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Different Houses, Same Feelings

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Y/N has been harbouring feelings for Draco for as long as they can remember. They have been hesitant to tell him due to them being in different houses. How will Draco react to these feelings?

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Pairing: Draco x hufflepuff!reader
Genre: Fluff
Characters: Draco, Y/N

Ever since you first laid eyes on Draco Malfoy, you fell instantly in love with him. You had tried telling him countless times but every time, you backed out. You didn’t know how he was going to react, especially because you are from two different houses.

You’ve heard about Draco’s father. You didn’t really want to face him. He didn’t like his son talking with other people outside of the Slytherin house, which was another reason why you didn’t want to tell him; you didn’t want to get on the wrong side of his father.

Every day since you met Draco, your feelings grew and grew into something more than a crush and you hoped that he felt the same way. You didn’t want to think about what would happen if he didn’t reciprocate your feelings. You felt as though he was your entire world.

You couldn’t let your feelings go unnoticed any longer. You were both nearing your last year at Hogwarts and then, you didn’t know whether you would see Draco again. That thought hurt you more than anything else, which is why you decided to tell him how you felt, no matter if he feels the same or not.

You were currently standing at the side of the corridor, breathing deeply and clutching a potion in your hand. You had made it specially for this occasion; a bravery potion, guaranteed to give you bravery for 30 minutes. Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath and downed the bottle, feeling the affects immediately.

You smiled to yourself as every worry you had previously had melted away and was replaced with feelings of courage. Spotting Draco at the bottom of the corridor, you quickly walked towards him and grabbed his arm, dragging him into an empty classroom.

“Woah! What are you doing?!” You closed the door behind you both and locked it before turning to look at Draco. You smiled at the confused expression littering his features and began to walk towards him, the courage rushing through your veins.

“Sorry, Draco. But I just have to tell you something, and I thought we needed somewhere private.” Draco ran his hand down his face in frustration. “And this couldn’t have waited until later, you know, after we’ve finished everything that we need to do?!”

You gave him a sheepish look and shrugged your shoulders. “I need to tell you this now before the potion wears off.” Draco furrowed his eyebrows. “Potion? What potion?” You walked towards him and pressed your finger to his lips, causing his breath to hitch slightly at your touch.

“No time for that now, I’ll explain it later. But for now…” You closed your eyes and thought of everything you had ever wanted to say to Draco, since the first time you seen him. A smile graced your lips as the happy memories ran through your mind.

“Do you remember the first time we met? I was in the library looking for books, when they all fell out of my hand and onto the floor. You were nearby and helped me to pick them up. I thought that you were the most kindest person in the world. Nobody has ever gone out of their way to help me like that, which is why I fell for you. Right there.”

You could feel the potion begin to wear off slightly and a pang of anxiety ran through your body, causing you to close your eyes and take a deep breath to steady your nerves. “Over the past few years, my feelings for you have blossomed and grown. Each time we had a study date, I yearned for more. Every time we went into Hogsmeade, I wanted to grab your hand and wrap my fingers through yours. I’ve tried telling you countless times but every time, I chickened out, which is why I made a bravery potion. I was scared of how you were going to take it, if you didn’t reciprocate my feelings, if we grew apart when we left school. So, I made a bravery potion, so I could tell you that I love you.”

You moved your finger away from Draco’s lips and waited for his response. For a while, he didn’t say anything. He just stared at you, as if he was in shock. Which is why you were very surprised when he leaned forward and planted his lips on yours, placing his hands on the sides of your neck.

You leaned up and wrapped your arms around Draco’s shoulders, deepening the kiss. You had waited so long for this moment; the feelings running through you were indescribable, but you knew that they were good. You smiled into the kiss as your dreams had finally come true.

Draco broke apart the kiss and moved his hands down to your waist. You began to blush as Draco stared down at you, love evident in his eyes. “You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to do that.” A grin spread widely at your face, but was instantly removed as a harrowing thought ran through your mind.

“Draco, what’s your father going to think about this? After all, I’m a Hufflepuff and you’re a Slytherin. He doesn’t like you being with anyone outside of Slytherin.” He smiled before pecking you on the lips and taking your hand in his, threading his fingers through yours. “Don’t you worry about my father, I’ll take care of him.”

You smiled as Draco led you towards the classroom door, ready to face the world together.
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