and Kiriko. They were taken down easily.

Kaiyo, Suzumebachi and Hotaru found Matsu and Kochu observing and analyzing the battle from inside the vehicle. They took in both of them too.

Irene took on Uzume. Uzume was using her veil to protect herself from the attacks. Irene intated her giant eye which helped her look over the strategy of Uzume. She called upon magical girl scissors abigali and instructed her to cut the veil in significant points. It was all easy after that. One huge blow from Aldia took her down.

Tier Hannibal was water style user with blade but she was also assisted by Hisame to fight with Tsukiumi. Hisame used a giant waterfall jutsu. She dodged it with style and used water bullets but tier Hannibal cut of the bullets with her blade. Tsukiumi was in the trap. Hisame used Water prison jutsu to capture her.

Ranke, Fugake and Kamira was up against the thunder twins Hikari and Hibiki. It was an almost even fight. Thunder blows was passing here and there. Suddenly the sisters were on fire and they couldn't find the cause. Magcal girl Tamara was there standing with her flamethrower.

Naruto was very impressed to see Akitsu using ice with such classiness. But she was overpowered. Fubuki, Haku, Esdeath and Anastasia was up against her while she was barely keeping up with them by dodging their attacks, she was hit by a syringe from far. A clinical shot by Miki Tsurugi.

All Seikirei was unarmed and disabled by then. Tsunade created operational brace with her Mokuton to hold them. Finally, Mito came to the fighting zone and sealed them to the brace with her sealing jutsu. Naruto's only jutsu was the curse mandala he used on takami. The girls reacted on their own to save him. Naruto was quite flattered to see it and the combo attacks they used on the opponent was quite spectacular. Many of the girls didn't even have to participate in the fight. The only bad thing about the fight was that it was outside his house and he didn't get enough time to seal the area.

However, takami and captured seikirei's were taken inside and the body of karasuba and Mutsu were sent back using one car and other two were seized by Naruto. One bike was also taken in the house for Mikoto kiba's request. While the fight was over Naruto ordered the girls to clean the area outside and leave no trace of fight here.

But the first attack of Mira was destructive, though Kazehane blocked it but its rebound hit a large area. Sasuke, Kiba, Sakura, Ino, Shino, Chouji, Hinata, Shikamaru, Lee, tenten and Neiji was near. they heard a rumor that Naruto's home is here now. He doesn't join them for training actually they didn't see him training since the prelims of chunin exam. They thought he was training here. They all knew how Naruto became too powerful and sent to super-secret mission sometimes. They ran towards the house but the second blow actually made them fear and so decided to look from far away.

While they reached the area, they saw a nude woman with huge boobs was standing behind Naruto and some weird looking things were there (Cars and Bikes). Naruto used an unknown jutsu suddenly and the fight began. They didn't even saw anything like this in their dreams. Naked ladies were joining the fights one by one to protect Naruto and also making the opponents nude too. It was a live porn in front of them. The boys started to jerk off by taking of their dick. Girls didn't gross out as the women were too sexy.

What was out of the world for them was the end. When the fight was over and all the enemies were down the fighting women made fall-in in front of Naruto. Naruto gave them some instructions, then the women came one by one and kissed Naruto and then they kneeled down and took out his dick and the put a kiss there. That giant dick was too much for the girls to see. Naruto was even sucking some the giant boobs. The boys Naruto was running some sort of forbidden thing here for report. But all the concern for the girls was that dick. Suddenly they saw the boys still jerking.

Sakura: Stop jerking your toothpick sized dicks.

Ino: You should feel ashamed to face a dick like that and still jerk off. Let's go girls.

The girls were gone. He boys also followed as well. Such insult will turn down anyone. They went directly to the hokage to report this and the answer was quite surprising to them.

Hokage: It is none of the concern for you little boys.

It was quite surprising for them; the faces were not clear but it seemed to them that there were women who are lost from the village. They decided to carry on their investigation.

Back at Naruto's house, Naruto was happy, the girls were enjoying by themselves. Naruto took haihane at first. He got rid of her hand-blades and washed her face so that the devil-looking posture goes out of her. Haihane was still trying to get free from Naruto.

Naruto: You can' do it in thousand years, rather surrender.

Telling this Naruto pushes his tongue inside her mouth and then starts to take of the bandage dress hainhane was wearing. She didn't have giant boobs but it was enough. Naruto put the slave seal on her. Haihane started to become obedient. Naruto created some clones who spread throughout the house. Naruto slowly feathered through haihane's body. Then pushed his dick in her pussy while rubbing her clit.

Yume, toyotama and benitsubasa were at the side of the pool. They were already nude and bound. Naruto put the slave seal. Naruto liked Yume's pointy boobs. Other two also had large boobs too. Naruto decided to take a boob job from Toyotama and benitsubasa while sucking Yume's pointy boobs. The bob frenzy drove the Naruto clone crazy. Naruto could feel the shivering of their body when he was touching their sensitive nipples.

Naruto put on his seals on Hibiki and Hikari and let them have fun with Kaori and Kaoru. Naruto was enjoying the scenario of the twins scissoring each other. While he was enjoying this great show, he was penetrating Akitsu. After some intervals he was rolling pieces of ice over her body to make her sensitive. The shivering even reached her innards so much that naruto's dick also felt it.

Tsukiyami and Homura were rather Feisty one. They took an extreme beating and spanking before there ass was penetrated. Kuu was too small so she was spared of the physical domination but shinaa was ravaged by Naruto's giant dick. None of the seikirei was spared. Naruto called upon Mito.

Naruto: What about Kuu?

Mito: That's a bi of concern.

Naruto: Her power is awesome, I want that.

Mito: I will try to develop a jutsu to age her.

Naruto knew Miya Asama is the number one seikirei, so Naruto was using her ass harder than any other seikirei. He fucked her brains out to force her to call him master.

"FUCK MY ASS DEEPER MASTER!" Miya screamed as she was on all fours and getting fucked in the ass with tremendous force. Every time the base of the cock hit her ass cheeks Naruto's cock kept pushing further into the woman's ass. Every time naruto got deep inside her ass, the anal walls grip on his member increased. When he pulled back she clenched around the rampaging prick, not wanting it to leave.

"YES MASTER THAT'S THE SPOT!" the woman screamed as the mushroom head hit her anal G-spot, slowly driving her insane. Grabbing a handful of the woman's fat ass Naruto pulled it back so that he can increase his thrusting speed.

"Damn Miya, your ass is gripping me extra tight. I swear that I will fucked it enough to make it loose." Naruto said between grunts as he marvel at her huge ass that was sucking in his cock greedily.

While looking at the tight fuck flesh he noticed her Sekirei Crest was glowing where her back ends and her ass begins.

She was finally able to get her hanging tongue back inside her mouth. But her tongue didn't stay inside her mouth for very long when her master had hit her ass deeper than before. Even when she's clenching her ass, her master always seems to continue to find the strength to fuck her at breathtaking speed. She could only feel Naruto-dick currently destroying her insides one thrust at a time.

Even at the distance he was, Naruto could see Miya ass spasm. The longer that he continues fucking her huge ass the more Miya came from her pussy. Miya's ass wasn't the only thing that gave Naruto pleasure. Using her ass cheeks Miya had it massage her master's dick as well as make sure that it wouldn't leave her ass. The rippling flesh acted as a cushion as it jiggled every time Naruto hips impacted against her ass.

Wanting to try something else Naruto leans onto Miya's back while his lower half went on autopilot, continuing the powerful thrusts inside the beauty ass. Using Miya's body as support. Naruto started playing with Miya's huge chest. He would grab one of her breast and squeeze it hard with one hand while using the other hand to harshly pinch her large nipple. Both hands trying to milk the massive tit flesh. Every time that he pinched her nipple Miya couldn't help but moan and squeak at the rough treatment that she was getting from Naruto on top of her.

"How does it feel having your slutty breast played with Miya?" Naruto asked her in a husky voice as he pinched the nipple harder. "How does it feel to know that not only does your slutty, milk-filled, breast belongs to me but also your entire slutty body? It's mind to fuck!" He roughly growled in her ear. Naruto relished in the fact that her body was completely submissive under his will; his personal fuck-toy.

"It feels so great master! It feels amazing to know that my breast please you, that my whole body belongs to you!" She yelled out in ecstasy, her hips trying to buck against his blurring hips." Spit was now flying freely from her mouth with each powerful thrust as her brown eyes hazed over.

Miya's plea, combined with her thrusting ass backwards was too much for Naruto to handle. Feeling his cock twitching erratically he grabbed onto Miya's hips with a firmer grip and forced it back as his cock went all the way inside her ass, continuing his brutal thrusting. Surprised by the force Miya, wasn't able to stop herself from squirting out her juice from her lower lips as Naruto came inside her tight anal walls. Even while he was cumming Naruto kept his dominating thrusting. He would pull half way out, but not leaving her walls, and then going right back in while using the cum inside of Miya's ass as lubricate. With his cum acting as lubrication Naruto increased his pace while ignoring Miya's wall clenching around his cock to milk him dry of his seed.

After cumming inside her tight ass for four minutes Naruto laid on Miya's back while her arms had given up after her bottom couldn't take any more of his cum which leaked onto the ground.

Naruto calls on a pool meeting for preparation of the fight against the Lucifer. His house seeming more crowded with number of girls increasing with time. Naruto had to finalize his weapon and also design some of his forms. He wants to have some ultimate forms for himself. Naruto gave this job Erza scarlett as she has many forms herself. The girls were entering the pool one by one by taking Naruto's permission and spank. Suddenly, Naruto noticed Mikado and Anko entered the house with a new girl. Naruto understood it was none other than Lala devilluke.

Naruto: Welcome back guys, I see you have succeeded to find without my help.

Lala: Justin will kill you, lowlife. How dare you kidnap me from my beloved Rito?

Naruto: Sorry, I don't follow. Who is Rito?

Lala: My fiancée, you fool.

Naruto: I am very sorry to say, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time and he couldn't turn you out as you are too beautiful and classy for his level. He actually loves Sairenji.

Lala: What the hell are you talking about? They are just friends.

Naruto was close to lala by then. Naruto slowly one hand under her skirt and push one finger to her pussy.

Naruto: Your expertise is needed here and you won't be disappointed as your body desires will fulfilled here very smoothly.

Lala: Please, enslave that sairenji and I will be all yours.

Naruto: Bring her in.

Fiona, Kaoru and Kaori brought in Sairenji. Naruto was fingering Lala the entire time. By seeing sairenji she started to give in and started moaning.

Naruto started kissing her down her neck till he reached her collarbone and started to suck it. As he did Lala just embraced him and started taking of his complied by standing up.

Lala could see his member was exited and so was felt wet and lust for him. She wrapped his member in her hands, and started stroking it. "ah" is all she heard as he was continued stroking, he was obviously enjoying it so she decided to take it a step further.

She stroked it a bit more then opened her mouth and slowly placed it in her mouth and started massaging and licking it with her tongue and then she began sucking it.

After sucking it hard, she laid herself on top of him then leaned to his right ear and whisper with a lusty voice. He complied by flipping her over and pulled his head down to her womanhood.

He started by licking her clitoris and sucking on then began licking her folds and rubbing her then spread her womanhood wide and put his tongue and started trilling it and sucking on it.

she clamped her legs around his head "Ah Naruto i think im about to cum" his response was even harder sucking and licking on her clitoris and felt like she on the lower abdomen was burning with lust and it just felt so good and then she came, she orgasm and it felt great.

Naruto started sucking out her juices and swallowed them and once he was done, he looked at her which was panting and her eye's seem lost in lust and pleasure. he then positioned himself in her entrance and looked at her waiting for a sign to continue. She gave him a nod and with that he pushed himself inside her pass her womanhood and hymen she cried out in pain.

"aeh aeh" he was about to pull out when she wrapped her legs around him and said "Don't dare pull out just give me a second" she said and so he waited for a minute till she nodded to continue.

He began pushing himself in her looked at her and started kissing her and as he did he pumped himself in and out of felt like he was in a blissful heaven and so he did he began going in and out of her faster and about 1.5 hours he finally felt himself coming to his end.

Naruto filling her cervix with his cum. Not even bothering to pulled out she laid herself on top of him.

Sairenji was also taken the same way. Naruto send them to their work.

Now that everything was in place Naruto started the meeting. First concern for Naruto was to create a suitable place for his base. Naruto needed bigger place for every aspect. But Naruto didn't want a huge skyscraper like the MBI building rather he wants a colony where he can accommodate all his summons and also girls. Naruto assigned Grafiya and Yubellena to list out the factors of High school Dxd verse otherwise he would unprepared for the fight against Lucifer.

Naruto: I feel like expanding my base a lot more because you guys have to share rooms and my summons can't turn into their power form due to lack of space.

Tsubaki: Expand it Naruto-sama, nobody would dare to challenge your authority here.

Naruto: I don't want my base to attract attention.

Kaname: I always made my headquarters underground and I think you can create your own world under Konoha.

Naruto: but that will not have open sky and such privileges.

Goryu: If you go deep enough than it is possible design everything artificially and I can help you design it to maintain such that it is expandable.

Naruto: Okay then, Kaname and Goryu take care of this and Irene and Brandish will help you as they have the power to manipulate geography and matter manipulation. Have rivers, lake and mountains everything. Design the geography such that even a dragon can find it habitable. If you need expand beyond Konoha.

Kaname, Goryu, Irene and Brandish nodded positively and went out to for work.

Naruto: Now lala must make a laboratory and all the equipment they need.

Matsu: Naruto-sama, I want to have a satellite and then the surveillance would be much more efficient.

Naruto: Lala, can you make it?

Lala: Yes, technology is my expertise.

Kujaku: Matsu and Fiona have already suggested design for my weapon facility.

Naruto: Very good. Mito, please take notes of the requirements of all my summons. I want mount mbyouko and ryuchi cave here. I want to give the base design to Kyoki and Haruna as they were princes and they can suggest the best position for all facilities. Most importantly every place paths must have my hirasinin kunai placed.


Girls: hail Naruto-sama.

Naruto almost felt like a god at that moment. Naruto was very good with Genjutsu and Ninjutsu but his Taijutsu was a bit inferior compared to others. He was discussing with the girls about that.

Aki: You can invade Tenbi academy. Minori is my very close friend. I can arrange a false meeting.

Naruto: Okay, I will plan the details with you later. Join me in my room after the meeting. Any other suggestion?

Vermouth: There is Nanko high school and area around that school. Some of the students claim them as fighters. They always have tournaments against each other. I heard they are pretty good too. There is also rumor about a dragon jade. I believe you can claim it all.

Naruto: A very good suggestion vermouth. I will give some responsibilities. I will call for you. But what I was really hoping for was to know about taijiutsu organization gai was trained. I want to perfect my inner gates and seven heavenly breathing.

Risty: You could've asked me that. I know about that organization. I can invite them here. They will not get suspicious if I do it. Then you can do whatever you want.

Naruto: damn, why didn't I think of you. How many menbers are there in that organization?

Risty: Well, they have sis members and they are very proud and deadly fighters. They are CHUN LI, SISTA A, TOJO JACKALL, KUREA KOMIYAMA, MISS X, MIO KUSAKAI. They can be really dangerous if their ego is hurt, so be careful with them.

Naruto: I am counting on their ego. Aki lets go we have plan to make. Every try to work as fast as possible. Those who don't have any specific responsibilities join others and help them every way possible. I want everything done before lucifer is here.

Naruto bid farewell to all the girls and took in Aki to her room. Aki took the chance to be with Naruto alone. She slowly took Naruto to bed and placed herself on his dick. It still hard to take the whole dick in after all the sex.

Naruto: So, what's the plan?

Aki: Take some rest Naruto, drink from here (putting her huge bosoms in his mouth), I watch you work day and night here, you are very strong, you have enslaved all the girls here who can die to have a chance to be with you.

Naruto took the boobs out of his mouth after drinking some of the milk.

Naruto: Still I have to remain undefeated. When I started, I didn't know it would get such messy. I was about take on the ninja worlds but this spy squad made everything complicated. So, I need to rise higher. Tell me about Tenbi.

Aki was moaning with every stroke. Naruto made another clone to penetrate her ass.

Aki: There are two teams but they are friendly enough. They are the disciplinary squad and the Venus. You can have Maken and Jigen from them also the original eight Maken will be great addition to your new weapon system.

Naruto: What are Maken and Jigens?

Aki: Some of the powers of venus are called jigen and maken are the weapons used by the disciplinary squad. I will give you list of Maken and Jigen.

Naruto: Is there any obstruction there?

Aki: Shimigami is against Tenbi but the known members are Otohime and Kikyo are only known members now but if Minori calls for a meeting then I believe everyone will be there.

Naruto: Make the meeting such that all the Makens are present.

Aki: I will.

Naruto works his way through Aki's body and increases the speed. Aki reaches the heaven with every stroke. She hands over a list to Naruto after the sex.

JINGU: Aegis, Inverse, Kinben, Trident, Space Keep, Time Keep

ORIGINAL MAKEN: Murakumo, Habaya, Kamudo, Makaru, Yata, Kanayago, Furuno, Futatsura.

Aki gets ready for the mission. Naruto calls on vermouth for the ikkitousen situation. Vermouth enters the room while Aki was leaving. She saw Naruto's cum all over aki's boobs. She couldn't help herself. She started to lick and suck cum of Aki's boobs. Aki was also enjoying it. Naruto was laughing after watching this. Few minutes later Vermouth came to her senses that if she could please Naruto the she could have it too. She came near Naruto and sat near to his dick. After the sex, his dick was resting but vermouth slowly started stroking it.

Vermouth: Sorry Naruto-sama, to make you wait.

Naruto: tell me about Nanko more.

Vermouth: I think the easiest way to gather all of the fighters is to call a tournament but it won't be easy to pick the women from there.

Naruto: Have faith in my power. I have taken you guys alone who had enhanced magical powers, I think I can take the fighters.

Vermouth: It's not that, they believe they are driven by their destiny which was fixed from thousand years ago but the new blue dragon Sonsaky Hakufu has changed that a bit.

Naruto: Dragon?

Vermouth: yes, four of them have dragon spirit, they are hakufu, gentoku, mokuto and ryomou. They can even take the dragon form.

Naruto: What I have to do to defeat them?

Vermouth: You must obtain the dragon jade. However, the companions of the dragons are dangerous too. Some of them uses weapons like Kan U and Chouhi.

Naruto: Where can I get the Dragon jade?

Vermouth: Original Saji Genpou will help you but she has magic so, Deal with her intelligently.

Naruto: Okay then, you go there and make the announcement of the new tournament and declare a meeting place for all the fighters who wants to fight. Spread a rumor of threat that if any fighter is absent then that school will be destroyed.

Vermouth: Okay, Naruto-sama.

She was licking Naruto's dick and balls at the time of conversation and it was hard again. Naruto lifted with his chakra chains and placed her in sixty-nine position. She was playing with naruto's balls and giving a blowjob to Naruto while he used his soft body technique on his tongue and elongated it inside her pussy. It was like Naruto licking inside the vagina very deep. It was new feeling for her as Naruto is trying it for the first time. She was squirting like crazy. She was happy with herself that she had this information otherwise he would not get this heavenly tongue tornado. She left the room with immense pleasure. Naruto took rest for a bit and drank some of the holy water. Naruto took his weapon dressed up. He came out of the gate and Sasuke and the boys trying investigate what has been going on. Naruto noticed it but he ignored as he knew they couldn't enter his base. Aki also put on the uniform which Naruto gave the girls and waiting for Naruto with a car.

Naruto: Why new transportation?

Aki: It is very common there. I have already Minori that I am coming and to arrange the meeting. As you instructed, I haven't mentioned you.

##### Tenbi Academy- The student council meeting room #####

Furan- Yukka, gather every one of the student council right now.

Yuuka- All of a sudden? Why?

Furan- We don't have much time; Principal has ordered the meeting.

Yukka- Will there be any additional guest?

Furan- Yes, Venus will be there. Some unwanted people will be there too but I am not sure who.

Yukka- Why venus?

Furan- I don't know, But I heard Aki-sama has sent some information.

Yukka- Okay, calling in everyone right now.

Furan- Send Inaho and Haruko to get all the original Maken from the secret observatory. Minori-sama has specially ordered it.

Yuuka- okay.

Yuuka announces the meeting. Minerva enters the room with Venus.

Minerva: Why a sudden summon?

Furan: I myself isn't sure about anything. But I believe it's a very important matter.

Celia: I m happy, I get to see Takeru again.

The greetings were going on while the door opened again. Otohime and Kikyo enters the room.

Furan and Minerva yelled in combined voice: What the hell?

Otohime: Same response here; we are here in special request of Minori-sama.

Inaho, Haruko and Takeru enters the room.

Kikyo: Something big is about to go on, I presume.

Inaho: I will protect you Takeru-chan.

Takeru avoids Inaho's over affection.

Takeru: When will the meeting start?

Usui: Someone is very interested in the meeting.

Their worried conversation about the meeting goes on and they wait for the principal to call them.

##### Tenbi Academy- Principals office #####

Aki enters the office with Naruto. Minori doesn't notice Naruto because he used his transparent escape jutsu. Minori was surprised to see the attire of Aki. She was always the shy girl but now she is wearing a dress which only covers her pussy completely and her bust and ass partially.

Minori: How are you Aki? What's up with this new look?

Aki: Its my work uniform.

Aki goes on and hugs Minori. She also hugs her back but suddenly she felt herself captured by chains but she couldn't see what happened.

Minori: What is happening Aki?

Aki: I am very sorry Minori, A lot happened while I was away and now, I am Loyal to Naruto-sama who is extremely powerful and he decided to take on the original Makens.

Minori: How can you betray me like this? Where is your Naruto who you are blabbering so much?

Naruto dispels his transparent escape jutsu and shows up.

Minori: That's a teenage boy, Aki, what the fuck are you saying? What is this maken of chains?

Naruto: don't blame her please, you haven't seen anything about me. You will also become a part of my crew very soon.

Naruto creates two clones. One clears the table and another undresses Minori. Naruto places Minori on the table with her hand s and legs spread. Her mouth had a gag so she couldn't scream. Aki came in front of her and initiated the milk production jutsu which she learned from Mito. Aki took her stick and beaten minori so hard that her every pelage became sensitive. Then Naruto came forward. She was released and dresses again while Naruto undressed himself. Naruto put his seal on her. Naruto's dick was arousing her beyond any comparison. She understood that there is no way to escape this event, she decided to enjoy that monster dick.

The principal was down on her knees. Her nipples poking through the fabric of her shirt, heat flooding though them. Between her thighs a flood of fluid leaked out of her snatch. It walls all too much, panting in need. Her smiled widened, her eyes glistening, begging for this massive cock.

She finally leaned forward slowly licking his dick from base all the way up the fifteen inches to the head causing Naruto to groan. Minori stared at the young man enjoying his grunt, then gradually stood. Without hesitation she leaned forward capturing his lips, as she slipped the tip of her tongue forward, seeking out his for a proper smooch.

The passion ignited in his body as both felt their desire illuminated through their blood, burning bright. They shared the deepening kiss as his hands slipped around her. Minori pressed to him tightly. Naruto seized hold of her tight body as she moaned, their lips still locked, he felt her return the kiss with her own tongue, pressing her chest out slightly so that her full breasts pressed to him. Waves of pleasure spread through them as they shared a passionate searing kiss. Meanwhile, they wrapped their arms around each other's backs firmly.

Without a need she wrapped her hand around his and leaned forward, gently placing a kiss on his cheek. She leaned back and stood up. In no time she threw her clothes on the ground, revealing her special massive I-cup tits to bounce before the young teenager. She seemed to swallow the darkness around her and glowed with a fulfillment. The beauty shined from her as she smiled. For a moment he just stared at her naked body, taking in her nubile form and huge tits. With her womanly, hourglass figure not to mention her beautiful glamorous face, red hair, and light, complexion.

Again, in no time their lips find each other. In a heat of lust Naruto slipped his tongue into Minori's, as his hands explored her body. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in close for a hug, delighting in having her giant tits pressed against him.

He traced the side of her body with his fingertips the wide flare of her hips, her narrow waist, the soft supple skin over her ribcage. He cupped her huge left breast, noting a mole just right of her light-pink areola. He leaned down and took it into his mouth. Grasping his forearms, the young principal stifled a whimper at the stimulation, and leaned back against the nurse's desk behind her.

He suckled her tit until the nipple was stiff and rubbery between his teeth. Then, Naruto stood before her and pressed the massive head of his shaft against Minori's pussy. Without a moment for Minori to prepare Naruto started driving his cock forward, trying to stuff it into the much smaller hole, and making Minori scream from the immense pressure being put on her twat.

"Fuck! You're so fucking big Naruto!" She screamed wincing in pain.

"Bear it." Naruto stated as he placed might behind his hips and thrusted forward, punching his dick into the warm depths of Minori's pussy. Naruto wrapped his hands around her waist, gripping her and pushed harder, Naruto gave a wild grunt and brought his powerful hands down upon her shoulders, holding her with a fierce grip as his thrust sent his massive member halfway inside of her. Stretching her to epic proportions. Minori's back arched as her cry of lust filled the room and even the school beyond. The single thrust was enough to break everything she knew in life, causing Minori to throw her head back as waves of intense pleasure and pain shot straight through her body.

"Fuck yes Naruto!" She screamed out in pain, experiencing her remarkable orgasm, bucking her hips as her juices overflowed down onto his shaft. She rode out her amazing orgasm for several minutes, relishing the astonishing sensation, feeling Naruto's large hot dick in her pussy.

Without halt Naruto never stopped his onslaught of thrusts. The cock stuffed within Minori's curvy body was almost achingly hard to inch forward. Every bit he was able to stuff came at a struggle on both their parts, and Minori found herself relying on her strength in order to handle it. She was almost already to pass out but promised to stay awake. Inch by inch Naruto jammed himself within her with powerful thrusts, and the further he got the wider the principal stretched her legs so she could wrap them once more around his waist.

"It hurts so fucking much! This is unlike anything you incredible stud!" Minori screamed the pain consuming her every part of her. Her body felt as if it was turned inside out, as if she was being torn and lit on fire. The pain worse than anything she had ever experienced. The woman gritted her teeth with torture, hissing in agony. The sensation of Naruto merely twitching inside her made her growl.

There was no sentiment and sweetness in his thrusts. With wild passion and reckless motions Naruto plowed her with every bit of strength he could muster, pulling his hips back only to lunge deeply down once more, each thrust making Minori's belly bulge from the impact causing the sounds of an animal to come from the principal.

Naruto rammed forward with a thrust fucking twelve fat inches of dick into the horny principal, driving his cock forward and stretching her twat, causing a scream. "Fuck!" Body arched, head flew back as her pussy spasmed as another orgasm rushed, moans flooding her mouth. The shocks through her were mind opening as her hips unconditionally spasmed for a time in excruciating bliss.

As the third orgasm in only a minute rushed through her she stared up at her young student she was destined to have. She kissed him, like a woman who had missed her lover for years and had finally found him. He simply groaned, her words turning him into a beast as he initiated thrusting deeper into her with viscous thrashing. The desk punching the wall creating cracks in the plaster from the Uzumaki's sheer power. Minori felt his cock beating into her like a battering ram, shattering her to pieces, her tits bouncing back and forth smacking her face. The sounds being heard down and up the hallways.

"Oh fuck! Fuck yes! Ram that huge cock right in my pussy my Naruto!" Minori cursed with glee and abandon. She clenched her teeth in a cock stoned smile as she felt inch after excruciating inch of Naruto's great cock being crammed deeper and deeper into her pussy, turning her into Naruto's personal woman.

She was stretched obscenely as the breeding stud filled her to capacity, stretching her slick passage wide open. She arched her spine up when she came again for the fourth time, bucking her hips insanely as she howled like a slut, so unlike herself. He pressed on for several minutes, fucking his cock deeper and deeper until he broke through her cervix and smashed into her womb, Minori screaming in agony but told Naruto to push on until he was pressed to her hilt of her womb. Her pussy stretched wide, momentarily taking her breath away. Minori felt pain rippling through every nerve of her body.

Everything melted away as she felt his pulse through his cock. That was his heart beating, Naruto's heart beating and she could feel it in her pussy. He held her against his body, feeling her breasts against his chest as his pace quickened.

She laid there surrounded by him, celebrating in the conquest of their lust. She could smell his sweat, sense his warmth, and feel his giant rockhard member inside her like it would be a permanent part of her body. She felt him nuzzle her neck and kiss and suck her there. His back was so strong, his arms so muscular. Finally, Naruto released his cum into Minori.

Minori: Now I know Aki, what made you bow to him, it was so awesome.

Aki: I know right. Naruto-sama is the best.

Naruto: Next start the next stage.

Naruto used his transparent escape jutsu again and placed a soundproof jutsu on the room. Minori was hanged from the ceiling nude and legs bound spread. Her boobs had clamp on them and her holes were penetrated with huge wooden penises. Her whole body was full of bruises from severe beating from Aki. Aki was standing beside her and called upon Furan and Yuuka. They were ordered to bring all the original Maken. They entered the room and was surprised by the scenario. They were so surprised that he screamed towards Minori without any attention to the Makens. They didn't even notice that the door closed behind them.

Furan: Is it some kind of your sick joke, Aki-sama?

Yuuka: What the hell so you want?

Naruto collected all the Makens and sealed it inside a sealing scroll. With Naruto's power he could barge in and defeated all of them easily but as the Lucifer fight coming in, he wanted to preserve himself as much as possible. Naruto creates two clones and appears them.

Aki: It is all for good cause.

She said it with a sympathetic smile.

Naruto: I hear you are not much of a fight without your Makens.

Naruto used his air blow attack and they were down. Aki placed them in the same position. Now it would easy to take down the student council. But Venus is powerful. So, Naruto used irene and Yakumo's power of illusion. They called in all members of venus but they entered in a different scenario. It was brilliant on Naruto's part.

Naruto put Demitra and Celia against each other. They didn't know they were fighting themselves. Yanmin was against the Finnian sisters. They took severe blows suddenly while they were fighting each other which made them unconscious. There fate became same as Furan and Yuuka. Naruto made a different arrangement for the Finnian sisters as they were not aged enough. They were put in a magical cage.

Minerva was the one to with access to dimensions so Naruto had no option to use Mayengoko Sharingan to reverse her dimensional power and then hit chakra points near eye so that she couldn't release that immense power with her eye. After taking out her power, she was an easy catch also. Naruto used chakra chains to bound them so that no one can fight back when they wake up. Venus was down. Next was Otohime and kikyo.

Naruto used his psychokinesis on Otohime without giving any chance to her to make the doll house. Kikyo was taken down by Aki. They were also hanged from the ceiling and bound in the same way. Next they called in all other except Himegami, Usui and Takeru.

Haruko, Inaho, Chacha, Azuki, Minaya, Kimi sato was subject to some quick style and partial expansion hits and taken out quite easily. Himegami's power was bit different. Her shikigami's were her imagination so Naruto used his telepathy from Riru to control her shikigami and put his slace seal on her so that she can't attack back.

Everything was done according to Naruto. Minori was there for the surprise element while entering the room so as Naruto waited for the awakening of the girls Aki untied Minori.

Minori: Please Naruto-sama, show yourself and have me again. My pussy is dying for you.

Naruto thought he earned himself some fun. Naruto sat on a chair while Minori placed her pussy on his dick and Aki pushed in her breast in his mouth. Naruto made his hands flexible using his soft body technique so that he can touch any part of their body they want. Suddenly a thought came into Naruto's mind. A beating will wake up all the girls. Naruto made a large number of clone and they were gifted with the clones of Aki's stick. While the girls were beaten by the stick, they were also smacked watching what was happening in the middle. Usui and Takeru became a little bit concerned. Takeru was always best at taking rash decisions. Both of them entered the room and the scenario was too overwhelming for them. Naruto summoned risty and they were no match to her brawling. They were unconscious and Naruto wiped their memory and then thrown them out. When the girls were awake his clones were having erections beating the nude girls.
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